Backpack Bicycle : Portable Bike, Anytime, Anywhere …

Many of us carry our hearts up our sleeve, how about your means of transport? If the design developed by Chang Ting Jen is to be seen, he has designed a cycle what we can call as the Backpack Bicycle. As per the designer, with more and more emphasis ...
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Pi Electric Bicycle with Semi-Automatic 8-Speed Transmission

The Pi electric bicycle uses a semi-automatic 8-speed transmission to downshift into a lower gear for climbing hills, then up shift for rapid acceleration to a maximum of 20 mph on flats and allows you to pedal normally because the motor automaticall...
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Cargo Scooter Concept by Elliot Ortiz

Although initially designed as more of a blue sky concept, cargo still embodies many practical resolutions. The styling is meant to appear traditional from the front, while the profile reveals something entirely new. A square shaped hole was chosen t...
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Future Public Bike System with Aluminum Bike

Are you ready to hit the race track with a funky aluminum bike? With the rising fuel prices, Montreal has come up with the solar powered docking system and a high tech RFID tagged aluminum bikes that are turned into complete theft disaster. There are...
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Go With Me : Electric Tandem Bike

In today's self centric society, the new electric tandem bike is sure a ground breaker. Designed by Shanghai based designer Jiang Qian, the design primarily consists of three bicycles connected together such that the back wheel of one bicycle acts as...
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Sleek Speed Racing Bike Concept

The speed racing bike concept is inspired by the alien characters in "Alien." This motorbike is designed to be as aerodynamic as possible and based on a Kawasaki ninjas stats (height, wheel base etc...), Daniel Bailey, the designer, tried to make the...
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“Sunny Day” Bike with Solar Panel

Sunny Day is designed for daily urban commuting which is a 10 to 30 minutes ride, it is a pedal-powered with full time electrical power assistant, the battery could be charged either by plug or solar energy. The solar panel is mounted in the front of...
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Discovery Bike with Detachable Front Light

Taiwan based designer Eric So has come with a Discovery bike, which was featured in the 12th International Bicycle Design Competition. The bike of course looks sleek and at the first look seems more like an exercise bike but it sure is one that is mo...
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Retrofit Folding Handlebars

Two of the major problems with urban cycling are storage and security. The new retrofit folding handlebar design claims to solve both the issues. The folded handlebars thus form a steering lock, which when the bike is lent against a wall or post it e...
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Butterfly, Mini-Compact Scooter

Butterfly is a compact mobile micro scooter for an efficient use in short distances (e.g. from the tram to the train station). The idea is to optimize the daily commuter way and thereby getting faster from A to B. While Butterfly is closed, he fits i...
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IZZY Plastic City Bike for Your Green Solution to Personal Travel

IZZY plastic city bike with a new look, made out of plastic, inbuilt safety, security and comfort features. To enhance the urban cycling experience and to provide:an innovative, alternative and stylish design; a healthy and green solution to personal...
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Ubicycle – Public Bicycle Service System

With increasing vehicular traffic on the road and resulting pollution each passing day, more and more emphasis is being given in finding alternate means of transportation. Obviously green fuel and the vehicles running on the same is quite a craze, bu...
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Nimbike, Bicycle for Young Working Urban People

Nimbike, a perfect bicycle for the youth. It’s meant not only for the youth but also for the people who want to have some fun on the way to their workplace/school etc. a perfect thing to make your friends jealous and attract girls towards you. C...
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The Trailblazer, Mercedes Benz Bike

A new mountain bike is added by Mercedes Benz to its exclusive bike collection, called The Trailblazer. No need question about the materials, all is made with high-quality components and elegant design, perfect for serious off-road riding. The price ...
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XO Move Scooter Fold Down And Lock It

The four designer apparently wants to make us feel secure when using a vehicle. That's why they design XO Move scooter which able to fold down and lock itself up when we don't use it. this scooter can carry one or two people sports a variable wheel b...
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