HP+ Electronic Learning Band for Kids Teach Them About Healthy Eating Habits

Nowadays, due to parents busy schedule, they often forget to teach their children about healthy food habits. HP+ is a concept electronic band designed for kids to educate them about health eating habit through an interactive gaming experience. It’s seen very often that kid is getting scolded for not washing his hands? Or not eating his food? Or for playing games? Is this the real way to educate your kids about healthy eating habits? Childhood is more about playing games and also exploring, le...
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Futuristic Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship (MARS) Uses Only Renewable Energy Sources to Operate

Somewhere in not so distant future, we might be able to witness this fully autonomous unmanned ship sails across the Atlantic Ocean. Mayflower Autonomous Research Ship (MARS) was born out of the partnership between Shuttleworth Design, autonomous craft specialists MSubs, and Plymouth University. It’s a revolutionary and futuristic project that aims to design and develop world’s first full-sized autonomous ship to cross the ocean. At over 100ft in length, MARS uses renewable energy sources, w...
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Air Shield – Concept Baby Stroller Protects Your Baby from Polluted Air

Taking your baby out on a stroller in a urban environment might not be a great idea, especially with high pollution level area. Air Shield is a concept baby stroller that creates pure and clean microclimate for your baby. Inspired by a car that recirculates the inside air instead of outside unless you set it up to do so. This baby stroller purifies the air inside using a special designed filter and recirculate to protect your baby from polluted air. The glass lid works as a shield as protection ...
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Branto Wireless Smart Home System Features Microphone and Speaker

Branto, a camera with 360-degree vision, it’s a little wireless smart home system that does more than just watching your home. This little device offers free communication, security, and control over your other home devices, just like a smart assistant. Designed to be your home’s mind and soul, Branto gives you full remote presence and security feeling, thanks to 360-degree vision, you can always checkout your home whenever, wherever you are. Easy to setup, all you need is download the sm...
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AirTreem System : Air Purifier with Little Drones that Clean Dust Particles

AirTreem system is a conceptual air purifier that takes natural form as inspiration. It’s a functional intuitive device that works based on well-known principles to provide you with a product that cleans atmosphere at your home or office. It has the ability to monitor the pollution level of your environment when you are out of range the AirTreem. Designer : Denis Garmash (more…)...
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Futuristic QVONNE Concept Hyper Car by Alex Ticarat

Designed as a diploma project, QVONNE represents Alex Ticarat’s vision of a futuristic hyper car. It’s a concept vehicle designed for speed with futuristic characteristics that consists of high end features, offering new possibilities how the passengers enter the car, wide variety of components that benefit aerodynamic, including futuristic interior design. QVONNE represents my work at my college during last year at my diploma project. Being a hyper concept, the main target of this car focu...
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Knife Guard Protects Your Finger While Cutting

This project is about designing a cutting knife guard that acts as a barrier between your fingers and knife. This plastic guard features a spring mechanism so that when you cut your food, the flip remains at the top. The adjustable hook holder also makes it possible to use this guard on any size of knives easily to provide maximum protection for your fingers without compromising cutting speed. Designer : Chacko T. Kalacherry (more…)...
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Oblivion Inspired Watch Concept by Dmitry Lazarev

Based on the name, it is clearly to see that this watch design was inspired by the sci-fi movie Oblivion. Taking those little futuristic drones as inspiration for the main face, this watch aims to bring incredibly cool fantasy into reality, science fiction fans would appreciate it. Aside from its futuristic look, Oblivion concept watch features striking design that emphasizes the geek inside you. Even the silicone strap comes with printed words “Drone Watch”. It displays time in numbers, ...
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EXO – Exoskeletal Foldable E-Board by Fraser Leid

EXO is concept foldable e-skateboard. The name itself is a shortened form of “Exoskeleton”, describing the aesthetic behind the E-boards construction. It takes the interpretation of a personal e-skateboard and turns on its head, the board has been designed with intention to become world’s first foldable electric skateboard. Not only it looks unique but also highly functional like you’ve never seen before. Simple to understand at a glance and highly intuitive when being used, the rider...
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Moooi Brave New World Lamp by Freshwest

A Brave New Lamp, well it is a bravely designed lamp indeed. Freshwest, an award winning UK design duo, has come up with visionary and daring lamp to celebrate their experimental and playful characteristics. This project produces a complex lamp using simple materials, it translates the warm soul of the oak wood in a mechanic way. The designers claimed that this lamp was developed without any design plan in place, yet each piece of wood can be carefully pegged and notched together in order to for...
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Cifa Coguaro4 Mine Mixer Concept by Marco Monticelli and Samuele Montorfano

Coguaro4 is a conceptual heavy machine designed specifically for the first CIFA mine mixer. It’s a new product with unmistakeable style, each prototype has been designed and developed carefully to meet ergonomic needs since it’ll be used as special transport of concrete inside tunnels and mines. This machine would work in small spaces and challenging working conditions, therefore, it’s important that the design displays all special features that can handle common problems at the mining fie...
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EZ Cart Concept Platform Trolley Features Foot and Air Pump for Easy Cargo Lifting

Even though platform trolley was developed decades ago, unfortunately, there are not many changes to improve the design. There are many problems remain unsolved when using this trolley, this project aims to identify those problems and design a more user-friendly platform trolley for workers. The new EZ Cart Concept Platform Trolley features 3 things: Users can now pull out to tight things up with bungee cords. The transformable foot and air pump can help users to easily lift up cargo to...
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iPhone 7 Concept Design Proposal by Vuk Nemanja Zoraja

The Design of iPhone 7 is an evolution from iPhone 6 design. It maintains similar design to iPhone 6 but it’s bigger in size and the body is made of aluminum along with gorilla glass 4 to protect the screen. Simple lines, clean surfaces, slimmer antennas and zero gap design are some of the features that characterize this phone's design philosophy. iPhone 7, wrapped in gorilla glass 4 casing that creates an illusion of very thin bezels and edge to edge display. The display now has 5 inch dia...
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Dot Braille Smart Watch Connects to User Smartphone to Display Information in Braille

Life doesn’t come easy for many of us, however, for visually impaired people, it can be much harder. DOT is a smart braille watch, designed for visually impaired people so that they can also enjoy our current technology in away where they can take advantage of it. Inspired by a blind classmate in University, Eric Kim, CEO of “DOT”, noticed that most of his classmates used an Ipad. However, the blind classmate carried around large, bulky textbooks which took longer to process than an Ipa...
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Copern 50M Yacht by Dani Santa

Copern Yacht, with 50 meters of length and 9 of width, is presented as a new trend in yacht design of new generation. Characterized as a sporty model, with soft lines that flow with harmony, it's inspired in fluid and organic shapes. Designed to combine a navigation of high performance at any speed, as well as comfort even anchored, offers all the amenities needed to make this a perfect yacht for any purpose. With an optimization of the spaces and functionality, sundeck, offers a very complete b...
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