Opel GT Concept Car Features Panorama Glass Roof and Electric Doors

General Motors has announced their latest concept Opel GT. This looks like modern version of the iconic sports car built around early 70s. Opel GT concept car boasts avant-garde yet puristic design, reduced to its bare essentials. You’ll find smoot...
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Manifesto Concept Car Won Ferrari Top Design School Challenge 2015

The winner of Ferrari Top Design School Challenge 2015 has been announced, Manifesto has been awarded the first place. The second and the third place would be FL and de Esfera, all these submissions aim to demonstrate the Ferraris in 2040. The jury d...
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ELK Electric Concept Car – A Design Proposal for Mercedes Benz

Antonio Paglia, an Italian automotive designer, has design a concept car as proposal for Mercedes Benz. ELK is an electric concept car with compact body and futuristic design, it looks like there are no passengers' windows, perhaps they are replaced ...
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United Nude Lo Res Concept Car Is The Result of Lowering 3D Resolution of Lamborghini Countach

One of reasons United Nude won a 2016 Wallpaper Design Award was ignoring all standard rules of car design. United Nude Lo Res Concept Car is one of United Nude Lo Res project that started few years ago, it has become an important signature of the br...
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Seat ANT Concept Car for The Year of 2030

Seat ANT is a design proposal for a Spanish automobile manufacturer, it’s a small, personal car for busy city streets. This concept futuristic car is an ideal vehicle to tackle traffic jams as well as parking space problem in not so distant future....
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Volkswagen Budd-e Electric Concept Microbus Features Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB) Platform

Volkswagen Budd-e concept microbus is your perfect buddy for a road trip. This electric car concept offers you a glimpse of next generation connectivity and infotainment in one attractive package. This is the first VW that’s developed based on new ...
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Rinspeed Drone Equipped Etos Autonomous Concept Car With Retractable Steering Wheel

Σtos a.k.a Etos is futuristic concept car from Rinspeed that demonstrates future possibilities of self-driving car. When you are in this car, you are on the road with your personal autopilot and drone. It is predicted that digital world would provid...
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BMW i Vision Future Interaction Concept Is A Smart, Fully Connected Car

Automotive industry is getting more and more interesting, every company aims to bring fully connected car with gesture controlled cockpit. BMW presents you with I Vision Future Interaction, it’s a concept car that offers a glimpse of future network...
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Williams FW38 Concept F1 Car by Olcay Tuncay Karabulut

Williams FW38 Concept F1 Car is a design study of future F1 car after rule changes in 2017. These new changes are meant to make the car even faster, more challenging to drive, and more passing. Olcay Tuncay Karabulut submitted his idea of redesigned ...
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Citroen DS Revival Concept Car by Jean-Louis Bui

Jean-Louis Bui, a French designer with over 25 years of experience in the design and engineering of automobiles, has submitted his latest work to Tuvie. Working at Etud-integral, a Paris based company dedicated to the production of functional prototy...
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Citroen e-Mehari : 4-Seater Cabriolet with Modern and Stylish Design

Inspired by the history of the brand, e-Mehari has been designed based on the 1968 Mehari but a bit squarely on the future. It features bright color options, all-electric 4-seater cabriolet with modern and cool styling and through new stage of partne...
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McLaren MP4-X Conceptual Vision for Future of Motorsport Technology

McLaren MP4-X is a future vision of McLaren’s motorsport technology. McLaren’s Formula 1 race strategists think many laps ahead when planning a grand prix pit stop, including the engineers that build high-performance road cars for next generation...
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LM3D Swim : World’s First 3D-Printed Car Series by Local Motors

LM3D Swim is the world’s first 3D printed car series released by Local Motors. This concept project is showcased to the automotive world at SEMA in Las Vegas 2015. In just less than 4 months after revealing designs for next gen 3D-printed car, this...
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Hudway Glass Head-Up Display Connects to Your Smartphone to Project Information You Need While Driving

Turn your smartphone functionalities into a cool head-up display. Hudway Glass Head-Up Display is a universal vehicle accessory that turns your smartphone into a HUD, providing comfort and safety to a driver. The company believes that automotive HUDs...
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Semi Closed Concept Canopy for F1 Car by Matus Prochaczka

Remember the first semi closed canopy concept from Matus Prochaczka? This time, he has submitted another version of this project based on some fans suggestion. It’s the same semi-closed canopy but this time he converted the Indy version to F1. It...
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