Egg Scooter Gives Sporty Riding Experience With Maximum Safety For The Riders

The egg shaped scooter concept is ideal for one person commuting with an elegant and sporty look that can offer the feel of riding a sports bike. This Egg Scooter provides maximum safety for the riders by featuring sliding doors and front and rear bumpers. However, the front bumper structure has limited the front wheel rotation to 70 degrees, 35 degrees each to left and right from the center. The inner surface of the sliding door contains an armrest structured outfitted with airbag. The soft and...
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Ciclotte Offers Efficient Exercise While Complementing a Luxury Interior

The design of Ciclotte exercise bicycle has been developed to meet the huge demand of modern life that keeps the functional and aesthetical aspects in the same dimension. This ergonomic innovation comprises fine engineering that can complement to the luxury interior and essential fitness world. It features carbon handlebar and adjustable and comfortable saddle that allows the users an easy and immediate choice from 12 exercise programs. The solid base makes it remain tight to its original locati...
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The Clean and Simple AO Bike Offers Comfortable and Effortless Ride

The AO bike concept simplifies the critical and complex issues of a bicycle design through unique and modest clean lines and front forks. With the use of recyclable moulded plastic as the key material, production requirement, as well as market price of the bike has been drastically reduced, while keeping the environment still green. All features that are present in conventional bikes, but are not much functional and provide rider comfort, have been stripped off from the bike. To ensure complete ...
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Sea Scooter Can Give Great Surfing Experience Even in No-Wave Sea

Sea scooter is a compact, lightweight and ergonomic concept water ride that can enhance the surfing and skating experience even on no-wave sea surfaces with great safety. The concept features a compact, yet powerful motor that can propel the scooter fast enough to replicate the feeling of surfing. Not only that, being constructed of lightweight composite materials and featuring a retractable pivot handle, the sea scooter is very much user-friendly and is easy to carry. Because of its compact sha...
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Twin Trike Enables Two People To Ride At The Same Time

The twin trike is an innovative tricycle concept that has been designed to ride two adults at a time with style and functionality. All the controls of the tricycle are operated by the front rider and it features two transmissions, the last tick and the rear axle. The rear rider can help by pedaling only and due to the higher seating arrangement he can watch ahead the road and warn the front rider about any upcoming obstacles. Most of the parts are made of carbon-fiber material, making the trike ...
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Nexus : An Innovative Scooter To Move Around in The Airports

Nexus is an electric powered scooter concept designed to be a great short commuting solution inside the airports. The front wheels of the scooter comprise two electric engines powered by four 12 V batteries that gives 2 hours of continuous use. The rear part is a freewheel that gives a third point of support to the user that ensures up to 110 kg of load to be carried. The front part of the scooter contains the power plug that can be used either 110v or 220v whichever is available. The handlebar,...
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The EBIQ Electric Bike Can Charge Personal Electric Gadgets

The key purpose of the EBIQ Electric Bike concept is to complement the environment by reducing the amount of CO2 unlike traditional cars or motorcycles and offering a battery powered bicycle to ensure convenient short distance commuting in city/metro areas. To make it even more functional, the bike enables the rider to charge their laptop, cellphone and other personal electric gadgets. Moreover, the built-in screen at the steering can provide direct access to the user’s laptop to gain necessar...
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Styling Bicycle Focuses of Fashionable Cycling on The Road

The styling concept bicycle has been designed mainly focusing on aesthetics that may eliminate the prestigious complexity among the users, which is one of the key reasons of disappearing bicycles from the current roads. The designer has drastically changed the appearance of a conventional bicycle, making it real sporty, which will surely encourage mass users to ride with pride on the styling bicycle. The unique color combination of the bicycle gives the rider a fresh feeling and most of the part...
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B1K Concept Bicycle Features Unique Chainless Drivetrain

The B1K concept bicycle has been designed as a race bike by incorporating various unique features aiming to make it suitable for convenient riding on different surfaces. The unique chainless design of the bike allows the rider not to worry about a chain displacing anymore and provides great control over the bike. The carbon fiber construction along with the compact shape of the bike has made it lightweight. The unique tubeless construction of the tires has made it even more functional and the ro...
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Self-Rechargeable Folding Bike BiCX Makes Riding Fun

BiCX is a folding e-bike concept that provides a new approach of commuting by self-recharging its lithium-ion-polymer battery. The battery can’t be recharged by regular electric outlets, rather it has been designed to recharge through human power such as down-hill free-riding or pedaling. The bike features two riding modes, the Cruise Mode and the Recharge Mode, along with a Booster Button. When the rider is pedaling the bike in Cruise mode, the e-motor will start assisting the rider for pedal...
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Eco-Friendly and Foldable Scooter City Cruiser Can Fit inside a Car’s Boot

The city cruiser scooter concept is powered by an eco-friendly electric engine and has been designed to be a perfect means of transportation in overcrowded urban areas by being easy and fast foldable to fit even a car boot. It features 550 W NiMH nickel-hydride accumulators in the rear wheel tub to empower the engine that can be charged via 90 to 260 V electric current. Moreover, the battery is performing as an additional energy source that can recuperate during breaking and ride down which allo...
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Yakima Frontloader-The Convenient and Functional Top-of-the-Car Bike Rack

Unlike traditional car-top bike racks, Yakima Frontloader features boomer style mounting and offers quick and convenient install without the need of any tools and fits perfectly on the roof-top of any car. The bike easily rolls vertically onto the rack and remains assured that no painted areas of the bike will be touched by any part of the Frontloader. From 20” kid’s wheel to 29” road wheels, anything can fit the rack even with disc brakes, thru funky suspensions or axles and the easily ad...
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With Police Bike, Petrol Police Can Go Anywhere Now

The cars or bikes of the petrol police are effective, but not in all aspects, especially in case of an area that is difficult to reach due to congestion. Police bike is an innovative bicycle concept that can improve the effectiveness of the police force with better visibility and great mobility. Aside from pursuing a criminal, it would be very much handy to extend relationship between police and residents and tourists by improving education, information and communication or can be used to gather...
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Riding Aerok Bicycle? Or Swimming on It?

The innovative Aerok Bicycle concept is inspired by the formula 1 and introduces an extraordinary style of riding the bike by laying down in a swimming position on the chest and cycling the legs to speed up. When it comes about turning, the rider will have to move his arms front and back which will give them better controlling. The aerodynamic outer body of the bike is called the shell, made of sturdy carbon fiber, which not only enhances the visor of the bike, but also helps it to run faster by...
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Innovative and Adaptive OPENbike Transportation System

The OPENbike system is combined with a user friendly, lightweight bicycle and effective technologies used in telecommunications, public-transport, positioning, car-sharing and logistics to create a unique and innovative bike-sharing system. The bike has been designed to comfortably suit riders of all body sizes with adjustable saddle and handlebar. The unique design of the bike has given it a clear brand identity which will help it to be easy recognizable. Produced with strong and recycled mater...
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