Panorama Car Design Features Transparent Body For Great Panoramic Views

Panorama car is a mid sized concept vehicle for near future, with best space and living quality features. The Panorama name highlights the open view of its surrounding offered to passengers by the wide glass surfaces of the body, enhancing their trav...
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Black Coffin Car Design by Imran Othman

The Black Coffin car design motto is live fast die young. We think the designer is not trying to suggest you to die from speeding. On the contrary, he is trying to warn you. Speed thrills but speed kills if you don’t have the power to control it. I...
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Lotus Ephemer Concept Car by Maël Oberkampf

After BMW M-Zero design, this automotive designer wanted to design a car that could remind everyone of beautiful sea creatures such as sharks or manta-rays. That’s when Lotus Ephemer concept car born. Ephemer is an aggressive yet beautiful roadster...
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Solis Solar Powered Vehicle That Contributes Electricity To The City

The challenge of this project was to create a vehicle that we could park easily in a highly populated area. Solis is a solar powered commuter vehicle features semi-transparent solar panels on doors and roofing to generate electric power which is stor...
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Helix Wind Generating Roadster by Minchul Kim

Helix is a new proposal of electric Roadster that breaks old stigmas of inefficiency and wasted mobility. This vehicle explores a new way to generate energy to power an electric vehicle by using energy re-generatively under braking. Helix is a concep...
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Supersonic Futuristic Car by Marko Lukovic

The Supersonic is developed by Marko Lukovic of Serbia, a professor of industrial design. The structural design of SUPERSONIC is very essential and unique compared to other cars. Supersonic can carry two people seated one behind the other. It's been ...
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Compact Camper Van by John Bridge

Most campervans are usually bulky and not easy to navigate. This Compact Camper Van design tries to change the scale of the traditional camper van yet still provide the user all the essential facilities required for short stay coastal breaks. The asy...
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Maininki Concept Car Was Inspired by A Swell and A Drop Of Water

Maininki has been designed to meet the transportation demand, varying distances and seasons in Nordic countries. A luxury sedan yet compact as a hatchback that offers an environmental option is needed. From the start of designing this car, the design...
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XSense Futuristic Personal Vehicle For Future Young People of Tokyo

The XSense Futuristic Personal Vehicle is designed by Shinsuke Aizawa from Japan who is currently studying at Tokyo Communication Art stirring to become an automotive designer. He got an Architecture degree from the Oyama National College. He also ha...
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Ecco Solar Powered Futuristic Car Is A Shiny Aluminum Pod For Traveling

Ecco is a concept car, designed primarily for a wacky ultramodern camper for tech-horny hippies. Resembling either a gigantic Brancusi or a sperm, Ecco's silhouette cuts back on wind resistance with its elongated profile making the entire thing soar ...
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Aqos Le Mans Is The Ultimate Power Machine With Great Balance of Body and Soul

Aqos is an ultimate car designed with no limits and great balance of body and soul. It arises out a pursuit for beauty and excellence in car design. I really hope this could be the next Batmobile for Batman. It is a kind of car that cannot be improve...
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BMW 328 Hommage Concept Car Design Was Inspired by The Legendary 328 Model

BMW has launched the 328 Hommage concept, a design study concerned with a speedster, at the Villa d’Este. Taking its inspiration from the legendary 328 model, some of its awe-inspiring features include carbon-fiber body with asymmetric windscreen. ...
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One-Person Hybrid Vehicle For Recreational Use by Facundo Elias

This futuristic vehicle is an excellent one-hybrid vehicle developed mainly to carry 2 different technologies including one for combustion and other one for an electric. In terms of the vehicle's internal combustion engine, it features 160 cc 4-strok...
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Habitat+ Future Personal Transportation Is Adaptable and Customizable

Comfortable personal transportation is what everyone would seek for. A good transportation has to offer the user with an innovative driving experience. Among other vehicles, Habitat+ satisfies user's needs and is certainly the future of personal mobi...
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Logma Small Car Design With Lambo Style Doors

Logma is a small car design with 2 doors in Lambo style. According to Dr Hussien Al Jammazi, the word Logma itself means the small piece of food. The body is constructed from carbon fiber, the electric engines are installed on the front wheels. The s...
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