Toyota TS030 Hybrid 2012 for Le Mans Challenger

Toyota TS030 Hybrid 2012 for Le Mans Challenger has been revealed. In front of a lot of media, Kazuki Nakajima drove TS030 hybrid for the first time with a short installation stint. This hybrid racing car features an unusual element for endurance rac...
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E-Vul Electric Car Concept for The Year of 2030

According to Berkeley Study, a university of California, by the year of 2030, most of us will be driving electric cars. Maybe that’s why this concept, E-Vul electric car, is dedicated for the year of 2030. This electric-powered vehicle concept was ...
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The SHELL Pre-Alternative Fuel Car by Imran Othman

SHELL Pre-Alternative Fuel Car as you can see from its name, it was inspired by a Shell. The main goal of this project is kinda unique. When we desperately try to reduce our gas consumption, this vehicle tries to speed up the process of gasoline cons...
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Mercedes SLK Aphelios Was Inspired by The Endemic Species of Macedonia, Ohrid Trout

Mercedes SLK Aphelios was inspired by Ohrid trout, endemic species in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia. Apostol Tnokovski designed this concept car as part of Macedonian Mercedes Design Contest. It’s a futuristic sports car with fluid body design to give you ...
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Mercedes Benz Futuristic Dice Dashboard Concept

Mercedes Benz has unveiled their futuristic DICE dashboard concept during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The demonstration provides vision of the future of interactive and intuitive dashboard in premium automobiles. DICE (Dynamic & I...
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Toyota Fun-Vii Concept Features Augmented Reality Technology and Futuristic Navigation System

Toyota releases their vision for not-too-distant future vehicle called Toyota Fun-Vii which redefines the way people, cars, and society are connected. Mobility definitely can change the world. You can personalize this vehicle by changing the exterior...
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Nissan Guardian All-Terrain Vehicle Design For The Year of 2030

Nissan Guardian concept was an all-terrain vehicle design proposal for Yu-lon Nissan's "Future Car Concept Design" in Taiwan. These automotive designers will take you to the year of 2030 where MRT system will be completely developed in major countrie...
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2+ Ultimate City Vehicle For Future Megacity

2+ Ultimate City Vehicle has been designed for future megacity. This electric vehicle boasts compact size, spacious interior, super flexible and of course stylish body design. The unique innovative inwheel-motors system allows the wheels to turn 90-d...
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Mercedes-Benz Aero Trailer Concept : Drastically Reducing Wind Resistance and Fuel Consumption of Semitrailer Tractors

Mercedes-Benz Aero Trailer is a design study from Mercedes-Benz to develop a new generation of aerodynamic trailer that features 18% less wind resistance and reduce fuel consumption by 5%. The objective of this design study is to show to the world th...
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Honda Micro Commuter : Compact Futuristic Electric City Commuter with Joystick Steering System

Honda has announced its new concept automobiles for the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011 and one of them is Honda Micro Commuter concept. This vehicle is a micro-sized futuristic electric city commuter to provide high accessible form of mobility in the fut...
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Bridgestone Airless Tire : No More Flat Tires!

In the future, there’s a possibility that you will no longer have flat tires, ever! Bridgestone Crop has developed a new tire technology which no longer relies on air pressure like our existing tires. If Bridgestone airless tire technology could be...
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Mercedes-Benz Smart 341 Parkour Wins Los Angeles Design Challenge 2011

Smart 341 Parkour concept features not only futuristic design but also interesting reporter story. Because this year, LA Design Challenge was not just about designing and developing car of the future, but also inventing a story worthy of Hollywood. T...
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Pandur 2L Concept Features 2 Vehicles with Electromagnetic Propulsion System

Pandur 2L project consists of 2 vehicles that utilize electromagnetic propulsion system. As you can see from this vehicle design, the wheel system involves the movement of a sphere inside a shell to minimize friction and maximize the vehicle speed. T...
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Aeolus Hybrid Subcompact Vehicle : City Car Concept For The Future

In order to meet the demand of aggressive future city lifestyle, Aeolus hybrid subcompact vehicle was born. This electric vehicle concept was designed under supervision of Chengdu Gaoyuan Automobile Industry Co.Ltd, a brach of Geely. It is a lightwei...
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Mercedes Benz SILK: Electric Sports Coupe with Pedestrian Warning System

Mercedes Benz SILk is a degree project of Hyoungsoo Kim, a transportation designer. Based on today’s technology where cars are headed at, in the future electric cars would dominate the road. Therefore, this designer decided to create a new and dist...
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