Trash Interceptor Prevents Sewer System Clog

Garbage can accumulate in urban sewer systems, it takes a lot of efforts to clean it, a special cleaning crew is required to open the fences and manually clear solid waste. Trash Interceptor has been designed to make the task easier and less time-con...
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Connect Life Jacket Designed Specially for A Parent and A Baby

Connect Life Jacket has been designed to protect both a mother and her baby. It’s mothers’ instinct to always want to protect their baby in a disaster. During boat accidents, everyone usually get their own life jacket, this can be difficult for a...
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Armano Concept Supercar by Lee Rosario

The Armanno is a future design concept low profile supercar boasting hybrid engine technologies and ultra lightweight carbon fiber design. It’s a design proposal for the one and only, Ferrari. High aerodynamic and low center of gravity allows for e...
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Olympic Gymnastic Arena Renovation To Preserve Historical Landmark While Creating New Typology of Public Cultural Performance Facility

Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul, Korea would get a make over. H-Architecture will team up with Haeahn Architecture to renovate the iconic 1988 Olympic Gymnastics Arena, they has won a nation wide competition for their design proposal organized by K...
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Brushmaster Grass Trimmer Combines Vacuum Cleaner and Grass Trimmer in One

Brushmaster Grass Trimmer is a concept product that combines the best of a vacuum cleaner and a grass trimmer. This design is the result of an effort to create a clarity and easy to understand portable, storable, and manoeuvrable product. This projec...
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Give Me Five Streetlights : Slap Those Little Hands to Give Those Lamp Posts Electricity

We must say Give Me Five Streetlight is a smart and green design. It’s a concept lamp post with small rotatable hands that encourage passers-by to slap them as in “give me five” to generate electricity. By slapping those cute small hands, this ...
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Eco Catamaran Yacht Concept by Rene Gabrielli

Designed by Rene Gabrielli, this catamaran yacht concept focuses on ecologic technologies that use clean energy (sun & wind) and unique design solutions. The heart of the boat consists of two electric turbines, powered by lithium batteries charge...
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XOXX Composer: Digital Music Box Creates Music Visually and Playfully

XOXX Composer wants to revolutionize the way we create music. It’s a music box for digital era where musicians can create digital music in visual and playful way. Over the years, music software and hardware are powerful but can be complex products ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets, Music

BMW Titan Concept Motorcycle Aims to Break Land Speed Records at Bonneville Salt Flats

The design of the BMW Titan Concept Motorcycle was derived from the great white shark and the creation purpose of Titan is to break land speed records at Bonneville Salt Flats. Titan is not recommended for daily rides as it was built on a dream that ...
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Productive Cooperative Union Building by Sameh Farid

Productive Cooperative Union is a mixed-use development located close to one of world wonders, the Great Pyramids. This building has been designed for dismantling, which means it can be dissembled/rearranged according to the occupant’s needs. this ...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts

Aquila : 50-meter Sailing Yacht with Flexible Solar Sails

Aquila is a conceptual 50-meter sailing yacht that features solar sails thanks to CIGS solar cells technology. This project was born out of the idea to create a new generation of sailing yacht that follows recent trends of implementing futuristic tec...
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Renault Alaskan Concept Pickup Truck Offers Modern Style To The World of Pick-ups

Renault ALASKAN concept pickup truck has been unveiled. Renault brand has been known for its light commercial vehicle for the past seventeen years, it has great positions in South American and African markets. Now, it seems that they want to broaden ...
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Tesellate : Boombox Style Bluetooth Speaker by Burhan ud din Khateeb

Tessellate is a portable Bluetooth speaker that combines craftsmanship and technology. It’s a concept speaker powered by a 30-watt class-d amplifier and a 7Ah lead-acid battery that lasts 2 days of continuous playback. The rounded aluminum handle a...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

Nadir Sailing Yacht : A Racer-Cruiser for Long Distance Travel

Nadir Sailing Yacht has been designed with the purpose of creating a racer-cruiser capable of long distance, sailing in comfort and style but without compromising the speed. It embodies the Italian definition of Gran Turismo that is used for cars of ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Yacht and Boat

Aluminum Heatsink Laptop Stand by Bryan Wong

Aluminum Heatsink Laptop Stand, this project is about a laptop stand that can reduce your laptop’s heat while improving ergonomics quietly. We spend long hours at our desks, sitting in front of our computer. Depending on work environment, you may b...
Posted in » Accessories, Designs and Concepts

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