Peugeot Seed Eco Friendly Car Concept

The Peugeot Seed Concept is designed by Andrew Kim and the main idea behind this concept is eco-friendly vehicle. The Seeds uses only electricity for power which is provided by solar panels. This car doesn't have windows but has cameras to show the surrounding to the driver. Its air flow system is awesome. It is passive and eco-friendly cooling system that doesn't require heavy parts that raise energy consumption. The best thing about this vehicle is that there is no glass window but has a wrap ...
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Futuristic Three Wheel Car Concept by Matus Prochaczka

Three wheel magnetic car concept from Matus Prochaczka is an unseen and unbelievable vehicle that can make you go crazy on roads. He has named it MAG magnetic vehicle concept that runs on magnetic power and uses an electric engine that has a polarity. Its shape is similar to a 'Whale coming towards you with an open mouth'. It is a 2-seater vehicle and definitely a unique design which you can not even imagine in your dreams. Not only this, MAG is also a winner of the Unseen Technology award at th...
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This Could Be The Future of Citroen 2CV Car

This Citroen concept car has just entered from future for all Citroen 2CV lovers. This concept is designed by David Portela to present a classic model. You will get what you can expect from Citroen 2CV such as the same curved bonnet, hunk sides, roofed rear wheels and much more. Not only this, this futuristic robo-car also features modernistic panoramic windows and steampunky exteriors. Once you have this on the road, you will surely have a feeling of uniqueness and unbelievable. So, get ready ...
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RCA Sleek, Super Cool, Sustainable and Futuristic Concept Cars

Have you ever imagined driving a super cool car on your city roads that can knock out others? Well, RCA have unveiled sleek sustainable concept cars composed of aerodynamic glass or with a split framework mimicking a motorcycle and sidecar. The Royal College of Arts has recently showcased auto designs which are sleek and cutting edge concepts ready to steal your heart away. Their display included electric engines to ultra-lightweight materials to driver less navigation system. Most of the cars a...
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BRB Evolution Folding Car Concept

This car concept is called BRB Evolution, because it has the ability of this car to fold up to 50% of its original size. Daniel Bailey, the designer, figured the two of the main problems of the future in big cities would be the pollution and over population, he wanted to design a car which powered by electricity and a hydrogen fuel cell to deal with the pollution issue, while the fold-able concept is to help with the limited available parking space. This potentially doubles the amount of parking...
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Proxima Concept : A Merge Between A Car and A Motorbike

Close in heels of the super cars comes what can be called as the Proxima. One can say it to be a vehicle that bridges car and bike. It can be termed to be future perfect solution for urban mobility. The optimum riding position is given by the 2 tandem seats and both the driver and the passenger are comfortable enough. The styling is aerodynamic and aggressive right to the steely frame and chrome alloys. The manure ability is interesting as the front wheels have been kept apart while the rear whe...
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Swirling Crosswind Mazda Kazamai SUV Car Concept

The new Mazda Kazamai is sure a cynosure to the eyes. The vehicle will be unveiled at the 2008 Moscow Motor show. It's an SUV concept with the nature inspired styling cues. The literal meaning of Kazamai in Japanese is 'swirling crosswinds' which seems to have continued in the design with door panels having subtle lines which look like the lines created in the sand. The front and rear lights seem an extension of this inspiration. The glass roof is an extension of the windscreen and looks very st...
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Peugeot+ Three Wheels Car Concept

With constant increase in the private cars and depleting fossil fuels, it is but obvious that the space on the road is reducing pretty fast. The designers are looking for solutions that work on alternate fuel while occupying lesser space. Designer David Vargas has designed a three wheel design for Peugeot Design, what he calls Peugeot. It's a two-seater vehicle using smaller electric engine as compared to most cars of similar sizes, and the third wheel is added for better stability. The car is ...
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Th!nk Ox with 95% Recyclable Interior Materials

"Th!nk Ox" is an extremely unique Scandinavian design for those who truly believe in buying a clean car with distinguished characteristics. It is family car with 95% of recyclable interior materials. There is solar panel on the top of the car which can be used fir running the sound system on beach and keeping the car's interior cool when the engine is switched off. The car is perfect who look for different and innovative feel. It will provide a feeling of openness and comfort to the driver and i...
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Corrina Three Wheels Car Concept

With maximum comfort and less road space being the motto of the day, designer Marco Bevilacqua has come up with a new concept Corrina, which is a three wheels car. The car is based on Ape Piaggio chassis with the main frame being made of steel pipes while the bodywork is in ABS. It's a 2 door model where the driver and the passenger enter from the same door. The driver seat is an orating one thus giving easy access to the driver while entering and alighting from the seat. That's not all as the s...
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Futuristic Volkswagen Ego Car Concept for 2028

With the new concepts being designed by the car manufacturers, they want us to believe that the future is here. Similarly, Ego designed by Volkswagen is a part of concept vehicles offering a glimpse of what to expect from Volkswagen in future. This two seater sports car design is targeted for the year 2028, a good two decades from now! The body shape is simple, and is an all electric power source, and uses high performance batteries which are charged by fuel cell and the car shall be emitting wa...
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Audi Auto Union Type-D Concept Car by Lukas Vanek

Check out this amazing race car, a creation of Lukas Vanek who is a young designer from the Czech Republic. This concept of 2008 Auto Union Type-D is influenced by a design which is nearly 70 years old and is designed from two different materials i.e. carbon fibre and metal skin. The structural support is provided by carbon fibre and the authentic look is given by the metal skin. The car is powered by the 6.5 litre twelve-cylinder engine producing 478 KW horsepower. This nonstop concept can offe...
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Nissan Effis Concept Car for Future Urban Lifestyle

Nissan has come up with 'Effis' which they say is developed with keeping in mind how future urban lifestyle would be. The concept utilizes one of the most advanced technologies and seems Nissan has created the vehicle for the future as it is both use-friendly as well as eco friendly. The vehicle comes with a reconfigurable instrument panel offering 3+1 person seating in a comfortable space. This "rotational instrument panel" extends to provide a rotary table. If two people are in front, the rear...
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Aspid Roadster : A Luxury Sports Car

We always wanted to have a car like Caterham, but the one and only thing that came to our minds by looking at it was that this car would have been better with roof, 400 horsepower and more luxury. So all the prayers have been answered and the IFR has come up with an all-new Aspid with roof in which two engines will be available and a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter producing 270 hp, or a 400-hp turbocharged version of the same mill. This light weight carbon fiber structure whose power will be sent...
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Cobra Venon V8 with F1-style Alloy “Protective Cocoon” to Keep The Occupants Safe

Jamie Martin, is a UK based designer who has come up with the Cobra Venom V8 which is a successor to the renowned AC Cobra of the 60's. It is light weight and comes with big power just like the original car. The car features extruded aluminum chassis and the body panel is made of carbon fiber. The safety of the occupants is ensured by F1-style alloy "protective cocoon" and alohas front and back airbags. The 4.6 liter Ford V8 engine gives a whopping 524 hp, with a top speed of 214 mph. The car co...
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