Seil Bag for Bike Riders Displays Turn Signals to Inform Others

In order to help bikers riding their bike safely, Seil Bag has been designed to display left and right signals, well actually various signals that the rider wants to display instead of using hand signals. It’s an innovative wearable technology that...
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Closed Watch for Hikers and Mountain Climbers

Closed watch has been designed for hikers and mountain climbers since they have to know what time the sun will set in order to safely descend the slopes. This concept watch displays time as well as informs its user when the sun will set in intuitive ...
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Elegant and Mysterious Tokyoflash Kisai XTal by Samuel Jerichow

Samuel Jerichow designed a concept watch called Kisai Xtal for Tokyoflash last year and apparently there are many fans out there love this concept. Now, this concept has turned into reality, as you can see here an elegant and mysterious watch that co...
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Shuriken Watch for Ninja Warriors

Shurikan watch is a concept timepiece for Ninja warriors, as its name suggests, you can tell this watch design was inspired by the throwing stars. The blade from this concealed weapon inspired the shape for the analogue hands, back to basic design. T...
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Kisai Quasar Pulsating Hexagonal Watch by Scheffer László

Designed by Scheffer László, Kisai Quasar features hexagonal watch face with geometric, patterned display that camouflages time. It comes with 8 color options: black or silver stainless steel with blue, red, green, or mirror display. Reading the ti...
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Kuranku Concept Watch with Crank to Light Up The LEDs

Kuranku concept watch is an analog time piece with a crank. Yes, you read that right, a crank. The inspiration came to Patrick when he was outside, away from an electrical outlet and probably with low battery cell phone, he thought wouldn’t it be g...
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SHIELD Watch Was Inspired by Captain America’s Shield

At first sight, the first model of Shield watch reminds us about the iconic Captain America’s shield. Well, I guess that was the main design inspiration of this concept watch, the watch face looks like it’s turned on a lathe or spun out of sheet ...
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Project Watches ‘Till Watch Tells Time In English

‘Till Watch tells time in English, yes, it’s a watch that speaks to you visually, not just in numbers. It explores the relationship between now and then, so instead of reading 10:50, you’ll be reading ten to eleven or 12:30 becomes half past tw...
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Nissan Nismo Smartwatch Connects Driver to The Car

Nissan has released Nismo Smartwatch concept that will be the world’s first smartwatch to connect a driver to the car and provide them with real time biometric data. This is the first step from Nissan to enter the world of wearable technology and e...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Maru Wood LCD Watch Displays Time In One Simple Curved Line

Tokyoflash Kisai Maru Wood LCD Watch is based on the famous Tokyoflash Kisai Maru LCD Watch, this time, Tokyoflash released the wood version. It combines edges and circles in mirrored LCD (just in case you don’t know, the word “Maru” means circ...
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Hexcell Concept Watch Can Be Customized to Suit Your Style

Hexcell concept watch was clearly inspired by natural hexagon shaped structures which usually can be found in nature. The main watch face actually consists of a single LCD display but divided into smaller hexagon shapes by a rubber like cover. In thi...
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Urwerk EMC Watch Is World’s First Precision Mechanical Watch That You Can Adjust and Monitor

Urwerk EMC Watch is the perfect timepiece for you, control freaks. The company innovation and anti-establishment spirit has been channeled into a watchmaking Holy Grail: EMC. Electro Mechanical Control (EMC) provides you with world’s first precisio...
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Samsung Galaxy Gear : A Perfect Companion to Your Samsung Galaxy and A Stylish Wristwatch

Samsung has introduced Samsung GALAXY Gear to become your perfect companion to your Samsung Galaxy, it also serves as a wristwatch. This smart device enhances your experience with Samsung Galaxy even further with its tailored technological features a...
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Beautiful Tokyoflash Kisai Zone Wood LCD Watch

Tokyoflash Kisai Zone Wood LCD Watch is the latest model from Tokyoflash, as you can see here, it was the wooden version of previous Kisai Zone watch. It features the same stylized hexagons time and include date, alarm, and EL backlighting. The diffe...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Blade Turbine Style LED Watch by Peter Fletcher

One look at Tokyoflash Kisai Blade Turbine Style LED Watch, you would already know that it was inspired by aviation and automotive themes. This timepiece was originally a concept watch submitted to TokyoFlash Design Studio by Peter Fletcher, a watch ...
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