Clothing Printer Concept for 2050 Allows You to Produce Your Own Clothes from Home

In the future, somewhere in 2050, Joshua Harris has envisioned that we can print our own clothes using Clothing Printer. This project aims to create solution that people have to deal in rapid population which can dramatically change the way we live in the future. This concept printer offers you effortlessly home-based clothing production, thus, eliminating the need for closets, washing machines and dryers, which is good due to the lack of space in crowded urban environment. Based on his resea...
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Attractive Retro Flashlight By Janez Mesaric

Minimalist and stylish Retro Flashlight which is available in 3 different sizes to suit your lifestyle. The smallest model even fits your keychain so that you can carry it with you conveniently in your pocket. It’s simply attractive flashlight that you won’t mind place it out in the open, making it more accessible when you need one. Designer : Janez Mesaric (more…)...
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Ventus Towel Dryer Hanger by Seung Hyun Lee

Ventus Towel Dryer Hanger concept is not only functional but also represents modern industrial design to complement your modern bathroom décor. Damp towel has musty smell, it happens when you don’t dry it correctly. This concept doesn’t just dry your towel, it would sterilize and deodorize your towel, resulting a dry clean towel just like freshly washed. Designer : Seung Hyun Lee (more…)...
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Folding Knife With A Sharpener Concept by Yevgeny Shaposhnikov

A knife with interchangeable blades is not a new concept, but this folding knife concept comes with a sharpener as well at the handle. The great thing with this type of knife is that one handle fits all different knives, making it easy for you to use or store the knife itself. The handle of this concept folding knife is comfortable to hold and easy to dismantle. Simply use the sharpener to keep the blade sharp most of the time, simple addition yet pretty significant to keep the blade lives longe...
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Slimline Drying Rack by Leanne Luce

Slimline drying rack reminds of the Blindry concept where you make the most of small-space living. The difference is, Slimline is portable rack that you can hang over doors and fold open to hold your laundry, from sweaters to delicates. There’s also small towel bar which is accessible when the product is open or closed for added convenience. The aluminum ultra-slim body provides sturdy support. You can fold flat this rack and latch close for easy storage, pretty nice heh? Designer : Leanne ...
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Rely Folding Sleeping Mat Is Smart and Compact Disaster Survival Kit Essentials

Rely Folding sleeping mat is an efficient product that anyone can use instantly especially for survivors after disasters. After disaster struck, rescue and medical team usually gathers survivors and distribute any required resources they might need. Unfortunately, the distribution process can encounter different kind of issues depending on the resources availability. Rely provides survivors with essential things that they need, from bar food to the feeling of warmth, safe and comfort. As its ...
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Urban Bonfire Radiator by Lee Hee Young

Urban Bonfire radiator is a modular heating system that provides you with visual information to let you know if it’s in operation or not so you don’t forget to turn it off. There are various indoor heating systems but radiator offers quiet operation and a rapid spread of warm air, thus more often than not, making user forget to turn the radiator off when they leave their house or apartment. From a distance, it would be difficult to tell (visually) if a radiator is turned on or off. This conc...
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Jules Espresso Machine That Looks Vintage NASA Lunar Lander

No, it’s not NASA lunar lander, it’s Jules, a gorgeous espresso machine which is supported by 3 sleek stainless steel legs. It features capacity up to 1.4 liters, brewing your Espressso in this machine would look so awesome while the result taste like heaven. You can remove the upper half of the sphere for cleaning, including its removable water tank. From : CB Industries (more…)...
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Jet Handheld Vacuum Concept by Jurmol Yao

Inspired by the iconic brand Harley Davidson, Jurmol Yao has come up with Jet Handheld Vacuum. It’s an experimental project to design a sleek household item that represents the spirit of Harley Davidson, you can see a motorcycle body with leather seat at a glance or to us, it looks like a very cool handgun. Designer : Jurmol Yao (more…)...
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Source of Water by Wang Can

"Source of Water" is a water filter specially designed to the refugees in flood-stricken area. It can help them get clean drinking water quickly and conveniently. As the global environment is continuously deteriorating, natural disasters are attacking various areas all over the world. On one hand, our mankind should deeply reflect on what we've done. On the other hand, we must confront these disasters with courage and confidence. Flood is among the most terrible natural disasters, which ca...
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Two any One Electric Oven by Kim Yohwan

Two any One Electric Oven tries to answer our need of portable electric induction that is compact enough to carry anywhere. Our conventional electric induction is just too big, moreover you need to have a cord to use it outside. To improve this condition, Kim Yohwan has designed a concept induction that maximizes user’s convenience. Two any One Electric Oven consists of 2 modules: the base and portable unit. It can be used at home with its shelf-induction or simply take the portable module ...
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Toothbrush 3Deeth : Compact Portable Toothbrush by Zeki Ozek

Your teeth hygiene won’t be an issue wherever you are with Toothbrush 3Deeth. It’s a mini portable toothbrush that you can carry around in your pocket unlike our traditional toothbrush. Many of us like to brush our teeth after every meal, having 3Deeth would be great especially when we are in a restaurant. This concept is a great solution for tooth brushing on the go, currently there are 2 models available: disposable and non-disposable, perfect solution for everyone. The disposable versi...
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Angle Measuring Cup by Umut Demirel

Angle measuring cup helps take proper measurement when pouring liquids unlike our conventional measuring cup. The horizontal markings used in traditional measuring cup makes you pour in water little by little and keeping on checking the horizontal markings to ensure the perfect amount is poured. This concept measuring cup combines the horizontal markings with diagonal lines that allow you to indicate how much liquid poured during the process. Designer : Umut Demirel (more…)...
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Washa part : Futuristic Wall Mounted Washing Machine by Buse Ustun and Fulya Pekserbes

Washa|part is a wall-mounted washing machine with personal washing modules. It is a futuristic washing machine concept offering space saving design, efficiency and individualization. Efficiency comes from the reasonable use of water in the form of steam circulating around in all washing stages from pre-wash to drying. Washa|part is highly suitable for hotel and dormitory use. In domestic use, it is the best for reducing the burden of mothers related to laundry chore by encouraging individual ...
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Bloom Cooking Device by Aakanksha Rajhans

BLOOM cooking device becomes a handy tool in the kitchen. As its name suggests, this device features the form of a flower ready to bloom where those petals are made up of high strength, heat resistant, non-stick material. The round base acts as a heating surface. BLOOM is controlled via touch sensitive panel on the back of the stem, you can determine the heat, the intensity as well as the stirring action. The petals can turn at speeds ranging from 10rpm to 8000rpm, it’s a way to stir or cut...
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