Nokia 3310 Brick Phone is Back!

Nokia 3310 mobile phone is back! Yes, this is a modern classic phone reimagined, it still features the iconic rounded form but the custom designed user interface provides a fresh look to a classic phone. It might not be a smartphone, but you can rely...
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Nokia GEM Phone Concept Transforms Its Entire Body Into a Touchscreen

Nokia has released an innovative and futuristic phone concept called Nokia GEM phone. If you feel the display on the phone isn’t big enough, how bout turning the entire handset into a touchscreen? This is what Nokia GEM phone concept offers you. Th...
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Form Follows You, Nokia 888 Concept Cell Phone

Today the considerable consumers for the gadgets are the youngsters those who are always on the move and always looking for fresh new things. Manufacturers do take this segment seriously and keep developing new products for them. Nokia has come out w...
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Provoke 2012 Phone Concept

Provoke Design is Nokia's main Design contractor and they have come up with future headset design of Nokia. They have created three concepts, Express, Share and Feel. The look of the Express design can be changes as per your preferences and tastes. ...
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The Morph Concept Phone from Nokia

Another innovative design concept from Nokia, the morph concept. Featured in The Museum of Modern Art ?Design and The Elastic Mind? exhibition, the Morph concept device is a bridge between highly advanced technologies and their potential benefits to ...
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Using Recycled Materials, Nokia Remade Concept Phone

Green design from Nokia, this concept phone is almost entirely made of recycled materials, aluminum cans, old plastic bottles and car tyres for the rubber keys. The first prototype showed at Mobile World Congress show in Barcelone by Olli-Pekka Kalla...
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Scentsory : Nokia Future of Mobile Phone Concept

Scentsory is a mobile communication device that works with the senses of smell, sight, hearing and touch, giving users the ability to experience remote communication on multi-sensory levels. With the development of Scentsory, remote interfacing will ...
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