Call for Entries! LG Announces Design the Future Competition

LG Mobile Phones is partnering with crowdSPRING and Autodesk® to announce a new competition to define the future of personal mobile communication. If you are a U.S. resident age 18 and older, you can have a chance to design your vision of the next revolutionary LG mobile phone and compete for more than $80,000 in awards. Exercise your creative imagination and let your ideas be heard! Awards: - First Place: $20,000 - Second Place: $10,000 - Third Place: $5,000 - 40 Honorable Mentions:...
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Winners of RCA Toyota iQ Design Challenge 2009

Earlier this year, Toyota and Royal College of Art Students (RCA) have launched a creative partnership to promote innovative design for urban living, using Toyota's new iQ city car as the inspiration. Students were asked to create an item that reflect the concept of 'intelligent urban living'. Yusuf Muhammad, was the winner of Living Room category and joint overall winner. His Yu Type design sits on the computer keyboard and allows 'hunt and peck' two fingered typists the opportunity to incre...
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“Wild Fold” Cell Phone Concept Using Samsung Flexible OLED

The new phone concept from Mac Funamizu does take phone designing to the next level. Named as "Wild Fold", the unique thing about this phone is that it can be folded in more ways than one. So whatever your mood or desire be, if you like the sleek, short, long or even flip design, all you need to do is fold the same in the manner you need and voila you have the phone of your choice! And what's more, it also has the touch screen facility, so one need not scramble for buttons to dial. Just use this...
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SKUUMA Soft Surface Design Competition 2008

The SKUUMA design competition invites you to show the world your concept for an original new piece of design, with the components foam (polyurethane) and special coating. From functional to funky, it’s the uniqueness of your vision that really counts in this global competition. The 5 winners will have their designs manufactured and added to the SKUUMA home and office collection, which will be shown on special locations around the world. The winners will be announced at the Dutch Design Week...
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Citroen C-Design Competition 2008 Winners

The Winner of Citroen C-Design Competition is Ognyan Bozhilov from Bulgaria with his Citroen Sledge Design. Citroen C-Design Competition objectives is to design an object intended for everyday use using Citroen vehicle parts. The genius Ognyan Bozhilov has created stylish snow sled consisting of C4 Picasso's rear seat, C3 steering wheel, C3 Pluriel's roof pillars and the spoiler from a C4 Coupe. See the other winners below ... Citroen Sledge by Ognyan Bozhilov Citroen C Zero by Francesc...
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The Cup PC Concept for Easy, Intuitive and Everyday Conduct

In the future, don't be surprised to hear this sentences like "Pour your data on the table" or "Pour your data into my cup", because if this Cup PC concept becomes reality, sharing your data can be as easy as pouring water from your cup. The concept of "The Cup" is inspired by people's common behaviors in everywhere and every moment. Especially, usage of cup is one of the most general and daily behavior. In offices, home, even at shops, we can see and use them. In the future, the usage of comput...
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Redesigned Eiffel Tower Proposal

Updated : News of Paris-based Serero Architects' installation at the top of the tower has been declared a hoax by La Societe d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SETE). Apparently, some blogs claimed that this proposal is actually going to happen. But there is one problem, the tower management company has never planned to change the appearance of one of the most instantly recognizable buildings in the world. By redesigning Eiffel Tower based on Serero Architects proposal, I believe this tower wi...
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HYDRO-NET Project : San Fransisco Futuristic City in 2018

How do you see San Fransisco in 2018 ? Apparently IwamotoScott Architects has a totally futuristic vision of San Fransisco that made them won $10,000 grand prize in the City of The Future contest. Their winning entry was a Hydro-Net concept that includes a ?Geothermal Mushroom? at located on the top of Bernal Hill and a ?Fog Flower? on Ocean Beach. Here?s their full series of Hydro-Net concept illustrations. HYDRO-NET provides an underground arterial traffic network for hydrogen-fueled hove...
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Samovar Water Heating Container

Russia has traditional tea ceremony which use water heating container (samovar) to keep the tea hot. This design aim was to create an original samovar not based on the traditional prototypes and to demonstrate that an object may look very different, but still keeps its main function - to heat the water. A charcoal-burning samovar that doesn't need electricity and gives a possibility to take part in the process of brew-up and the following tea ceremony in a big company. This fascinating design wo...
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Seven, a Clock MP3 Player

Seven is the first winner of Design Contest Volvo for Life Awards. Using seven, you'll wake up in the morning listening to your favorite song or radio program. The special thing about Seven, it has motion sensor which can detect weather you have raised or not. Seven will increase its volume to make you really wake up. This clock mp3 player also can tell you the climate on the same day, as well as ambient temperature and humidity. Designer : Joel Escalona...
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Siafu PC Design with Full Spread Braill Layouts

One of Next-Gen PC Design finalists is Siafu PC Design. The idea behind Siafu was to give people with vision loss an intuitive computer experience. It provides a digitally tactile interface that completely revolutionizes the way that blind people interact with a computer. Siafu lays flat like a tablet and allows the user to fully interact with it by way of touch. The surface of Siafu utilizes a conceptual material called magneclay. This material has the ability to morph upward into any shape. Th...
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Zen PC Design for The Visually Impaired

A new innovation in PC Design for the visually impaired called Zen. The concept of Zen is a hardware called the 'Sandbox PC' and Zen edition operating system working together to create a computing environment that can be used with eyes closed. ZEN is for ?Z-axis Enabled,? meaning it is a truly interactive 3D computer. The Sandbox PC features Active Surface, an electronic surface that can take different physical shape and can be manipulated by the user. You can read Braille text on it, make out w...
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Momenta – PC In Your Neck

Momenta is a neck-worn PC concept for Microsoft's Next-Gen PC Design Competition. Momenta can records everything in a rolling buffer and continues to record until you tell it to stop. Triggered by increased heart rate, it captures those hilarious or exciting moments that are usually lost forever. Whether it's an exciting sports experience, a funny social scene, the scene of an accident, etc. you can capture it and share it. Using the new light-weight Microsoft operating system, SLIM, this P...
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Electrolux 2008 Design Lab Competition

Yes guys ! It's here, Electrolux have announced the opening of their annual design competition for 2008. This year theme is "Designs for Internet Generation", with "Internet Generation" defined as young professionals age between 25-35 and concerned about their environment. Better hurry, the entry dead line is May 30. For more info check out their official website here : Electrolux Design Lab Competition. ...
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