Can Amazon Fire Phone Beat iPhone?

Unlike other gadget companies that started with a smartphone then tablets, Amazon started with tablets, tv, then smart phone. Amazon Fire Phone will be released on July 25, 2014 with many cool features to spoil its consumers. Will this phone beat iPhone? The Firefly technology equipped in this phone allows you to quickly identify printed web and email addresses, phone numbers, songs, TV episodes, and many more. It allows you to find useful information and take action in a matter of seconds. T...
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P-One Modular Concept Phone by Bilal Khan

P-One modular concept phone was conceived at the IT university Lahore, Pakistan by Bilal Khan. There are many features equipped within this phone in order for both low literate and ill-literate people can benefit from the phone. One important focus for this project in the re-design process is to ensure the technology of this phone can be used by tech-shy people, it shouldn’t be ridden with heavy features that might confuse them even more. P-One is envisioned to have interchangeable modular ...
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Futuristic Paddle Shapeshifting Smartphone Inspired by Rubik’s Puzzle

When all major electronic manufacturers try to design and develop new type of screens which are flexible and super thin, a research team from Hasselt University has come up with innovative flexible device called Paddle. This team has done extensive research to bring you a step further to a futuristic device with compact mechanism inspired by 3D puzzles. It is so flexible that you can easily transform from a small phone to a game controller or a tablet. Inspired by Rubik’s magic puzzle, this de...
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Messizon Smartphone with Morphing 3D Interface

Messizon smartphone features a mobile phone with new type of user interface. Most touch screen smartphones don’t respond to the touch of our thumb just like keypad phones do. It would be difficult for us to type accurately while on-the-go, this concept phone offers E-ink and screen-float technology that bring a 3D revolution to mobile phone innovation. It’s not a touch-phone, it’s a touchable phone. The user interface of this phone has the ability to morph into 3D, and those tens of tho...
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Tough and Durable Waterproof Cat B100 Mobile Phone

Cat B100 mobile phone is a tough and durable device that withstand the harshness of the real world. We can imagine all those extreme sport lovers would love to own this phone, it’s a tough waterproof phone that boasts noise canceling microphone (it’s a great phone to have when you are in noisy environment) and a high quality speaker. The large buttons make it easy for user to use it even while wearing gloves. This phone was born out of the idea that there are many people that demand ultimate...
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Antares Android Smartphone by Tonino Lamborghini

Tonino Lamborghini releases Antares android smartphone for luxury mobile segment. This company is the sub-brand of the super sports car maker, Lamborghini, that’s why you can sense the Italian design signature through its premium materials and performance specifications. Available in limited edition, you can pre-order your phone from December this year. Combining Android platform and quad core processor, this smartphone features scratch proof Gorilla Glass screen with Italian craftsmanship....
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The Professional 3 AF Collection by Mobiado

Mobiado launched its first mobile phone called The Professional somewhere in late 2004. Along the way, The Professional has become a success and defined the hallmark features in every Mobiado device. In May 2008, the company resumed the line with another release of the Professional 105 series which until now remains the thinnest luxury phone ever made. Now, the third phone in this collection is called the Professional 3 AF. It’s a re-birth of an original, it’s a brilliant design with radical...
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AVA Smart Shell Connects Your Smartphone With Your Social Network Status

AVA Smart Shell helps you interact on social networks easily, let’s face it, nowadays we all have different virtual status on social networks linked to our physical activities or moods. This concept phone case has the ability to connect your social network status with your smartphone, simply moving it up/down to translate your status busy/available or change your phone mode vibrate/ringtone. It improves our efficiency, productivity, as well as interaction with your smartphone. AVA Smart She...
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OPPO N1 Smartphone Features Rotating Camera

Soft to the touch, OPPO N1 Smartphone body is made with smooth, delicate ceramic-like elegance. It’s been designed to keep your beautiful smartphone free of fingerprints. One special feature of this phone is its rotating camera, once again OPPO offers new possibilities in smartphone photography. The company claims that this phone currently is world’s fastest starting camera in the market, it takes just 0.6 seconds to get ready to shoot. The rotating camera is constructed from 67 different co...
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Samsung Galaxy Round : The World’s First Curved Display Smartphone

Samsung has become the pioneer of world’s first curved display smartphone with its latest product, Samsung Galaxy Round. Yes, it’s official now, you can find this flexible screen innovation is combined with innovative design features as well. The curved body of the smartphone is pretty sleek and thin with only 7.9mm thick and 154g, comfortable to hold as you grip it in your palm. User can enjoy 5.7-inch full HD super AMOLED display along with round integrated experiences such as Gravity Effe...
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Sony Cyber-Shot QX Lens Cameras Enhance Your Mobile Photography Experience

Sony Cyber-Shot QX Lens Cameras combine the convenience of a compact camera with connectivity of smartphones. These cameras will certainly enhance mobile photography experience. Sony has introduced 2 lens-style QX series cameras which can transform your smartphone into powerful photographic tool in an instant, shoot high quality images or record HD videos just like premium compact camera. The new cameras utilize Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile application (available only for Android and iOS) to con...
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EmoPulse Smile Bracelet Smartphone with Artificial Intelligence Assistant

We’ve seen a lot of bracelet smartphones, but all of them are just concept. If you’ve been dreaming to buy one, then checkout EmoPulse Smile Bracelet Smartphone. It is the world’s first phone that you can wear just like bracelet, interesting isn’t it? The main feature of Smart lies in its Artificial Intelligence, this phone detects your mood, it can tell whether you’re stressed out or relaxing, it monitors your diet and health as well. You can ask suggestions from the phone, spend a ni...
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Micro-Phone : A Credit Card Sized Smart Phone + Locator

Micro-Phone features a phone as small as a business card and as thin as your credit card. The goal of this project is to design and develop beautiful, highly functional object to complement our busy lifestyle, therefore, the team has come up with a new cell phone design. A combination of beauty and brains, this phone is not only smart but also really sleek, discreet, and most important of all, affordable for anyone to have. At just 5.5mm thin, this device is certainly micro sized phone and weigh...
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Luxury Mobiado One-77 Mobile Device Features Sapphire Cyrstal Buttons with 24 Carat Gold Case

Inspired by one-77 supercar, Mobiado has designed and created its latest form of engineering art: One-77 Mobile device. It combines technical skill with art, it’s not just a mobile phone, it’s an object of art. Mobiado has been known with its global reputation as one of most respected names in the world of luxury mobile phones. Beautifully hand crafted, this slim phone features sapphire crystal buttons with large sapphire crystal plates. If you want the ultimate luxury, get yours in both 24...
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Mobiado Bluetooth M|Headset

We just got design submission Mobiado Bluetooth m|Headset in our inbox, it looks like Mobiado is trying to enter mobile phone accessories market and its first creation is a Bluetooth headset. The body material of this device is a combination of anodized aircraft aluminum, sapphire crystal, and mother of pearl. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know Mobiado always features minimalist appearance yet durable device, and this headset represents the same characteristic. It’s available ...
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