Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill : Compact Grill with Spacious Area for Grilling

Camping is not complete without carrying cooking gear. Once you use Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill, you might not want to camp without it. It’s a compact, portable grill that makes great companion when you traveling. Even though it’s a c...
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Solenica Lucy Smart Adaptive Mirror Follows The Sun and Reflects The Light Anywhere You Want

Lucy is a product from Solenica based on Diva Tommei’s experience during her days at Cambridge University. She needed something to treat her own Seasonal Affective Disorder, at that moment she realized that there’s still large part of world’s p...
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AirTreem System : Air Purifier with Little Drones that Clean Dust Particles

AirTreem system is a conceptual air purifier that takes natural form as inspiration. It’s a functional intuitive device that works based on well-known principles to provide you with a product that cleans atmosphere at your home or office. It has th...
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EZ Cart Concept Platform Trolley Features Foot and Air Pump for Easy Cargo Lifting

Even though platform trolley was developed decades ago, unfortunately, there are not many changes to improve the design. There are many problems remain unsolved when using this trolley, this project aims to identify those problems and design a more u...
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Weaver Fabric Care Concept Repairs Your Damaged Fabric Just Like Spiders

Weaver is a futuristic fabric care concept submitted as part of Electrolux Design Lab competition. This little gadget is an intuitive device that extends the life of garments and fabric objects simply by recovering its colors and textile. Yes, it mea...
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Drumi Pedal Powered Washing Machine by Yirego

YiREGO Drumi Washing Machine is a compact foot powered appliance to wash your personal delicates. This project challenges public laundry experience while solving common complications that we have to deal when hand-wash delicate garments. This unit ha...
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Aperture Wrench : Modern Adjustable Wrench by Jordan Steranka

Aperture Wrench is a modern adjustable wrench with special designed jaw to fit a wide range of nut sizes. Inspired by the apertures in cameras, this unique wrench would drastically reduce the amount of tools needed in your workshop or toolbox. One to...
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Rollable Ladder for Small Space Apartment

As someone who lives in small apartment, this Rollable Ladder would fit inside my small storage room. This project is a concept ladder inspired by cycle chain structure, the locking mechanism allows it to roll just like a chain unlike conventional la...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid

HOLE Personal Air Purifier by Seungwoo Kim

Breathing is the constant and crucial activity that we do, we breathe from the moment we were born until the moment we die. Unfortunately, in urban environment, our air can be contaminated by harmful particles. Seungwoo Kim wanted to design a useful ...
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Bruno : Smart Trashcan and Floor Level Vacuum System in One

Bruno is a combination of a trash can and a vacuum, its floor level vacuum system eliminates the need to bend over or the use of dust pan. Due to Bruno’s integrated vacuum feature, all you need to do is sweep the floor directly into the trash can, ...
Posted in » Domestic Aid, Home And Kitchen

STIK Mobility System Replaces Many Support Tools Around The House

STIK looks like just a simple cane, but don’t let if fool you, this mobility aid has been designed to give elderly and disabled more independence to do simpler everyday tasks. Combined with its special designed wall bracket, this cane functions int...
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Tilt-Lock Hand Saw Features Compact Design and Double-Edged Blade

Tilt-Lock Hand Saw design was born out of the idea of creating compact hand saw with double-edged blade. You can read the designer’s explanation below. This project was a challenge to redesign a traditional hand tool by updating the aesthetics and...
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Illume ArcLighter – Gorgeous Flameless, Electronic Candle Lighter That You Don’t Need to Hide

Illume ArcLighter is a flameless, e-lighter powered by patent pending ArcLighter Technology that replaces our traditional flame with super high-intensity electric arc. It’s a handy device that you should keep in your house, it instantly lights cand...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid

CEL WS3E Power8 Workshop : 8 in 1 Portable Workshop

Every woodworker should own CEL WS3E Power8 Workshop, it’s a portable power tool set that can be set up to be your portable workshop when you need it. Each set consists of a circular saw, table saw, power drill, a jigsaw, hammer drill, and an LED l...
Posted in » Domestic Aid, Gadgets, Outdoors

Vax Air Revolve Vacuum Cleaner Cleans The Room In One Continuous Motion

Vax Air Revolve is an advanced cylinder vacuum with intuitive design. It features multi-orientation technology that allows you to clean in one continuous motion, in any direction you want. It’s been designed to be used both vertically and horizonta...
Posted in » Domestic Aid

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