Jaguar XK-I Concept Car by Mudit Gupta

Jaguar XK-I was a design study from Mudit Gupta to express his idea of translating the amazing Jaguar, a big cat in Panthera genus, into a car. Let's read what he says about this project. The project is called "Jaguar XK-I" where the letter I stands for image, I tried to interpret what is the core value and understanding towards a vehicle when someone calls the name Jaguar. The theme selected was light and iconic and to develop that I tried to do a light painting experiment with the help of ...
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Pininfarina Sergio Features Virtual Windscreen and Gull-Wing Doors

Pininfarina Sergio sports car is named after the man who was responsible for Ferrari for 40 years and conceived the iconic Ferrari classics. This amazing concept car has been designed and created in order to celebrate the great life of Sergio Pininfarina, a two-seater barchetta, futuristic, sporty, compact, yet pure and sensual. This is the real open air car inspired by 1965 dino berlinetta speciale, there’s no cupola installed to protect the passengers, thus 2 helmets should be worn when driv...
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Novague Eco Car Concept Is Inspired by Vintage Laurin & Klement Cars

Novague eco car concept is an environmentally friendly vehicle based on the characteristics of old Czech Laurin & Klement, a pre-war car manufacturer. As you can see here the retro design of Novague Eco car highlights the characteristics of this pioneering brand, a green car that emerges out of the elements of pre-war cars. This car boats innovative and high-tech system where individual parts such as tube car frame, narrow wheels, half-hood body, or exterior construction are all construct...
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Lamborghini Murcielago Bodykit Design by Ciprian Andrus

It’s been awhile since we heard from Ciprian Andrus, that’s why we are very pleased to feature his latest design with all of you. It’s a Lamborghini Murcielago Bodykit, let us know your opinion about this car modification ideas. This body kit brings the aerodynamic efficiency of a racing to the road. The form pursues of this modification is to bring exceptional dynamics, optimum downforce with minimal drag and perfect cooling of the high-performance engine. It has a cut arrow-shaped front...
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Toyota i-Road Personal Mobility Concept Features Great Maneuverability of A Motorcycle and The Comfort of A Car

If you love the maneuverability of a motorcycle but hate wearing all those safety gears or exposing yourself to the rain and cold, then Toyota i-Road personal mobility concept is the answer to your prayers. Introduced at the 83rd Geneva International Motor Show, this three-wheeler boasts motorcycle-like maneuverability yet with the comfort of a car. It is very ideal for short-distance urban travel and a great way to enjoy ride. This compact two-seater e-vehicle has been designed and developed...
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R1 Concept Car for 2030 by Nicholas Evans

R1 concept car for 2030 uses hydrogen fuel cell technology to produce zero emission vehicle, yep, an engine that burns pure hydrogen produces zero pollution. As you can see here, this future car features F1 box shaped body design, it’s definitely not conventional design that you’ve seen before. Instead of wheels, R1 users spheres for unparalleled control and turning, parking shouldn’t be an issue. Inside, R1 concept car offers spacious area for passengers where it can be customized acco...
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Gran Turismo E-motion Concept Racing Car Gets Your Heart Racing and Adrenaline Pumping

If you are a gamer, the chance is you are already familiar with Gran Turismo game. This car concept, Gran Turismo E-motion racing car is a project that brings virtual realistic concept based on the amusement of driving and racing in the game. The main objective of this concept was to design a dynamic vehicle for more heart pumping racing, this concept car is able to transform its mass distribution during the race following when you are in a turn, straight line or breaking phase. The main feat...
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P.F.U.V : Futuristic Personal Folding Urban Vehicle Concept for The Year of 2040

Designed for the year 2040 this vehicle solves a mayor problem for every city in the future, space. Only 30% longer than a standard bicycle, P.F.U.V (Personal Folding Urban Vehicle) has the ability of folding itself when not in use for reducing space to a minimum. When folded, this vehicle can be stacked in front of one another for parking. Most people use a big car for transporting only themselves from point A to B, and cars spend most of the day parked, wasting a lot of space. Utilizing ele...
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Gyro Two Wheeled Gyroscopically Stabilized Electric Vehicle by Carlos Pilonieta

Gyro has been designed as two wheeled gyroscopically stabilized electric vehicle. User can drive this futuristic vehicle electronically by allowing necessary movement from its high-tech cockpit. GPS, Bluetooth, internet, everything can be operated from a touch screen or voice command. Inside this car, you are connected to the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Future technology incorporated inside Gyro allows the driver to move forward, backward, and sideways. This car responds to electroni...
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V-Tent Solar Powered Charging and Protecting Unit by Hakan Gürsu

V-Tent system features eco-friendly parking system that protects as well as charges your vehicle. Each unit has collapsible canopy which can be used for both personal or public parking areas, together, they create a sustainable system for urban environment. The canopy provides large shade to prevent the heat of the sun, rain or snow from falling on your car, it helps prolong the life and maintenance cycle of your car in the long run. Designer : Hakan Gürsu (more…)...
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Three-Wheeled Car for Handicapped People or Senior Citizen with Limited Mobility

This project is about a three-wheeled car for handicapped people or senior citizen with limited mobility. The basic dimensions of the vehicle are 1793mm (W) x 3612mm (L) x 1800mm (H), the main frame is constructed of steel while the body uses fiberglass. This concept vehicle has been designed to accommodate 2 passengers and one of them on a wheelchair. This electric vehicle is able to travel up to 50mph with maximum speed of 65mph, the electric motor is located between the front wheels, while...
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Taxi BP : Future Taxi for Budapest by Dániel Ruppert

Taxi BP was a design project at University of Art and Design Budapest with “future city mobility” theme. The main body design of this car also considered Budapest traffic conditions and road construction. The goal is to create driverless mobility vehicle for big cities in the future, in this case 2046, it features elegance characteristic of old carriages to define a new experience for a taxi service in a smart concept. The interior features hi-tech navigation with driverless technologies,...
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Paraton-e Futuristic Vehicle Blurs The Line Between a Car and a Motorcycle

Paraton-e futuristic concept vehicle aims to amalgamate sustainable thinking with new material technologies to produce a vehicle that effectively fills the gap between car and motorcycle. Issues surrounding the sustainability of recurring urban commutes and increasing traffic congestion have been addressed. As such, this vehicle was conceived to be an ecologically sensitive solution that simultaneously responds to the high comfort demands of a downsizing car owner demographic. Reinforced shape m...
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Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Redefines The Meaning of Futuristic Sports Car

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento tries to redefine the meaning of futuristic sports car with its limited special edition. This concept boasts an extremely lightweight body thank you to carbon-fiber technology, the overall weight is just less than 2,202 lob or 999 kilograms and this already include all-wheel drive and V10 power unit. This car is able to reach 570 hp, sensational power-to-weight ratio for only 1,75kg/hp and the acceleration from 0 to 62mph takes only 2.5 seconds. You can definitely feel...
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eLink Concept Vehicle by Jorge Biosca Martí

eLink concept vehicle has won Michelin Design Challenge 2013 with its unique concept based on the theme “Half! Lightweight with Passion”. In the future, driving a car will become an expensive lifestyle due to the rising fuel costs, tolls and parking fees, especially in the city. Driving is not enjoyable anymore, it becomes less fun due to crowded street, there won’t enough parking spaces as well. People would look for alternative transportation, fun and eco friendly to travel long distance...
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