A’ Design Award and Competition 2017 – Last Call for Entries

Good Monday! This post is a gentle reminder to all designers to submit your best projects to A’ Design Awards and Competition. The submission deadline is on February 28, 2017, mark this date on your calendar and make sure you start your registratio...
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A’ Design Awards & Competition 2017 Calls for Entries

Want to get inspired? Browse the winning designs from last year A’ Design Awards and Competition here. Do you think you have what it takes to be a winner? You can nominate your design here: https://competition.adesignaward.com/registration.php, it...
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World Design Rankings 2016-2017 : USA is Still Number 1

Apparently United States still holds its number 1 position in World Design Rankings, leaving 87 countries behind. This country deserves its top position with 396 Design Awards won globally. World Design Rankings has announced its updated rankings ...
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A’ Futuristic Design Award Winners for Your Inspiration

Hello industrial designers, we’d like to cover some sub categories of A’ Design Award in this article, just to give you an introduction to niche specific designs. We love many designs in different categories, but specifically, we love futuristic-...
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A’ Design Awards & Competition 2016-2017 – Call for Submissions

A' Design Awards and Competition 2016-2017 calls for submissions, yes, it’s time of the year when you have a chance to get instant recognition that you probably desperately need as a new designer. This prestigious design competition is a great plat...
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Top 20 Winning Designs of A’Design Award and Competition from All Years

If you are a follower of Tuvie, you'll already know about A'Design Award and Competition. Usually this time of year, they are open for registration where great designs are submitted from around the world to win this prestigious design award. We'd lik...
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Huracan City Rover : Micro Car for All

No wonder Huracan City Rover won Michelin 2016 “Mobility for All” Design Challenge, this concept car rethinks the micro-car design so that it can have smaller footprint than a Smart fortwo yet features roomy design. This concept car features f...
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Agar Plasticity Project Wins Lexus Design Award 2016

AGAR Plasticity is an innovative project that explores how agar or known as gelatinous material obtained from marine algae can be used as eco-friendly packaging material. It aims to reduce the use of plastic, as well as reducing plastic waste. Seawee...
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Our Top 20 Picks from A’ Design Awards & Competition Winners 2015-2016

A'Design Award and Competition, one of prestigious design awards, has released the results of the 2015-2016 design competition. Last year, there were 836 winners, but this year, the number has jumped to 1276 winners from 88 countries in 93 different ...
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A’ Design Awards & Competition 2016 – Last Call for Entries

Update: A' Design Award has updated its late deadline to March 7. Enter your works now at http://www.adesignaward.com Time is ticking, this is a gentle reminder guys, we’d like to urge you to submit your best works to A' Design Awards & Comp...
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A’ Design Awards & Competition 2016 – Call for Entries

Inspired yourself by browsing the winning designs from A’Design Award & Competition 2015, because it’s time of the year again to submit your best works to get instant recognition that you’ve always wanted as a young designer. A’Design ...
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World Design Rankings 2015-2016

This year, United States has taken the first place among 83 countries with 249 Design Awards won globally. Just in case you forget, Turkey took the top position in 2014. World Design Rankings has announced the updated design rankings based on the num...
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Cloud Transport Through The Sky Project Challenges Students to Give Out-of-the-box Solutions for Water Scarcity Issues

From 30 November – 11 December 2015, during the COP21 in Paris, a unique international Wetskills Water Challenge will be launched at Centre for Environment Education Ahmedabad, India. It is part of a challenge tour around the world: ‘How to relie...
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Our Top 10 Picks of Golden Pin Design Mark Winners for 2015

There are 565 International Design Mark Winners named Taiwan's Golden Pin Design Award 2015. This design award is administered by Taiwan Design Center in Taipei that seeks innovative products and projects cater specially to meet the needs and expecta...
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This Year Red Dot: Luminary Winner is Boostrac

Red Dot Design Award has announced its winners, congrats to all designers that have won the precious trophy. This year, there are 344 winning concepts from 31 categories, with more than 4,500 entries from more than 60 countries. This time, we’re no...
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