Novarix IV Eye Vein Scanner by 3FormDesign

Taking a blood sample is something we all have to go through. But for some people it is more stressful because the clinician can't find a vein. Without visible veins, the clinician is left to attempting; poking and stabbing until luck plays a part and a vein is found. Failed attempts are common, not just in those of us with less visible veins. More recently, the problem has increased due the popularity of fashionable tattoos that hide the veins, as well as the rise in the number of people with a...
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RV2 : A V2 Engined Superbike by Eyal Melnick

RV2 is a concept motorcycle built around the idea of lack a traditional chassis, a Monocoque structure. The top part of the bike is a carbon fiber shell that holds the gas tank and creates the structure for the seat. The shell form is used as the bike’s chassis and the engine is mounted to it, while the suspensions are mounted to the engine. The lack of chassis creates an extremely narrow motorcycle that is as wide as it’s engine, and the V2 engine is very narrow by definition. This componen...
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VITREOUS Framework for Self-Driven Cars with Flexible Seating Arrangements

Trending autonomous car concepts and projects have revealed a possible future of self-driven cars. This radical idea of a 'driver-less' car brings new ways of 'seeing' and 'using' a car, challenging current modes of personal transportation where proportion, interior, controls and seating arrangements are usually set in place and beyond the user's decision. The prospect also highlights the shifting role of driver to passenger as the need for the car to be under constant control diminishes. Des...
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Fonkraft Modular Smartphone by Fonkraft Technologies

While we are waiting for Project Ara come to fruition, Fonkraft Technologies, an Australian start-up, steals the moment with Fonkraft Modular Smartphone. This smartphone allows you to replace the main components such as CPU, RAM, camera, and other modules to meet your needs. Switching the components would be really easy, in fact, you can also do it on-the-go. You can switch the camera to the hi-resolution one from the basic when you want to shoot an important object, upgrade the RAM when the cur...
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Alpha Motorcycle Concept Design Study for BMW

As a fan of BMW, Mehmet Doruk Erdem has designed a futuristic motorcycle that combines old school style. BMW brand has been a 'passion' for me since my childhood. That is the reason why I have decided to design something 'personal' for this brand. The motorcycle of my dreams should aim at speed but should not lose its roots, originating from the past. This is the main reason why the design contains motives of a few different styles. I would like to share my last motorcycle design with you, w...
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PW Bar Rotate Watch by Patrick Weingartner

Submitted by Patrick Weingartner, PW Bar Rotate Watch features unique way to display the time. Each bar rotates to update you to the current time in cool animation. The Bar Rotate Watch of PW delivers time through its rotating bars by combining them into a form that indicates the time. These bars have two faces: one face lights up to display the time and the other is black, they rotate to give cool animation for the watch within each second. This watch works with automatic movement, helped b...
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Zetra Extreme Weather Vehicle by Adis Sabic

Zetra Extreme Weather Vehicle project is based around the theme of extreme weather in a future scenario as a consequence of a changing climate. There will be a need for a vehicle which can effectively commute in all intense weather scenarios, taking extra notice of user safety and comfort through a shock absorbing’ features. This vehicle will absorb any impact bestowed upon it, from enormous hail stones to flying debris no matter the impact on the exterior of this vehicle the inner capsule wil...
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Elegant ARC Faucet to Replace Your Conventional Drinking Water Faucet

Drinking water faucet in your kitchen usually looks like another bathroom faucet. To Seungwoo Kim, a Korean industrial designer, this is unacceptable, therefore, he came up with Arc faucet. It’s an elegant drinking water faucet, designed to provide you with better experience and feeling when consuming clean drinking water in our daily lives. This elegant faucet dispenses purified drinking water by the touch of the top button, the water runs through its under-sink filtration system. Therefor...
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Grand Blanc Pacific 188ft., 122ft., and 111ft. Yacht Feature Pragmatic and Simple Design

Grand Blanc 188ft. is the largest yacht inspired by classic sailboat tradition, it is part of 3 Grand Blanc project, the other yachts would be Grand Blanc 122ft. and Grand Blanc 111ft. These 3 yachts feature pragmatism and simplicity in the general lines with a large uncover deck that offers space for maneuver as the old famous J-class yachts. The 188ft. is a mixed of "mega yacht size" with generous volume, softness and rounded angle with an obsession of harmony. It features a protected and p...
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Timing Tap Concept Frees You from Closing The Water Tap After Use

Once you wash your hand clean, you don’t want to touch the water tap again, do you? Especially when you are in public bathroom, knowing there are so many people have touched the tap contaminating it with germs. Timing Tap has been designed to solve that issue, it’s a water tap that closes automatically after certain time. You can use the handle to set up the time based on how long you’re going to wash your hands, the display would show remaining time, water consumption, as well as category...
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HDT-01 Concept Future PC Uses Projector Technology

The next step in the digital personal computer design. How do they look ? The HTD-01 Concept is the first PC, which uses a mini LED projector. The design team combines design and the requirement for the future. Well, it kinds of remind us about Microsoft's promise of holographic computer in 2015 with HOLO 2.0. Do you still remember our old, large, and big rear projection TV? Well, this project task was to come up with a new concept with such a screen. It might look like an outdated rear proje...
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E-lecktron Formula E Concept Racing Car by Frédéric Le Sciellour

This E-lecktron Formula E Concept Racing Car is the vision of Frédéric Le Sciellour, he wants to come up with futuristic design that dazzles everyone during the race. It was a stuff that I did for fun after my JLR works. I just wanted to create a concept in order to have a vision to show what could be the design of the formula E, because they are quite ugly, and also to have more apparent the electrical vision. Designer : Frédéric Le Sciellour (more…)...
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Children Furniture X Features Foldable Design with Simple X Construction

Furniture X is a conceptual children furniture designed by two Bosnian product designers, Mustafa Cohadzic and Sanjin Halilovic. This design won Quercus 2013 competition. It’s a foldable furniture designed specifically for children based on simple X construction, a shape that’s derived from basic square and rectangle forms with diagonal cut in the middle. This design can be used for further development to different objects such as shelves, bunk beds, desk, toy boxes, and other whole collecti...
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Pasca Gauge Tire by Xinyi Wang

Checking your tire pressure periodically can help you drive safely and optimize your MPG, but existing tire gauge is just a piece of emotionless tool. Designed by Xinyi Wang, PASCA Gauge Tire is the result of stripping down unnecessary components and reorganizing the internal structure to bring you small, elegant, and friendly gadget. A simple push with your thumb would activate this device. The screen is placed underneath a translucent plastic to hide an ugly unlid LCD when you don’t measu...
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Chevrolet FNR Autonomous Electric Concept Vehicle with Dragonfly Dual Swing Doors

Chevrolet made its latest futuristic concept debut during Shanghai GM Gala Night 2015, this model is called Chverolet FNR. It’s a futuristic autonomous electric concept car that offers you a glimpse of our future mobility according to Chevrolet, it will captivate you at first sight. The project team from engineering, design, and electrification teams drew on their past experience from developing electric vehicles. The objective was to come up with a unique, futuristic, intelligent vehicle f...
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