iFlex : Flexible Cell Phone Concept by de Poorter Design Studio

iFlex is a flexible cell phone concept that revolutionizes the phone industry. It opens up greater possilbilities for phone manufacturers to create new and innovative design. Designed by de Poorter Design Studio in Milan, iFlex illustrates the future possibilities offered by this new flexible display. The two sides of the rigid iFlex aluminum case are connected by the central silicone part with deformable inlay so that the device can be turned and maintained any desired angle, supporting new usa...
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Sleek Lumigon T2 Smartphone Features Built-in Universal Remote Control and Bang & Olufsen ICEpower

Sick of iPhone? Perhaps Lumigon T2 smartphone could be a great alternative. A sleek Scandinavian design that stands out among others, equipped with universal remote control and Bang & Olufsen audio. Lars Gravesen, CEO of Lumigon, stated that with T2, they wanted to bring you a smartphone alternative which features new and different look. Its advanced features and sophisticated design will certainly draw anyone who wants to make a stylish statement. Designer : Lumigon (more&hel...
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LG Touch Concept by Andrea Ponti Wins LG Mobile Design Competition 2012

LG Touch concept just won the Grand Prize of “LG Mobile Design Competition 2012”. The winning design is the project of talented Italian industrial designer, Andrea Ponti. You’ve probably seen his works that we featured several times at Tuvie such as Traccia pen-like mobile phone or AG++ metal case. The idea behind LG Touch cell phone concept came from the understanding of universal design, a challenging task to design an object that would fit all users perfectly yet feels custom made and f...
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Mobiado Grand Touch Executive Phone Is Crafted From a Stone Hybrid Material

Mobiado has announced their latest phone design after long development: Mobiado Grand Touch Executive phone. As usually, this product boasts Mobiado’s uniqueness and creativity, it’s the first phone crafted from a stone hybrid material along with SIM Card mechanism. Mobiado has been known for its skill to design and develop luxury mobile phones that combine art with technology, it’s in Mobiado’s DNA. If you still remember Mobiado CPT001-CPT003, you’ll know that this project is a rea...
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TPM VIPNI Professional Computer Phone Features Dual Operating Systems

Sleek and high-tech concept phone, oh wait, this device is not just another cell phone or a new UMPC device. It’s something more than that; the designer refers this design as PCP or “Professional Computer Phone”. The design of TPM VIPNI began with inspiration to create a device that can bring power of a full blown professional computer to your pocket. The designer has clearly stated that this phone concept doesn’t belong to any company but ThePowerMachine, it is original design and not b...
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Fly Phone Concept with Sky-OS Operating System by Tryi Yeh

Tryi Yeh has come up with Fly Phone concept that features “Sky-OS” operating system. You can slide up the display to lock and slide down to mute the phone, to unlock, simply touch the screen at the center. There are 3 buttons under the display panel, unlike conventional phone design that usually features left/right or yes/no buttons, Fly Phone features “+”, “X”, and “clock” buttons where “+” button can be used to copy or add, “X” button can be used as delete or cancel and...
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Edd Phone Concept for Elderly People by Anurag Sarda

Edd Phone concept features big numbers which make it ideal for elderly people. As you can see here, the buttons are well spaced out, making it easy for user to press. The display also features huge fonts for easy to read, smiley face bulge at the top helps orienting the ear with the phone for better and clearer audio, it’s also a good way to keep some distance between the face and the phone to avoid any heat contact emitted by the phone. Edd Phone might not a smartphone but it features basic f...
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iPhone 5 : Thinnest, Lightest, and Fastest iPhone Yet

After great attempts from many industrial designers to predict what iPhone 5 would look like, iPhone 5 is finally here. It features gorgeous longer body, thinner and lighter compared to iPhone 4s, so you can say that this by far is the thinnest, lightest, and fastest iPhone yet. Beautiful 4-inch retina display that boasts 1136x640 pixels of resolution allows you see everything in more vivid and lifelike, although the display is bigger than previous model, you can still hold it with one hand as t...
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Soft Pet : A Pet Mobile Phone for Visually Impaired People

Soft Pet, when you hear these words, you probably imagine a dog or a cat or other furry animals. Well, it’s actually a mobile phone which has been designed especially for visually impaired people. Aside from standard functions such as Braille buttons and speech input, this gadget features other innovative technology as well. It is equipped with “call-and-response” system, user can name this mobile phone just like a pet and it will respond every time the name is called. Therefore, it would ...
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Nokia Easy Mobile Phone for Elderly People

Nokia Easy could be the perfect concept mobile phone for elderly people. The intuitive interface design with large numbers enables them to easily type numbers to call or read text messages. Although it aims elderly people as user, it doesn’t mean this mobile phone features conventional form. It boasts stylish, sleek and modern design, even young people would love to own one. Designer : Bez Dimitri (more…)...
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You Can Mount DSLR Lens on iPhone PRO

Do you want to take professional photos with your iPhone? Well, perhaps if Apple could make iPhone PRO concept design into reality, you would be able to. Designed by Choi Jinyoung, this concept smartphone features 4.5-inch wide LCD screen with 2 side buttons and 3D camera at the back where you can mount DSLR lenses on it. You can take more professional photos by setting up your DSLR lens, and not only that, this concept phone comes with portable speaker, beam projector, and removable hard disk. ...
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Mobiado CPT003 Concept Mobile Phone by Peter Bonac

Mobiado CPT003 concept mobile phone combines art and engineering into one, the result highlights the creativity level of Mobiado. This company has been consistently guided by a philosophy of doing things differently, a principle that is reflected on the CPT0003 concept phone. Wrapped in fine Italian leather with gold zipper and sewn together with gold thread, this phone pushes the limits of what a luxury phone can be. Peter Bonac, the man who is responsible for this artistic design, derived his ...
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Juicetank iPhone Case and Charger in One

We just spotted this brilliant design which about to become reality, JuiceTank iPhone case and charger in one. Yeah, how come no one thought about this before? This is the first iPhone case with an integrated wall charger that folds flat when not in use. Genius right? You don’t have to carry around your charging cable, simply find an outlet, you’re good to go. We love the design that enables the charger to fold flat for maximum portability (it fits your pocket perfectly). The case has been d...
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TAG Heuer Racer Mobile Phone Provides Ultimate Lightness and Ultimate Performance

Ultimate lightness and ultimate strength, this is a bit information that we get from TAG Heuer about its latest luxury gadget, TAG Heuer Racer mobile phone. Using only high tech materials, this phone features shockproof rubber chassis which is strengthen and supported by the screwed-in titanium and carbon fiber bridges. Swiss engineered without compromised, TAG Heuer has done a great job in blending luxury and performance into one innovative mobile phone. Inspired by GT cars an d Formula 1, t...
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Porsche Design P’9981 Smartphone from BlackBerry

Modern and sleek Porsche Design P’9981 Smartphone from BlackBerry. If you are a BlackBerry fan at the same time you are a design conscious people, then this mobile phone is definitely for you. The innovative design applies in both form and function, you’ll love the 2.8-inch touch screen and intuitive keyboard. This mobile phone features high-speed internet connection and video recording in HD quality. Nicely done Porsche Design, nicely done. Designer : Porsche Design (more…...
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