Ava Concept Motorcycle by Bandit9

Available in only 9 units, Ava Motorcyle is a custom motorbike based on 125cc Honda Supersport. Bandit9 has done an amazing job to deliver a futuristic design completely different from the original motorcycle. Ava features sleek, handcrafted steel unibody, handcrafted X front cowl, sandcasted swing arm. The dashboard features naked speedometer, minimalist design that brings you the sense of freedo...
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Alpod Future Mobile Home with Futuristic Interior

ALPOD could be our future mobile home, it’s designed as an exclusive high-tech pod house. Inside, you’ll be presented with minimalist yet futuristic interior based on a contemporary flexible open-plan living. Everything is integrated in one smart system, from environmental controls, lighting, skylights, kitchen, bathroom, and full height glazing. Designed and developed to become next genera...
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Lullock Chaise Lounge Responds to Your Natural Movements

Lullock is a unique concept chaise lounge that responds to your natural movement. The arched base has been designed to roll smoothly, adjusting to your transition between front and back as you shift your weight. You can also position yourself upright on the chaise, allowing you to explore a different rocking motion. The bubbly green mushrooms squish and mold to support each individual body shape. ...
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Bike Shelf Tastefully Shows Off Your Bike

Biking everyday? You might as well install this beautiful book shelf that turns your bike in a work of art. It’s been especially designed to display your bike along with its accessories in both spectacular and functional way. This project is still based on book-shelf concept, except that it turns into a stage to show off your bike. Designed and developed with natural oakwood material, it feature...
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Next : Advanced Smart Transportation System for 2020

We have featured Next, futuristic transportation system in 2012, now, the third version of this concept has been updated with better design and more advanced technology. Next is designed to become modular self-driving vehicle where each module can join and detach to other modules on standard city roads. When 2 modules are joined, they create an open, bus-like area where passengers can stand and wa...
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Solar Vineyard Chapel by Margot Krasojevic

Submitted by Margot Krasojevic, Solar Vineyard Chapel is a conceptual project located on wine estate, Franschhoek South Africa to be exact. The building would utilize the same solar panel technology used on the farm to cover the expanding this wedding chapel’s roof structure. The vertiginous slopes of the mountains that surround this architecture are reflected in the beton brut primary struct...
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Wrench Aesthetics : A Set of Minimalist Wrenches You Can Carry In Your Pocket

Gorgeous! Wrench Aesthetics offers you a set of minimalist wrenches that you can carry in your pocket. If you are drawn to the simplicity of things, these tools are for you. Wrench Aesthetics has simplified the shape of the typical wrench and improved the ergonomics of the body by increasing the width and thickness of the material. The versatility of the size makes it nice to hold in your hand, it...
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Citroen e-Mehari : 4-Seater Cabriolet with Modern and Stylish Design

Inspired by the history of the brand, e-Mehari has been designed based on the 1968 Mehari but a bit squarely on the future. It features bright color options, all-electric 4-seater cabriolet with modern and cool styling and through new stage of partnership with the Bolloré Group, Citroen is confirming its ambition to bring cheery, optimistic vehicle to the market. e-Mehari is a stylish, offbeat...
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Farma: A Home Bioreactor to Produce Pharmaceutical Drugs

What if I told you that you could brew your own drugs? Farma is a conceptual home bioreactor to produce pharmaceutical drugs. Synthetic Biology has evolved rapidly from a scientific discipline to a large industry, there are many new companies that design microbes to produce valuable chemical such as drugs or fragrances in large fermentation reactors. Farma offers you to use synthetic microbes into...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Life Science and Medical

Small Cargo-Delivering Robot for Local Delivery

Small Cargo-Delivering Robot has been designed to make our life easier, it’s an intelligent and autonomous machine that can be used to deliver your packages or perform services. These cargo robots could revolutionize local delivery, each of these friendly robots can travel the sidewalks, carrying your groceries, packages, or any other small items safely to the destination. Starship Technologies ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Robotic

Tetris House by Universe Architecture

Tetris is a widely popular electronic game where you need to correctly align geometric blocks, it was an instant hit among gamers, children, and even grownups. Universe Architecture wanted to bring iconic Tetris shapes to live in the form of prefab homes. Tetris House is actually ready for worldwide distribution and just like the game, each module has been designed to be able to link together, you...
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The YardStash III : Portable, Space Saving Outdoor Bike Storage with Full Top and Bottom Zippers

YardStash III is the third version of a top selling outdoor storage YardStash. Just like GazeBox, this product provides you with a platform to protect your bike, except this one is more practical in our opinion. Unlike GazeBox that uses polycarbonate structure, YardStash III is made out of industrial grade, vinyl tarpaulin roof with UPF 50+ protection, it is stronger than polyester body. It’s a ...
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COSMOS: Timeless, Magnetic, Wooden Toys by Huzi Design

Cosmis is the latest project from Huzi Design after previous successful projects (dram car, mixed animals, and infinity pillow), this company brings you a set of magnetic wooden blocks for explorers of all ages. These simple wooden toys can inspire exploration and creative play, the kind of toy that brings meaning and quality where kids and grownups can play along together. Snap, explore, and crea...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Games and Toys

Cascaqua 3D Printed Home Aquaponics System by Avoq

Download Cascaqua and create your own home aquaponics system, this is a cool 3D printed mini-aquaponics system for small living space to promote sustainable technology and healthy living. It features a closed loop ecologically balanced system by combining cultivation of plants without soil and cultivation of fish (hydroponics and aquaculture). This ecological system works together where plants car...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Green, Home And Kitchen

McLaren MP4-X Conceptual Vision for Future of Motorsport Technology

McLaren MP4-X is a future vision of McLaren’s motorsport technology. McLaren’s Formula 1 race strategists think many laps ahead when planning a grand prix pit stop, including the engineers that build high-performance road cars for next generation of drivers, and technologists and designers in McLaren Applied Technologies have assigned ways to improve healthcare, transport, and many other areas...
Posted in » Cars, Designs and Concepts

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