Brushmaster Grass Trimmer Combines Vacuum Cleaner and Grass Trimmer in One

Brushmaster Grass Trimmer is a concept product that combines the best of a vacuum cleaner and a grass trimmer. This design is the result of an effort to create a clarity and easy to understand portable, storable, and manoeuvrable product. This projec...
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Foldimate Robotic Clothes Folding Machine Folds Your Shirt In Less Than 10 Seconds

Do you hate folding clothes? We bet the answer is yes, most people do, especially those who work at a retail store. Well, here’s your savior, Foldimate Robotic Clothes Folding Machine. It’s your robotic friend that folds clothes for you, all you ...
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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Promises Quieter Yet More Powerful Hairdryer

It seems that Dyson wants to revolutionize not just vacuum cleaner industry but also beauty industry. Dyson has revealed its latest groundbreaking appliance, Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, a futuristic looking appliance promises quieter yet more powerf...
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iRobot Braava Jet Mopping Robot : Dusting, Damp Sweeping, and Wet Mopping

Vacuum cleaner is not enough to clean hard floor surfaces, you need to mop them as well. Just in case you don’t have the time, iRobot has the solution for you, Braava Jet Mopping Robot. This robot is especially designed to mop hard floor surfaces, ...
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Purifi : Handheld Vacuum and Air Purifier In One

Purifi is a vacuum and air purifier in one. It fixes the inevitable problem of dust dispersal that occurs while vacuuming, and cleans the vacuum nozzle after use, all while recharging. While researching opportunities for the improvement of the han...
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FI-Dryer : Modern Dryer Uses Infrared Heater to Dry Your Clothes without Wrinkles

FI-Dryer is a concept drying machine that uses infrared to dry your clothes indoor. The goal of this project is to make doing laundry a bit easier, more simple, and better for the fabric. Just right after you wash your clothes, simply hang them on th...
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Bonsai Electric Radiator Heater Features Sleek, Sculpted Form to Enhance Existing Interior

This electric radiator was inspired by manipulated Japanese trees, hence the name Bonsai. It’s an electric radiator and is designed to decorate your home. The main focus about Bonsai electric radiator heater was to create a product beyond its defin...
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DipCoil – Safe Immersion Water Heater Housed in Thermal Insulator Cage

A water heater is a common household appliance that most of you have, you use it especially during colder weather. Unfortunately, this device usually becomes the cause of burns and electric shock when not used carefully. DipCoil is a redesigned water...
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Magic Air Purifier Concept Features Elegant and Twisty Curve Body

Magic Air Purifier is the next generation of air purifier designed for TongYang Magic that aims to clean awful smell of your kitchen space. The challenge here was to design a unique shape with outstanding beauty, a beauty that would capture everyone...
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Noria : Modern Window Air Conditioner Features Slim and Compact Design

The world is getting hotter. During a heat wave you would feel miserable if you didn't have an AC in the room. Some people prefer a window air conditioner because the installation is pretty easy and it doesn't require professional help. Unfortunately...
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Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill : Compact Grill with Spacious Area for Grilling

Camping is not complete without carrying cooking gear. Once you use Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill, you might not want to camp without it. It’s a compact, portable grill that makes great companion when you traveling. Even though it’s a c...
Posted in » Domestic Aid, Food and Drink

Solenica Lucy Smart Adaptive Mirror Follows The Sun and Reflects The Light Anywhere You Want

Lucy is a product from Solenica based on Diva Tommei’s experience during her days at Cambridge University. She needed something to treat her own Seasonal Affective Disorder, at that moment she realized that there’s still large part of world’s p...
Posted in » Domestic Aid, Gadgets, Green, Home And Kitchen, Outdoors

AirTreem System : Air Purifier with Little Drones that Clean Dust Particles

AirTreem system is a conceptual air purifier that takes natural form as inspiration. It’s a functional intuitive device that works based on well-known principles to provide you with a product that cleans atmosphere at your home or office. It has th...
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EZ Cart Concept Platform Trolley Features Foot and Air Pump for Easy Cargo Lifting

Even though platform trolley was developed decades ago, unfortunately, there are not many changes to improve the design. There are many problems remain unsolved when using this trolley, this project aims to identify those problems and design a more u...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Domestic Aid

Weaver Fabric Care Concept Repairs Your Damaged Fabric Just Like Spiders

Weaver is a futuristic fabric care concept submitted as part of Electrolux Design Lab competition. This little gadget is an intuitive device that extends the life of garments and fabric objects simply by recovering its colors and textile. Yes, it mea...
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