Joki Cooking Device Saves Wasted Energy While Cooking And Reuse It To Warm Your Meal

Joki cooking device was a concept design submission for Hermes 2011 contest. It’s a cooking device that integrates an energy saving technology which can be carried around effortlessly. Do you know that during cooking we release energy in form of vapor in the air? And then during the meal we try to keep the heat to keep our meal warm longer? The basic idea for this concept is to get back the wasted energy during cooking and reuse it to warm our meal. Joki cooking device utilizes dish heater ...
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Bracelet KEY Is Ideal for People That Keep Losing Their Keys

Some people just seem to keep on losing their keys as simply as put them down and then forget. It’s really frustrating, do you think Bracelet KEY could be the simple and practical solution for this problem? This product transforms your key into fashion item. If you have experienced in losing your key before then you know it can result in embarrassment, inconvenience and the financial cost to replace a lock. This simple product has been designed to enable you to wear your key conveniently on...
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Scrub-a-Dub Bottle Brush Design by Jeff Tung

Cleaning baby bottle can be really difficult if you don’t use the right brushing tool. Designed by Jeff Tung, Scrub-a-Dub Bottle Brush has been designed to enable you to clean hard to reach area such as the bottom area and also the bottle’s nipple. There are already great products to clean baby’s bottle and bottle’s nipple in the market but this project aims to clean any size and shape bottles and bottle’s nipples, so that you don’t have to find new brushing tool each time you purcha...
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Zephiro Cooker Hood : Simple and Nice Cooker Hood by Emo Design

Zephiro cooker hood has been designed for Falmec to demonstrate the main values that have become the strength of this company: functionality, simplicity and shape proportions. Inspired by soft gentle wind, Zephiro cooker hood is equipped with e.Ion technology, an innovative ionization system that reduce odors in the kitchen by eliminating the organic molecules in the air such as bacteria, viruses and allergens. Minimalist and neat, it is characterized within the sinuous glass body and strick tec...
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Smart Garden Cart by Stephen Reon Francisco

We just got design submission called Smart Garden Cart, the design was inspired by a mouse. Hm…ok, at first sight, we didn’t really get to notice which part that is similar to rat but after reading this Filipino industrial designer explanation, finally we got it. Checkout the ergonomic handles, they were inspired by a rat’s ear and also the form represents basic ergonomic principles for your hands. They are pretty comfortable to hold, pull or push. The overall body design offers modern, cl...
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Blindry : You Can Transform This Window Blind Into a Laundry Rack

Blindry is a combination of a window blind and a laundry rack, pretty cool isn’t it? You can transform this window blind to fold down rack that you can use to dry your clothes indoors. Living in a small apartment, I can tell that I really appreciate multifunction product design and with the lack of floor space, Blindry is certainly smartly designed to accommodate a laundry drying rack. Yes, there’s technology called drying machine, but why use electricity when we can save it. This furniture ...
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Kesu Static Cleaner by Nori Sakatsume

We all love our furry pals, but we also want to keep our favorite clothes free of their fur. Currently, the solution is the sticky (adhesive) roller. The biggest issue of the sticky roller is that it can be very frustrating to use; it sticks to everything (desk, floor paper etc), it requires user to peel off the layers over and over again and because it rolls on a piece of clothing, it creates more static and causes more lint to sticks to the garment. Kesu Static Cleaner actually uses static to ...
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PumPing Tap Smart Spring Loaded Socket Helps You Save More Power

PumPing Tap is a smart spring loaded socket that will automatically eject your plug when any associated electronic device is not in use. Do you know that even when your electronic devices are switched off but if you don’t pull the plug out of the socket, there’s still power flows? Yes, this means that you are wasting power even though you don’t use your devices. Power is also wasted when you recharge any of your electronic devices when you don’t keep an eye on the charging process, you h...
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Inverted Umbrella Folds Inside Out To Prevent Water Splashes Onto Your Clothes

When you fold your umbrella after use, usually water splashes onto your clothes or other stuff, but not with Inverted Umbrella. This one of a kind umbrella folds inside out after use to prevent water splashes, because the inner side of an umbrella will always dry. This design alters the way an umbrella closed without changing its fundamental functions, to protect you from the rain and the sun. The strength of the stretchers allows the umbrella to retain its normal shape. It’s like when the win...
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Cycle Hangers by Oliver Staiano

Apparently this bike doesn’t die for nothing, from the hand of a product designer, some parts from the bike can be transformed into useful coat hangers. Called Cycle Hangers, this set of hangers utilizes unused bike’s wheel, handlebar and frame and finished in quality wood. The hooks are created from spokes taken from the wheels and most parts are held together purely by the tight fit as they slot together, reducing resources as a recycled product. Designer : Oliver Staiano (...
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XO Project : Extraordinary Kitchenware by Fatih Aslantas

XO Project is basically an innovative and extraordinary kitchen set to ease everyone’s life in the kitchen. It aims to help you create extraordinary times in the kitchen because it is based on “Extraordinary Kitchenware” idea. This kitchen set is portable, functional, modern and artistic helper for anyone who loves cooking. XO project involves 4 most-widely used kitchenware: squeezer, grater, strainer and storage boxes. All XO family members have ergonomic flexible design that allows th...
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Standing Broom Prevents The Bristles From Becoming Bent

I always hang my broom to avoid bending the bristles, this is a great way to maintain the useful life of the broom. However, there are times when I have to stop to rest where walls are distance away, I simply would have to lay the broom on the floor, or even when there’s a wall next to me, it doesn’t mean there’s a peg or rack to hang the broom. Standing Broom solves all those issues right away, it’s a broom that has been designed to be able to stand up by itself through a folding action...
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Kitchen Kids : A Series of Kitchen Tools for Children

For the love of cooking, you can share this love to children using “Kitchen Kids” concept. It’s a series of kitchen tools which are specially designed for children age 4 to 7 with a simple mission, to encourage children to understand more about food and its preparation, prepare them to have healthier lifestyle in the future. According to some researches, children who are involved in the preparation process of family meal usually have better and healthier lifestyle as adults. Unfortunately,...
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Sessac Humidifier by Wonsang Lee

Seçac Humidifier or you can say Sessac Humidifier takes white bucket form into design consideration rather than black bucket to provide clean and classic look of this product. The word Sessac itself means sprout in Korean, it is reflected clearly on this humidifier design. It is constructed of cylindrical water tank with handle, a sprout shaped float mechanism that consists of water filter, sonicator and exhaust nozzle. Pretty adorable humidifier design. All you need to do simply fill the wa...
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Ely Can : Better Watering Can Design by Diane Dupire

Ely Can is a watering can that features unique design which mimics an elephant’s trunk. Instead of carrying this watering can, user can simply pull and roll, thank you to 2 wheels on both sides. With this new design, you don’t have to bend when water your plants. Do you know that gardening as an outdoor activity offer many health and therapeutic advantages for elderly people? Unfortunately, they usually have problem when they have to carry heavy objects such as watering can. To answer thi...
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