Futuristic Clean Clear Faucet Concept With Digital Microscope and Project Technology

Even though bacteria coexist with human being, unfortunately, they also cause the death of more than 500 millions people each year. There’s got to be a better way to fight germs, bacteria, and virus infection. Clean Clear is a concept faucet designed in an attempt to fight those germs by washing our hands often. This cool faucet integrates digital microscope and project technology where user can...
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Opel GT Concept Car Features Panorama Glass Roof and Electric Doors

General Motors has announced their latest concept Opel GT. This looks like modern version of the iconic sports car built around early 70s. Opel GT concept car boasts avant-garde yet puristic design, reduced to its bare essentials. You’ll find smooth exterior body design, no door handles, no exterior door mirrors, including no windshield wipers. Opel wants to provide you with new expression of pu...
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Green Eudemon Is a Conceptual Forest Monitoring System to Prevent Forest Fires

Every year there are more than 50,000 forest fires occurring all over the world, this is a serious problem since forest is an essential habitat for wildlife, produces oxygen that we breathe, controls pollution, and prevents erosion. Green Eudemon has been designed to monitor the forest, each unit can cover a large area to protect the forest in the event of fire. Conventional satellite monitoring, ...
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Manifesto Concept Car Won Ferrari Top Design School Challenge 2015

The winner of Ferrari Top Design School Challenge 2015 has been announced, Manifesto has been awarded the first place. The second and the third place would be FL and de Esfera, all these submissions aim to demonstrate the Ferraris in 2040. The jury decided to make Manifesto the winner due to the completeness of this concept car design as well as the students’ ability to understand the overall vi...
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BMW Motorrad Concept Helmet with Head-up Display for Safer Journey

BMW Motorrad takes motorcycle riding safety to the next level with its latest concept helmet. It aims to set new standards in motorcycle safety, the helmet is equipped with a head-up display to provide real time information about its surrounding to the rider. This means road information would always be available in your sights, in road traffic, it only takes a fraction of a second to place a rider...
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ELK Electric Concept Car – A Design Proposal for Mercedes Benz

Antonio Paglia, an Italian automotive designer, has design a concept car as proposal for Mercedes Benz. ELK is an electric concept car with compact body and futuristic design, it looks like there are no passengers' windows, perhaps they are replaced by digital displays. The goal of this my project was to create a fun car with zero impact. It is based on a famous auto maker company, a Mercedes Ben...
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M+D Crutches: Stylish Elbow Crutches Allow Your Hands to Be Free

M+D Crutch is trying to revolutionize walking aid by providing you painfree mobility. This crutch design allows you to use your elbows to support your weight instead of your armpits. When we have to deal with restricted mobility, whether it’s a temporary or long term condition, it should be painfree. This concept crutch has been designed around a simple premise, elbows, not armpits. As you ca...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Life Science and Medical

FedEx Autonomous Cargo Drone Concept by Raphael Doukhan

Raphael Doukhan, a French industrial designer, has designed a flying autonomous drone that can carry a passenger module or a cargo module. This project can be said as a design proposal for FedEx, an international delivery services company, it’s a futuristic drone with multipurpose function. Considering Amazon is developing a drone to deliver, there’s a great possibility that we might also see ...
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Magic Air Purifier Concept Features Elegant and Twisty Curve Body

Magic Air Purifier is the next generation of air purifier designed for TongYang Magic that aims to clean awful smell of your kitchen space. The challenge here was to design a unique shape with outstanding beauty, a beauty that would capture everyone’s attention. Starting from the fluid form and the twisty curve, it was inspired by Mobius Strap while the bladeless design makes it operate quietly....
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United Nude Lo Res Concept Car Is The Result of Lowering 3D Resolution of Lamborghini Countach

One of reasons United Nude won a 2016 Wallpaper Design Award was ignoring all standard rules of car design. United Nude Lo Res Concept Car is one of United Nude Lo Res project that started few years ago, it has become an important signature of the brand. The method used here is based on the principle of re-designing the same object in a series. By lowering the 3D resolution, it results in a mor...
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iPhone 7 Concept Phone Features Borderless OED Display and iOS 10

Apple fans have been waiting for next innovation in iPhone 7, there are many designers out there try to come up with cool ideas as entertainment or inspiration. In the mean time, iPhone-Tricks feels that they need to create their own vision of future iPhone, so, here you are … a gorgeous, borderless phone with OED display for optimum contrast and image quality. This project is a design study ...
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Aqua Sofa: Unique Sofa Concept with Fish Tank

AQUA SOFA is a combination of a fish tank and sofa with some shelves that can be used to keep magazines/newspapers. It is an ideal furniture for malls, theaters, office receptions, and even huge houses. Designed by Arjun MM, this unique furniture also comes along with glowing edges that offer magnificent appearance to the aquarium at low light conditions, The cushioned seat is enough for two pers...
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L’Oréal My UV Patch Features Transparent, Stretchable Adhesive That Monitors UV Exposure

L’Oréal has released My UV Patch, an innovative stretchable skin sensor that monitors UV exposure, helping you to learn about sun protection. This technology arrives at the perfect time, the moment when sun exposure has become a major health issue nowadays with 90% of nonmelanoma skin cancers being connected with exposure to UV radiation from the sun. To help detect excessive UV radiation ex...
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Noria : Modern Window Air Conditioner Features Slim and Compact Design

The world is getting hotter. During a heat wave you would feel miserable if you didn't have an AC in the room. Some people prefer a window air conditioner because the installation is pretty easy and it doesn't require professional help. Unfortunately this type of AC hasn't changed for decades and they are usually big, ugly, and loud. Introducing Noria, a redesigned window air conditioner that feat...
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Seat ANT Concept Car for The Year of 2030

Seat ANT is a design proposal for a Spanish automobile manufacturer, it’s a small, personal car for busy city streets. This concept futuristic car is an ideal vehicle to tackle traffic jams as well as parking space problem in not so distant future. The designer explains that this car is a transformer of the future, it should be able to solve problems thanks to new adoptive driving system. Those ...
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