Filip Wristwatch Is A Smart Locator and Phone for Kids

We have featured Link Child Locator previously, a nice gadget to monitor children but unfortunately it stays just a concept at this stage. Filip Technology has come to the rescue, a locator device that has become world’s first smart locator and phone for kids. It’s the result of 3 years of research and development, a nice device that combines location signal and communication ability in a safe and reliable manner, thanks to these 3 proven technologies: GPS, GMS voice/data and cell tower loca...
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Modko Shake Dog Potty Anytime, Anywhere!

Shake it! This is how you clean and empty Shake Dog Potty from Modko. The name itself came from the unique method used to clean this unit, just add water, shake, and empty. Having this dog potty comes in handy when you just don’t have the time for a morning walk or stuck at work the whole afternoon, your dog won’t make any mess on your floor. The product design is stylish enough that you can leave out in the open and it folds for easy storage or traveling. The sleek design allows this dog...
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Ttone Interaction Toothbrush Plays Music as Your Children Brushing Their Teeth

Teaching children the importance of brushing their teeth would be so much fun with Ttone Interaction Toothbrush. This little toothbrush provides exciting, interesting, and interactive experience for children, they can have fun while developing healthy dental hygiene habits. This tool plays music without batteries, it captures kinetic energy produced when your children doing brushing actions. The music is produced by the replaceable brush, when you replace it with a new brush, you get a new music...
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TouchWarm Concept Diagnostic Device for Children

Children are afraid of the doctor for many reasons, some of those reasons would the cold an strange medical equipment as well as environment. TouchWarm is a concept diagnostic device that adds unique interaction during the diagnosis process to eliminate the fear factor in children’s mind. Cold stethoscope doesn’t feel comfortable when it touches your skin, children feel the same way. This device features heating platform when children choose to press the button, it will warm the stethoscope....
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Dogibag : A Travel Bag Concept for Small Pet by Nicklas Ekstrand

The project task was actually to design a modern and stylish suitcase, however, during his research, the designer found out that the market was lack of smart and nice looking travel bag for small pet. Dogibag is a travel bag for small pet, you can drag the bag just like regular suitcase. There are good ventilation located on both sides, while the transparent lid (with slightly raised side to protect the lid) provides great visibility so that you can check your pet at all times. Larger sized rear...
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Mama’s Heart – A Futuristic Baby Crib Concept to Soothe Your Baby to Sleep

Inspired by mother’s belly, Mama’s Heart offers a cozy and comfortable crib for babies up to 2-years old. The goal is pretty clear to us, a crib to make the baby feels as if they are still in the womb. It’s clean, comfortable, and quiet, a perfect environment for baby to relax. This concept crib features 4 functions which all are used to keep the baby as comfortable as possible from playing to asleep. First, there’s air adjustment function to set temperature inside the crib via air renew...
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Dog Pack : Breathable Mesh Backpack That Doubles As A Raincoat for Your Dog

When you and your dog love outdoor adventures, it would be great if your dog carries this Dog Pack. It’s a breathable mesh backpack especially designed for dogs on mountain hikes, its innovative design allows 2 detachable bags to be transformed into a raincoat. This backpack is ideal for medium to large sized dogs which usually accompany their owners in mountain hiking, the material is heavy duty waterproof ballistic nylon. It’s breathable, thus air can pass through the mess to maintain dog...
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Reach & Match Braille Learning Toy : Easy Introduction to Braille

Especially designed for blind or visually impaired children, Reach & Match Braille Learning Toy has been designed to make learning Braille to be a positive and enjoyable experience. This toy is perfect to introduce Braille literacy and functional skill learning, it’s a valuable writing system which can be learned easily through this concept. This toy features double-sided sensory play, a friendly and welcoming platform to bring together visually impaired children and sighted children to pl...
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Dog House Dryer Concept by Lucy Jung

Pet dryer house is already in market and it is well used in lots of pet saloons and some family houses. This product has shown that it is less stressful for dogs and cats to be dried without peoples hand touching them too much and with less dryer noise. However, there were still problems. First of all, it gave impression of microwave - making people think it is animal abuse. Also, although it had two versions for house and for pet saloon, for house use version was still taking too much of space ...
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Accurro Baby Stroller by Ciprian Andrus

Accurro Baby Stroller has been designed especially to be used while doing sporting activities such as jogging and cycling. This concept brings new elements in stroller design with its multi-functionality, ergonomics, safety and relaxation methods for both parents and children. This stroller is ideal for people who love outdoor activity and adventure. According to the designer, Accurro Baby Stroller project is a revolutionary concept that will bring stroller design to a whole new level. The sh...
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Whaletale Suitcase Provides a Clean Space On The Floor for Your Children to Crawl and Play

Whaletale suitcase offers unique solution for parents when they are in an over crowded airport with children. Parents need to keep their children entertained while waiting for their flight, letting kids play on the floor is not an option as we know airport carpeting or floor is not hygienic. Whaletale suitcase comes with a detachable mat that folds out and become a hygienic space where your children can play, crawl and relax. Open and spread out this mat a.k.a blanket, parents can use it as a...
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Guardpix Portable Device Language Habits for Children

In order to develop better speaking habits in children, Donguk Seo has come up with unique concept, Guardpix Portable Device Language Habits for Children. This device is very handy to help parents to teach children who have just started talking and make friends usually at the age of 2 to 3-year old. It helps your children to distinguish bad words from good words; it teaches children to speak only desirable language habits. Every time children hear someone says bad words, Guardpix will automatica...
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Mummy’s Baby Luggage Makes Traveling with Baby Simple and Fun

Traveling with a baby can be fun or stressful experience for a mother. There are many things to pack, including luggage for your baby and your family, therefore, "Mummy’s Baby" has been designed to answer these challenges. This luggage helps mother to travel efficiently with her baby, she can keep all baby necessities in it or open the top of trunk and stretch out to reveal a comfortable and safe baby seat. When mother is tired, simply open the back of this luggage and pull out adult-friendly ...
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Under The Sea Floatation Device with Periscope for Children

Children will definitely enjoy swimming in the sea with “Under The Sea” floatation device with periscope. It is exclusively designed for children who would want to go swimming but feel a bit scared to do it. The main feature of "Under The Sea" is the periscope that allows children to observe fish and other sea creatures underwater without having to dive into the sea. As we all know, children are naturally curious about everything and they can be really hard to follow as they move around all ...
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Joyful Learning : A Set of Cleaning Equipment for Children

Introducing clean and healthy environment to your children can be easily done with Joyful Learning. It is a set of cleaning equipment designed especially for children. This project aims to take care our environment as well as educate children about hygiene. Children will love this cleaning equipment that uses marine life stories as its theme. Everything in this cleaning set has been carefully developed to feature learning elements with ordinary process to ease children to develop healthy habit. ...
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