Packaging Note – Vertically Design Medical Packaging

Snežana Jeremić has submitted her latest concept to Tuvie, Packaging Note. It’s a specially designed packaging to house medicines that also serve as a reminder. Patient can check the note from the doctor through the package note whether it is 2x1...
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Futuristic R1 e-Tron Concept Motorcycle Proposal for Audi

Submitted by Giorgi Tedoradze, R1 e-Tron Concept Motorcycle is a futuristic motorcycle design proposal for Audi. The sporty look and its simplicity design become the main focus of this project. You can read his explanations about this project below. ...
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Modern Motor Yacht Concept by Vidyanand S. Desai

The main aim of the project was to design a futuristic modern motor yacht for elite class in India and Western countries focusing on usability and aesthetics. The primary intention of this futuristic modern motor yacht design is to address the needs ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Yacht and Boat

ELBOW Cassette Player Brings Back Tactile Intimacy of Physical Formats

ELBOW is a concept cassette player that aims to bring back archaic medium of music next to you. In this 21st century, audio cassette has been replaced by more convenient digital formats, they also successfully make all physical media outdated and slo...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

Canyon Orbiter Electric Bike – Urban Gravity Bike Proposal by Daniel Frintz

Canyon Orbiter is a conceptual urban gravity bike designed by Daniel Frintz. It’s his bachelor thesis, this project aims to create low maintenance ride, a gravity bike for urban environment. Featuring stiff suspension, street tires, and sporty look...
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DRUMISTIC: You Can Use Any Objects as A Drumkit, It’s Not Air Drumming!

From drummers to drummers, Drumistic is a portable drumkit that revolutionizes electric drum kit. This music device is the only contact connected solution that allows you to feel what you play, record your drum play, and improve your drumming skill. ...
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Shield Cockpit Protection System – Mockup 1 by Olcay Tuncay Karabulut

During Chinese Grand Prix, the FIA has showed off a new canopy style solution that could be an alternative to the Halo or the Aeroscreen. Turkish designer Olcay Tuncay Karabulut revealed his artists' impression of what the design could look like when...
Posted in » Cars, Designs and Concepts

GRYPH-ONE Concept Convertible Motorcycle by Niklas Armada

Submitted by Niklas Armada, a Filipino designer, GRYPH-ONE is a conceptual convertible motorcycle. The GRYPH-ONE is a full body convertible motorcycle that makes use of multiple actuators to convert between a normal open air motorcycle to allow the ...
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Mazda FRX Concept Car Proposal by Stefano Airoldi

Mazda FRX is a design study from Stefano Airoldi, it’s a personal project as part of his future vision of Mazda car, an expression of his love to Mazda. It is a compact, single-seater car designed to evoke Formula 1 cars of the 60s but this time, i...
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ACCESS : A Highly Portable Emergency River Crossing Platform

Flood can cause damage to buildings, structures, including bridges. ACCESS is an emergency river-crossing bridge that can be installed to gain access from one side to another side of the river. This unit is easy to transport with simple mechanism tha...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Outdoors, Protection

Leta Reception Desk by Nuvist

Loop line design has become Nuvist trademark lately, just like Leta reception desk. From Vetka stool to Sennka Pier Lounge, you can see the iconic design of Nuvist that uses unbroken loop line to create a deformed loop with crossing, bending, and coo...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Furniture, Interior Design

OSCIBLADE – An Eccentric Pencil Sharpener by Nirmayee Rode

OSCIBLADE is an eccentric pencil sharpener, designed in relevance with the “form-functionality” duo, enhancing its aesthetics while keeping in mind its technical details. If you relate to shaving your pencils sharp with the help of a blade or kni...
Posted in » Accessories, Designs and Concepts, Office

Defender Sport Concept Car Proposal for Land Rover

Reliable, high-quality and uncompromising - these are the three magic words that had a common name - Defender! This is the face of the legendary brand and its history. In October 2013, Land Rover announced that production would end in December 2015 a...
Posted in » Cars, Designs and Concepts

Eversafe – Gas Rescue Concept Helmet with An Instant Escape Hood

Eversafe is special gas rescue helmet designed to protect workers in an emergency situation such as a gas alarm. In the event of a gas alarm in chemical plant, workers have to hold their breath and wear an escape hood before they can leave the site, ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Protection

Nomad Digital Musical Instrument is Your Music On-The-Go

NOMAD is a digital musical instrument designed by Orit Dolev, an award winning designer who focuses her works on cross section of physical and digital experiences. Nomad is your music on-the-go, featuring minimalistic form and flexible strings, makin...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Music

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