KZS Cycle Concept Bike Features Rectangular Flat Frame and Wooden Handlebar

Kzs Cycle looks really elegant with its metal frame and wooden handlebars, it’s an urban bike designed by Hungarian designer. Basically the idea was to combine both 2D structures into 3D form, turning flat design to form a functional object. Its minimalist rectangular frame and form combined with wooden handlebar and seat post make this bike stands out, it creates beautiful geometrical pattern, a harmony between organic and industrial element. Unfortunately, it’s only a concept at this momen...
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Ryno Motor Micro-cycle Is An Ideal Personal Vehicle for Urban Traffic

RYNO Motor is a micro-cycle that offers you a freedom while on the road. Yes, it’s a micro-cycle, you can easily slip between cracks of the rigid transportation system when you’re stuck or cruise the area when most people have to walk. It has some characteristics that standard motorcycle has, yet this vehicle only features one wheel, it’s not about owning the road here, it’s about sharing the pathways. Moving on the road is easy with this vehicle, it’s compact and easy to ride, reducin...
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Cross X Hybrid Bicycle by Mithun Darji

Cross X hybrid bicycle has been designed as personal mobility in urbanizing countries. Many people are getting aware of the benefits of cycling, it’s an icon of sustainability and health. Other things that also play important parts in this phenomenon are the attractiveness of ergonomic and stylish bike design and infrastructure support from policy makers. Based on research, there is 2-digit growth for bikes and scooters sales in emerging countries. This means there’s a great demand for co...
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ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike Combines The Elegance of A Classic Bike with Modern Day EV Technology

ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike is a combination a classic bike and grand oval motordromes from WW I era. At first sight, you can capture the classical elegance of a vintage bike combined with modern day EV technology. Available in limited to just 50 bikes, the design was inspired by the dawn of the motorcycle, each unit is handmade in California and equipped with an EV system that keep you good for up to 35 miles of sustained propulsion on a single charge. It features regenerative braking, hydroform...
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Air-Purifier Bike Filters The Air and Produces Oxygen to Reduce Air Pollution

Lightfog, a Thailand design company has won Red Dot Design award for its concept bike that creates better air quality, Air-Purifier Bike (APB). This bike incorporates an air filter between the handle bars that traps dust and pollutants from the air. It also features photosynthesis system (with a water tank) that produces oxygen, an electric motor, and a battery, all of them work together to purify the air and produce oxygen. While the cyclist is riding the bike, air passes through the filter ...
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1865 Electric Velocipede Project Inspired by Iconic Pedal-Cranked Bicycle in 1865

1865 Electric Velocipede is a nice concept vehicle inspired by historic pedal-cranked bicycle in 1865. Teamed up with BASF, DING3000, a German design studio, has developed this unique e-velocipede to bring you back to the year of 1865, an eye-catching bike with its wheels of different sizes. The reason why these companies rebuilt the iconic 19th century bike as modern e-bike is to maker the year when BASF was founded. At that time, Karl Drain’s wooden “Dandy horse” was also give its first ...
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SolarCross E-Bike by Terry Hope

This DIY SolarCross project turns a conventional bike to e-bike without the need of battery, it utilizes the sun’s energy. Terry Hope, the man behind this project, has designed a hybrid solar e-bike that operates without batteries or pedal input, it can reach a speed of 7km/h. At this moment he is trying to re-design even better PV optimization (pushing the break 10km/h and 15km/h in summer 2014) and try to make the bike look more appealing. Terry Hope is a self-taught solar electric vehicl...
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Zapfina Concept Bike by Jialing Hu

Zapfina Concept Bike was inspired by the condition of the shifted bones and skeleton of animals and also by the connection between bones and skeleton. Bones and skeleton are the basic structures of the skull of any creature. No matter inside or outside, both bones and skeleton play important roles in any movement, thus, in the course of evolution, the shape and the structure have approached almost perfect states. This concept bike is one of simple products that can explain the cohesion betwee...
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Kubo Electric Scooter by Lit Motors

Kubo electric scooter is a unique, fun scooter to ride around the city. The hollow body reminds us to Stinger and Cargo, well, great minds think alike. Kubo (read: “koo-bo”) is able to carry anything you need or your daily essentials to anywhere you want to go, it’s 100-percent electric. Lit Motors is a company that adores 2-wheeled vehicles, we have featured C-1 Gyroscopically Electric Motorcycle previously and now they want to offer you a newly designed motor scooter. The problem with...
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Seil Bag for Bike Riders Displays Turn Signals to Inform Others

In order to help bikers riding their bike safely, Seil Bag has been designed to display left and right signals, well actually various signals that the rider wants to display instead of using hand signals. It’s an innovative wearable technology that brings style and safety to bike riders, it comes in a form of a backpack. Bicycle riders are usually use a pouch or backpack to carry their essential stuff such as smartphone, music player, a wallet, a water bottle, or more, that is why this bag wil...
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Modern and Stylish Xkuty Electric Bike by Electric Mobility Company

Modern and minimalist Xkuty Electric Bike allows you to easily cruising around even in traffic jam. Thanks to the combination of aluminum and composites, this bike weights only 42kg (depending on the configuration), pretty light isn’t it? Handling this bike won’t be that hard. Enjoy the ride in silent, no fumes or noise that you leave behind, this vehicle was born to be efficient, modern, intuitive, and extremely easy to use. The main design of Xkuty was based on the constant search for m...
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Hammerhead Social Bike Navigation Helps You Navigate The Street While Riding Your Bike

This little smart device will help you navigate the street with your bike easier. Hammerhead Social Bike Navigation comes with bright LED that indicates where and when to turn, simply mount this compact, portable device to the handlebars, it’ll guide your ride with an array of LED lights. You can download custom app for iPhone and Android to set the route to your destination and once you have selected a route, this app communicates with Hammerhead through Bluetooth to show you the direction. I...
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Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike Is Used by American Military Paratroopers

Montague Paratrooper Folding bike is a badass bike, it’s tough and ready for just about anything, you can drop it from the sky, ride it on variety of terrain, or stash in your trunk for the ride home. This is one of many models that Montague offers, the patented folding design has been designed and developed to allow airborne soldiers to drop it out of airplanes or choppers and into combat, yes, these bikes are used by American military paratroopers, so the quality is unquestionable. This bike...
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Urban One Bamboo Bike by Guapa

As a new start up company, Guapa tries to bring refreshing approach to our existing bike by developing a sustainable bike with better balance, performance, and sustainability. Designed in England, Urban One Bamboo Bike uses a mix of T700 aerospace grade bi-axial carbon fiber and bamboo fiber configuration, it’s been designed to survive maximal forces when you’re riding in the city, thanks to its stiff structure that maintains a high performance machine. The bamboo material as frame offers un...
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Specialized S-Works x McLaren Venge Bike Is World’s Fastest Street-Legal Bike Yet

Started 5 years ago when testing brakes on transistion, S-Works team found out a mechanism that makes a road bike runs really fast. They have come up with the winning formula of light weight, torsional stiffness, and stealthy aerodynamics bike. The development of this bike has been awarded by the opportunity to team up with McLaren Technology Center, yes, the home of McLaren F1 Racing and Supercar, thus S-Works x McLaren Venge Bike was born. The original bike has already exceeded many expectatio...
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