City Commuter Vehicle Concept for The City of London

Taking place at Coventry University, City Commuter Vehicle concept is a second year group project. It’s a single seat hydrogen powered quadricycle, designed specifically for the city of London where currently cars are the reason for more than 50% of CO2 emissions. This project aims to reduce 60% CO2 emission by the time we reach 2025. This vehicle has been designed to be used as sharing vehicle giving ¼ of the working population commutes around 10-20km per day. It’s an EV aims to carve t...
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Looncup Smart Menstrual Cup Tracks Your Fluid Volume, Color, and Cycle

Menstruation is no fun, ask that to any woman, except when they wish not to get pregnant, in this case, they would love having their period on that month. Menstrual cup has been around for years, it’s low cost, easy-to-use, and safe, unfortunately, there’s not much change in the design. So, the team from Loon Lab wants to incorporate our modern technology into this conventional product, adding a sensor, a battery, an antenna, and paired it with a smartphone app, the result is Looncup Smart M...
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Bruvelo Coffee Brewer Features Built-in Grinder and Supports Different Types of Coffee Filters

Bruvelo Coffee Brewer is a compact and smart coffee brewer, it’s nice to know that coffee lovers are spoiled with many inventions to satisfy our coffee addiction. The designer promises that Bruvelo is more than just a coffee maker, it features an integrated pour over brew system that’s developed with one goal in mind, to brew the best cup of coffee possible. Unlike most portable coffee maker, this machine is equipped with built-in grinder with perfectly optimized ratios, temperatures, ste...
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Nissan Tama-Go : Futuristic Single-Person Vehicle Concept for Tokyo in 2040

Taking place in Tokyo, in the year of 2040, Nissan Tama-Go is a futuristic single-person transportation concept that takes inspiration from Japanese video games’ characters. Tokyo was chosen from this scenario due to its high suburban population and its highest transit system in the world. The design research began with the world of robots and video games, the designer wanted to create a futuristic yet friendly vehicle. The side frame of the front glass window is equipped with a set of ligh...
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Eff You See Eye (fUCI) Bike by Robert Egger

Eff You See Eye (fUCI) Bike is a Robert Egger side project, a unique concept bike that doesn’t want to be restricted in terms of design. As Specialized’s Creative Director, Robert Egger, doesn’t have time to follow rules imposed by others. He believes that designers should have the freedom to explore their imagination without being limited by certain rules. fUCI, pretty cute name for a concept bike, was born out of curious intentions where Robert let his own sketching hand roam free, ignor...
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Grow Your Own Marijuana with Leaf Plug N’ Play Cannabis Growing System

The legal status of pot is evolving rapidly, cannabis is legalized in more and more places. You can buy marijuana from retail stores, but you can also choose to grow your own plants, now it becomes easier thanks to Leaf. It’s a first ever Plug N’ Plant cannabis growing system where you can grow quality cannabis at the comfort of your home, it’s fun and pretty interactive. Aside from being connected to your plants, this system also keeps your plants safe, it actively monitors the environmen...
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Citrus Folding Scooter Can Be Transformed Into a Trolley

Citrus folding scooter is not just a practical urban transport, it also functions as a trolley. Current urban transport is not complete without the ability to carry bulky item, that’s why Peter Opsvik has come up with new urban transportation design. Citrus works in close cooperation with public transportation thanks to its one-grip transformation from a scooter to a compact trolley case. You can use it to cruise the city as a tri-scooter, the electric drive works in harmony with kick scooter ...
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Symetium Smartphone PC Merges Your Mobile and PC Experiences into One Device

We have featured Symetium Smartphone PC sometime ago, this time, we’d like to give you an update for the next version and how to order one. That’s right, this smartphone is available for pre-order. Featuring 5-inch, 1080p OLED screen, 256GB storage, 6GB ram, Snapdragon 820, stereo speakers and 24MP camera, this smartphone is not just a companion on-the-go, it also works great to complete big tasks. The design team believes Symetium can do better, it was started when the team leader lookin...
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KTM Delta : Electric Motorcycle for Hipsters Just Like Riding a Single Speed Bike

In corporation with KTM and Kista, Benjamin Loinger has designed KTM Delta, a concept motorcycle for younger generation. You can read his explanations about this project below. KTM DELTA is an electric-mobility-concept for hipsters, a subculture of young people, with which they can explore the city, based on the driving style of a single speed bicycle. It’s a bike that sets itself and the driver in scene. With KTM DELTA, the surrounding can be explored easily and new challenges can be found...
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Breathe Invisible Mask Creates Air Curtain Around Your Nose and Mouth

We often use mask to protect ourselves from dust, bacteria, or viruses, however, it is uncomfortable, thus discouraging people to wear it. Breathe Invisible Mask is a special project to protect us with a better way. This mask creates a curtain of air around our nose and mouth, allowing us to breathe cleaner air while preventing any foreign particles from getting breathed in. It features ergonomic design of air tubes and neck support, producing a mask to fit your face and neck, providing comfo...
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Re Cinto Sofa : Modern Sofa Design with Fence Like Soft Enclosure

Re Cinto Sofa is a modern representation of our sofa, infused with a casual spirit making it blends perfectly with modern, colorful interior décor. What makes it unique is its structure, it consists of an outer structure made of lacquered plywood boards while the central seat stands in the middle just like an “island”. Due to this placement, there’s a gap between the seat the structure, an empty space on the side where back cushions can be placed vertically forming armrests and backrests....
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Matani Eco Car Concept for Rural Sub-Saharan Africa

Matani is an eco vehicle dedicated to operate on rural Sub-Saharan Africa. This project won the Best Eco Interior of the Car Design Awards Global 2015 competition. This project main goal is to open new prospect of design field in the third world countries, creating a system that brings wildland designs to a new era by not only creating a masterpiece but also a practical infrastructure. The design team was sent to Africa voluntarily where they could do extensive researches and communicate with ac...
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Semi Closed Canopy for Indy Car by Matus Prochaczka

A design submission by Matus Prochaczka got our attention, it's a concept semi-closed canopy for a racing car to protect the driver from any debris or flying parts. I am concept artist and designer from Slovakia. I did concept study about semi closed canopy for IndyCar formula series (future concept for year aprox.2035). But according to topic of safety its also possible to adapt it to F1. I came up with semi closed solution - front fixed polycarbonate shield. 90% of hits by debris or flying...
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Apple Radio Design Study Concept to Promote Apple Music to Wider Audience

Designed around the ethos of Apple's level of simplicity, elegance and attention to detail, the Apple Radio is a device designed and aimed to promote and make Apple Music more accessible to a wider audience. Not only does the device stream live events from any radio station in the world, it can also be used as a portable speaker for use in any setting. It's entire design consists of an aluminum enclosure, which not only increases the devices rigidity, but also promotes a very clean aesthetic....
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Vensepto Concept Car by Steel Drake

Inspired by Lamborghini, Steel Drake has designed a sleek sport car called Vensepto. This project is also infused with many characteristics of a sportscar from other brands, as well as works of automotive designers such as Ken Nagasaka, Tony Chen, Samir Sadikhov, Yang Cai, and many others. The result is one awesome, jaw-dropping, super stylish car design. Designer : Steel Drake (more…)...
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