The Pirate Ninja Eclipse X20 Folding Bike by Tern

Just like Ninja, Eclipse X20 folding bike is fast and light yet stealthy enough to slip into the subway unnoticed. This bike offers super wide 25 to 107” gear range and ultra fast Kinetix Pro wheels, cruise up and down the road just like a katana. As designers, you would probably notice that folding bike design hasn’t had any significant changes in decades. N-Fold technology incorporated in this bike is small yet crucial change that results in faster and more compact fold. It consists of ...
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Mores Petitpierre Carbon Fiber Bike for Children

Wooden toys are outdated – the high tech carbon fiber running bike Petitpierre is rolling today. MORES Design has unveiled the Petitpierre, the world’s first running bike made out of carbon fiber. The innovation is not only a high-tech gadget but a revolutionary concept that combines high technology and uncompromisingly meets the needs of children Designer : Mores Design (more…)...
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MORI Folding Bike Concept by Janus Yuan

MORI folding bike aims to increase the rate of bike ridership especially in an urban environment for better sustainable future. Based on statistic in America, women comprise only 25% of bicycle riders. Can you see a gender gap here? This is due to the bicycle industry that focuses merely on existing cyclists and ignoring the needs of those non-riders, mostly women. In this case, female users could potentially become an expanding market for future bicycle industry. Considered female user chara...
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U’Bike : Modern Exercise Bike Design That Tracks Your Workout Progress

Developed in 2010 to a design course at the University of Aveiro, U'Bike appears as a product that was designed and created by strong influence of mass mingling, smartphones, trysumerism (customers become more and more daring to try new things). The entire method of assembly is simplified, using standard solutions, so maintenance is facilitated and may easily replace the components within the specifications of use of the product. The layout of the handlebar was developed by considering the point...
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BlackBraid Bike : Super Light Bicycle That Features Braided Carbon Frame

BlackBraid bike, produced by Munich Composites features you a super light bicycle (less than 5kg) without compromising its style. Just like champagne and caviar, vodka and martini, style and sustainability, this combination allows for beautiful, modern, creative bike for urban lifestyle. Braided carbon frames were developed based on a new procedure in braiding technology to produce high-performance material, stable as metal yet weight less than aluminum. Together, PG-Bikes and Munic Composites t...
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Folding Bike Concept by Kilo Estudio

Folding bike design evolves every single day in order to provide us with best transportation, easier and more efficient in big cities. This concept folding bike is built over an aluminum chassis that folds in the middle. The transmission is integrated in the structure and needs no chain, this way the maintenance is easier. When it folds, the high of the handle is perfect to let the user to pick it and take it easily inside any bus or train. Designer : KILO Estudio (more…)...
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Moveo Foldable Electric Scooter for Crowded Urban Traffic

Moveo foldable electric scooter will enter scooter market and revolutionize urban traffic with its beautiful organic design. It can be folded to size of a suitcase, very compact and lightweight (25kg without saddle bag). This e-scooter has been designed and developed to meet the needs of mobility in crowded urban traffic, it can reach up to 45km/h and 35km range. Its closed foldable body is so compact that you can easily store or move from one place to another using public transport, it doesn’...
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Bike2c24 for Streamlined Cycling

Bike2c24 has been designed and developed for streamlined cycling. It is one of discipline of cycling where a cyclist can enjoy the ride without restriction concerning the shape of the bike. There won’t be any help from the outside, the cyclist has to rely on his/her own muscle power to ride the bike. It’s definitely faster than riding conventional bike, this is due to air resistance. Bike2c24 aerodynamic body design features the ability to cut through the air and leave as little as possible ...
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Folding Bike for Couriers by Anton Kosteckii

The main goal of this "Folding Bike for Couriers" project was to design a useful, capacious, and compact mechanical means of transportation for couriers who work in a printing house. We’re not sure why it’s meant only for couriers of a printing house since it looks really handy for anyone who needs to deliver a package using a bike. Using this bike, you can place leaflets package or other polygraphy production in the plastic box and place it inside this bike’s compartment. For long distanc...
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Audi Bike Concept by Vladimer Kobakhidze

Vladimer Kobakhidze, a 29-year old Georgian car designer has sent us his Audi bike concept, a premium transportation for urban traffic to reduce pollution. Please don’t get confused by the name, it’s not an official concept from Audi, but clearly it was inspired by the famous Audi brand design philosophy. In this fast growing population, the reloaded urban traffic and the polluted environment needs a sustainable, flexible, safe and comfortable bicycle device. It is a difficult task to fin...
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SSIKE Folding Bike Concept by Asen Innovacio

SSIKE folding bike is trying to ditch the assumption that an electric bike is expensive. This concept is an easy to handle single person folding bike with affordable price, thus, making it available for anyone. It works with your own balance, you’ll get similar sensation as if you’re skiing, but you would need practice to manage the direction of the rear wheel since both front wheel drives and rear wheel are directional. The original design of this bike makes it stands out among other ele...
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eCycle Electric Bike Features Lightweight, Flexible, Easy to Build, and Dynamic Frame Design

eCycle electric bike is a conceptual project aims to design modern e-bike that is lightweight, flexible, easy to build with dynamic frame design. Most our e-bikes today are based on traditional bicycle design converted into electric by adding some extra elements and wires. These are the same 100+ year old design converted to electric which later becomes overpriced bike. This concept utilizes Hydroformed aluminum frame for the main structure while the battery pack is placed in stylized “fuel...
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MOOBY Bike Project to Complement Your Healthy Lifestyle

The name MOOBY Bike was born out of the idea of shortening the word mobility. With the increasing in traffic, it would be more comfortable and healthier to ride a bike to reach your destination. MOOBY bike won't formally revolutionize the category of bikes, but conceptually, considering the vehicle as fashionable object or gadget that reflects the owner's style or mood, just like clothes. Thank you to the side plates, you can change the look, color, graphics and material quickly to customize the...
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Seat Post Trick Lock by Cao Ming

A new bike security system, this is what Seat Post Trick Lock offer you. The main goal of this design is to find a way to put some relevant functional objects and combine them together to get better convenience. This concept combines bicycle with bike lock. The lock’s cord is located within the seat post while the dials are located near the top of the seat post. User can detach the post from the main frame in order to access flexible cord, thus making seat post becomes the part of the lock. ...
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ROC Compact Rotary Cycle Pump Concept by Pumped

The ROC Compact Rotary Cycle Pump design has evolved from a project that sought to develop a range of product concepts that could combine a new piston technology within a lightweight and ergonomic hand pump design, that would greatly shorten tire inflation time and allow for significantly smaller hand pumps. At the heart of the concept features a compact, yet powerful patented mechanical device that efficiently converts a single rotary action into multiple linear movements, making the device...
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