Mini Augmented Vision Eyewear Features See-Through Technology for Better Safety

Mini Augmented Vision eyewear definitely looks better than Google glass. Revealed at Auto Shanghai show, this concept eyewear features revolutionary display that enhanced your comfort and safety. Since this project is designed by BMW Group Designworks, it demonstrates an intelligent connectivity between a MINI car and the eyewear into relevant content which might work in the future. Teaming up with some Qualcomm companies, the design team has created an interlinked system and augmented reality e...
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Mini Superleggera Vision Electric Roadster Where Classic Italian Style Meets Modern Britishness

Mini Superleggera Vision is the latest concept from BMW Group to celebrate the meeting of time-honored and the contemporary at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2014. It’s the result of amazing team work from MINI and Touring Superleggera, a gorgeous two-seater classic roadster that represents minimalist and emotional style of motoring. The electric drivetrain gives this concept car modern driving dynamics, the collaboration between these two experts company has resulted in blending the...
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DesignworksUSA E-Patrol : Futuristic Human-Drone Pursuit Vehicle Concept

It is nice to see big auto manufacturers vision of future highway patrol, this time the concept comes from BMW Group DesignworksUSA, E-Patrol. It’s a human-drone pursuit vehicle for Los Angeles in 2025. Based on their research, they predicted that the street of LA would become more crowded with faster and eco-friendly vehicles, thus making a team of patrol officer is highly required to keep the safety of the highway. The design focuses on modular structure and drone technology to improve both ...
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BMW i8 Concept Combines High Performance of A Sports Car With Fuel Efficient of a Small Car

Escape from your busy routine life with BMW i8 Concept, it combines the performance of a sports car with benchmark efficiency, it’s the iconic symbol of emotional, dynamic and efficient. The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics has clearly stated that hardcore sports car and fuel economy of a compact car can work together in harmony and could soon be reality. BMW has tested a series of vehicle concept and so far it looks great that the decision to produce a series of this vehicle was quickly made. Yes...
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BMW 328 Hommage Concept Car Design Was Inspired by The Legendary 328 Model

BMW has launched the 328 Hommage concept, a design study concerned with a speedster, at the Villa d’Este. Taking its inspiration from the legendary 328 model, some of its awe-inspiring features include carbon-fiber body with asymmetric windscreen. The 328 Hommage holds the same layout. It is an exceptional 2-seater roadster having a front-mounted engine with a lightweight construction. The 328 Hommage BMW is unlike the 1930’s model in terms of its make, the usage of carbon fiber reinforced ...
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BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept Features ConnectedDrive Technology

The concept car BMW Vision ConnectedDrive made its first appearance worldwide from March 3 to 13th at the 2011 International Motor Show in Geneva. The top position in the vehicle world occupied by BMW in the progress of pioneering driver assistance systems as well as mobility services will be fortified further by this astonishing concept vehicle. This BMW Vision ConnectedDrive study manifests current and future systems of mobile networking in a specifically focused way. Comfort, security and the...
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Luxury BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo Trussardi

Typically when an automaker teams up with a fashion house on a cooperative effort, result is in the form of a first-rate hatchback. Yes, it is the collaborative effort between BMW Italy and Italian fashion house Trussardi, which led to launch of the limited edition Luxury BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo Trussardi. Celebrating the centenary of Italian fashion house Trussardi, the special edition 5-Series GT is being unveiled by BMW’s Italian subsidiary. The project boasts the BMW 5GT dressed in a ...
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Futuristic Mini Rocketman Features Split Tailgate and Widespread Doors

BMW MINI has designed a new vehicle, measuring just 11 feet in length. Considered to be the smallest vehicle designed by the reputed company, the new ‘Mini Rocketman’ concept has been showcased at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. The three-door vehicle boasts 3 seats, with an optional door to add to the rear. The flexible truck capacity splits the car rear door into 2 parts: a top segment connected to the roof that can be raised upwards, a lower component that extends outwards, just like a drawer...
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BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics with Sleek and Smooth Design

The Vision EfficientDynamics is a concept vehicle for future by BMW which is a low carbon hybrid supercar aiming to achieve the premium end of the auto market with its fuel-efficient design. A three-cylinder turbodiesel engine is empowering this vehicle supported by a couple of electric motors. This car can go 0-100 kilometers per hour in just 4.8 seconds with a top speed of 250 kmph and consumes 3.76 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. It features an electric mode for day to day use that can b...
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BMW Mini Crossover Car Concept with Folding Roof Cover and MINI Center Globe

BMW has come up with new Mini Crossover Concept which is truly an innovative body concept with fascinating outlook. It is a model with four drive wheels, four doors, and four single seats. Not only this, Mini Crossover offers unconventional storage option and a more athletic feel when you drive. Car is made up of massive and matt polished aluminum. There is a folding roof cover and roof structure can be opened both from front as well as from the rear. So, overall anyone having this car is surely...
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BMW ZX-6 Futuristic Car Concept

BMW ZX-6 car concept came from the 3rd year students of Transportation Design School at Turin Based IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) for final project of Transportation Design (Designing the BMW of 2015) which is designed in partnership with BMW. The concept is focused keeping in mind the modern needs, tastes and life style of an individual. All the cars designed in this project looks like toy cars. You cannot even imagine them running on roads in the real life. There are different concepts of c...
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BMW Gina Light Car Concept

Car manufacturers have always been interested to explore how the vehicles of the future would be like, but the key remains as to how prepared are we to face the challenge of presenting newer options. We know that BMW always introduces jaw-dropping car concept such as the last post in this blog BMW M1 Homage, but even in our wildest dream we don't expect to see BMW latest car concept would be made of cloth. BMW Group Design has come up with GINA or Geometry and Functions in "N" Adaptations. BMW G...
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BMW M1 Homage Car Concept Revealed !

The new BMW M1 car is very similar to the BMW range. The sporty look of the car is described by slatted alloy wheels; twin BMW badges on the top of the taillights a louvered bonnet and a rear mirror. This car is designed for all those who want to make a mark in the society and want to be on the fingers of the people around them. This car looks the best in red as it gives the fantastic car a blazy and a fiery look. Looking from the back, the view is absolutely thrilling; blade like extension of t...
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M-Zero, Inspired by BMW M Series

M-Zero is a car concept inspired by BMW M series which also consider Mercedes Benz (as the backlight) and DB9 Aston Martin (the global silhouette of is definitely inspired by the DB9). Maël Oberkampf, the designer of M-Zero actually tried to make a model which could be considered as the equivalent of the R8 from Audi. And the result is M-Zero, a car concept that is the "synthesis" between the actual BMW design and a high an performance car which could become the most powerful model of the BMW l...
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BMW Concept X6 at Frankfurt Motorshow

BWM finally showed off its two-mode hybrid system (the first BMW with two-mode hybrid system) at Frankfurt Motorshow, the idea behind this concept car is "merging the athletic aesthetics of a true sports car with the versatility of an SAV resulted in a new vehicle category that so far has not been realized" as stated on the BMW website. Quoted from Chris Bangle as Chief of Design for BMW Group about BMW concept x6 : "a good concept realizes itself in a short amount of time". There is no official...
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