Seat Post Trick Lock by Cao Ming

A new bike security system, this is what Seat Post Trick Lock offer you. The main goal of this design is to find a way to put some relevant functional objects and combine them together to get better convenience. This concept combines bicycle with bike lock. The lock’s cord is located within the seat post while the dials are located near the top of the seat post. User can detach the post from the main frame in order to access flexible cord, thus making seat post becomes the part of the lock. ...
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ROC Compact Rotary Cycle Pump Concept by Pumped

The ROC Compact Rotary Cycle Pump design has evolved from a project that sought to develop a range of product concepts that could combine a new piston technology within a lightweight and ergonomic hand pump design, that would greatly shorten tire inflation time and allow for significantly smaller hand pumps. At the heart of the concept features a compact, yet powerful patented mechanical device that efficiently converts a single rotary action into multiple linear movements, making the device...
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Coren Urban Carbon Bike by UBC

Coren urban carbon bike has won ISPO Brand New Award 2012. It’s designed by UBC using T1000 carbon fibers which are usually used in Formula 1 monocoques. Minimalist bike design that features super slim frame to bring you a unique visual lightness. The overall weight is only about 7,700 grams, so yes, it’s more than you can expect from an urban bike. If you are interested to own one of this super cool bike, then prepare €25,000. It will be available around the end of 2012 directly from the ...
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Dux Helm : The World’s First Bike Helmet with Built-in Retractable Lens

Dux Helm presents you the world’s first bike helmet with built-in retractable lens. It’s been specifically designed for cycling, it’s lightweight with great ventilation, as you know, cycling can be pretty intense aerobic activity, thus increasing your body temperature. This company was found by 3 friends and cycling enthusiasts and they feature the one and only cycling helmet collection with built-in retractable lens, each product has been designed to be suitable in any whether hot and col...
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Zyphr Rescue Scooter by Gregory Hayter

Development of Zyphr Rescue Scooter was a direct result of identifying the needs of billions of people on earth who do not have quick and easy access to medical care. The majority of the world's population still lives in impoverished areas where it is not easy to provide medical attention. 'Minimal' and 'practical' were the keywords while designing this scooter which proved to be the most convenient and accessible way to transport those in need of medical attention. Special emphasis was placed o...
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MiniMum Bicycle by Omer Sagiv

MiniMum bicycle is an innovative city bike by its simplicity using the minimum production effort while on the other hand providing maximum user experience. Its minimal and smart structure bike frame is made out of aluminum tubes, a single front and rear fork and a wire rope. The wire rope supports seatpost by maintaining a flexible tension towards the front of the bike, in a very elegant and light way, giving it a unique touch. Maintenance shouldn't be an issue, it requires almost no maintenance...
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Apollo E-Bike : Folding Bike Designed for Daily Urban Use

Earning its name from the roman god of the sun, the Apollo E-Bike expresses the identity of the Solsonica brand trough the chromatic composition and the logotype featured on its main frame. The “Italian Flag Badge” reinforces the national origin, assuming the Apollo as an unmistakable Italian Design product. Designed for a daily urban use, Apollo E-Bike introduces an innovative folding system, easily adapting it to any situation where space economy matters. Equipped with a detachable 260W...
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Stealth Electric Bikes : The Bomber!

One of futuristic bike collection from Stealth Electric Bikes is The Bomber. A very cool e-bike that produces 4.5kW electrical output while the direct brushless DC motor only features one moving part resulting in reliability and efficiency with no emission. Do you think Batman would ride the Bomber? The frame body is constructed from CrMo alloys (aircraft certified), its advanced battery technology allows fast battery changeover in under 90-seconds. This e-bike has exceptional performance wit...
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Cannondale CERV Bike Auto Adjusts Its Seat Through Different Terrains

Cannondale CERV bike is anything but ordinary. This concept bike is literally adjusting itself as you ride through different terrains. Forkless, chainless and adjustable, pretty radical concept in a sexy body, thank you to Priority Designs company that has managed to deliver stunning visualization of the advanced concept made by Cannondale. The adjustable headset of CERV bike moves both fore-and-aft and up-and-down. The essential design lies in achieving those possibilities without altering t...
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BlueSkyBike : Folding Electric Bike by Richard Heath

BlueSkyBike is the result of the collaboration between Richard Heat, an industrial designer, and Blue Sky Design. It’s an electric folding bike concept that aims style conscious urban commuters, it was also inspired by the designer’s own experience from commuting in sydney’s western suburbs to the city every day via train. There are 3 primary objectives for this bike design: practicality, storage capacity and style. Richard has to combine these 3 elements into electric folding bike more su...
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ZooZee Pro MTB by Mahdi Momeni

ZooZee Pro MTB is an innovation full-suspension mountain bike that won the award for 2011 International Bicycle Design Competition. Its frame contains suspension structure and transforms the flow of the wind into energy to be used by a lithium battery. This battery is located at the rear part of the frame, don’t worry, it won’t effect in bicycle aesthetics. Cyclist can charge any electronic device on-the-go by utilizing the power from this bike lithium battery. Designer : Mahdi Momeni ...
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Budnitz Titanium Beer Wrench : A Wrench and A Bottle Opener for Your Bike

At first look, you might think this is a bottle opener, well you are right but Budnitz Titanium Beer Wrench Titanium is also a wrench on the other side. You can mount this tool using two titanium thumb-screws and attach it securely on your bike. During emergency when you need to remove a wheel on the road, this 15mm spanner becomes really handy. This wrench removes rear axle bolts, Alfine internal hub bolts and Pitlock keys, and don’t forget, it opens a bottle of beer when you need one during ...
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Freeride Special Needs Trike Helps Develop Balance Skills in Children with Special Needs

Freeride is a trike that has been designed to children with special needs in order to develop their balance skills. This special trike can be used in 3 different ways: 1. User can be pushed by a parent or guardian to begin with. For first timer, user needs help to move the trike, the “lean-to-turn” technology is integrated onto the push bar, in this way, a parent or guardian can also control the steering when pushing. But this doesn’t mean the user doesn’t feel anything, because every...
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Z-FIXIE Bicycle by Jeongche Yoon

A sleek bicycle concept with polished Z-shaped frame, called Z-FIXIE bicycle. The top and seat tubes along with bottom bracket and the chain are connected onto the Z-shaped frame. We really love the combination of black and chrome theme color. The bottom tube and the seat stays straightly cross through the seat tube, the z-frame has been designed with simple and urban look while keeping great stability over conventional bike structure. Designer : Jeongche Yoon (more…)...
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BOLT Electric Bike Concept by Springtime

Bolt electric bike reminds us of futuristic frog ebike, but Bolt features modern style. This electric bike has been designed with careful consideration or the order and proportions of volumes in the product. Since it’s an electric vehicle, there won’t be any fuel tank and combustion engine, it makes this bike design minimalist and visually attractive. Designer : Springtime (more…)...
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