SpeetBox Modular Stove By Philippe Starck for Speeta

SPEETA, a French company, has teamed up with Philippe Starck to design its collection of customizable, eco-friendly heating furniture, SpeetBox. It’s a modular stove with innovative energy solution, it is 100% renewable and compatible with RT2012 regulation and Low-Energy building requirements. The modular stove is neither too big or too small, it’s just perfect. You can place it anywhere in the house, it will be discreet with elegance. This electronically controlled fire is easy to handl...
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Ruler Compass by Min Keun Kwon

When you want to draw a perfect circle with compass drawing tool, we need the help from ruler as well. Min Keun Kwon, a Korean industrial designer, wants to design a better tool that allows us to draw a measured circle without a ruler. Ruler Compass is a conceptual tool that you can use to draw any size of circle without manually measuring the size with a rule every single time. Move one of Ruler compass’ legs, the gradation will revolve to show the radius. The gear connected with the leg w...
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Keys Modular Keyboard for Mobile Musicians

Keys is a modular MIDI keyboard designed for anyone and configurable for a professional. It’s an all-in-one keyboard for mobile musician, you can easily learn your favorite song in just minutes through its LED lit keys, make cool music without experience. Simply plug this device into computer and launch the app, yes, that’s easy. Each of the key (24 keys) is equipped with LED light that illuminates 192 different colors, the weighted keys allow you to modify the sound output based on press...
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Yamaha Fujin “God of The Wind” Marimba for 2 Performers

As part of “AH A MAY” project, Yamaha has exchanged design fields of their 2 design divisions. Now, imagine when a motorcycle designer is tasked to design a musical instrument. The result is Fujin “God of The Wind” Marimba, it’s a conceptual music instrument designed for 2 performers where they can combine and multiply their energy. Since there are no constraints related to production or commercialization, the designer has come up with really unique and creative design. The seating of ...
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Illume ArcLighter – Gorgeous Flameless, Electronic Candle Lighter That You Don’t Need to Hide

Illume ArcLighter is a flameless, e-lighter powered by patent pending ArcLighter Technology that replaces our traditional flame with super high-intensity electric arc. It’s a handy device that you should keep in your house, it instantly lights candles, fireplaces, paper, and many more. Let’s just say Illume ArcLighter is a revolutionary design of candle lighter, these designers started by reinventing everything they know about candle lighters today. The modern design makes this lighter lo...
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Waternest 100 – Ecological Floating Habitat Recyclable Up To 98%

WaterNest 100 is an awesome, eco-friendly floating home. Designed by Giancarlo Zema for EcoFloLife, this green architecture design consists of 100sqm residential unit with 12m diameter and 4m high. This environmentally friendly house is made entirely out of recycled glued laminated timber along with a recycled aluminum hull. This floating habitat features cool balconies which are conveniently located on the sides. Designed with large windows, you and your guests can enjoy breath taking views ...
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CZta Scooter Design Is Inspired by Cezeta 501 Scooter from 1957

CZta scooter is a special project with goal to revive the iconic Cezeta 501 scooter from 1957. Stanislav Malyshev has infused modern style into this classic vehicle, making it a stylish modern electric motorcycle. The integrated front fender could be used as luggage space or to plug a detachable extra battery pack. It’s been designed with crayon color combination, creating retro modern appearance. Designer : Stanislav Malyshev (more…)...
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Ergos Tablet Design Study for Wacom

Five Indian industrial designers have come up with affordable tablet design without sacrificing its performance. Ergos concept tablet has been specially designed for sketching, giving designers budget platform where they can easily keep track their ideas and designs. Sketching tablets are a boon to our Designer and Artist tribe. True tat! But for an average design graduate here in India, the Intuos and the Cintiq range tablets are way way beyond reach, at least during our grad school days. What...
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Fate : Series of Wooden Clocks by Subinay Malhotra

Fate is conceptualized with a research, created with ideas, manufactured with ease, and placed with design. A series of clocks designed to portray the aesthetics and functionality of vintage Indian architectural designs into a product designed as tableware/work ware. A combination of real wood and paint brings out the natural characteristic of the product and the modern reference attached to the Indian culture. A series of floor and table clocks which are constructed with simple lathe manufac...
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LM2 Streamliner Hypercar Can Be Controlled Completely Via Smart Devices

LM2 Streamliner features twin turbo DOHC V8 engine 1700 HP with twin intercoolers, this futuristic car is claimed to be able to accelerate from 0 to 60mph in less than 3 seconds. The design of LM2 Streamliner is sheer purity and proportion, it aims to revolutionize the niche world of luxury high-performance sports cars. The company has claimed that it’s the first hypercar that entirely eliminates a chassis’ wiring harness, thus, giving 99% reduction on the typical 20 miles worth of wiring...
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Hemisferio Criativo Nimbus e-Car is A Cute Futuristic Concept Car for A Variety of Terrain

Nimbus e-car is a conceptual car that looks like coming out of children’s cars toy collection. It’s a cute car designed for both short distances in urban areas and longer trips in a variety of terrain. It is equipped with hybrid engine that offers efficient energy consumption system for greater driving range with better energy saving compared to all-electric cars. Nimbus features 130Kw (180hp) electrical engine lithium-ion battery powered that works side by side with a micro combustion ge...
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Be-e Concept Electric Motorcycle by Bez Dimitri

Be-e is a concept of electric motorcycle designed in round forms to cover the batteries and the engine. The large volume body is very useful to hold all the internal system, the upper tank is used to hold a giant radiator including copper mesh that disperses heat from battery and engine. It eliminates conventional radiator to gain lightweight and energy efficient vehicle. Based on its name and appearance, we’re pretty sure you can guess that this concept motorbike is a tribute to bees, an amaz...
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AH A MAY Project: Root Motorcycle by Kazuki Kashiwase

Do you want to know what happen when musical instrument designers design a motorcycle? Well, project AH A MAY (Yamaha spelled backwards) has interesting idea by exchanging Yamaha 2 design divisions and give them tasks outside their design fields without any constraints related to commercialization or production. The project goal is for designers to stimulate each other’s imaginations while creating products that embodied their shared image of Yamaha. The result is amazing, such as Yamaha Root ...
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Samsung Dream Doghouse : High-Tech House for Our Furry Friend

It looks like Samsung has imagined a luxurious house dedicated for our furry friend here, take a look at Samsung Dream Doghouse. Perhaps this company wants to reach another market after their success in human market, after smart TVs, smart phones, smart devices, now smart house for dogs. It’s a $30,000 doghouse displayed at Crufts 2015, world’s largest dog show. Besides a comfortable and luxurious house, it also features an exercise treadmill to keep your dog fit even on rainy days. The a...
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Elevate Portable Standing Desk to Improve Blood Flow and Strengthen Muscles

Elevate portable standing workstation was born out of the idea that the world might be a bit better if it was easier to stand at your desk while working. These three New Zealander, Sean Ross, Dominic McKiernan, and Hayden Breese have come from different backgrounds (IT, creative, and design) and their works have to do with a lot of sitting. They wanted to combine their skills to develop a comfortable standing desk to improve their physical and visual environment. The stand slopes on an angle ...
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