Koala Personal Cart by Luan Mateus Dal Savio

We currently live in a world where desire to spend money on products we don’t need is relevant to most people, added to that, everybody wants to have new means and methods that allow design to make our life easier and comfortable. There are not many personal products to make it possible to transport goods from the market to our home and vice versa, without the use of plastic bags or other disposable utensils. KOALA is a personal cart to transport goods from and to market. The design of this...
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N1 Watch Concept As Tribute to Novak Djokovic by Marko Petrovic

N1 Watch is a tribute to one of the best sportiest in the world, and number 1 tennis player –Novak Djokovic. Drawing inspiration from this fascinated person and great player, N1 Watch was born – to celebrate this royal sport, and the best of the best in it - number 1. The goal was to create a watch that will be elegant and sporty in the same time. Designer : Marko Petrovic (more…)...
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i’m Watch From imshop

From Italy with love, i'm watch is world's first smartwatch that you can swipe, pinch or drag to operate, just as if you have ipod nano on your wrist. Unlike TikTok+LunaTik which only the case where you still need to slide your ipod nano, i’m watch is your fully functional watch. The design boasts slick, thin and ergonomic shape, you can make a phone call, listen music, radio, view photos, web surf like facebooking and twittering, or whatever app that you have installed, all with one simple an...
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Tokyoflash Kisai Optical Illusion Watch

Tokyoflash has released a limited edition Kisai Optical Illusion Watch that requires trained eyes to read the time. If you like a little challenge to read the time, then you probably would love to have this touch screen LED watch that displays time through a maze of high resolution diagonal lines. Kisai Optical Illusion watch is an “always on” lcd display watch and just like its name, it utilizes optical illusions in a way that makes your eyes and brain to process only the lines that make...
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Ban Watch by Andy Kurovets

Andy Kurovets, the designer of Liquid Time watch, has shared his latest concept called Ban Watch. You probably can guess that this watch was inspired by the iconic Big Ben clock. This designer wanted to offer you an up close and personal uninterrupted view with Big Ben by designing a watch that can display the image of Big Ben clock in real time. The main idea is to utilize a camera aimed at this architectural masterpiece, in this case London iconic clock tower. The camera sends a video GPS sign...
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Asymmetry Analog Watch by Cory Farris

Fascinated by hull plating patterns of futuristic space stations, Cory Farris has come up with Asymmetry Analog Watch concept. He thought it would be fun to design an analog watch that features an asymmetrical pattern similar to hull plating. Well, we must admit the result looks pretty good. To read the time, simply check on the lines that radiate out from the center correspond to the hours of a clock face. You can find the place where the line changes to check the hour while the three short ...
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Minimal Silicone E-Ink Wristwatch by Anthony Puleo

Minimal Silicone E-Ink Wristwatch that features minimal design, yet with maximum statement. Designed by Anthony Puleo, the same designer who sent us Nooka watch design proposal, this minimal wristwatch features E-ink technology behind a beautifully faceted display face. Ultra thin and light weight, the watch weighs only .63 ounce. The unibody silicone body is water resistant up to 6 meters. It can be worn on either wrist and comes in 4 color choices. Since it's digital, we kinda hope it has date...
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Targus Helix Backpack for Young Generation by Abraham Peter

The Targus Helix backpack is a versatile backpack designed for teenagers and young creatives. Just to be clear, this design is not officially from Targus, it's only a concept proposal for the company. Although Targus is well known across the business consumers, consumer insights showed that Targus lacks recognition in the younger generation. The concept is a minimal approach to the brand capitalizing on the straps and integrating them into the body of the bag, relocated zipper to the side for fa...
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Watch Design for NOOKA by Anthony Puleo

This watch design proposal for Nooka came from Anthony Puleo. It features sleek and stylish design in black color. The time and date information is displayed in big numbers and text, it doesn’t require a long hard stare to know what time is. At a glance, everyone will be able to read the time from your watch, it’s pretty hard to miss. The watch face consists of 2 sections where the top elevated section is used to display the time and the bottom section is used to display the date. Puleo, a m...
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Liquid Time : A Unique Wrist Watch with Creative and Smart Typography

Andy Kurovets has designed a wrist watch that mimics an hourglass, called Liquid Time or you can also mention it as “From Nowhere to Nowhere”. Beautifully constructed from 2 specially crafted LCD screens, Liquid Time also features creative typography that forms the numbers to tell the time. I don’t see any buttons, wonder how to setup the time or try to illuminate the numbers. The sleek and stylish metal body offers 3 different colors: black, red and silver, it can be considered as a ti...
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TokyoFlash Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch Integrates Futuristic Into Classic Pocket Watch Style

Once again TokyoFlash has integrated a futuristic style into a classic pocket watch with its newest collection, TokyoFlash Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch. After the success of Kisai Rogue Touch watch, this time, they decided to launch the pocket watch version that features the same cool LCD display with touch screen technology. Unlike the other watches, this version is always on LCD watch, there’s no need to touch a button or a screen to read the time. From : TokyoFlash (more&he...
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TokyoFlash Kisai On Air LED Watch by Iskender Asanaliev

TokyoFlash Kisai On Air LED Watch features minimalist and simple design with colored LCD display. Designed and submitted by Iskender Asanaliev, one of many Tokyoflash fans, to Tokyoflash design studio, this futuristic watch has drawn many eager-to-buy consumers’ attentions. Therefore, TokyoFlash decided to bring this concept to reality. Most “concept to reality” watches from TokyoFlash are usually available in limited edition, including this watch, we suggest you to act fast if you want to...
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Avenger Vertical Tourbillon Watch by Marko Petrovic

The Avenger Vertical Tourbillon Watch is a design study of a vertical tourbillon concept watch and has been made to pay the tribute to Italian bull. The design language follow the existing Lamborghini Aventador, taking inspiration from the rear part-open space engine area, transferring it all in to an unusual timepiece. The main idea was to transfer that sophisticated but still highly aesthetic engineering into something other than vehicle but still close to it. Vertical tourbillon mechanism ...
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Nixon Diamond Watch by Emir Rifat Işik

Emir Rifat Isik has shared his latest creation called Nixon Diamond Watch with us. I’ve never thought diamond cut can be so masculine enough to become one of man’s best friend. Emir says that he wants to design something that reflects Nixon design spirit as he loves this brand so much. The unique faceted watch face adds an elegant touch with the sharp shaped button to balance the look. The time and date information is displayed in white dot matrix style text to provide best contrast with ...
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BearHug Inflatable Vest Has Been Designed To Improve The Lives of Children with Autism

BearHug Inflatable Vest is one of award wining designs from RedDot concept which aims to improve the lives of children with autism. Autism has become growing concern for parents as this disorder affects as many as one in every 91 children in US. Bearhug works by providing evenly distributed pressure to kid’s body with sensors disorders like autism. This firm pressure is believed can help increase focus and attention as well as relieve anxiety. Just like a mother says that her son with autism l...
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