90 Degree Drill Concept for Non-Professional Workers

For non professional workers, drilling can be really a difficult task to do. 90 Degree Drill has been designed mainly for household use, so that people like me, with no drilling experience can use it easily and safely. I really love the safety featur...
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Gardening Chair : Mobility Gardening Aid for Boomers by Han S. Hong

This Gardening Chair has been designed to support the action and movements that take place during home gardening. Squatting, getting up and down, moving short distances or leaning to a desired direction are the most repeated and difficult movements. ...
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ES Pipe Waterwheel by Ryan Jongwoo Choi

ES Pipe Waterwheel changes the power of flowing water into energy and to be later utilized as light. This concept waterwheel aims to be used in the area with no electricity, it’s an eco-friendly way to generate energy/electricity in daily life easi...
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ScrewU : Screwdriver with Built-in 6 Bits and LED Light by Sudhanwa Chavan

ScrewU is a concept screwdriver with built-in 6 bits and works on spring mechanism. Simply press down the required bit and it will be locked and ready to use, just like multicolor pen. The overall body of ScrewU has been ergonomically designed to fit...
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Cake Cutting Knife by Arun Paul

I was always amazed how my mom can cut my birthday cake equally when I was a kid, still don't know what the secret of that but if I could use Cake Cutting Knife from Arun Paul, I could never cut a big slice for myself and smaller slices for my friend...
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OHEA Smart Bed : Making The Bed Every Morning Isn’t An Issue Anymore Because You Don’t Have To!

You know, although the model from video of OHEA Smart Bed is a little girl, we bet even adults would love to use this automatic bed. You don’t have to make up your bed every morning, simply let the bed do it. The innovative technology equipped in t...
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Braille Electric Plug Tags Help Visuall Impaired People to Identify Each Plug Easier

For visually impaired people, it’s pretty frustrating when they have to deal with so many plugs for so many electric devices. Braille Electric Plug Tags have been designed to solve this issue especially when our collections of electrical devices ar...
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NO K.O. Milk Frother Offers Functional Tool with Entertainment Value

NO K.O. milk frother reminds us of Russian Matryoshka doll. Pretty cool, it doesn’t fall over or roll away, simply let it standing on your tabletop, no more messy rings on the table. Smart product design isn’t it? It leaves nothing but tidy impre...
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Cans ‘n Caps : Re-use Your Aluminum Beverage Can to Reduce Aluminum Waste

Usually, after we drink a beverage from aluminum can, we simply toss the can into the trash. Do you know that there are 131 billion cans produced in United States alone every year? Unfortunately only 50% of those cans are recycled. DesignNobis has de...
Posted in » Domestic Aid, Green

Joki Cooking Device Saves Wasted Energy While Cooking And Reuse It To Warm Your Meal

Joki cooking device was a concept design submission for Hermes 2011 contest. It’s a cooking device that integrates an energy saving technology which can be carried around effortlessly. Do you know that during cooking we release energy in form of va...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid, Home And Kitchen

Bracelet KEY Is Ideal for People That Keep Losing Their Keys

Some people just seem to keep on losing their keys as simply as put them down and then forget. It’s really frustrating, do you think Bracelet KEY could be the simple and practical solution for this problem? This product transforms your key into ...
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Scrub-a-Dub Bottle Brush Design by Jeff Tung

Cleaning baby bottle can be really difficult if you don’t use the right brushing tool. Designed by Jeff Tung, Scrub-a-Dub Bottle Brush has been designed to enable you to clean hard to reach area such as the bottom area and also the bottle’s nippl...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid, Family

Zephiro Cooker Hood : Simple and Nice Cooker Hood by Emo Design

Zephiro cooker hood has been designed for Falmec to demonstrate the main values that have become the strength of this company: functionality, simplicity and shape proportions. Inspired by soft gentle wind, Zephiro cooker hood is equipped with e.Ion t...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid, Home And Kitchen

Smart Garden Cart by Stephen Reon Francisco

We just got design submission called Smart Garden Cart, the design was inspired by a mouse. Hm…ok, at first sight, we didn’t really get to notice which part that is similar to rat but after reading this Filipino industrial designer explanation, f...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid

Blindry : You Can Transform This Window Blind Into a Laundry Rack

Blindry is a combination of a window blind and a laundry rack, pretty cool isn’t it? You can transform this window blind to fold down rack that you can use to dry your clothes indoors. Living in a small apartment, I can tell that I really appreciat...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid, Furniture, Green, Interior Design

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