Reflected Family Mausoleum Concept Is Specially Designed for Korean Burial Culture

Reflected Family Mausoleum is a concept project designed for Korean burial culture. It represents a small family mausoleum designed in reaction to the environmental and cultural concerns. This project wants to deal with environmental concerns related...
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Luxurious D.Throne Family Car Features Three Driving Modes

D.Throne Family Car is not for you, it’s for children. This company has teamed up with JoongHo Choi Studio to develop a luxurious children car, this is the third generation model that’s been through innovative engineering and exterior design. Thi...
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Woobi Play Anti-Pollution Mask for Children Uses Certified micro HEPA Filter

Designed specially for children, Woobi Play is an anti-pollution mask that would filter at least 95% of dangerous airborne particulate matter. Available mask on the market is designed for adults, it is not comfortable for children to wear. This conce...
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Stylish and Modern Prop Plane Pendant in Satin Nickel for Children

Design conscious parents would buy this for their children room, a modern Prop Plane Pendant. It’s not a plastic looking light, this one features elegant lighting fixture that will put smile on both your face and your children’s face. Place this ...
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No More Dangling Bottles with Willow Wearable, Smart Breast Pump

Here’s a good news to moms with newborns, Willow Wearable Breast Pump allows you to extract milk from your breast conveniently. You have everything you need to pump in one box, the all-in-one design means that you can pump, collect milk in an inter...
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Sky Villages Installation by James Paulius

James Paulius has created an interactive installation called Sky Villages at SPARK Brooklyn Children’s Museum. This project aims to invite children to build clusters of airborne villages on wall, encouraging their creativity skills and imaginative ...
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Aquapaw : Pet Bathing Tool for Better Control of Water Flow As Well As Your Dog

Most dogs hate water, that’s why most of the time, bathing your dog can be really messy. Aquapaw aims to help you to do the task easier, it’s a combination of water sprayer and bath scrubber in one functional bathing tool. Wash your dog slowly...
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Outdox Dog Training Kit : A Set of Tools for Quality Time with Your Dog

Outdox is a dog exercising kit that will keep your dog physically and mentally healthy. You can read the designers’ explanation below. We love our dogs, but we know that not everything is perfect and, in our busy life, time is precious. We want ...
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Suki Baby Carrier Turns Into A Baby Rocker with A Simple Add-On

A multifunction baby carrier, Suki aims to provide you with a soft and comfortable carrier, in which an add-on, it can be transformed into a handy baby rocker. Babywearing is a millennia old tradition found in all cultures across the world, it’s a ...
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Snoo Smart Sleeper for Your Baby Reduces Crying and Boosts Sleep

SNOO, a smart baby bed reduces crying and boosts sleep. Well, lack of sleep is the new norm for new parents, don’t you agree? It can be a serious issue since it can quickly turn into a health problem such as depression, child abuse, spousal dispute...
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MDK9 Modern Dog House by RAH:Design

Dogs are best human companions, don’t you agree? RAH:Design also thinks the same way, that’s why they wanted to design modern and cozy house for these beautiful angels, MDK9 Dog Haus. Using the same techniques and materials that are used when bui...
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Catterbox Cat Collar Translates Your Cat Voice Into Human Voice

The objective of Catterbox collar was simple, to give your cat a voice. Keeping this in mind, Mars Temptations Lab has worked its way to create a device that brings serious fun into cats’ lives. Most studies have shown that cats communicate with...
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Baby Throne Shower Chair by 3formdesign

Baby Throne Shower Chair won BPA’s Concept & Innovation Awards, it’s a bathing aid for showering babies in homes where no bath is available. This product would be popular in countries where traditional baths are rarely fitted into bathrooms t...
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Cubetto Playset – Hands on Coding for Children Without A Screen

Parents, you can encourage your children into programming, they can be the next Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg, or Steve Jobs. Cubetto is a Montessori approved programming toy designed specifically for preliterate children, ages 3 and older. Yes, it seem...
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Smart Board by Ljiljana Reljic and Snezana Cvetkovic

Inspired by children playing with hand-made recycled materials, Ljiljana Reljic and Snezana Cvetkovic came up with the idea to create Smart Board. The product is handmade by recycling different kinds of packaging, creating an eco board with a didacti...
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