Renault Kwid Concept Car Comes With Flying Companion

Renault Kwid concept car was unveiled at the Delhi Auto Show, it’s a stylish and modern car that highlights Renault’s commitment to new markets such as India. It’s a proof of Renault’s ability to produce appealing products in small car segment. The overall exterior features fun design to target young customers in these markets, it also boasts technology driven features for the interior. The design of this futuristic car was based on inputs from Renault Design India, they know what the...
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Incubator Concept Car by Dong-woo Nam

Just like its name suggests, Incubator concept car was inspired by the work of incubation that provides ideal environmental condition to protect and keep premature infants warm. It’s been designed to help South Africa Wildlife Park’s managers to take care injured animals easier. Currently, they use Safari car as main transportation to drive through the meadow, but this car is ineffective when it comes to carry injured animal for treatment. Due to global warming, we need to maintain our ec...
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Bot Autonomous Cab by Chris Luchowiec

BOT autonomous cab is an ideal transportation for areas with relatively low population. It’s a future vision of a new transportation system that could replace cars since most people would prefer to use public transport for commuting. This concept car addresses the problem of lone car commuters, at the same time, it eliminates the waiting periods, last mile issues, and inflexibility. People will get to experience the same functionality of car without having to own one, it’s relatively cheap a...
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Twinway : A Mobility Solution for Serbia by Marko Lukovic

TwinWay is a concept vehicle submitted to Michelin Design Challenge to propose a mobility solution in Serbia. As the largest country in South Eastern Europe, Serbia is left behind in terms of technology, fortunately young people in Serbia are becoming more and more accustomed to electronic revolution that brings them all technical and technological progress and facilitates their daily life. This country is expected to have increased its transportation technology by tenfold in the beginning of...
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Toyota FT-1 Concept Car by Calty Design Research

Toyota has revealed stunning Toyota FT-1 concept car at the North American International Auto Show. The name itself FT-1 means “Future Toyota” where the number “1” represents the ultimate. It was formulated for the first time by Calty Design Research for Sony Playstation Gran Turismo game environment, then this concept sports car leapt from screen to the stage in a race-inspired press conference at COBO Hall. According to the designers, FT-1 has become the ultimate expression of a Toy...
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Yamaha Motor MOTIV.e Concept City Car by Gordon Murray Design

Yamaha Motor has unveiled MOTIV.e concept city car in collaboration with British design company, Gordon Murray Design. This is the era where urban traffic and environment demand for downsizing and fuel efficient vehicles. This city car project offers solution to those demands by utilizing advanced manufacturing and materials to deliver a new level of driving experience that resonates with Yamaha Motor Company DNA. MOTIV.e has been designed based on Yamaha Motor’s multi-wheel history and exp...
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Nissan Kaze Was Inspired by Streamline Movement of The 40’s and Combined with Formula One

Nissan Kaze is a futuristic concept car, a design study by Carlos Palacios. This wind inspired car is one of his projects for Spanish University, as some of you already know, the word Kaze means wind or breeze in Japanese. This concept car features a mid-rear 6.5L V12 engine, it also submitted to Spanish Design contest sponsored by Nissan and Autopista magazine where Carlos won the 3rd place. The main inspiration came from Streamline movement of the 40’s combined with the passion for Formula 1...
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Mercedes Benz SF1 Concept Car by Steel Drake

The first project of Steel Drake that we featured here was Vaum Watch, now we’d like to present you a concept design study Mercedes Benz SF1. It’s a sports car inspired by the iconic German automobile manufacturer, Mercedes Benz. The letter S means Sport and the letter F comes from German word “scharfsinn”, this project got a lot of attention from online car magazines and the web, thus, the designer decided to update this project so that everyone can finally see the final design of this ...
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ZOOX Level 4 Mobility Company Features Bi-Directionality Driving System

Eventually autonomous technology is going to replace our conventional car. Driverless car might be said a new technology to us, but you can read in the news, currently giant auto manufacturers are developing their autonomous technology, pushing technology forward to reduce road accidents with self-driving cars. Zoox Level 4 Mobility Company is an autonomous vehicle for the next generation. The unique Level 4 name is taken from a policy statement of US National Highway Traffic Safety Administr...
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Mazda Auto Adapt For The Year of 2025

In the future, majority of us have imagined driverless car, and Mazda wants to offer a future vision of 2025 car. Mazda Auto Adapt offers a futuristic car that is based on biological phenomenon of adaptation and especially how insects have adapted to their environment. This car has the ability to adapt from being fully autonomous to a manual machine, it’s been developed especially to those who are true drivers out there looking for excitement when driving with automobile. Designer : Mazda D...
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Ferrari Verus Concept Car by Andrus Ciprian

Ferrari Verus Concept Car is a design study by Andrus Ciprian as a competitor for Lamborghini Veneno. The arrow shaped front is pretty similar to Veneno along with razor-sharp lines and precise surfaces. This concept car is equipped with a V12 engine that produces 780HP and HY-KERS technology electric motor system which can be found in LaFerrari model. Ferrari Verus brings the aerodynamic efficiency of a racing prototype to the road. The fluid and innovative design combines elements from seve...
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Roewe Mobiliant Single-Seat Vehicle from SAIC Motors

SAIC Motors Roewe Mobiliant single-seat vehicle is inspired by ant’s unique body structure as well as the relationship between ants and trumpet trees. This futuristic vehicle has won LA Design Challenge 2013 for its innovative concept to tackle our urban traffic and pollution issue. Designed as urban public transit, this car improves both transportation and operation efficiency for greater urban ecological system, it acts as part of urban ecological cycle. The idea was to develop a brand new u...
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Nissan BladeGlider Concept Car Revolutionizes The Architecture of Our Conventional Vehicles

Debuting at Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan BladeGlider concept car is the latest future vision of Nissan e-vehicle. It was the result of exploring the prototype of Nissan ZEOD RC. Led by Francois Bancon, a division general manager of Product Strategy and Product Planning at Nissan, this project has resulted in a deltoid-shape vehicle with a narrow front track instead of the conventional shape which dominates the roads since earliest days of the internal combustion engine. This design certainly stands ...
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Toyota FV2 Futuristic Vehicle Doesn’t Use Steering Wheel, Shift Your Body to Steer!

Toyota has released several concept vehicles during 43rd Tokyo Motor Show, one of them is Toyota FV2 futuristic vehicle, the show will run from Nov 20 to Dec 1. This concept vehicle represents Toyota’s slogan “Fund to Drive, Again”, this is Toyota’s vision of our future mobility where the society values the joy of driving like never before. This project symbolizes Toyota’s efforts to contribute to future mobility while creating better vehicle that exceed expectations. In the future,...
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EZY Rider : Personal Vehicle for India’s Urban Traffic Condition

EZY Rider has been designed for India's urban traffic condition, it’s a 2-person personal vehicle. The posture of the driver and passenger when they ride this car adapt to make the interior feel spacious and airy, thanks to high headroom which was inspired by vehicles of the year years of Ford auto manufacturer. It’s an ideal compact vehicle for young professionals, college students, and adventurers (yes, this personal vehicle can go off-road as well). At the rear of EZY Rider, there’s a r...
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