Hussar Dakar Rally Vehicle Has Been Envisioned to Dominate the Track

The Hussar Dakar, a swift and agile concept rally vehicle, has been designed like a Winged Cavalry that applies similar principles of adaptability, self-sufficiency and mobility of an aggressive creature. The wings feature advanced winged energy rest...
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Traditional Deco Rides Liner and Scoot Meets Modernity

The Deco Rides Liner and Scoot concept is combined with a Lincoln Sedan Delivery 1939 car, modernized by unique front-wheel drive chassis design developed by a team under Gary Brown and a 92 Harley Sportstar. The car Deco Rides Liner took around 3 ye...
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Design and Build Your Dream Car with Mazda In The Year 2030

In the year 2030, Mazda has taken notice how young entrepreneurs has become a hub for creating personal brands and products on desktop 3D manufacturing software. This is the reason why Mazda has created VMazda, a website where young designers can bui...
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GM Car Hero Challenges Your Driving Skills Against The Car’s Autonomous System

The OnStar Car Hero is much of a gaming experience while driving and is a very good teacher to the beginner drivers. During starting, simply enter your destination by using your smart phone and it will take you to there. Meanwhile, you can learn more...
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Amatoya : A New Class of Vehicle To The Field of Fire Appliance Design

A new class of vehicle to the field of fire appliance design that is capable of reconnaissance as well as suppression will be introduced by Amatoya. As indicated by research, there is a need to develop an advanced and highly specialized light tanker ...
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Honda Helix Adapts and Reacts To Specific Environments And Traffic Patterns

The Honda Helix concept with advanced adaptive polymers can change its shape, color and even material properties when required. The three distinct conformations of Helix are A, B and Z. The car is short and wide when it is in “A” status for light...
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Urban Concept Vehicle with Water Purification System for The Year 2030

The Urban Concept Vehicle has been designed to purify water, and then deliver them to the targeted people, aiming the future scenario of the third world. This concept vehicle will be a good substitute of massive relocation due to global warming cause...
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Futuristic Nissan V2G Concept Vehicle with V2G Electric Engine

The Nissan V2G concept vehicle has been designed to adopt with the electrified and ultra-efficient network of the nation’s highways called the ‘GRID’ for the year 2030. This car comprises a dynamic, low cost and quality construction V2G electri...
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Redesigned Lamborghini Countach EV as Tribute to Marcello Gandini

The design of the Lamborghini Countach EV, a 3D concept electric car, has been inspired by the fascinating Countach by Marcello Gandini which is an unforgettable piece for every Lamborghini fans. This redesigned car features more clean curves without...
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Toyota LINK Transportation System for Students

The Toyota LINK is a customizable, affordable and mass transit vehicle concept for students with high demands of social networking. In the less appealing and more expensive transportation system of the year 2030, students with little-to-no income wil...
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Funky and Futuristic Roll Up Vehicle by Edwin Conan

The Roll Up vehicle concept has been designed to uplift the lifestyle of urban peoples with great outlook and many functional features. The funky and simple bodywork of this single seater car can achieve the attention of all range of people. The cano...
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Rural Transportation Is Especially Designed for Rural Areas

Rural concept is a clean, practical and efficient transportation concept specially designed to be used in rural areas by focusing on minimalism and functionality at the forefront. The wheel hubs of the concept wrap the electric motors which provides...
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Futuristic Bionic Transportation for The Year 2030

The stylish Bionic concept car is simply a token of functional values and innovative natural aesthetics through its radical aerodynamic design. The car has been designed to change its shape as per requirement in different situations by implementing E...
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Honda Native is 3 Seated Vehicle Powered By Lithium-Ion Battery

The Honda Native concept comprises an electric engine which is powered by heavy-duty lithium-ion battery and can house 3 persons including the driver. This ultra compact car with great aerodynamic features has been designed for the massively congeste...
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Audi eSpira and Audi eOra for Future Generations

Audi has envisioned two vehicles for the future generations who will born into a complete digital environment with autonomy far away from today’s vision. Audi eSpira: The Aspiration – This is the most uncompromised form of Audi, acts as an ext...
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