Ely Can : Better Watering Can Design by Diane Dupire

Ely Can is a watering can that features unique design which mimics an elephant’s trunk. Instead of carrying this watering can, user can simply pull and roll, thank you to 2 wheels on both sides. With this new design, you don’t have to bend when water your plants. Do you know that gardening as an outdoor activity offer many health and therapeutic advantages for elderly people? Unfortunately, they usually have problem when they have to carry heavy objects such as watering can. To answer thi...
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Watertube Provides Sanitary Water in Remote Areas

Utilizing the technique of distillation, Watertube can provide sanitary water to many people in remote area. It is a handy tool not just to filter but also store the water for future use. We are going to face water shortage issue if we don’t have better water management strategies because we use water faster than it can be replaced. Yes, we know that 75% of our Earth’s surface is covered by water, however, do you know that only 2.5% of it is fresh water? And only 0.3% of that water can be fo...
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CleaninCloud Carbon Dioxide Dishwasher by Kinga Key Grebosz

Imagine if you don’t need to put the clean dishes out of the dishwasher! CleaninCloud Carbon Dioxide Dishwasher is an innovative ecological product which both washes and keeps dishes inside. The form, the localization on the wall and the principles of operation give a thriftiness of space, water and energy. Moreover, it doesn’t produce liquid sewers. It also allows to the comfortable usage. Designer : Kinga Key Grebosz Click above image for bigger view (more…)...
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Pinch Hanger by Jaineel Shah

The content of this post is temporarily removed due to patent filing process....
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Rethinking The Radiator Reminds You Of A Campfire

Do you love campfire? Rethinking The Radiator design will remind you of it. This concept radiator is going to help reduce your room temperature at about 2-degree which in the end could save a ton of CO2 per year and this could also mean cut cost by 40%. Will this be possible? Well, our modern technology makes it possible for us to develop a lighter radiator in smaller form by utilizing more efficient materials. Designer : Rochus Jacob (more…)...
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Off Front Door Handle Turns Your Home Electrical Circuits On/Off When You Leave

Off Front Door Handle is not just your ordinary handle. It’s been designed to enable you to turn off any electrical or gas supply in your apartment or home by simply pressing a single button. Off handle is pretty handy isn’t it? Well if not for you, then for me. Everytime I go out, I always forget to turn off any unused lights, it’s wasting electricity. In this handle, there are 3 settings offered: one setting for electricity or light, one setting for gas and one for all. You can set a sin...
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paNBin Combines Dusting Pan and Dust Bin Into One

Minimalism is a buzz word these days. Though it is a vast topic; we can adapt this in products design by making a product multifunctional. Today where space is at premium; we cannot afford to waste floor area in having 'N' number of products. Concept paNBin is an answer to the above addressed problems. Designer : Sudhanwa Chavan (more…)...
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ZeusHydration Water Collector by Kwan Ken Yong

The lack of safe and clean water is one of vital problems faced by many people who live in developing countries. ZeusHydration Water Collector has been designed to provide solution to the problem that causes hunger, disease and poverty. It’s a device that absorbs water from different sources and filters it to potable water. There are different ways for ZeusHydration to collect water, one of them is collecting rainwater which is a common practice among people who live in rural areas. Inside thi...
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Eco-Bin Trash Bin by Stephen Reon Francisco

If we can’t get rid of plastic shopping or grocery bag, let’s just find some other ways to have it useful in a more Eco-friendly way. Recycling them can be one of the best things to do. The Eco-Bin is a green trash bin design from a Filipino industrial designer Stephen Reon Francisco. This trash bin will work best if collaborated with your plastic shopping and grocery bags and reused as a garbage bag. The Eco-Bin is stackable and is available in many different colors. Using this bin is effor...
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BlueScale Digital Pocket Scale : Keep Track Your Calories from Your Mobile Phone

BlueScale is your simple digital pocket scale that features Bluetooth technology that you can connect it to a smart phone. This pocket scale sends weight data directly to any smart phone by utilizing special applications developed to manage calorie intake and weight control. By integrating BlueScale concept with these applications, you will be able to measure the calorie of food that you’re going to eat, it’s a good way to stick to your diet. Designer : Ehsan Sayyad (more&hell...
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Slice Box Cutter : The World’s First Ceramic Blade Box Cutter

Slice Box Cutter would be the world’s first box cutter with a ceramic blade. It features unique handle that provides non-slip and easy to hold product to protect your hand by wrapping around your fist. The housing design limits the amount of exposed ceramic blade to reduce any accidental injuries, no wonder this product design won Red Dot Design Award 2011. Designers : Scot Herbst and Alfredo Muccino for [Slice] [php snippet=53] (more…)...
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Utility Knife Maketicus Is A Cutting Tool With Ergonomic Multi-Faceted Body

The idea behind Utility Knife Maketicus is to create a wide application utility cutting tool. Art. Lebedev Studio, a Russion modern industrial design company has come up with ergonomic design that becomes the basic body of this knife. The innovative multi-faceted body design makes this knife very comfortable to use in any position. Utility Knife Maketicus allows you to work with your hand “floating” or supported, feel free to move you hand in any position. Designer : Art. Lebedev Studi...
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Flameingo Fire Extinguisher by Jinwoo Kim

Current fire extinguishers on the market usually have the typical cylindrical shape that is bulky and difficult to keep in small storage space. Flameingo fire extinguisher design aims to tackle this issue with its modern and slim body design, thus only needs less storage space. Our traditional fire extinguishers don’t have attractive design that usually end up in a garage because we usually don’t want people to see them in plain sight that could ruin the whole decor theme. Designer : Jinw...
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POPI Umbrella by Massimo Battaglia

POPI Umbrella concept was the result out of the idea of redesigning our existing foldable umbrellas. It solves all issues related to comfort and portability, as you can see here, POPI umbrella has been designed with handle that works as the case of the umbrella when closed. This newly redesigned umbrella provides user an easy way to store the umbrella even when wet and a larger handle that is comfortable to hold. Designer : Massimo Battaglia (more…)...
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Turn Over Extinguisher : Give The Fire Extinguisher A Good Shake!

Do you know that many fire extinguishers need to be shaken on monthly basis to prevent the powder inside from hardening? Well, “Turn over extinguisher” project has been designed to motivate users to regularly shake their extinguisher by taking the form of a sandglass. Some countries even have special days to shake extinguishers. By shaking these tools, it will help to keep them functional anytime you need them. Designers : Jin Junho, Woo Seul A and Lyu Byung Chul ...
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