Futuristic and Cool Stargazer’s Watch Features The Big Dipper and The Little Dipper

Taking a break from colorful city lights, we love stargazing on a dark, clear night. It helps you realize how small we are in this universe, it is peaceful and majestic. Specially designed for everyone who loves star gazing, Stargazer’s watch would...
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Biologic Suit : Self-Transforming Biological Garment Reacts to Our Body Temperature

Biologic Suit is a synthetic bio-skin that reacts to human body’s heat and sweat. Just as a millennium ago where a Japanese Samurai’s found undiscovered bacteria, Bacillus Subtilis Natto, which has become a fermentation tool in Japan. But then, a...
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Modern Wolecraft Goods 4-in-1 Leather Backpack to Adapt to Your Everyday Needs

Using only the best material, Woolcraft Goods has designed a Modern 4-in1 Backpack. Made from Italian vegetable tanned leather and natural fabrics, this bag design can be transformed to four different models: backpack, messenger, handbag, or satchel....
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Hagic Stylish Smart Watch Can Last Up to 15 Days

Cheaper than most smartwatches on the market, Hagic offers you a stylish smart watch that can be customized to meet your style. It features a backup minimalist clock, built into the bezel, it also has GPS, WiFi, NFC, gorilla glass display, and many m...
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Hidden Time Watch Helps You Focus At The Current Time

Anicorn has collaborated with Jinwoong Jung to design Hidden Time watch that features beautiful gradient display under a crystal cover. The goal of the design was to help user focus on time in the moment by using a modern interpretation of the camouf...
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SS17 Fashion Design Uses Optical Illusion to Create Motion Illusion for Viewers

SS17 is a selection of women's clothing designed by Elaheh Safi for 04Studio. She used moire pattern as a subtle of optical illusions. She tried to show how optical illusions can make your eyes go wrong in recognizing distance and motion. Elaheh b...
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Futuristic Chromatic LED Watch Features 60 Unique LEDs

Futuristic Chromatic LED Watch uses light in a cool way to tell time. It’s a groovy watch for anyone who looks for something cool to read the time. Consisting up to 60 unique LEDs, the light transforms into vibrant display that you just can’t sto...
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Warsaw Concept Watch Features Post-Modern Spirit of The 80’s

Warsaw is a neoteric watch with the post-modern spirit the 80's. Warsaw is driven by Post-Punk, inspired by urban concrete and neon lights, and is as moody as cold, foggy nights in the city. It features two independently rotating hands, which are emb...
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Tangent Minimalist Watch Concept Uses Circles to Indicate Time

Tangent is a minimalist watch designed to be easily read by the user, yet a mystery to anybody that doesn’t know how to read it. The tangent circles on the face provide a stark color contrast to the body, making it subtle yet eye catching. They are...
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Modern and Unique Bern Clutch by Odo Fioravanti

Bern Clutch is a concept 3D printed sintered nylon clutch, designed for Maison 203. This unique clutch was inspired by peculiarity of the topography of Bern, a Swiss City, a Unesco World Cultural Heritage Site thanks to its historic feature. The desi...
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Ehsaas Concept Watch for Visually Impaired People Raises Braille Numbers on Its Surface

Visually impaired people need to use different techniques to see, feel, and read. Ehsaas is a concept watch designed specially for the blind, unlike Bradley watch where you feel the hour and minute hands, this concept features electronic active polym...
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Superflex Aura Powered Suit Provides Extra Muscle Power for Elderly People

We have so many helpful technology designed specially for an aging population to become independent at home, but the challenge of this project is to give elderly people mobility outside the home. Superflex Aura Powered Suit offers a wearable technolo...
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Cool Tesla Steampunk Styled Watch Features Two Faux Vacuum Tubes with Red LEDs

Are you a fan of Nicholas Tesla? Well, it’s understandable to admire this guy, he has come up with all sorts of inventions and become the idols of many scientists due to his awesomeness. Tesla was not just a genius, he was ‘jaw dropping’ brilli...
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Hammer Anvil Ultra Slim Front Pocket Wallet with RFID Protection

Hammer Anvil pocket wallet offers you a super slim, RFID protected wallet. Thanks to Hammer Anvil’s Anti-Breach technology, you can stop anyone from accessing your information illegally, wireless readers won’t be able to get through the RFID prot...
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Stylish Leatherman Tread Bracelet Is Actually Usable Multiple Tools on Your Wrist

Leatherman Tool Group has released a unique wearable multi-tool equipment, Leatherman Tread bracelet. It’s a 17-4 stainless steel high strength, corrosion resistant bracelet where you can find 2 to 3 functional tools, making a total of 25 usable fe...
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