Neutral Compact Hand Drill by Tim Bennett

Many consumer-grade drills are reduced versions of their professional-grade counterparts, inheriting an interface of controls that can be confusing for non-professional users. However, the new Neutral Compact Hand Drill was designed to be more amicable. It is a redesign of the traditional power drill, which gives priority to the demands of everyday consumers. It reduces the interface of traditional drills, which boast an assortment of switches as well as rotary selectors by providing an intui...
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First Aid 2.0 Is Your Next Generation First Aid Kit

The First Aid 2.0 is the next generation of first aid kit which refines and redefines the notion of "First Aid". The design features redesigned ergonomic medkit layout and LED lamp running along the bodyline to enhance its presence while providing ample lighting around the area. The front fascia shows the familiar red cross design with touch screen functions embedded in it, providing comprehensive and concise instructions for users to administer first aid in the most efficient way. Instructions ...
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Munivo Gives Walking Direction For Visually Impaired People Through Their Hand

Oftentimes we would have seen a blind people crossing the street with just a stick in his hand. Although it lets them identify any obstacle in their way, they need to calculate their own steps and give directions to the stick. To put an end to such qualms, Muvino, a small yet effectual device has been designed to meet the needs of the visually impaired. This smooth device fits into the shape of the palm of the hand and is embedded with a sensitive silicon skin to communicate with the user. Ke...
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Sack Truck Design by Kyle Darlington and Enzo Barrow

This sack truck design offers functionally and performance when it comes to climbing up or down stairs. It is very lightweight and has the ability to hold different loads. The built-in skis will make this truck sack moves like skis in sliding the load rather than bumping it. Designers : Kyle Darlington & Enzo Barrow (more…)...
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Hand Umbrella : Hammer a Nail Without Banging Your Fingers

Hand Umbrella acts as nail holder to prevent you from banging you fingers when hammering a nail. The U-shaped product incorporates a slit lined with flexible silicone, into which nails of various sizes can be slotted. The red ring in the center indicates the position where the nail should be placed. This product has been designed for the elderly people to prevent the injury from accidentally hammered fingers. It's a user friendly product that brings safety to the job of hammering nails. Desig...
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CardSharp Utility Knife Has The Same Size as Your Credit Card

CardSharp is a beautiful and ingenious design of a utility knife. Don’t underestimate this knife, it might look like an ordinary knife, but in reality this is a supersharp utility knife. It takes only 3 folding operations to turn this card into an elegant utility tool. It’s been designed with extra long stainless steel surgical blade to guarantee longer lasting rust free sharpness. To prevent any injury or blunting, it has built-in protective sheath. This knife is slimmer and lighter compare...
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Retractable Tape Cord : Flat and Anti-Tangle

Wouldn’t be great to have this re-designed Retractable Tape Cord? Our traditional extension cords usually need to be mounted on the wall/floor to avoid the mess, but using this new design, no more mess. It can lay flat on the ground and is anti-tangle. This electrical extension cord allows user to pull out the desired length and lock it so that it won’t retract. To pull back, just simply press the button on the case. It works just like retractable tape measure. The cord is made with polysil...
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Hangair by Noel Zahra

Simple and portable, the Hangair is a stylish approach to the demands of contemporary life. It has been designed to celebrate mobility and the maximization of space, targeted to the needs of the commuting career-driven city dweller but useful to all. Made out of four pieces of aluminum, the Hangair can be unfolded with ease, enabling the user to hang clothes in situations where space is limited. It can then be conveniently folded away to a size sufficiently compact for it to fit in a laptop bag ...
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Twist Wrench by Wang Qiubo and Hu Xinyuan

Twist Wrench has been designed to provide ergonomic handle for better grip in applying torque to turn objects. When using twist wrench, it would be easier for you to rotate bolts or nuts. Better torque means less effort for me to keep the bolts turning. Designer : Wang Qiubo and Hu Xinyuan (more…)...
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Fingerprint Gun For Better Public Security

The illegal use of guns has become one of our major problems these days. It threatens public security worldwide. Fingerprint Gun integrates user-friendly fingerprint identification systems with an embedded memory chip to ensure the user is its legal owner. The memory chip is located at the upper end of the gun barrel. The indicator on the gun's front sight attachment will turn to green when the fingerprint information is verified to be correct. It allows the user to shoot with the gun. The wrong...
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Using “Pull Lightly” Plug, You Are Safe To Pull The Electric Cord To Unplug

Even though it’s not safe to pull off the electric cord when you want to unplug, yet so many people still do that. The only reason to keep on doing this dangerous thing is simply because of its convenience. Well, since to some lazy people it’s really hard to change this bad habit, this industrial designer suggested a new concept for power plugs : “Pull Lightly”. He was inspired by wall-mounted fan that usually works by pulling the cord to turn it on/off. Pull Lightly consists of a plug a...
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Scale : Expandable Multi Functional Body Scale

I usually use my scale to measure my body weight, luggage, or my dog. Since my dog is a small dog, then I don't have a problem in using the scale to weight her. But when it comes to my luggage, it's really hard to do it, especially when the luggage is pretty big in size. This scale design is the answer to my need. It is a multi functional body scale that expands to twice of its width. This way, it can weight luggage, large pets, and other items easily and accurately. This body scale is not just ...
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Green Box : Takeaway Box With Integrated Eating Utensils

Green Box is constructed out of biodegradable material to avoid the use of plastics in the take-away food industry. It integrates an eco-friendly takeaway box with eating utensils where you can easily punch it out (indicated by groove lines). It will drastically reduce the need for plastic utensils, therefore, reducing plastic waste in our environment. Green Box is made with PLA (polylactide) – a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from sources such as cornstarch or sugar cane. For additional ...
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Day Shade Night Light Umbrella For Unique Lightening Experience

Day Shade Night Light Umbrella or DSNL Umbrella has dual functions for daytime and nighttime. During daytime, the umbrella will store the sun's energy in its frame through flexible solar panel. This solar power can be used later during nighttime as a light. Its flexible OLED can be turned on to deliver unique lightening experience, just use the switch on the handle. Users can adjust the intensity of the light by turning the handle. Designers : Steve Yang and Che-Hsiao (more…)...
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LUM Smoke Detector by Arthur Brault

Based on recent studies, France is one of the countries that focuses less on fire protection compared to UK, USA, or Canada. There are 10,000 victims and 800 fire related deaths every year. France recently has established a new law that makes it obligatory for each household to have fire detector or fire equipment. This has expanded the current market and is in desperate need of innovation. Arthur Brault, an industrial designer, has done some research and found out the major issues with moder...
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