TVR Throne Car Concept by Hussien Al Jammazi

Hussien Al Jammazi has envisioned an excellent and unique car concept name TVR Throne that has all the aesthetical aspect to make a person get amazed. The designer has given his maximum effort to make unique components for the car. Starting from the rear view mirrors through headlights to the front hood, everything has something extraordinary to offer to the viewers. This excellent aerodynamic des...
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Audi Avatar 3-Seater Electric Supercar for 2032

The Audi Avatar is a 3-seater electric supercar concept specially designed for the drivers of 2032 to enjoy the pleasure of driving that they experienced playing racing games during their childhood days. The appearance of the car is much identical with the science fiction flying cars we used to watch. This futuristic car concept features 4 extremely powerful in-wheel electric motors powered by sup...
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Nissan EPORO Robot Car Mimics The Behavioral Patterns of A School of Fish

The EPORO Robot Car is a concept robot vehicle that can travel alone or in a group in certain patterns and can avoid obstacles without making a collision with each other. Aside from showcasing information technology and cutting-edge electronics, Nissan, the manufacturer of this car, has demonstrated many functional features of this concept that will be helpful for all range of commuters. This conc...
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BMW Lovos Body Looks Like Fish Scales

Lovos means Lifestyle of Voluntary Simplicity. Therefore, the concept BMW Lovos project is not like the usual process of designing, crafting, vehicle acquisition and management, rather, the project is a meaningful symbol of conscious self-restraint, that can encourage the viewer to discard their common ideas about the number of exterior elements that a car should required. The body of Lovos contai...
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Vestige Car Design Proposal with Sleek Metallic White Body and Black Tinted Roof for Aston Martin

Vestige is car design proposal for Aston Martin with representative scarab wings, cooperatively driven by Fincato, Magrini and Bernardi, keeping the design similar with Khepri, the Egyptian God. The unique cutting edge outlook of the car will get added attention of people with its superb combination of sleek metallic white body along with black tinted roof along with windows. Besides, the extraord...
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Twizy Z.E. Concept Brings A Fresh New Approach To Urban Mobility

Twizy Z.E. is an innovative all electric concept means of transportation that is designed for future urban mobility with four-wheel chassis, offering the passenger and driver seated one behind the other. This can concept is helping the environment by producing no CO2 emissions and assisting the users to juggle the daily city traffic with speed, efficiency and simplicity. The ultra-compact car is o...
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Mytho : Innovative Transportation for Better Urban Commuting in The Future

Mytho is an innovative and interesting private and public transportation idea focused on creating a better urban commuting for future. The design of this car is inspired mainly by all the iconic and traditional figures of SF. The very “American” design has a perfect touch of elegance and sophistication with a deep black and shiny silver color combination and a unique appearance from both front...
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Loop Vignette : Eco-Friendly and Lightweight 2-Seater Electric Car for Next Generation

Loop Vignette is an eco-friendly and lightweight 2-seater concept electric car designed for the next generation riders aiming to customize the mobility ideas with more closely associated lifestyle products, technological gadgetry and the Internet. The outcome is therefore a brand new, sophisticated, fun, desirable and most significantly affordable experience which the target customer can relate to...
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Jaguar C-XS Concept Car With Ability To Change Its Shape and Style

The Jaguar C-XS concept car can intelligently tailor the needs of a driver by changing its shape and style in two different modes. The Saloon Mode features a higher roofline, allowing four people to seat in a comfortable manner. Alternatively, when it is in Sport Mode, the car folds the rear seats and lowers the driver’s seat to give it a sportier feel and appearance. Moreover, the interior of t...
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Volkswagen L1 Concept Car : 1 Liter of Fuel for 100 Kilometers

The Volkswagen L1 is a concept car, designed in a fuel efficient way that can propel around 100 kilometers or 62 miles by using one liter of fuel. Recently the designers have prepared a prototype of this car by combining great aerodynamics, supremely efficient powertrain and lightweight engineering. The powertrain of the VW has been furnished with two-cylinder, turbo-diesel 39-hp engine with a ...
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Pholeum Transportation Unit with Efficient Next Generation Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

The idea of Pholeum transportation unit concept is based on the living cell tissue structure of a plant that can carry organic nutrients to any part of the plant where required. This vehicle has been designed as a personal mobility unit based on an ideal transportation means for mega-cities, which has made riding this eco-friendly car just equivalent to a bike down the street. The minimalist in...
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E-Wolf E1 Electric Concept Car with Formula 1 Look and Lightweight Materials

The E-Wolf E1 is an electric car concept with lightweight and compact bodywork by using lightweight materials such as carbon fiber. The appearance of the car gives a brilliant Formula 1 look with the peaked scoop placed behind the driver’s head. The sitting arrangement of this car has been done low to the ground, while the exposed wheels offer great control to the car. It is empowered with an 11...
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Peugeot BB1 Combines A Scooter and A Car as Future Transportation

The Peugeot BB1 concept is actually an excellent combination of a traditional Peugeot scooter along with a Peugeot car. The key objective of this project is to offer a car that is ideal for city living and driving on busy traffic. Even with this compact shape, this car can make room for 4 passengers including the driver as a result of efficient interior design. The roof structure can easily puzzle...
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Two Seater Mazda MX-5 Superlight Concept Car

The Mazda MX-5 is a Superlight concept car which is actually an awesome, purpose-built, speedster transformation of Mazda Miata. This 995 Kg, cold-filtered and carbon fiber made sports car will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show to showcase one of the best interpretations of the car manufacturer. Mazda has added few spectacularly unbelievable features with the car to make it cool and get the ...
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Future Melbourne Taxi Design for 2020

Melbourne Taxi 2020 is a vehicular and systematic TAXI design concept which is proposed for Melbourne city for the year of 2020. The concept utilizes an electric TAXI vehicle and supported infrastructure with recharging booths placed at vital points around the city. The design of the vehicle is mainly focused on safety of the driver and passengers, reliability, ease of use, iconic design and minim...
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