Stylish and Compact Peugeot AE21 Hybrid Bike

Peugeot introduces Peugeot AE21 HYbrid bike as your urban transportation at fashion trade show. It offers innovative urban experience through its bold and elegant design, it promises you with original, urban, smart, agile, and compact design in response to urban needs of bikes. This hybrid bike tempts you with so many features, checkout the innovative, universal frame, lithium-ion plug-in battery, pull-down elements, and variety innovative and exclusive equipment to guarantee comfortable and enj...
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The Rover : Compact Aluminum Electric Vehicle by Works Electric

The Rover, an electric scooter from Works Electric, a great company who set themselves to build world’s greatest electric vehicle. Well, the result is Rover, a small, fun, and easy to operate vehicle that reaches a maximum range of 36-miles after a full battery charge and a top speed of 33 mph. Hand built in USA, all materials and parts are sourced locally in Portbland, at the dashboard, there’s a smartphone cradle along with USB charger. Thanks to aluminum construction, this vehicle is very...
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Donut Folding Bicycle by Arvind Mahabaleshwara

Donut folding bicycle is aesthetically pleasing concept bike which folds completely into circular frame, you won’t find any protruding parts outside that frame. The circular aluminum alloy welded frame is the main structure of this bike, we’re not sure how much weight this bike can handle. The front and rear forks are pivoted to the circular frame, the tubular pedal slides and rotates inside the crank bar. The handle bars are equipped with GPS and Cyclometer, the seat is adjustable to provid...
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Self Balancing Electric Unicycle Is Available for $2,700

Hammacher Schlemmer just got something new in its catalog, Self Balancing Electric Unicycle which you can actually buy. We’ve seen many concepts about unicycle but most of them are just concept or still at prototype stage, but if you are willing to spend $2,700, you can get a real one from Hammacher. It’s a cool briefcase-sized electric unicycle powered by 500-watt electric motor, perfect for 2 hours ride at 13 miles/hour after 3-hour battery charge (but it also depends on your weight). If y...
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Musguard Rollable Bike Fender Keeps Your Back Clean for Water and Mud While Riding Your Bike

Jurij Lozić, a Slovenian designer, is the person behind this innovative Musguard. The inspiration came when this designer studied in Milan, Italy 5 years ago, he was looking for removable fender for his fixed gear bike but couldn’t find it, so … as a product designer, he created one. From the first prototype, he got lots of positive feedbacks from other bikers. The idea behind Musguard is actually simple yet brilliantly protects your back when you ride your bike. It’s rollable bike fen...
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4 Strike Bike by Lex van Stekelenburg

4 Strike Bike concept was born out of physical complain when Lex van Stekelenburg, a surgeon and cyclists, developed back and shoulder complaints after years of performing lengthy surgical operations (standing, bent, crooked postures). So, he came up with the idea of designing a bike to improve muscle power and better posture. A bike that features more horizontal position and with harmonious movement along with shoulder and pelvic girdle. You will use more muscle power which is combined from bot...
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MUV-e Scooter : Low Energy, Cost Efficient Green Vehicle for The City

This is the age where world’s city centers are experiencing a rapid population growth that also effects the growth in the number of motorized vehicles on the road. The number of vehicles is the main cause of traffic jam and air pollution, so, in order to answer the challenge to create green and compact vehicle, Amir Zaid has come up with MUV-e scooter. It’s a foldable scooter, an alternative transportation solution from an Israeli company. MUV-e is a low energy, cost efficient vehicle, an id...
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Tri-Go Scooter by Tobias Windsor-Wayland

The Tri-GO scooter features a top speed of 28mph with a range of up to 31 miles equivalent to a 50cc engine. The compact trike scooter comes with a removable 48V 10Ah lithium-ion battery that takes 2 hours to charge from any standard socket from your home or office. The Tri-GO is very compact and light, ideal to squeeze in and out everywhere. The aim of the concept was to provide a new method of transport for people who live and work in cities that travel many short distances. The Tri-GO will...
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Sleek and Stylish Lunis Crescent Windshell Cycling Jacket Increases Cyclists Visibility at Night

Lunis Crescent Windshell cycling jacket features minimalist cycling jacket with subtle design in daylight but powerful reflectivity at night. The company itself was founded by Brett Clouser, an LA based designer after 3 of his friends were hit by cars while riding their bikes at night. That accident inspired him to create something that protects cyclists so that they can enjoy their night adventures without having to worry being hit by other vehicles. Sleek and stylish with strategic placement o...
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LED Turn Signal Gloves for Both Cyclists and Motorists

LED Turn Signal Gloves are great safety equipment for cyclists and motorists. We share the road with other vehicles, thus, informing them about our direction is one of crucial action to avoid accident. Cyclists usually use their arms to signal of an upcoming turn, however, this action sometimes can’t get the attention from other drivers. Using these gloves, the LED will inform others better about the direction you’re headed. How to turn the LED on? Checkout the 3rd image, you’ll see the...
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Cykno Electric Bike Is Upholstered With Fine Leather

You wouldn’t know if Cykno is an electric bike if we didn’t tell you. It boasts vintage design and uses fine leathers to hide its lithium battery from plain sight. This bike is the result of collaboration between Bruno Greppi, a great engineer, and Luca Scopel, a designer, to answer the need for eco-friendly mobility. One 4 hours recharge can takes you up to 600km with its 250/500 watt motor. This bike is composed of monocoque frame, radial spokes wheels, and front fork made in carbon fiber ...
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AC eBike by Àlex Casabò

The AC eBike is a new concept of electric bicycle that mixes BMX and Fixie styles with a motor driven by a battery capable of providing an autonomy of up to 50km at 40km/h. The AC eBike is very light, because it uses the latest generation materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum, and incorporates LED lights both front and rear. It can be customized with a lot of colors and materials, and also connects to the mobile phone to provide data about autonomy, battery and GPS locator. Designer : ...
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Peugeot Scooter 2++ For Future Micro Urban Mobility

Peugeot Scooter 2++ was born out of the intention to provide two wheeled scooter customers with better safety and storage. These designers had found and analyzed the issues of these vehicles such as storage, safety, theft, and security, they also took into account the constraints of drivers who refuse to ride 2-wheeled vehicles. Having identified these issues, they have come up with good solutions which answers many questions of safety, protection against stealing and damage, and storage. All...
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BKR Wood Frame Bicycle by Pietro Russomanno

BKR Wood Frame Bicycle features several innovative designs, it utilizes wood to get the best out of its physical and natural proprieties of sustainability, malleability, and elasticity. Constructed from plywood for its main structure and inner rubber gaskets, together they merge perfectly like a sandwich through the use of screws. The joint system that uses wood as its main material reduces any vibrations and is able to absorb any shocks. BKR bike features “Easy Saddle” system, it’s an ...
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Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition Impec Bike Features Same Precisions, Details, and Styles Used in Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini fans, you can own this special edition bike that costs equivalent to a car, Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition impec. A high-end road bike which has been designed and created through collaboration between Lamborghini and BMC, you’ll be enjoying exclusive bike that features the same precision, details, and style used in Lamborghini Aventador dream car. Both of these companies have been known for turning marvelous ideas into functional designs, never hesitate to think outside the b...
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