Aiding Cup : A Pre-package Kit Containing Medicine and Clean Water

There are still hundreds of millions people don’t have access to clean and save water. This condition makes people vulnerable against diseases. Aiding Cup is an innovative project aiming to help these people to fight sickness, it’s a pre-package kit containing medicine and clean water where patient can safely consume to fight their disease. Open the package, it would expand into a cup shape for easy drinking. This project aims to be a useful package in different types of emergencies, made fr...
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Kokomo Island : Private Floating Habitat by Migaloo Submarines

Kokomo Ailand is a private floating habitat supported by semi-submersible platforms. If you are filthy rich, you probably can be the owner of this luxury penthouse that stands 80m above sea level, it has jungle deck with palm tress, vertical gardens, beach deck completed with entertainment pool and barbecue area, garden deck with al-fresco outdoor dining, spa deck, gorgeous waterfalls, beach gym, underwater dining saloon. Of course they don’t forget to also build heli deck as well as shark fee...
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Solar-powered Desert Retreat for Wealthy UAE Residents

Solar-powered Desert Retreat would emerge as a luxury desert eco-retreat. United Arab Emirates is one of richest countries with luxury private jets, supercars, and superyachts, now, these wealthy UAE residents would be able to enjoy luxury yet sustainable trend. This eco desert retreats would emerge amongst new generation of Emiratis. Baharash Architecture were tasked to design a luxury desert eco-retreat for one of Emirate’s highest profile individuals. This building will be located in Liw...
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New Life Pendant Lights by Natalia Rumyantseva

New Life, a conceptual pendant lights by Natalia Rumyantseva. This creative design won Design and Design International Award in Paris, France 2015. Inspired by the beauty of organic forms and structures, these lights boasts fluid design to display not only functional purpose of the object but also to create special mood and atmosphere in any room. The organic and expression form can affect individual’s psychology, these lights would enhance your mood. Designer : Natalia Rumyantseva ...
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DeepFlight Dragon Persoal Electric Submarine Gives You The Freedom to Explore The Deep Blue Sea

Hover and fly underwater with DeepFlight Dragon Personal Electric Submarine. The company claims that this vehicle would be the easiest submarine to pilot, taking you underwater to the next level for awesome experience, explore the deep blue sea, the freedom is yours. Just like all DeepFlight crafts, Dragon submarine has fixed positive buoyancy where it will always float back to the surface naturally. This means no drop weight, no variable ballast system, simply safe underwater exploration. Dr...
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e-Raw Electric Bike Features Elastic Wooden Seat with Steel Frame

e-Raw Electric Bike features gorgeous floating wood laminated seat, bringing harmony between mechanics and electronics. Instead of dealing with complex combustion engine, this bike has been designed with ridiculously simple and compact motor, including flexible shaped battery package. More people now ride bicycle and they slowly have influenced city infrastructures, Martin Hulin saw this as an opportunity to develop a modern, fully electric bike that features raw materials such as metal and wood...
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JAQ Gran Turismo Concept Car by Jorge Anaguano Quijia

Submitted by Jorge Anaguano Quijia, this concept car is dedicated for Gran Turismo video game. This is my project JAQ Gran Turismo. This car has high aerodynamic and is powered with CAtC system (collection of air to compress). CAtC is a system to collect the air flowing through the body of the car (that's the reason because it's very aerodynamic) in a high pressure compressor. Subsequently, the compressor blows compressed air with great force and it will move turbines located in back tires o...
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Goobag Fully Collapsible Luggage Bag for Frequent Travelers

For frequent travelers, Goobag would be a practical bag to carry around as it’s been designed as fully-collapsible luggage bag. It’s perfect for anyone who always on-the-move and needs quick and easy access to their personal belongings in an instant. The problem when we’re done traveling, we need extra space to store the luggage, it can cause a problem when you don’t have a lot of space, I usually just place use the dead space at the top of my closet. Made of durable and water-resistant ...
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INU Folding Scooter Features Automatic Folding Mechanism and Elegant Design

In less than 5 seconds, INU can fold itself up. It’s an elegant scooter with remote-controlled automatic folding system. Beautiful inside and out, unlike other scooters that feature futuristic design, INU prefers to display an elegant and classy design, without sacrificing its practicality and efficiency to cruise around the city. Weighing at 25kg, when fold out, it has dimensions of 1200mm(H)x300mm(W)x1500mm(L), when folded, its length shrinks to just 400mm. The automatic folding mechanism gi...
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Lunark Dual Screen Smartphone Concept by Allan Ospina

We love big screen smartphone, however, due to its size, it’s getting harder to use it with one hand. Allan Ospina, an industrial designer, made an attempt to design practical smartphone without sacrificing the screen so that we can keep enjoying beautiful, vivid screen. Lunark concept smartphone looks like an ordinary flip phone, but once it folds out, you’ll be presented with dual screens linked by a special hinge that allows them to connect seamlessly. This unique feature enhances your pr...
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City Commuter Vehicle Concept for The City of London

Taking place at Coventry University, City Commuter Vehicle concept is a second year group project. It’s a single seat hydrogen powered quadricycle, designed specifically for the city of London where currently cars are the reason for more than 50% of CO2 emissions. This project aims to reduce 60% CO2 emission by the time we reach 2025. This vehicle has been designed to be used as sharing vehicle giving ¼ of the working population commutes around 10-20km per day. It’s an EV aims to carve t...
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Looncup Smart Menstrual Cup Tracks Your Fluid Volume, Color, and Cycle

Menstruation is no fun, ask that to any woman, except when they wish not to get pregnant, in this case, they would love having their period on that month. Menstrual cup has been around for years, it’s low cost, easy-to-use, and safe, unfortunately, there’s not much change in the design. So, the team from Loon Lab wants to incorporate our modern technology into this conventional product, adding a sensor, a battery, an antenna, and paired it with a smartphone app, the result is Looncup Smart M...
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Bruvelo Coffee Brewer Features Built-in Grinder and Supports Different Types of Coffee Filters

Bruvelo Coffee Brewer is a compact and smart coffee brewer, it’s nice to know that coffee lovers are spoiled with many inventions to satisfy our coffee addiction. The designer promises that Bruvelo is more than just a coffee maker, it features an integrated pour over brew system that’s developed with one goal in mind, to brew the best cup of coffee possible. Unlike most portable coffee maker, this machine is equipped with built-in grinder with perfectly optimized ratios, temperatures, ste...
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Nissan Tama-Go : Futuristic Single-Person Vehicle Concept for Tokyo in 2040

Taking place in Tokyo, in the year of 2040, Nissan Tama-Go is a futuristic single-person transportation concept that takes inspiration from Japanese video games’ characters. Tokyo was chosen from this scenario due to its high suburban population and its highest transit system in the world. The design research began with the world of robots and video games, the designer wanted to create a futuristic yet friendly vehicle. The side frame of the front glass window is equipped with a set of ligh...
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Eff You See Eye (fUCI) Bike by Robert Egger

Eff You See Eye (fUCI) Bike is a Robert Egger side project, a unique concept bike that doesn’t want to be restricted in terms of design. As Specialized’s Creative Director, Robert Egger, doesn’t have time to follow rules imposed by others. He believes that designers should have the freedom to explore their imagination without being limited by certain rules. fUCI, pretty cute name for a concept bike, was born out of curious intentions where Robert let his own sketching hand roam free, ignor...
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