CityPorter eScooter Features Removable Suitcase to Carry Your Everyday Essentials

Designed by Christian Polonyi, a German industrial designer, CityPorter is a concept electric scooter to free you from public transport and traffic jam. This personal vehicle allows you to be independent to cruise around the city in smart and stylish way. Using current technology, it is highly possible to develop an electric, lightweight vehicle with battery capacity that offers a remarkable range...
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UBCO 2×2 Utility Bike Features Dual Electric Drive for Smooth, Quiet, and Optimum Performance

Ubco 2x2 is an electric utility bike that uses dual electric drive to help you with your work outdoors. It features a powerful yet lightweight “SuperX” frame that offers you great low speed control for stock handling when you’re doing your urban jobs. This bike has load capacity of up to 200kg and ability to adapt as you need it. It’s a utility bike, it’s been designed to be ready for an...
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SteppGo – Human Powered Personal Transportation to Move Around the City

The conceptual design of SteppGo was developed within the scope of the topic Human Powered Mobility in Hybrid City Cairo. In a major capital city like Cairo, where cars dominate the streets, hours are wasted commuting on a daily basis. Due to the underdeveloped infrastructure, bicycle culture is barely present. This leads to time-consuming traffic jams and shortcomings in respect to exercise, leis...
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SmartHalo Transforms Your Conventional Bike into a Smart One

Riding a bike in urban environment can be confusing and you might get lost, that’s why SmartHalo would be a nice companion. It’s a smart biking system that lets you focus on the road, especially designed for uban cyclists, this device guides you when you need it. It’s equipped with military-grade locking system to ensure it stays permanently on the handlebar. The navigation system is pret...
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Sidecar Bicycle with Hardwood Oak Flatbed by Horse

Carrying your load with your bike can’t be difficult, you need to use a cargo bike or a sidecar bike just like this unit from Horse. This Sidecar Bicycle features three wheels, the hardwood flatbed is supported with a small 12-inch wheel, it’s the perfect urban vehicle to haul bulky cargo around town. The spacious area of the sidecar allows you to carry large cargo during the day and a couple ...
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Bolt M-1 Electric Bike: Riding Uphill Is As Easy As Downhill

Bolt M-1 Electric Bike brings the joy of 2-wheels in this digital era. It’s an electric bike with pedals, but pedaling it’s not really required to get to your destination. When you have ridden a motorcycle or a scooter, you get the idea, but this time, imagine all the torque you need right off the line, you don’t have to deal with clutches, gears to shift, and also, you’ll enjoy super quie...
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Arvak Bike Features Beautiful Geometric Design

Arvak bicycle has been unveiled by Keim, it’s a bike as the result of innovative manufacturing technology. You can see the radical design that combines the expertise in woodworking and art. The bike so far has received a lot of positive attention from those who has tested it, a new brand that creates its own place in the world of cycling. Keim believes that bike is an extension of human body,...
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Maxwell EP0 Ultra Lightweight Electric Bicycle Looks Like a Conventional Bike

Maxwell EP0 ultra lightweight electric bicycle that looks just like your ordinary bike. It doesn’t feature fancy futuristic design, Maxwell EP0 prefers to boast minimalist design that looks good and at the same time, feels great. This lightweight e-bike allows you to become 3 times as powerful and twice as fast without sacrificing the feel and look of a conventional bike. You can get extra power...
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B-9 NH Black Edition Urban Stealth Single-Speed Bike

B-9 NH Black Edition is a handmade urban stealth single-speed bike that looks mysterious due to its all black color. Inspired by the iconic F-117 Nighthawk, this bike is the evolution of BME X-9 concept that features carbon fiber frame and form, one piece carbon stem-handlebar with S72 saddle system. Each unit has been built to withstand harsh urban environment and equipped with ultimate urban sec...
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Maxun One: World’s First Solar Bike For Practical Use

Maxun has developed the first usable solar bike that drives entirely by solar energy. The solar panels alone deliver the energy for a speed of 15mph or 25km/h. You can easily drive more than 60miles or 100km per day without pedaling, entirely by the sun. With Maxun One solar bike, high tech, design and usability come together. That makes this patented bike the most exclusive and astonishing e-bike...
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A-Bike Compact and Ultra Light Electric Bike Uses Aircraft Grade Aluminum and High-Strength Glass-Reinforced Polymers

A-Bike offers you a freedom to move around easily, it’s a compact electric, ultra light bike that folds in seconds for easy transport. Claimed as world’s lightest electric bike yet, the telescopic design allows you to fold it to a very compact size for your daily commuting. The electric power assistance makes riding easy, you can keep going up to 15 miles or 25km. Being light and compact me...
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Bringley Custom Cargo Bike to Move Around The City with Your Groceries

Lawrence Brand is the man behind Bringley Custom Cargo Bike. It started in 2008 when Brand sketched out his first design for a compact cargo bike and since then, he’s been refining and finalizing the design to fit our modern city living. This cargo bike was born out of the desire to design a bike that might be able to serve as a car replacement. It needs to have the ability to help you with your...
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Biclip – Paper Clip Shaped Bicycle Lock by Mohsen Darvish

Bikes are a popular target for thieves, each year millions of bicycles are stolen in the world not because they are not locked, but because they are locked incorrectly. Making a bicycle secure is not simply attaching it with a lock to a bike rack, unfortunately most people realize that, only after they see their locked bicycle without the wheels or even without the frame. Biclip is a bicycle lo...
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Vespa 946 Emporio Armani from 2 Italy’s Most Iconic Symbols of Style and Creativity

Piaggio has teamed with Giorgio Armani to develop Vespa 946 Emporio Armani. It’s a special project that celebrates 2 Italy’s most iconic symbols of style and creativity. This special edition scooter marks the year 2015 as the 40th anniversary of the foundation of Giorgio Armani and at the same time, the 130th birthday of the Piaggio Group. In keeping up with Armani’s signature of subdued col...
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Dutchmann Vicious Cycle Is The Result of Collaboration Between Duncan MacIntyre and Anton Dekker

Available in limited edition of only 10 units, The Vicious Cycle amazing craftsmanship as the result of collaboration between Duncan MacIntyre, retired frame builder, and Anton Dekker, a composite specialist. You probably know that MacIntyre is South Afriaca’s most accomplished bicycle frame builder, he has worked under wide range of local brands while Dekker has a specialist composite workshop ...
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