Mini Getaway Cars : MINI Clubvan Camper, MINI Cowley Caravan, and MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp

A collection of Mini Getaway Cars that will make all campers want to break their banks to get one of these. These concept trios feature different aspects which have risen in popularity of camping and festivals, a premium home on-the-go for all enthusiastic travelers. All 3 models can be associated with MINI’s characteristics which are compact, fun, and luxury. They’ve been designed and developed based on the “maximum touring pleasure with minimal footprint” philosophy, so you can bet you...
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Renault Twizy Cargo Is Especially Designed to Carry Goods Around The City

Twizy Cargo is the new addition in Renault Twizy family. It’s a new version designed specially to carry goods, you can tell from its large boot and door design. It’s a smart and fun way to delivery goods all around the city. As one of Europe’s best selling electric vehicles, Twizy presents cargo version that is able to accommodate a capacity of 75kg, the rear door opens up to 90-degree for easy access. The door features locking system that works with ignition key. This urban vehicle cou...
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Orbis Concept Car by Chris Storey

Orbis concept car was a final university project by Chris Storey. It’s a hybrid supercar that features innovative door mechanism that allows even people with mobility issues to easily drive this car. You can read what he has to say about this project below. This is a concept spots car I designed in 3d for my final University Project. It is supposed to be a super user friendly sports car, being aimed at all age category's. Whether you're 65 and have back/ arthritis problems, you can still easi...
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Figaro Concept Supercar by Ciprian Andrus

Ciprian Andrus has sent us his latest concept supercar, it’s called Figaro. It’s been designed based on modern elements which can be found in current Ferrari supercars. So, what do you think? Ferrari Figaro is a combination of classic design with modern elements that are found in current models from Ferrari. Classic line is maintained in the windshield and the headlights also central lines. Figaro is a concept with 4 seats, front engine with 12 cylinders with elements borrowed from other mo...
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Nissan ZEOD RC : World’s Fastest Electric Racing Car Yet

Nissan just unveiled Nissan ZEOD RC, it is claimed as the world’s fastest electric racing car that reaches the speed of more than 300km/h. ZEOD stands for Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car, it’s going make its debut at next year’s Le Mans 24 hour. Nissan was invited to compete at the 2013 Le Mans 24 hours by Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO), that event would be the perfect time to showcase new and innovative electric technology. Although this car will not show its power till next year, ...
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2-Seater Mobility Hybrid Concept Car with Spacious Cabin

This project is called Mobility Hybrid Concept Car, a 2-seater compact hybrid vehicle with spacious cabin where you can keep 2 collapsible pedelecs or pedal electric bikes under the boot. The batteries of these bikes can be charged in the car or a socket outlet, the bike and the car feature common design lines that reflect they are hybrids. The main goal by integrating pedelecs in the car is to provide higher individual mobility allowing you to easily adapt to traffic in the city or countrysi...
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Aston Martin CC100 Speedster Visionary Concept Car to Celebrate Aston Martin 100 Years Anniversary

Aston Martin CC100 Speedster is unique and visionary concept car as part Aston Martin’s celebration of its 100 years of achievement in bringing you sporting heritage and exceptional design. A stunning concept car that boasts resemblance with the legendary 1959 Le Mans and Nürburgring winning race car DBR1, enhanced with futuristic look shaped from same advanced materials and expert engineering. It took only 6 months to design and construct this car, it represents great example of Aston Mar...
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Lamborghini Egoista Concept Car to Celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th Anniversary

Spectacular supercar called Lamborghini Egoista has been designed by Walter De Silva, the Head of Design for Volkswagen Group, to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary. As Italian, De Silva feels pretty attached to Italian brand, therefore, he wanted to pay homage to and highlight the fact that Lamborghini cars have always been made with pure passion. If you take a look at Egoista, you’ll notice a jaw dropping car which is forged from a passion for innovation and solution, the same princi...
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Skoda Kite Electric Car Concept Was Inspired by Sport Kite

Skoda Kite was a school project to come up with an electric vehicle that represents the characteristic of ecological and agile driving system. The car should be iconic yet easy to recognize as part of Skoda brand, therefore, it features some characteristics of Skoda. The main design was inspired by the effectiveness and dynamic aesthetics of sport kite. It has unique trunk opening system while the durable textile along with flexible construction provides practical partial opening as well as t...
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GIUSEPPE : The Next-Generation F1 Machine Concept For 2025

We just got design submission from Jaemin Park, GIUSEPPE concept racing car is the next-generation F1 machine for 2025. You can read the designer explanation about this concept car here: This is the next-generation F1 machine design for the 2025 Mercedes AMG Petronas team. F1 racing is a sport in which the driver runs the car very fast up to 300 km/hour, I thought that machine’s stable posture is important during driving. Two independent flexible bodies are applied to this machine, instead of...
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Porsche 822 Compact by Emeric Baubant

This new Porsche 822 Compact is designed by Emeric Baubant from the Porsche Design Studio in Austria. The young student designer presents now the result of four months work. This compact car, rear engine, four real seats, flat 4 engine, biturbo is designed to be a close rival to the BMW 1M Series or Audi RS3, This work follows the car design process in order to conceive a credible new Porsche concept car combines sober style and advance clever details. Here you can find the design process illust...
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Compact Twizy Renault Sport F1 Concept Car With KERS Technology

A small yet muscular electric car, this is what Twizy Renault Sport F1 Concept Car’s all about. It has style and outstanding performance to become the bridge between the world of F1 technology and cars. It’s a single seater vehicle that sits on wheels of a race car and is equipped with side-pods, a front splitter, a nice rear wing, as well as a diffuser with F1-style rain light, so yeah, you can see the motor racing character in it. An eye catching vehicle indeed, but it’s more than tha...
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Futuristic TET City Car by Chao Gao

Futuristic TET City Car has been designed for both private and public use. The swing door style is hoped to attract new demand of young and modern generations. It’s a convertible car where the door also functions as structures for the canvas if passengers prefer to have some privacy. The work table at the rear can also be folded flat and combined with the back seat to form a nice bed. Equipped with futuristic dashboard, it looks like an interesting concept car. Designer : Chao Gao ...
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Renault Twin’Z Concept by Ross Lovegroove

Renault teamed up with Ross Lovegroove has unveiled this unique Renault Twin’z Concept at Triennale of Milano. This creation underlines Renault’s Design strategy to explore new design languages by examining our nature, they learn about nature’s system and energy. This project goal is to bring awareness and understanding of our actions that can impact nature. The main idea is to bring “playful” theme into your car, imagine a spacious cabin which is truly passenger friendly. The wheel...
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Future Personal Transportation System for India

With the challenges of global warming and rising fuel crisis, we need an alternative to fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Most Indians are still reluctant to change from fuel powered vehicles to electric one and this action has impacted the electric vehicle market. Future Personal Transportation System project has been designed to answer that challenge which hopefully can help the country in transition to more eco-friendly form of transportation. Designer : Sanu K R (more…)...
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