Hudway Glass Head-Up Display Connects to Your Smartphone to Project Information You Need While Driving

Turn your smartphone functionalities into a cool head-up display. Hudway Glass Head-Up Display is a universal vehicle accessory that turns your smartphone into a HUD, providing comfort and safety to a driver. The company believes that automotive HUDs would be safer than an instrument-panel display or a smartphone, unfortunately, existing solutions are expensive and many of them just stay as concep...
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Semi Closed Concept Canopy for F1 Car by Matus Prochaczka

Remember the first semi closed canopy concept from Matus Prochaczka? This time, he has submitted another version of this project based on some fans suggestion. It’s the same semi-closed canopy but this time he converted the Indy version to F1. It’s special project designed for Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) with some small modifications of side shape and back area. This polycarbonate canopy is ...
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Renault 8 Gordini Is Redesigned in 2 Versions by Andrus Ciprian

Submitted by Andrus Ciprian, this concept car is based on the classic Renault Gordini R8. It's a design study aims to give modern look to this vintage car. Passionate and inspired by retro cars, I've created a concept for Renault that is inspired by the old Renault Gordini R8(R10) model. From the beginning it can be noted that there are 2 versions of cars both with two doors. I've wanted to gi...
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Toyota KIKAI Concept Car Explores and Emphasizes the Fundamental Appeal of Machines

Toyota Kikai is a concept project as part of the desire to explore and emphasize the fundamental appeal of machines. Starting from fine craftsmanship, beauty, simplicity, and fascinating motion, this concept car has been designed to be free and reliant on the core concepts of automobiles. The open design exposes the machine of this car that normally hidden beneath vehicle body, this time, the open...
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Nissan City Electric Concept Car by Giorgi Tedoradze

Nissan City is a concept small electric vehicle, designed for two passengers. This design proposal aims for younger generation with high mobility, its size makes it easy to move around in urban environment while advanced technology makes it even more attractive vehicle. Space is pretty essential aspect to such compact car, that’s why this car is designed to be much higher. Car width is usuall...
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Ferrari ’91 Furia Concept Car for The Next Generation of F458

Ferrari ’91 Furia is a design study proposal for Ferrari, a concept electric sportscar designed by Italian Architect and designer Armin Senoner. Armin says that this car is a hybrid of the F458 and La Ferrari, but it features more aggressive lines than the F458.   The 91 Furia concept is a proposal for the next generation 458, but with a high-performance “La Ferrari twist” and completel...
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Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Offers The Feeling of Riding a Motorcycle in A Sports Car

For the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015, Yamaha Motor Booth features the theme of “Resonate. The Yamaha Motor Product Orchestra." This special booth will display a 20-model array of concept and production models, including 6 world premiere models and one Japan premiere model. At this booth, visitors can see how Yamaha has evolved its vision of personal mobility, developing more and more autonomous ve...
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Suzuki MIGHTY DECK Concept Minicar With Open Load Deck

To celebrate Suzuki 100th anniversary in 2020, the company presents some proposals for future products and technologies to give us a sense of company’s preparation for ongoing success in the next 100 years. One of the concept models is Mighty Deck minicar. This is a fun concept for minicar segment, it features a canvas top with open load deck that can be repositioned for diverse purposes. We ...
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Futuristic Toyota FCV Plus Concept Car Uses Compressed Hydrogen as Its Power Source

Toyota has debuted several concept cars during Tokyo Motor Show 2015, one of them got our attention due to its futuristic design. Toyota FCV Plus is a futuristic concept car created with future hydrogen-based society in mind, compressed hydrogen has a higher energy density than electricity, it can be generated from wide range of raw materials. Hydrogen is a promising future energy source, keeping ...
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JAQ Gran Turismo Concept Car by Jorge Anaguano Quijia

Submitted by Jorge Anaguano Quijia, this concept car is dedicated for Gran Turismo video game. This is my project JAQ Gran Turismo. This car has high aerodynamic and is powered with CAtC system (collection of air to compress). CAtC is a system to collect the air flowing through the body of the car (that's the reason because it's very aerodynamic) in a high pressure compressor. Subsequently, th...
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Vensepto Concept Car by Steel Drake

Inspired by Lamborghini, Steel Drake has designed a sleek sport car called Vensepto. This project is also infused with many characteristics of a sportscar from other brands, as well as works of automotive designers such as Ken Nagasaka, Tony Chen, Samir Sadikhov, Yang Cai, and many others. The result is one awesome, jaw-dropping, super stylish car design. Designer : Steel Drake (mor...
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Mercedes SL|Pure Concept Car by Matthias Böttcher

Mercedes SL|Pure is special project, a visionary form study that reinterprets Mercedes 300SL in consideration of retrospective design criteria while incorporating advanced and forward-looking technologies. The 300SL was dedicated for motor racing. Keeping in mind the principle of “Form follows function”, all these concept car components have been designed to ensure optimum racing qualities. SL...
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Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo Has Been Designed Based on Aeronautics and Speed

Hyundai has showcased its latest high performance sub-brand N during 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show. Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo represents Hyundai’s ability to enhance its high performance DNA, even though it’s designed for virtual game, the team paid attention to the very details. This ultimate concept car offers unique perspective on future performance characteristics, it’...
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Aero Gran Turismo Concept Car is a Tribute to The History of Aero Cars

Due to recent concepts from major automotive manufacturers for Gran Turismo video game, Michal Jelinek made an attempt to design his own version of a virtual racing car under the brand AERO. Aero was a Czechoslovak automobile, manufactured between 1929-1947. It was a well-known aircraft and car body company in Praha-Vysocany, but now, the company only produces aircrafts. Aero Vision Gran Turism...
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Honda Project 2&4 Concept Car Was Inspired by The Legendary Honda RA272 of 1965

Honda has announced its latest concept Honda Project 2&4 Car during 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. It represents innovative Honda commitment to innovation and creativity in automotive industry. This car boasts Honda design with advanced technologies, demonstrating Honda’s creativity to meet personal mobility challenges of today and the future. Powered by RC213V, this concept car is the winning e...
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