T Bike : A Minimalist Bike for Third World Cities

Antonio Serrano, an industrial designer, has come up with T Bike, a minimalist and simple bike for third world cities such as Mexico City. It’s a sturdy bike that can handle rough terrains or poor infrastructures which are usually found in third world countries. The rear suspension design was inspired by cross motorcycles, it provides a great response and comfort ride in any terrain. The frame is constructed of high-strength aluminum, making this bike lightweight, and durable. The main focus h...
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Vanhawks Valour Carbon Fiber Smart Bicycle for Smart Riding

Vanhawks Valour Carbon Fiber Smart Bicycle that connects to special app on your smart phone to provide you with important information to ensure your safety, comfort, and insight on every ride. The company claims that this bike is the world’s first smart carbon fiber bike built especially for commuters with safety, comfort, and connectivity in mind. You can connect the bike to iOs, Android, and Pebble via Bluetooth technology to track your riding statistics in real time, this means, includin...
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Minimalist and Modern Cyclo Urban Bicycle Offers Speed and Comfort

The company claims that CYCLO is the ultimate urban bicycle that provides its rider with functionality, performance, and style. It took 18 months to design and engineer this bike, it’s the company’s vision of how perfect urban bicycle should be, just like the feeling you had as a kid on a hot summer days, riding the bike exploring the street freely. This bike is built not just for speed but also comfort. It is the result based on extensive research on design explorations, experiences, and...
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Flexi-Bike With Rotating Frame Allows You to Change Your Riding Posture

Flexi-Bike, just like it’s name suggests, it’s a flexible bicycle with rotating frame that allows its rider to change its shape. By changing its shape, it means rider would have to change his/her riding posture as well, it is an ideal bike for people who love diverse biking experiences using a single bike. Within the frame, there are 3 circular rotating joints that you can use to adjust the shape of the bike, it will dramatically change your posture when you ride the bike on any terrain. ...
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Local Motors’ Project : Verrado Drift Trike

Remember when you were a kid and had your own trike for drifting? Well, Local Motors company has come up with Verrado Drift Trike, an adult tricycle for drifting downhill. It’s an electric powered drifting tricycle with sturdy construction, you don’t even need hillsides to ride this vehicle. Drift Triking can be considered as one of rapidly growing sports around the world, in order to make trike drifting possible on flat ground, Local Motors’ engineers tried to combine a hub motor and b...
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Minimalist Halfbike Offers Upright Riding Position for Better Visibility and Excellent Control

If you think riding a bike isn’t practical enough, perhaps Halfbike can change your mind. Kolelinia has introduced a new bike design to bring back the fun in urban mobility, a lightweight and compact vehicle to help you cruise the street easily. The good news is, this personal vehicle is commercially available for you to purchase, starting from $799. Halfbike design is really minimalist, it doesn’t even have a seat, but don’t worry, this vehicle was designed with user’s experience in ...
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Commute-Case : A Briefcase That Transforms Into Electric Personal Vehicle

Commute-Case looks like an ordinary briefcase when carried around, but actually, it’s nothing but ordinary. Starting out as a standard briefcase, you can fold out to transform it into an electric personal vehicle when you need to commute in urban environment. As a briefcase, it only measures 18”(L)x13”(H)x4”(W), you can deploy it in less than 10 seconds by pressing a button. It only weighs 27lb, so it’s pretty lightweight and highly portable. This battery powered vehicle can run up ...
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Leaos 2.0 : Carbon Fiber e-Bike Features Italian Style

Leaos 2.0, a carbon fiber e-bike now comes with more elgant and mature design, completed with NuVinci automatic shifting. The company says that NuVinci will be standard from now on, you can expect to have the same technology for future model. Its carbon handlebar is integrated with LCD display that provides you with essential information about the bike, the Battery:11.6 Ah is developed with the manufacturer BMZ and located in the frame to keep it hidden from plain view. The new generation engine...
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Leglock : Park Your Bike and Lock It In One Simple Step

By integrating a stand and lock, Leglock allows you to make swift bicycle parking. This concept redefines the meaning of bike kickstand, this combination allows you to park and lock in just one simple step, very quick and easy to use. All you need to do is set an integrated number lock. Unlike typical kickstands that rotate parallel to the wheel, Leglock arcs down from its stowed position. It stays upright while you’re riding the bike due to the angle at which it is mounted and the internal 3-...
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Urb-E : Portable Electric Scooter for Congested Urban Environment

URB-E has arrived as one of great commuter companions for you in 2014. It’s compact and portable electric scooter, an ideal transportation for highly congested urban environment. This vehicle is available in 2 models: URB-E Commuter and URB-E GP. URB-E Commuter is an ideal vehicle to navigate pedestrian traffic with its 3-wheel trike design that provides stability and great lower speed maneuverability. Those 2 rear wheels also serve as a stable way when you carry around this vehicle in folded ...
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CYBLE – An Interactive Bicycle Stand by Subinay Malhotra

Subinay Malhotra has come up with a new interactive bicycle rack that features aesthetic design and ergonomic shape related to its environment, Cyble. Designing a product for public space requires extensive researches in general environment, design influences, structures, materials, functions, and human factors. This approach takes spatial concept design to a proposal of a ready to use product. The design process was also inspired by a book known as Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino that contain...
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KZS Cycle Concept Bike Features Rectangular Flat Frame and Wooden Handlebar

Kzs Cycle looks really elegant with its metal frame and wooden handlebars, it’s an urban bike designed by Hungarian designer. Basically the idea was to combine both 2D structures into 3D form, turning flat design to form a functional object. Its minimalist rectangular frame and form combined with wooden handlebar and seat post make this bike stands out, it creates beautiful geometrical pattern, a harmony between organic and industrial element. Unfortunately, it’s only a concept at this momen...
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Ryno Motor Micro-cycle Is An Ideal Personal Vehicle for Urban Traffic

RYNO Motor is a micro-cycle that offers you a freedom while on the road. Yes, it’s a micro-cycle, you can easily slip between cracks of the rigid transportation system when you’re stuck or cruise the area when most people have to walk. It has some characteristics that standard motorcycle has, yet this vehicle only features one wheel, it’s not about owning the road here, it’s about sharing the pathways. Moving on the road is easy with this vehicle, it’s compact and easy to ride, reducin...
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Cross X Hybrid Bicycle by Mithun Darji

Cross X hybrid bicycle has been designed as personal mobility in urbanizing countries. Many people are getting aware of the benefits of cycling, it’s an icon of sustainability and health. Other things that also play important parts in this phenomenon are the attractiveness of ergonomic and stylish bike design and infrastructure support from policy makers. Based on research, there is 2-digit growth for bikes and scooters sales in emerging countries. This means there’s a great demand for co...
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ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike Combines The Elegance of A Classic Bike with Modern Day EV Technology

ICON E-Flyer Electric Bike is a combination a classic bike and grand oval motordromes from WW I era. At first sight, you can capture the classical elegance of a vintage bike combined with modern day EV technology. Available in limited to just 50 bikes, the design was inspired by the dawn of the motorcycle, each unit is handmade in California and equipped with an EV system that keep you good for up to 35 miles of sustained propulsion on a single charge. It features regenerative braking, hydroform...
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