EOscc2 Flexible Micro Car for Mega Cities with Open Scissor Doors

Since more people are going to the big cities, consequently, the city roads would be crowded with vehicles, and many of them are solo drivers. EOssc2 a.k.a EO smart connecting car 2 is a conceptual micro vehicle that wants to answer the challenge of limited parking space in mega cities. This project aims to eliminate big cars which are used by only single individuals, it offers small, comfortable, and safe cars with electric drive train, a modular electric robot car. EOssc2 features big windo...
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Parabosol – Portable Solar Powered Water Treatment System for Remote Areas

In contrast with the scarcity of our drinkable water, we have plenty of sun power, waiting to be taken advantage. Parabosol is a portable solar powered water treatment system that uses parabolic mirror to boil water at a temperature up to 400-degree Celcius. This project aims to bring safe drinking water for people in remote areas, additional filter is also done by using sand filter and carbon filter where the sand filter catches any sand particles then the carbon filter removes any bad odor. ...
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Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo for GT6 Video Game

Peugeot has unveiled its concept for Vision Gran Turismo 6 Video Game, it features a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio that is 875kg and 875 bhp. It has the ability to go from 0 to 100kph in less than 2 seconds, a new supercar concept that delivers thrilling driving experience for all Gran Turismo Gamers which will be available exclusively on PlayStation 3. There are more than 15 supercars already in the game, Kazunori Yamauchi, the man behind this driving game, has challenged automakers to design a car...
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Smart Drinking Cup Informs You About The Temperature of Your Drink

There are many beverages that would taste best when served at the right temperature. Smart Drinking Cup has been designed to allow you to get instant information about the temperature of your drink. Hot beverages such as coffee, chocolate, or tea should be served at particular temperature that doesn’t burn your tongue yet still provide you with best test of flavor. This cup provides you with actual temperature of your drink, making it easier to decide the best time to take a sip. Designers ...
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Disaster Gobag Transforms Into Emergency Light Source When Needed

Disaster Gobag looks just like any other fashionable bag that you can carry with you to keep your purse, keys, smartphones, and other stuff. Take a look closer, this is not an ordinary bag, it uses smart materials that allow the bag to become an emergency light when needed. The design process explores areas of passive power generation, water filtration, or lighting. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about the progress, however, it looks like this bag uses special materials that can...
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LaFerrari Spacecraft Was Born Out of Fun Creative Exercise for Ferrari’s Design Team

Apparently, Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari’s design director, has a strong passion for sci-fi. Started just for fun, he designed futuristic UFO from sketches to rendering, it’s called LaFerrari Spacecraft. If you are a Ferrari aficionado, you’ll know futuristic supercars such as FXX K and LaFerrari were born from Manzoni sketches, this time he explores his curiosity for a futuristic spaceship that still demonstrates Italian traditions. The project is actually just fun creative exercise for his...
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UV Stethoscope Concept Features UV-C Light to Keep The Stethoscope Sterile and Warm

UV Stethoscope as its name suggests, you probably can guess the main feature of this concept. Designed by Min Keun Kown, In San Kim, and Chang Man Ha, this stethoscope is equipped with UV-C light that kills bacteria and viruses. Aside from keeping this medical equipment sterile, UV-C light also keeps it warm. After this stethoscope has been used on patients, doctors can clip it into the base. The UV sterilizer is mounted at the base of the neck, in this way, it can disinfect the stethoscope a...
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Military Ambulance Features Drone Helicopter to Spot Wounded People for Further Treatment

Military Ambulance is a specially designed ambulance for treatment and transportation of wounded in battlefields. The cylindrical structure in middle frame provides excellent adaption to field conditions and smooth environment for patients, moreover, rear housing has been designed to mitigate shaking. Disc shaped moveable stretcher system increases stability by consisting of litters with circular motion capability. Independently moving wheels of the vehicle creates the most suitable environment ...
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HOLE Personal Air Purifier by Seungwoo Kim

Breathing is the constant and crucial activity that we do, we breathe from the moment we were born until the moment we die. Unfortunately, in urban environment, our air can be contaminated by harmful particles. Seungwoo Kim wanted to design a useful device that can provide you with better air around you, thus, Hole Personal air purifier was born. Hole Air Purifier features compact design that can be used anywhere such as in your car, at home, or at the office. It helps to purify the air throu...
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Aston Martin Teamed Up with Quintessence Yachts and Mulder Design for AM37 Powerboat Project

Aston Martin has been known for its power and beauty in automotive world, now, the company is looking a way to explore high performance segment of the yachting world. Quintessence Yachts has been chosen to team up for this special project due to impressive company’s concept and development proposals. From the very start, AM37 project would be a powerboat with excellent performances and handling, therefore, Quintessence Yachts has chosen Mulder Design for its experience in fast yachts. Mulde...
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STIK Mobility System Replaces Many Support Tools Around The House

STIK looks like just a simple cane, but don’t let if fool you, this mobility aid has been designed to give elderly and disabled more independence to do simpler everyday tasks. Combined with its special designed wall bracket, this cane functions into several different basic supports. It helps easing the growing strain on health sector by transforming the way elderly, disabled, and injured people live. The design makes this cane always by your side whether you are walking or maneuvering into ...
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Adam Student e-Bike Adapts to Student’s 24-hour Lifestyle

Mobility designers Springtime (Amsterdam) developed an E-bike for a very specific target group that currently isn’t addressed by this category of bicycles: students. The result: Adam, a bike that is awesome to see, great to ride and incredibly adaptive to a student’s 24-hour lifestyle. A user centered design exploration. Amsterdam is one of the world’s bicycle capitals. This makes it a great place to do research on different use patterns amongst the various demographic groups in the cit...
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Office Building of A Gas Company by Naser Nasiri and Taher Nasiri

The main idea of this building architecture is to combine traditional and temporary design where traditional soul can breathe inside. Designed by Naser Nasiri and Taher Nasiri, this building has been designed for a gas company where the employer believes in traditional architecture that features arabesque patterns of Islamic. The main structures of the building are constructed of steel while the façade is made of concrete, glass, and steel. This building features 8340 square meters space that h...
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Tesla Powerwall Home Battery Offers Energy Security and Reduces Your Power Bill

Elon Musk wants to power every home with Tesla Powerwall battery. Aside from being an automotive company, Tesla is also an energy innovation company. One third of fossil fuel consumed in U.S. is used in transportation and other third goes into electricity production. Do you know that US electric power sector produces more than 2,000 million metric tons of CO2 that is like burning 225 billion gallons of gas? It would require 1.6 billion acres of US forest just to negate the environmental damage. ...
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Voo Doo Electro-Magnetic Racer by Kip Kubisz

Voo Doo Electro-Magnetic Racer is a concept racing car designed as personal project. It uses electromagnetic motor in each wheel that takes advantage of magnetic forces to send electricity. This is a conceptual design with Electro-magnetic motor in each wheel powered by a future technology, maybe some type of fusion, or fission. I am no scientist, or an engineer so a lot is still unresolved. The Hydrotech livery suggests a splitting of hydrogen and oxygen from water to provide energy. Designer...
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