Symbiosis Teaches Children About Civilization in Interactive and Fun Way

As part of Electrolux Design Lab Award, João Brito has designed Symbiosis, a unique system to solve the problem where children are too attached to video games. This virtual reality system teaches children about civilization in interactive and fun way, starting from a simple object, a tree. You can read Joao's explanation about this system in his own words below. Symbiosis is a Product Service System designed to address the problems of alienation and misinterpretation found in children, tied ...
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Bolt M-1 Electric Bike: Riding Uphill Is As Easy As Downhill

Bolt M-1 Electric Bike brings the joy of 2-wheels in this digital era. It’s an electric bike with pedals, but pedaling it’s not really required to get to your destination. When you have ridden a motorcycle or a scooter, you get the idea, but this time, imagine all the torque you need right off the line, you don’t have to deal with clutches, gears to shift, and also, you’ll enjoy super quiet ride. This smart bike can be connected to your smartphone where you get to wirelessly unlock the b...
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Sony SRS-LSR100 Combines Wireless Speaker and TV Remote Control

It’s one weird TV remote control that combines wireless speaker in it, say hello to Sony SRS-LSR100 Handy Speaker and TV Remote Control. This bulky device features a speaker at the bottom and TV remote on top, Sony explains that the company aims to allow people to listen TV wherever they are around the house, whether in a bathroom, bed, or kitchen, they will also still be able to control the TV. This is actually a convenient for you, you can cook in the kitchen without increasing the TV vol...
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Y-Drum : Portable Drum Set to Improve Your Drumming Beats and Skills Anytime, Anywhere

Practicing your drumming beats and skills are going to be easy when you have Y-Drum. It’s a conceptual portable drum for beginners, a mobile and accessible product that aims to encourage practice of percussion anytime, anywhere. Kevin explains that his design is inspired by new ways of playing and lifestyles, nowadays, there are many compact, portable devices, so why not create a drum set in compact form. This conceptual music device allows user to build and customize their own set with wirele...
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Futuristic ORB Scuba Diving Helmet Allows You to Breath Underwater Without Heavy Equipment

ORB Scuba Diving Helmet is a conceptual oxygen re-breather, a 3rd year final project at Staffordshire University. Thomas Winship, a product designer, has come up with a futuristic scuba diving helmet, it uses modern technology known as re-breathing to recycle your own oxygen to allow you to breathe underwater. The problem with current scuba diving equipment is that they are too heavy and bulky, most often than not, uncomfortable to put on. This project aims to design and develop more compact and...
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Arvak Bike Features Beautiful Geometric Design

Arvak bicycle has been unveiled by Keim, it’s a bike as the result of innovative manufacturing technology. You can see the radical design that combines the expertise in woodworking and art. The bike so far has received a lot of positive attention from those who has tested it, a new brand that creates its own place in the world of cycling. Keim believes that bike is an extension of human body, a machine that translates energy into propulsion. Arvak features lightweight frame yet durable and ...
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Ambulance Drone Concept Delivers Emergency Supplies to Any Location in Less Than a Minute

During emergency situation when someone needs medical attention, every second counts. Alec Momont, a Dutch industrial designer, has made an attempt to add drone technology to the ambulance force in major cities around the world. This futuristic project explores the possibilities to use high-speed drone network to deliver emergency supplies to any location in only minutes. The question is, could drones improve global health? In Europe, the response time of emergency services are approx. 10 min...
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Kjaro Umbrella Features Fill-Empty Drop Case for Urban Travellers

Designed and developed in Italy, Kjaro is your next generation of umbrella. It seems that there many designers try to redesign this ordinary product into something even more useful and easy to use. We’ve featured KAZbrella, Impulse, CUP, Inverted Umbrella, Lizard Umbrella, or even futuristic Airblow, these are great concepts that we look forward to make it to the market. However, there are still rooms that designers can explore to make our simple umbrella design to become even better and more ...
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Mignon Trash Carrier by Elson Tan

How to design a garbage truck that doesn’t look disgusting? Perhaps this is the idea behind Mignon. It’s a modern mini trash carrier designed not only to carry your trash in style but also enhance the overall environment. This vehicle encourages people to throw their garbage at designated areas so that workers can easily travel around with Mignon and collect trashes from those specific areas. Designer : Elson Tan (more…)...
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Emotion Headphones With Detachable Camera and Control Unit

Emotion was designed in 2013 as future vision of our futuristic wearable technology in the form of headphones. It’s a project dedicated as Pantech Sky’s Vega mobile’s companion that features built-in color E-ink display and action cam with EEG technology. With that technology, it is possible to control your music through the touchscreen display, it can also measure your heart rate in real time. We really love the idea where user can easily detach the camera unit as well as the control unit...
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Plumb Modular Furniture Features Expandable and Timeless Design

Plumb Modular Furniture gives you a wide variety of choices when constructing your furniture. The modular design increases sustainability in furniture design, these components can be used to built different furniture to suit your needs and situations. You can easily expand your shelves or modify a chair into children’s highchair in an instant. This project aims to expand the meaning of flexibility in furniture design to more than just vertical or horizontal grid modular structures. This mod...
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iSkin On-Body Touch Sensors Sets New Meaning as Wearable Technology

Stretch it, wrap it, just do whatever you want to iSkin, it is flexible enough to follow your body curves. iSkin is a stretchable on-body touch sensors for mobile computing purpose, it’s ultra thin and made of biocompatible materials. The high flexibility allows you to use iSkin on your arm, wrist, finger, or even ear, it is possible to produce different shapes and sizes to suit the intended location. By integrating capacitive and resistive touch sensing, the sensor can detect touch input with...
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Transwheel Futuristic Delivery Robot In Urban Environment

After Amazon unveiled their futuristic plan to use drones to deliver packages, Kobi Shikar also unveils his personal vision about delivery robot. Transwheel is a concept futuristic robot designed as part of Shikar’s final project at Shenkar College High School education and design. It’s a autonomous robotic wheel with self-balancing system and electric arms to carry the load, each robot is equipped with a GPS-driven communication device that allows it to work individually or as part of a gro...
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Lens for Beme Enhances Our Experience in Video Sharing

Lens For BEME is project to develop a little device that enhances Beme’s function of video sharing. Just in case you haven’t heard of Beme, it’s a new social networking platform that allows you to disconnect from your mobile devices while still share videos within your social circle or other users around the world. Beme is pretty simple to operate, it encourages you to lose your self awareness, posting videos just the way you are, no fake poses, just the real you. The app allows you to re...
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BMW Shooting Break Concept Car for The Year of 2025

BMW ‘Shooting Brake’ Concept Car for the year 2025 is a graduation project of EB Fang. It’s a design study to develop a wagon transportation that features spacious interior yet with a dynamic appearance. This is a group of people who have independent aesthetic consciousness. They have a certain understanding of the art, and care about the details and the quality of their lives. They are optimistic by nature. They enjoy their lives and they are willing to share happiness with their family....
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