Let’s Go Camping with G-Tent

Now bring the G-Tent in your lives with the new design and colorful tent, experience the feeling of comfortable outdoor camping. With semi transparent materials, G Tent can give you the real feeling of sleeping under the stars. Excellent ventilation and access are great features of this tent, those are some reasons why this G-Tent is the Design Wales Industrial Design Winner 2008 in Association with Gelert. (more…)...
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Credit Seal that Records and Seals Promises

As they say a promise is a promise. Children many a times are encouraged to be trust worthy and incorporate the good values in their daily lives. However all of us in our busy lives are not able to fulfill the promises that we make to our children as a result we end up being bad example for them. Addressing these needs 'Se Xin' has come up with what he calls as Credit Seal. It is a game that records and seals the promises that the child and the parent make. The promises are recorded in the devic...
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Sensix Allergy Alert System by Essential Design

When you have allergy, this device can be pretty handy for you. Sensix is a monitoring and response system for children susceptible to severe allergic reactions. It includes three age-specific monitors that are physically and aesthetically suited to each age group. When an allergic reaction occurs, the monitor alerts parents or caregivers while simultaneously identifying the location of the child and the medicine. The automated epinephrine injector device is more compact, rugged and con...
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New Bambini Adjustable Chair for Babies to Adults

The designer Toshimitsu Sasaki has designed a new quality chair for the whole family. He has named his design as New Bambini which is an adjustable chair fit every one from a baby to adults. The best thing about this design is the ease with which it can be adjusted/converted. The chair of course is very comfortable for any person of any size or height. The ability of chair to rotate at length while also being used as a rocking horse for the little one is just awesome! Thus, it should be a hit wi...
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Watch Your Baby with Echographic Images 4-D

For the couples who are waiting for their bundle of joy, Echography is an excellent means to obtain the first glance. Who does not want to see their kids before coming to this world? Echographic images 4-D offers you the best medical imagery to see what is there in your belly. The amazing part of this process is that it is very much comfortable to share with your family and friends. It provides detailed information such as the images color of the fetus and even the facial expression of your unbo...
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With Link Child Locator, Hopefully No More Missing Children

You are about to catch the flight for that weekend get away with your family and it's a last minute rush to board the plane. You already have the boarding pass and just as you hear the last minute announcements, suddenly you observe that your child is missing! You look everywhere but where to locate in this sea of human faces? Is he safe or what might have happened? This might seem to be a scene taken out of any popular movie flick, but could as well be a scenario in real life too. There are man...
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Handheld Breast Pump for Busy Mommies

Working mommies are having difficulty to breast feeding their babies, they can't bring their babies to work. Handheld breast pump designed by Miji Rhoe and Solbi Lim can help them to solve the problem. We do know that breast pumps are not something new, those products have been here for a while to help busy mommies or to avoid the hurt from babies' teeth. Beside the beautiful design, the special thing about this breast pump concept is the 3 suction levels for mommies to choose. Interesting... ...
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YiAhn Transformable Bassinet

YiAhn (pronounced "e-ahn") is not just ordinary bassinet. It can adapt to keep pace the changing needs of a growing child. Designed by Chul Min, Kang as a gift for his new born, this bassinet was designed to meet the needs of each growth phase of the baby. When the baby outgrows the bassinet, YiAhn can be reused as entirely different products after a simple process of transformation. Due to the fast growth of the baby, a bassinet itself can only be used only for three months. However, thi...
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Wisdom Well Interactive Floor Offers A Fun Way to Learn

The Wisdom Well concept involves an interactive floor supporting new kinds of kinesthetic learning and entertainment experiences. The objective of the Wisdom Well is to create an IT-based physical setup for learning and entertainment that enables users to utilise their bodies as well as their minds in collaborative games and explorative digital simulations. Learning is a promising application of the Wisdom Well concept, since it transcends traditional PC-based systems through support for ...
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Solvit+ Soluble Vitamins and Dispenser Aimed at Children

The idea behind this design is to create a product that promotes a fun and tasty way for kids to get the everyday vitamins their body needs. The product will administer vitamins in the form of a tasty drink, a new innovation encouraging children to take supplements to boost their daily vitamin intake. Solvit+ is a fun way to take vitamin. Solvit+ is a dispenser where you can fill the pod with your favorite flavor capsule vitamin. The vitamin is fully soluble in water, simply mix it, children ...
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Fusion Table = Entertainment Table

Let's play billiard after dinner, with fusion table, you don't need to buy billiard table, because fusion table is transformable in seconds into a game table or a quality billiard table to accompany your after dinner drinks. Today, a good product is not just about a great design, it?s about life, it?s about people and it needs to address their need for good times and precious moments. Designer : FusionTables via MocoLoco...
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Will Nestt Replace Traditional Car Seat ?

Nestt aims as the best car seat in the world. The idea came from traditional car seat that feel uncomfortable when parents try to wrestle a child, the typical seat's drab aesthetic does little to compliment a lush car interior. Deriving its primary form from an egg, the ultimate safe enclosure, nestt offers an elegant solution by combining security with ease, featuring single-handed tilt and swivel with almost no moving parts. (more…)...
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Flow – Wind Solar Energy System

Wang Yigang has designed flow, a wind solar energy system. This solar and wind energy collection system uses arciform photovoltaic cells to enable a better collection of sun light. At the same time, the shell, which is composed of six photovoltaic cells, can be used as wind concentrator. The wind forms a whirlpool within. This acceleration of wind speed increases the performance of the rotor. Through movable joints, the angles of the photovoltaic cells can be adjusted so that different orientati...
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IC – Amusing Interactive Platform to Improve Kids? Cognition Process

Based on research, kids? observation is a psychological behavior. It takes long to change their cognitive habit and get used to new ones. This project aims to build an amusing interactive platform with electronic technology, which is easy for kids to control and can quickly improve their cognition process. IC is an interactive device which can help kids get to know things they are interested in and figure out answers to their own questions all by themselves. As its name implies, it may help...
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Luv Walking Aids

LUV is a walking frame designed to assist in the mobility of the elderly. The universal design approach aims to create products that enhance our physical environment, are easily accessible, and allow comfort for users. The general approach is to create a comfortable product useful for anyone, regardless of age or ability. LUV has been designed to assist the elderly with mobility. Designed with adjustable height handles and supportive mechanisms, LUV can also be perceived as a support, which i...
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