IZZY Plastic City Bike for Your Green Solution to Personal Travel

IZZY plastic city bike with a new look, made out of plastic, inbuilt safety, security and comfort features. To enhance the urban cycling experience and to provide:an innovative, alternative and stylish design; a healthy and green solution to personal...
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Ubicycle – Public Bicycle Service System

With increasing vehicular traffic on the road and resulting pollution each passing day, more and more emphasis is being given in finding alternate means of transportation. Obviously green fuel and the vehicles running on the same is quite a craze, bu...
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Nimbike, Bicycle for Young Working Urban People

Nimbike, a perfect bicycle for the youth. It’s meant not only for the youth but also for the people who want to have some fun on the way to their workplace/school etc. a perfect thing to make your friends jealous and attract girls towards you. C...
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The Trailblazer, Mercedes Benz Bike

A new mountain bike is added by Mercedes Benz to its exclusive bike collection, called The Trailblazer. No need question about the materials, all is made with high-quality components and elegant design, perfect for serious off-road riding. The price ...
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XO Move Scooter Fold Down And Lock It

The four designer apparently wants to make us feel secure when using a vehicle. That's why they design XO Move scooter which able to fold down and lock itself up when we don't use it. this scooter can carry one or two people sports a variable wheel b...
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Folding Urban Concept Bike from Cube Bikes

Modern folding bike from da - designers is not the only folding bike concept. Cube bikes has worked with Gregor Dauth to design urban street concept bike, that's when this folding urban concept bike was born. Based on the idea of swiss army a folding...
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XNovo Three Wheeler from Sidam

After the popularity of three-wheelers is rising, started by Piaggio MP3, Gilero Fuoco and Vectrix, a French scooter importer Sidam try to enter the market by building another type of three-wheel scooter. But this time, instead of putting two wheels ...
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Future Urban Bike Sharing System

London better get ready for urban bike sharing system. This success program in Paris is going to attack streets of London. Around 15k bikes, a thousand stations have already implemented in London. The bike is designed and assembled for high-traffic u...
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Movito – Urban Electric Scooter

Movito is a fully electric scooter designed for the dense urban landscape of the future. Its sexy design appeals to hip and trendy young adults, making a striking statement wherever it goes with its sophisticated styling and two toned colors. This en...
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Adiva 250cc Convertible Scooter

Adiva just released a 250cc convertible scooter, a roofed scooter. This could be the answer for interested non-raider that always ask "what happens when it rains ?", Adiva will answer it "You won't get wet". The foldaway roof stows in the top box com...
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Traveling with Your Bike ? Use Suitcase Bike

Story behind this suitcase bike from the designer Gosha Galitsky : Being a big bicycle enthusiast, it always bothered me to see how little cooperation exists between public transport and bicycles. It seems to be a perfect solution for commuting- an a...
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Modern Urban Folding Bike

Genius is a modern urban folding bike, ideal for commuters who need to travel short distances of 10 to 20 minutes between underground stations, the workplace and the home. It still rolls when folded and can therefore be comfortably used even in large...
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Futuristic Oryx Bike

Designed by a guy called Harald Cramer, it's a custom-made time-trial cycle with all sorts of weird and wonderful innovations. The Y-frame shape means that the Oryx is shock-proof and keeps you in contact with the road at all time, and there is a one...
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