Kinetia LMX Racing Car Features Gull Wing Doors and Curvaceous Body

As a result of a challenge taken against a senior who argued that a curved car cannot be made in solid works, the Kinetia LMX has been designed. The designer, who was very much inspired by the photos of Le-Mans race, made up his mind to design a slig...
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Taxi Green Mumbai Provides Green Solution For The Inner City

In the center of Mumbai, India, gas-driven Rickshaws are prohibited because of their noise and their pollution. By combining an electric drivetrain, which is supposed to be funded by the government, with a network of solar filling stations, Taxi Gree...
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VW Einsplus Interior Design Concept For 2020

How the interior car should be designed? Take a look at VW Einsplus concept. A car is no longer just for driving anymore, it has become a lifestyle. Assuming in the year 2020, our vehicle will be intelligent enough to literally drive themselves in ce...
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Audi RH Combines A Zero Emission Hydrogen Engine Concept With Extreme Lightweight Technology

I’ve been enjoying driving from the moment I learned how to drive a car. I used to enjoy my daily morning drive to work when I was still an employee. Fresh air in the morning, not so crowded street, listening to soft music from the radio, a perfect...
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AReal Atom Vehicle by Imran Othman

Some countries now have nuclear facilities. Will it be possible to design a vehicle that runs on nuclear in the future? Well, anything is possible. Nuclear has always been a solution to our energy problem and I'm sure we can create new advanced techn...
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Peugeot Aureon Futuristic Car Features Innovative Design With Great Performance

I tried hard but couldn’t recall the name of the movie where I’ve seen an alien spaceship which resembles a lot with the body of the Peugeot Aureon concept car but I am sure some of the readers can. Peugeot Aureon is an innovative electric car...
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Volvo Air Motion Racing Car Powered by Air Turbines

You can feel your adrenaline rush in this racing car without using a single drop of gasoline. Volvo Air Motion offers you a lightweight racing car designed like a clam shell and sculptured from ultra light carbon fiber. The main philosophy behind thi...
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Honda Air : A Vision Of The Future Vehicle For Aggresive Lifestyle

Honda Air gives you a vision of the future lightweight and alternative fuel performance vehicle for the aggressive lifestyle. Just like its name, this vehicle is powered by a compressed air and pneumatic regulator system, it was inspired by the moder...
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Nissan Townpod Has Been Designed For Future Entrepreneurs

In the future, our working and living lifestyle will evolve with the opportunities afforded by the digital age. A new generation of entrepreneur will be born, these new professionals prefer to work for themselves from their own homes. The lines betwe...
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Citroën Lacoste Concept Is Your Stylish and Fashionable Future Transportation

Citroën and Lacoste have worked together to create stylish, funky, and creative transportation. Citroën Lacoste Concept is a unique car design as the result of two big names sharing the same vision. Lacoste, a famous French clothing brand has added...
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Mob Sports Car Is Made From Liquid Wood

The Mob is an extreme racing sports car proposal for Toyota by Jorge Martí Vidal, an automotive designer. This concept car is evolving into the Möbius strip. Two films that create the whole structure of the vehicle, external and internal, forming t...
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Luxury Alfa Romeo Spogliato Sports Car Brings Back The ’40s

Luxurious Alfa Romeo Spogliato sports car is designed specifically for sports events. Gaëtan Francq, an automotive designer, attempted to bring the racing car's style of the '40s back in this car design. The body of the car is made from carbon fiber...
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Moving Around Campus Is Easier With Campus Eco Car

When I was in college, I hated walking from building to building to take my classes in such hot weather. I wish my college had this Campus Eco Car. This small 2 seat electric car is designed specifically for campus. The designer was inspired by the s...
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Kia Electric Pop Concept Car : Compact, Lightweight, and Green

As usual, Kia Motors will unveil its new conceptual future electric car to answer future demands of compact, eco friendly, and futuristic transportation at the Paris Show on September 30th. Kia Electric Pop is an all new electric concept car with inn...
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AMV-R : The Result Of Combining German And Italian Design Into A Supercar

If you are wondering how much this costs or how long you have to wait for its creation and delivery, i have to say, unfortunately this exotic beauty is not a prototype, nor it's planned for production. The AMV-R, as the designer by the name of Alexei...
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