Pinifarina Sintesi Concept is Revealed

Finally, Pinifarina Sintesi is fully revealed and gong to on display at Geneva Motor Show 2008. Sintesi concept car is a four door vehicle with an advanced fuel cell power source. The Sintesi (means 'synthesis' in Italian) which describe the attribut...
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Daihatsu Car Concept from Renze Rispens Internship

The idea behind this Daihatsu car concept design was the monospace nature of this concept can gives the interior a spacious feeling, which is further enhanced by the large (plexi) glass windows and the small luggage area. In the big cities, space is ...
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Alfa Romeo 8C Spider Concept

Alfa Romeo will unveil their 8C Spider car concept at Geneva Motor Show, this car will be produced a limited series of only 500 units. Powered by 4.7 liters V8 engine (just like the coup? counterpart), 8C spider can delivers 450 hp and is coupled wit...
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sQuba – Underwater Car Concept from Rinspeed

Rinspeed, swiss design company once again unveiled its eccentric concepts : sQuba, an underwater car. They unveiled its project today and will display it at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show. The concept of sQuba is an amphibious car, you can drive it on th...
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Skylift – Future Boarding System for Aircraft

Skylift is a self-propelled boarding system for aircraft, no more the old boarding bridge. This future boarding system was designed for safety, speed and capacity with two elevators and a bridge to provide the best possible conditions of comfort for ...
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City[Zen] Multifunctional Urban Vehicle Concept

The cities are getting overpopulated, which mean the problem of parking is getting worst. City[zen] vehicle concept is trying to help solving that problem plus the combination of comfortable driving in different styles. City[zen] can adapt to various...
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Future Urban Transport : Car On A Stick

Car on stick as your future urban transport. Those bubble-shaped cars are powered by solar canopies on the roof, very fascinating imagination isn't it? At night, the bubble cars are stored atop telescopic poles, we can use parked vehicles to provide ...
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Will Nestt Replace Traditional Car Seat ?

Nestt aims as the best car seat in the world. The idea came from traditional car seat that feel uncomfortable when parents try to wrestle a child, the typical seat's drab aesthetic does little to compliment a lush car interior. Deriving its primary f...
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Crossover Vehicle, Cadillac Provoq Hydrogen Fuel Cell Concept

What a luxurious crossover vehicle from Cadillac Provoq hydrogen fuel cell concept. With lithium-ion battery, cadillac provoq can achieve 300 mile range, 100 mph top-speed. Built on E-Flex system, cadillac provoq hydrogen fuel cell concept means usin...
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Tracer HUD – Speed Monitoring System

As of late, young motorists have become a target in the media due to their high fatality rate as a result of speeding. Tracer HUD is an after market HUD projection and speed monitoring system designed for use by motorists under the age of 25. Utilizi...
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Go Green with Loremo LS : A Sporty Low Emissions Vehicle

The car industry realized that they need to pay more attention to the serious demand of green vehicles. And in 2008, I'm pretty sure that we'll see plenty of new concepts and vehicles that will change the way we move around. Loremo LS is based on ...
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Futuristic Volkswagen Viseo Concept Car by Marc Kirsch

The Volkswagen Viseo is a futuristic concept vehicle created by Marc Kirsch for his final project in Industrial Design at Braunschweig University of Arts. For his Viseo concept Marc Kirsch was inspired by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava's work. ...
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Zero : An Eco Friendly Vehicle

To address the increasing verticality of urban centers and the zero impact mentality, Natalie Bonebrake started by raising the transport of the terrain thus removing its footprint. The vehicle hangs from a magnetic levitation track; this removes the ...
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Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Eco-D Concept Dump Truck From Tokyo Motor Show ’07

The concept car that brought to you by famous manufacturer are usually reserved for sport cars, but Mitsubishi is showing you a different next generation of a car that you prefer not to see ... dump truck concept. Mitsubishi fuso canter dump truck co...
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Audi Virtuea Quattro Concept

Audi tried to combine hydrogen-powered concept with artificial intelligent, one seat only, this car has the ability to drive by itself without any help from the driver. Skinned in chrome, the Virtuea Quattro is powered by hydrogen somehow (details ap...
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