Cat Hilt Active Lifestyle Vehicle by Vasilatos Ianis

CAT Hilt Active Lifestyle Vehicle has been designed for Active Lifestyle competition, since we all want to find a vehicle that meets all needs of our lifestyle, whether you are a swimmer, mountain biker, kayaker, soccer mom, runner, or a hockey dad. This concept vehicle offers a badass transportation that meets your needs without compromising aesthetics or comfort. The competition was supported by in conjunction with the 2013 Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year Awards and Local ...
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Skoda Ago EXPO Taxi Is A Green Microcar Concept Taxi for World EXPO 2015

Skoda Ago EXPO Taxi is an experimental concept taxi designed by Maxim Shershnev and Tigran Lalayan. The concept was developed at Scuola Politecnica di Design (SPD) in Milan during the Master course in Transportation and Car Design 2011/12 held in collaboration with Volkswagen Group Design. The workshop was about reflecting on transportation issues related to the upcoming World EXPO in 2015, supposed to attract 130 participating countries and about 20 million visitors. This project is based on th...
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Honda R-EV : Racing Electric Vehicle Concept for Asian Teen Market

Honda R-EV is a compact concept study sports car that targets urban Asian teen market. It’s been designed to provide young professionals and teenagers with excitement and self-expression through personalization feature. R-EV (racing electric vehicle) is an ideal car for cruising in the city as well as racing, it offers a personal space for social activity as well. This project focuses on teenagers’ social media and literacy in the virtual world, it’s been designed as a collaboration betwee...
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Birò Personal Electric Vehicle with Removable Battery

Cruising in the city is easier when you ride Birò Personal Electric Vehicle. Its compact size makes it easy to navigate through urban traffic as well as park in scooter spaces, practical and smart. You can save a lot of time and be in a place you need to be on-time, this vehicle can hold your stuff inside its internal compartments, spacious enough to carry items for your everyday life. Even though it features compact body, it’s been designed with 2 seats, side by side, so that you can travel ...
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2014 Bugatti 12.4 Atlantique Concept Car by Alan Guerzoni

2014 Bugatti 12.4 Atlantique Concept Car is a design study by Alan Guerzoni to visualize the future of Bugatti cars if it had been stayed in Italy. You can read his explanation below. Bugatti Veyron in an amazing supercar and technically could one of best of in the World, but in my opinion there’s a lack of passion. My question is: what if, 15 years ago, just after the EB110, Bugatti Automobili has been rested in Italy? This is the result, a future projected car inspired to an important ances...
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Nissan Nismo Smartwatch Connects Driver to The Car

Nissan has released Nismo Smartwatch concept that will be the world’s first smartwatch to connect a driver to the car and provide them with real time biometric data. This is the first step from Nissan to enter the world of wearable technology and epitomizes its “fan first” approach to performance. What does Nismo do for drivers? Well, it monitors efficiency of vehicle with average speed and fuel consumption readings, accesses vehicle performance data while on track, captures biometric data...
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2030 Rolls Royce Eidolon Concept Car with Omni Wheel Technology for Better Maneuverability

Futuristic 2030 Rolls Royce Eidolon concept car features unique seating layout to demonstrate how users can drive and interact within the vehicle, thanks to autonomous technology equipped in the car. It’s a design study that was inspired by the luxury brand as most wealthy people love to be seen in large luxury cars even though they have to face city maneuverability issues. This concept car solves the issues with omni wheel technology, it creases its dimensions without compromising its maneuve...
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Mercedes SL GTR Concept Car by Mark Hostler

The Mercedes SL GTR is a concept study of a Mercedes Benz homologation special for the 21st century. Designed by Mark Hostler, this concept car aims to offer rider with purest expression of road car driving feel and performance. The design incorporates race car chassis technology, race suspension, carbon ceramic brakes, racing tires and a Nismo designed 5.5 liter v8 race engine from Nissan GTR GT1 race car. Cutting edge aerodynamics combined with sharp Mercedes Benz styling creates a car with an...
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nThree Electric Vehicle Offers The Comfort of A Car with The Cost of An E-Bike

nThree electric vehicle aims to provide you with affordable, personal vehicle that features the comfort of a car yet with the cost of an e-bike. It sounds pretty ambitious and interesting, doesn’t it? Let’s read what these designers have to say about the project. Following the recent electric revolution of lightweight vehicles around the world, the nThree is a new design, following the very successful nCycle e-bike concept. With the irreversible process of global economies turning towards...
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Armadillo-T Foldable Micro Electric Car by KAIST

KAIST has designed Armadillo-T, a compact foldable micro electric car that makes parking easier at busy hours. It folds in half when parked, making this car an ideal alternative for public or private transportation in an urban environment. Being stuck on traffic with your car releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide are familiar scenes for city dwellers, the team at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed a solution to tackle the issue. As the name suggests, it ...
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Caravisio Concept Caravan by Knaus Tabbert

Caravisio Concept Caravan from Knaus Tabbert is a project to raise the interest for camping which unfortunately has been declining for years. Caravanning industry has offered new and interesting concepts to encourage people to enjoy camping as a form of holiday making, but unfortunately those caravan concepts stay just concepts. This time, Caravisio takes different approach to provoke thought and solve problems faced by travelers, it’s a caravan of the future. Caravisio concept caravan has ...
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Rally King Concept Car by Tony Chen

Audi Rally King is a concept study by Tony Chen to visualize what if Audi became the next Dakar Rally champion. This automotive designer has come up with awesome Q3 sized vehicle with e-tron technology and Quattro 4 wheel drive. Rally King will make Audi’s Q-Line of SUVs become fully capable of any terrain, the driver would ride this vehicle to dare difficult and challenging terrains with confident. This concept car takes luxury brand SUVs to a new level in its class. Designer : Tony Chen ...
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Lamborghini Diamante Concept for The Year of 2023

Lamborghini Diamante concept was inspired by the cut of a Diamond and aggressive/powerful lines of a sportscar. It’s a design study by Thomas Granjard for the year of 2023 where oil might already be used up while mobility will continue to exist. This electric car has been designed to boast flat, fast, and extreme features that set everyone ready for great experience without polluting the earth. Diamonds are known as valuable mineral in the world that represents the image of luxury, pure, natur...
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Compact KIA Niro Concept Car with Butterfly Doors

KIA will unveil its latest dramatic KIA Niro concept car at 65th Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) in Frankfurt. It will be shown together with other European automakers’ cars for a potential new B-segment model. This concept car is ready to take on the urban environment with style, you will view innovative new powertrain and futuristic dashboard. Under the direction of Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Europe, this project was designed at Kia’s Frankfurt design studio which is loca...
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Futuristic Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro for Ender’s Game Movie

Innovative, futuristic, cutting-edge design of Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro will be displayed at Ender’s Game Movie, a virtual car based on Orson Scott Card’s bestselling novel. This virtual car represents futuristic design and ground breaking technology, it’s been designed exclusively for the movie. Thanks to the latest technology, this virtual car can be seamlessly integrated into futuristic environment of the film. Frank Rimilli, the chief designer of this film project, explains that d...
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