Utility Knife Maketicus Is A Cutting Tool With Ergonomic Multi-Faceted Body

The idea behind Utility Knife Maketicus is to create a wide application utility cutting tool. Art. Lebedev Studio, a Russion modern industrial design company has come up with ergonomic design that becomes the basic body of this knife. The innovative multi-faceted body design makes this knife very comfortable to use in any position. Utility Knife Maketicus allows you to work with your hand “floating” or supported, feel free to move you hand in any position. Designer : Art. Lebedev Studi...
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Flameingo Fire Extinguisher by Jinwoo Kim

Current fire extinguishers on the market usually have the typical cylindrical shape that is bulky and difficult to keep in small storage space. Flameingo fire extinguisher design aims to tackle this issue with its modern and slim body design, thus only needs less storage space. Our traditional fire extinguishers don’t have attractive design that usually end up in a garage because we usually don’t want people to see them in plain sight that could ruin the whole decor theme. Designer : Jinw...
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POPI Umbrella by Massimo Battaglia

POPI Umbrella concept was the result out of the idea of redesigning our existing foldable umbrellas. It solves all issues related to comfort and portability, as you can see here, POPI umbrella has been designed with handle that works as the case of the umbrella when closed. This newly redesigned umbrella provides user an easy way to store the umbrella even when wet and a larger handle that is comfortable to hold. Designer : Massimo Battaglia (more…)...
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Turn Over Extinguisher : Give The Fire Extinguisher A Good Shake!

Do you know that many fire extinguishers need to be shaken on monthly basis to prevent the powder inside from hardening? Well, “Turn over extinguisher” project has been designed to motivate users to regularly shake their extinguisher by taking the form of a sandglass. Some countries even have special days to shake extinguishers. By shaking these tools, it will help to keep them functional anytime you need them. Designers : Jin Junho, Woo Seul A and Lyu Byung Chul ...
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Nanophea Robot Vacuum Cleaner by Zaier Jihed

Nanophea Robot vacuum cleaner is a domestic floor cleaning robot, futuristic, autonomous and very intelligent. It’s not like the other existing robotic cleaners because it works only on nano surfaces covering with a very little amount of water. This unit uses nano-technology (Nano Lotus Effect) to make cleaning easier in the future. The Nanophea design itself was inspired from the lotus leaf. Designer : Zaier Jihed (more…)...
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Electronic Ticket Offers Better and Comfortable Yacht Cruising

Traveling in a mega yacht is certainly a delightful experience. However, the real complexity lies in identifying the ship’s layout. To help passengers stay devoid of the confusion, the Electronic Ticket concept has been introduced. It employs interactive technology that helps explain the yacht’s layout as well as distribution of functional zones. It can be recycled like a subway ticket. Designers : Bao Haimo, Piao Hailong, Liu Yuancheng, Hu Xiameng, and Qiao Song (more…)...
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Renkasa Umbrella by Kam Leang

Kam Leang, an exclusive designer has come up with an innovative and beautiful Renkasa umbrella. After in depth research on the kind of raw materials used, its assembly, and distribution, Kam designed modern umbrella, called Renkasa. As with traditional umbrellas, it is impossible to recycle the same. In fact, there were some obvious reasons for a large number of umbrellas being thrown away in Tokyo. In order to overcome such situation, Kam has come up with an exclusive umbrella design. Design...
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Needle Ball : Insert Thread Into The Eye of A Needle Easily

Needle Ball is a result of need identified from the difficulties in threading a sewing needle. Do you have any idea how hard for people to insert thread into the eye of a sewing needle? I have a good eyesight, yet I still have trouble when doing it. Needle ball is a single plastic component which can easily fit into a needle hole. and it allows the easy insertion of the thread in to the needle hole.Tapered side walls provides an effective guiding of the thread and the round center hole of the ne...
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Monocart Multi-Purpose Cart Is The Only Cart You’ll Need

Monocart multi-purpose cart concept is not just ordinary cart. It can adapt to various different functions with ease based on the needs of the users. The problem with many products nowadays is the short life span due to the small target audience; therefore this industrial designer came up with an innovative product design to challenge this issue. The basic transformable frame structure of Monocart can be combined with different attachments and detachable components to add the flexibility and ada...
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Smart Dish System by Jeongmi Lee

I hate washing dirty dishes, but who doesn’t? But I still do it anyway because I have to. But, what if your spouse or partner always leave dirty dishes in the sink and depend on you to clean them? I bet using this Smart Dish System concept will make them re-think about their decisions leaving dishes in the sink and wait for you to clean. Designer : Jeongmi Lee (more…)...
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Load Carrier for Labour by Vikram Dinubhai Panchal

Load Carrier for Labour – This is what we call as a step towards modern designing. Kudos to Vikram Dinubhai Panchal for he has come up with his spectacular design, with respect to improving the current working conditions of laborers. Aimed at preventing several occupational hazards faced by workers globally, this load carrier enables 3 methods of lifting as well as shifting loads without much hassle. Designer : Vikram Dinubhai Panchal via [Core77DesignAwards] (more…)...
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Robo TAP Cleaner by Gyu Ha Choi Is Your Future Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Finding it difficult to carry that hefty vacuum cleaner to clear out the mess? Looking out for a smarter solution? Well, you’ve landed on the right place. Check out the new Robo TAP Cleaner – a smart evolution of an automatic vacuum cleaner that is used to clear out the mess from a targeted area. Being an excellent domestic cleaning robot, Robo TAP can clean up messy spot as directed by the user. Designer : Gyu Ha Choi (more…)...
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“Wall Eraser” by Hojjat Kaffash

I use wallpaper to decorate my wall, so when I get bored, I just replace it with a new one. However, if you don’t use wallpaper, you need to re-paint the wall. “Wall Eraser” is a concept machine which can be used to remove the current color of the wall and at the same time smoothing the surface. This machine has been designed with 2 models: the first model is the one where user can manually use, while the second version is automatic. The automatic version will have to use designed rails wh...
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Tactile Watch Design by Jake Rynkiewicz

Lucky are we to have been blessed with eyes that could spot out things. We can read things hassle-free, admire at nature’s beauty, but the blind? Can they sense things or at least know the current time? Why not! Specially designed for the visually disabled is the new Tactile Watch. So, what’s so intriguing about this watch? The very feeling of raised minute and hour hands with respect to the dots, positioned around the watch face helps the visually disabled to know the current time. Rather t...
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Vacbin : Vacuum Cleaner Within The Trash Bin

Vacbin is a vacuum cleaner within the trash bin. This design is based on the idea of invisible essential objects. Vacuum cleaner is one of many household objects that we’d rather hide in places like storeroom. However there are times when we need to use it and hope it would be easier to get it out. Vacbin hides the vacuum cleaner within the trash bin, an object that is out in the open. It makes the vacuum cleaner invisible when not in use, yet easily released when needed. Clever design, isn’...
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