Luna Phone: Gorgeous Minimalist Phone Design by Jorge Arbelo Cabrera

Even though most people think smartphone is the ultimate of modern necessities, some people still prefer simpler/dumb phone. Unfortunately, most dumb phones are ugly. Luna Phone is a beautiful, minimalist phone where the concept limits itself to the most basic functions of a phone, calling and messaging. There’s no camera, high definition LCD, GPS or internet connection. Instead, Luna phone features a sleek geometric screen out of LED backlight and a touchpad at the bottom screen. Due to it...
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SINO Electric Kit Car Project Allows You to Custom Build Your Car

Tom Henwood has designed SINO, an electric car kit where you can build yourself. This concept project was based on his love and respect for the way things work, he’s fascinated by machines and their mechanical systems. You can read his explanation about the project below. This was very much an extension of my beliefs and worries about how we might interact with machines in the near future. In an internet generation where gadgets are becoming so integrated and intuitive in our daily lives, I...
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Wearable Solar Shirt by Pauline van Dongen

In collaboration with Holst Centre, Pauline van Dongen has designed Wearable Solar Shirt. It’s a shirt that incorporates 120 thin film solar cells combined with standardized functional modules of Holst Centre’s stretchable interconnect technology, making it possible to integrate electronics into fabrics. The result is an attractive t-shirt for everyday wear with solar panels and flexible electronics to charge your mobile gadgets. This blue shirt is made out of a double-knit along with a s...
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Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Virtual Racing Car Is Based on Popular Bugatti Type 57 Tank

This year at Frankfurt Motor Show, Bugatti will showcase their full-scale show car for popular Gran Turismo auto racing game. Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo images have been released for Gran Turismo fans to enjoy. The designers got their inspiration from Bugatti’s successful racing tradition, during the 20s and 30s, Bugatti enjoyed great success in car racing. The historical theme for this virtual modern race car was particularly taken from Bugatti Type 57 Tank, its victorious in the 24-hour Le ...
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SunGlacier WaterDrop Produces Water From Air

Ap Verheggen has designed a concept solar powered device that produces condensation for drinking: WaterDrop. This project is the next part after a conceptual solar-powered leaf that produces water in the desert, but it’s not practical due to its size. WaterDrop is a hand held device where you can place outside in the sun to generate energy, this energy is used to cool the air for condensation, resulting water drips in the container. According to World Resource Institue, in 2040, we might ha...
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Crumpled Chair – A Chair with Unexpected Form Resulting From A Manufacturing Process Based on Natural Phenomena

How can we put natural permanent into design? In the world that we live in, natural phenomenon is just miraculous with its beauty. A lot of things in our lives comes from knowledge and inspiration from pure nature. Within the man-made products, would it be possible to make an object from nature that creates exclusive things. The purpose of this project is to reflect to the furniture with different method of manufacturing process from characteristic that only natural phenomenon has. Natural wr...
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Sandstorm Turbine Solar Cluster Greenhouse Concept for Gobi Desert

The Gobi desert has a dry prevailing Westerly wind that choreographs a shifting landscape, reforming dunes and redefining ecological terrains. The Gobi's extreme climate and latitude contribute to the nature of the wind currents. One of the biggest problems of the Gobi is desertification and the accelerated rate at which the desert sands and loess expand, around 3,600 km2 of grassland is claimed every year by the Gobi Desert resulting in an increasing number of dust storms. The expansion of t...
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GoPro Voyager by Bryan Wong

My name is Bryan Wong, and I'm a recent graduate from Pratt Institute's Industrial Design program. After my graduation, I wanted to design an action camera that is rugged and portable. Although most people uses their smart devices as a point-and-shoot camera, the quality is not as good as a mirrorless camera. The other option is to use a GoPro; however, it's currently focusing on taking videos for extreme sports but not pictures in an everyday setting. Although GoPro is the most popular POV c...
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Audi Time Piece Is Not Your Ordinary Grandfather Clock

Inspired by the classic grandfather clock, this Time Piece reinterprets the modern grandfather clock by incorporating Audi’s delicate details and technical philosophy. The overall design of this clock boasts Audi’s characteristics, elegant, simple, with moderate lines. Those metal lines are applied to the clock’s round face to display both dignity and dynamic image. There are small holes on the clock’s face that displays the time by letting out the lights, creating a mystical aura to the...
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NEO: Multi-Purpose Agricultural Vehicle Features Joystick Controls and Ergonomic Cockpit

As our technology progress is getting faster and faster, so does automotive world. Zishan Pathan, an automotive designer, wants to apply the same principle when designing NEO, he wanted to give a new face to agricultural tractors. This project is about designing a multi-purpose agricultural vehicle, as we know, tractor layout has been almost the same since the first day it’s created. NEO wants to change the stereotypical appearance while enhance the functionality. NEO is designed with 4x4 i...
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Wristify : A Bracelet That Heats and Cools You by Embr Labs

Well, want to stay cool in the summer? Or keep warm in winter? Apparently Embr Labs has made great attempt to make your dream come true. Wristify is the first bracelet that heats and cools you, it will regulating your body temperatures, saving you loads of your hard earned money on energy costs. When you are in a room shared by many people with varying temperature comfort levels, there’s a possibility where heaters run in one room and cooling units in another, this is an expensive problem for ...
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Peugeot Fractal Electric Urban Coupe Concept Features Peugeot i-Cockpit

Peugeot has released its latest concept car: FRACTAL. It’s an electric urban coupe that features the iconic Peugeot i-Cockpit to explore your senses starting from sight, touch, and feel. Peugeot FRACTAL represents unprecedented attention to acoustics in automotive design, you can see the result here would further enrich your driving experience. This futuristic concept car starts as an idea that explores new design and manufacturing process with 3D printed parts used for more than 80% of the...
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Cadillac LMP-09 Vision Gran Turismo Concept Car by Arthur Nustas

We came across a cool futuristic racing car dedicated to the popular Gran Turismo video game series. Designed by Arthur B. Nustas, an automotive designer, this single seat concept car features the dynamic shape of a flying eagle with sharp details and smooth surfaces. Most designers are inspired by current product design trends such as Apple Products, however designing a futuristic vehicle allows you to envision and evolve a design DNA language to your own preference. I have designed my visi...
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Symbiosis Teaches Children About Civilization in Interactive and Fun Way

As part of Electrolux Design Lab Award, João Brito has designed Symbiosis, a unique system to solve the problem where children are too attached to video games. This virtual reality system teaches children about civilization in interactive and fun way, starting from a simple object, a tree. You can read Joao's explanation about this system in his own words below. Symbiosis is a Product Service System designed to address the problems of alienation and misinterpretation found in children, tied ...
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Bolt M-1 Electric Bike: Riding Uphill Is As Easy As Downhill

Bolt M-1 Electric Bike brings the joy of 2-wheels in this digital era. It’s an electric bike with pedals, but pedaling it’s not really required to get to your destination. When you have ridden a motorcycle or a scooter, you get the idea, but this time, imagine all the torque you need right off the line, you don’t have to deal with clutches, gears to shift, and also, you’ll enjoy super quiet ride. This smart bike can be connected to your smartphone where you get to wirelessly unlock the b...
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