Audi Snook Futuristic Car Concept

Just for your information before you say "No" to this new Audi Snook concept, Audi Snook has won the Michelin Challenge Design Award 2008 at the Detroit Autoshow 2008. Designed by Tilmann Schlootz, German designer, this Snook concept is original and ...
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City Transport Cell Concept for 2020

City Transport Cell (CTC) is a new concept car for navigating in the city. Built for the year 2020 it is a flexible and easy to navigate car in the hectic urban live. All the exterior parts are easy to maintain due to CTC’s flexible puzzle idea. Al...
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Mazda Taiki Concept Car

Mazda is going to show off its latest concept car called Mazda Taiki at 2008 Beijing International Motor Show. If you are looking at the curvaceous shape of Mazda Taiki, then you should understand the statement of "inspired by the shape and flow of t...
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Porsche Design Gravity Car by 3dyn

This gravity car is designed by Mark Clarke (Senior Designer at Porsche Design) and 3dyn brought the car into reality. 3dyn took their surface data to create high density foam master models, high temperature fiberglass molds, and finally pre-preg car...
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Scion Hako Coupe Concept by Tokyo Design Division

Scion, Toyota's youth brand, has launched its concept at the New York Auto Show, Hako Coupe concept. At first sight, this car might look like a classic car for you, but the inside is fully futuristic. Designed by Tokyo Design Division, this Hako Coup...
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Silbervogel Gravity Racing Car by Jakob Hirzel

The Silbervogel is a gravity racing car without engine, designed for the Xtreme Gravity Series in Irvine, California. The aim of this design was to catch the spirits of tradition, innovation and competition. The flowing language of the main body brea...
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Pontiac Solstice Coupe for 2009

Pontiac Solstice Coupe is one of the three coming soon cars from Pontiac, a natural development of the Solstice Roadster. If you love open-air experience, you need to know that this coupe features a removable roof panel, fully opening the cockpit to ...
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Tesla Roadster, a Fully Electric Sportscar Goes Into Production

Good news ! Tesla Motor has announced that they are going to produce Tesla Roadster. It is also said that all 2008 models scheduled for production have already been ordered for just under $100,000 each. You can start your reservation for 2009 model. ...
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Lumeneo Smera Car Concept : Combination of Car and Motorcycle

Still in a form of concept, Lumeneo Smera is all electric city car with scooter sized and one seat only, well not actually one seat, but you have to choose to carry a passanger or luggage, you can't have both. The ability to go 93 miles on a single c...
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Green Car : Hydrogen Fuel Morgan Life Car

Another green car for Geneva Motor Show, here's an amazing hydrogen powered car : the Morgan Life Car, stunning design and at the same time environmental friendly. I think 2008 will be filled with new design of green car technology, this Life Car is ...
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Lighting GT : First UK’s Electric Sportscar for 2008

Finally, lighting car company has released the first UK's electric sportscar, the Ligtning GT. The focus point of this sportscar is not the top speed, but rather its electric power that will deliver 700+ HP from its wheel-mounted electric motors char...
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Webasto LigHT Concept Car : The Roof of The Future

This convertible car designed by Italian IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) and inspired by the Fiat 124 Sport Spider from the 1970s. Webasto LigHT concept features lightweight soft top concept which made from new material mix and weight of just 13 kg....
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Pinifarina Sintesi Concept is Revealed

Finally, Pinifarina Sintesi is fully revealed and gong to on display at Geneva Motor Show 2008. Sintesi concept car is a four door vehicle with an advanced fuel cell power source. The Sintesi (means 'synthesis' in Italian) which describe the attribut...
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Daihatsu Car Concept from Renze Rispens Internship

The idea behind this Daihatsu car concept design was the monospace nature of this concept can gives the interior a spacious feeling, which is further enhanced by the large (plexi) glass windows and the small luggage area. In the big cities, space is ...
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Alfa Romeo 8C Spider Concept

Alfa Romeo will unveil their 8C Spider car concept at Geneva Motor Show, this car will be produced a limited series of only 500 units. Powered by 4.7 liters V8 engine (just like the coup? counterpart), 8C spider can delivers 450 hp and is coupled wit...
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