French Luxury Concept Phone from MobiFrance

To commemorate the French Independence Day, MobiFrance has come out with a concept phone which is a perfect tribute to one of the best fought independence in the history. To begin with the design it speaks for itself as the phone has been designed on Eiffel Tower, the best known landmark in France. It has been named FL (French Luxury) which is a touch screen phone and has a 7.2 mega pixels camera. Also it stands like a tower and has speakers on sides. It can be used for all the multimedia functi...
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[SÉNS] Mobile Phone Concept for People with Visual Impairment Including Complete Blindness

Mobiles have become a part of our. It is as if life won't move a step ahead without mobile phones. Now just imagine if you could not clearly see the digits and alphabets on your mobile, hard to even imagine right? Many visually impaired people have the ability to recognize things like light intensity colors. Takumi Yoshida gives the basic phone status to such people through color illumination and identifiable keypad, called SÉNS. With the help of glow of color they will be able to see the tiny ...
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Wearable Cell Phone Concept for Fashion Victims

Watches do just one thing, and you can find them in million of models and prices. Now they are a trendy accessory rather than only an instrument to sign the time. Why not try to do the same with mobile phones? Fashion victims could wearing it like a jewel with a special cover and elastic string according with some elegant dress. A phone to show, not to hide in the bag or pocket. (more…)...
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Orange Hole Concept Phone Has Won D&AD Studen Awards

Chi Shing Lo, a student at the UK's De Montfort University recently won the annual D&AD Student Awards for the new mobile phone handset designed for Orange. This win is his second major competition this year. The D&AD Student Awards of course showcases the best emerging design and advertising talent from colleges and universities around the globe. The handset design includes a simple 'hole' which doubles up as a view finder when used as a camera, a charging point which uses inductive cha...
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Video Phone Concept with Unique Keypad

The challenge of the design brief was to create a design solution that enabled greater and easier levels of user interaction. The easy to understand keypad combined with the hand-writing recognition technology provides great information ergonomics for the user. Another of the video phone key selling points is its dual mode functionality. The phones keypad can be locked into place to provide a sturdy stand/rest to allow users to sit back enjoy the video calling experience. Designer : Ant...
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Xbox 360 Hybrid Mobile Phone, All in One

If you are craving for something different and funky, then Xbox360 mobile is surely for you. A talented artist of British Magazine T3 has put together his innovative ideas for bringing out this sexy Xbox360 Mobile. The idea is definitely interesting and attractive for all game-lovers as the name itself involves a gaming world. The proposed design is pleasant and including everything in it starting from games to music and a mobile phone. It has 64 GB of memory and with amazing graphics. So, now y...
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Shape Shifter Concept Phone

A cool and innovative concept designed by Rune Larsen shows the new cell phone with concept of changing shapes. It's sleek and clean design makes it the best choice for any gadget lover. As per this concept, this cell phone will have 2 layers of plastic, one flexible and the other one would be hard with special liquid inside it. When the liquid is pushed between the layers they can form different shapes on the surface. As the mobile phone is capable of changing its shapes with the touch on its s...
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Piccolo Concept Phone : Female Oriented Device Research

'Piccolo Concept 1' is inspired by Motorola phone. The phone concept is sexy and sleek and it is known to be the female oriented device. Its stunning feminine shape adds to its style. The glossy look of Piccolo concept 1 sets it apart from the entire collection of models. But it's yet to be seen how this mobile phone functions in reality. Designer : Daniel Mota Veiga...
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Eclipse Intuit Cell Phone Concept with Solar Panel

Eclipse intuit concept phone is an exploration into the future of mobile phones. Looking at the possibilities of more intuitive interfaces where users and the device are more effectively in-sync with each other. In addition, exploring green alternatives in powering at the phone moving away from conventional battery powered methods. Intuit features dual interactive interfaces to cater for different applications. The UI adjust itself depending on the usage mode-whether phone, camera or internet...
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WM2 : A Watch with Integrated CellPhone from Van Der Led

The concept Van der Led WM2 is a watch with integrated cell phone which if in production can actually be worn and carried around. It is a quad band GSM watch with color screen display and also has additional features such as stereo Bluetooth and almost 5 hours of talk time. And to store those songs, you have 1 GB storage space. At $471 a piece, it sure is one gadget that will leave a hole in your pocket (more…)...
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Onyx Cell Phone with Synaptics ClearPad Technology

The new name in next generation concept phone is Onyx. Onyx is the result of partnership of Synaptics and industrial design studio Pilotfish. It is enabled through the clear capacitive sensing technology of Synaptics, thus illustrating what the future of mobile communications would be. It would be that of combining an intelligent and adaptive user interface, this with sleek industrial design and the next-generation user interaction design. (more…)...
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Need is A Simple Concept Cell Phone

Today in any conventional cell phone instrument users can listen to music, use it as a camera (both video and still), see time, set reminders, use as a diary, use as a calendar, play games, check mails, phew! And yes you can use it as phone to make calls too! Well, "Need" is just that - a phone, no mp3 player no camera just phone plain and simple. The phone has 2 screens of which one is touch screen while the other is OLED; though users can customize the OLED. The phone also has sliding scrol...
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Fit Wireless Phone for The Eldery

Today people with the age of 65 years and above constitute a considerable percentage of the population. But the existing technical accessories are not that user friendly. Jongmu Lee's Wireless phone is really a hope for the elderly. Fit as it is known at the onset looks like any high end touch screen phone, but it has been designed keeping in mind the elderly. It comes with a central movable scroll with which one can move up and down the menu, reduce or increase the size of the number pad and...
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Mimique Marries the Old-School Cell Phone with Next-Generation Style and Touch-Screen Technology

With new and new models and various features of cell phones coming on the market it is hard to choose the best of all. Many of the people do not prefer heavy cell phones. Mimique is the answer to all the prayers of the people who hate heavy cell phones. These cell phones look more like a PDA than a cell phone. Mimique has the tradition of the old school cell phones but yet has a touch of modernisms. (more…)...
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Form Follows You, Nokia 888 Concept Cell Phone

Today the considerable consumers for the gadgets are the youngsters those who are always on the move and always looking for fresh new things. Manufacturers do take this segment seriously and keep developing new products for them. Nokia has come out with what they call is Nokia 888 Form, a perfect phone for the youngsters which allows them to be free and have fun. It is simple, light and carefree as one can change the form according the needs. The Nokia 888 design is aimed to show case the act...
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