Primavera Helmet for Scooter Generation Today

Primavera Helmet, designed by Sebastian Hess, is a key product of the latest high quality helmet array for the recent scooter generation. This open face, easy and casual helmet provides 180° visor that meets classic elegance. The clearly defined design has reduced to the essential components only and the style combines the legendary past with latest appearance. Innovation and vision, tradition and future, engineering and design are the main factors of this sustainable product. The main goal...
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Link Urban Modular Scooter System for Better Environment

Link urban scooter system is a modular transportation solution that you can retrofit with the present Streetscape Smart Poles. Anton Grimes has designed this superb concept electronic scooter and will be available for hire from a hub to ride to the preferred destination. After reaching there, users have to return it to another hub for recharging. Grimes have used the existing light poles to reduce the expenses of the unit and offers strong anchors that are able to carry both power and telecommun...
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Fit Portable Exercise Bike Can Maintain Your Record of Exercise Program and Performance History

Fit exercise bike is a personal gym concept, designed by Jorge Gomes, which will allow you to stay healthy smartly. This stylish domestic exercise bike ensures your fitness like a gymnastic and this is why it is called Fit. This product will let you get rid of neck, spine and muscular pains that is usually derive while exercising. This exclusive exercise bike is outfitted with tracking systems and physical control that works in with a USB pen-drive. Fit can maintain your record of exercise progr...
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IziBi Folding Bike by Renato Gschwend

When we saw IziBi for the first time in our inbox, we really like it. IziBi is a compact, stylish and portable mountain bicycle which is specially designed for extremists with single rear and front suspension. The frame is made of a reinforced carbon fiber polymer and the direct drive mechanism is made of aluminum alloy which is not only strong but also reduces the maintenance expenses. You will be able to fold the bicycle entirely by simply pressing the top and bottom switches on the frame and ...
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Antares Lift Portable Track Bicycle

Antares Lift is an innovative foldable and space saving bicycle concept that was intended for the cycling lovers and green commuter. This concept bicycle is a step away from the traditional mechanical aesthetic and carries in some organic elements that are found in nature. The design gets the inspiration from the orchid leaf and the outline of a tear drop and some remarkable features includes single-speed drive, rear and front brakes and an integrated set of energy efficient LED tail and headlam...
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Transformable Spin Vehicle Design by Matias Conti

This transformable spin vehicle is able to change the position of the driver and his distance from the ground in order to generate different types of vehicle topologies and different levels of complexity to drive. Designed by Matias Conti, the vehicle’s direction system works by rotating the wheels by the electronic actuator and tipping the lateral arms. Riders can drive this vehicle in an intuitive way utilizing their own body weight. The vehicle uses battery for electric supply and the rear ...
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Podi Lato Bicycle is Made From Aluminium and Recycled Materials

Podi Lato bicycle has been created with a bicycle concept that can meet the requirements of all range of people. The concept includes a two wheeler basic bicycle and an additional part that can be attached with this bike to meet the special requirements of an individual. This part can be used as a baby seat, double seat ideal for twins, mini container when shopping, an added seat for handicapped and many more. Finally, the two rear wheels and a broader seat are specially designed for people who ...
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Fold Bergmonch Bike into A Backpack, Perfect for Camping or Hiking !

The Bergmonch bike is a unique device that is a compilation of innovation and utility. On the hills you can use this as an easy to carry backpack wherein in the valleys it is a multi-purpose vehicle that aids you to roam around here and there without an obstruction. It features a great color combination in black and orange. The wheels are having orange enhancements in black background match very well with the backpack portion. Two black handles provide the user with a firm and comfortable grip. ...
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Spurt Bicycle Trailer for Ambitious Cyclists with Kids

Nowadays, concept designers are concentrating on delivering better products which not just look good but also address many of the essential concerns that the user has. Spurt is a bicycle trailer designed to satisfy the parents and children alike. The concept ensures that it's far beyond its good looks as it also ensures the basic needs of riding a bicycle like agility, safety, and comfort. The design addresses the problem of poor vehicle handling, as the overall construction makes it easier to m...
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Organic Motion Bike is Based on Z-Frame Concept

One can say without a hitch of a doubt that the bicycle is one of the most environment friendly modes of transportation designed by man. It also is a good medium of exercise so to say as the driving force is one of organic human effort. This new bicycle design called OM-Organik Motion is based on the Z – frame concept, which features integrated systems such as integrated front and rear suspension and an integrated shaft drive. The handlebars and saddle are adjustable and the joystick mounted g...
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Easily Store This Foldable Beetle Cycle Helmet in Your Backpack

The new helmet concept designed by French designer Paul Loury is surely quite innovative going by the purpose and design. The foldable helmet named Beetle Cycle, addresses the issue of urban cyclist carrying around the helmet after riding through the city, one can easily store this in the backpack. The helmet has been designed by the designer after studying quite a good range of folding solutions and the shell structures of helmet and thereby developing this comb and given the mechanical flexibi...
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“ThisWay” Bicycle with Semi-Enclosed Design

The new bicycle design by Torkel Dohmers has recently won the 'commuter bike for masses' design competition. The bicycle named "ThisWay" has been designed keeping in mind the safety and security of the rider from all sorts of situation. Care has been taken by designer to ensure that the rider is safe from weather as the concept has covered top thereby giving the concept an automobile like feel. Also the material used is light weight with the front and rear lights being operated by solar cell pla...
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FWD : Human Powered Vehicle Concept

FWD is a human powered vehicle concept which is neither a bicycle nor a tricycle. Both configurations exist in the same product, and allow use on both streets and rails. The model is designed in order to bring forward an excellent steering, braking and shifting system. The seat is very comfortable and can be easily adjusted as per your height. There is a box attached on the back of the vehicle for keeping your stuff and this box also gives support while driving. This ideal vehicle is one-seater ...
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Monocycle : A Unique Blend of Machine and Human Balancing

This is the world's first self balancing cycle which can be said to be a unique blend of machine and human balancing. The cycle works on the principle that the rider controls the speed of the cycle by his movement like leaning forward or backward for speeding up or stopping. Also the gadgets used in this device are quite advanced like the accelerometers and gyroscopes which in itself have a lot of balancing algorithms. Overall the device is ideal for short distances in the city as the cyclist is...
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Marguerite Bike Parking Rack for Urban Environment

The new Marguerite bike parking is surely a practical solution for the urban living. Designed by Italian designer Yoann Henry Yvon Lopez, the stand has rows of bike holders which are shaped as petals coming out of a centerpiece. The petals act as holders which are placed on the spokes of the bike thus making it immobile. The advantage that one has with this device is that it occupies less space while giving maximum result. These can be placed anywhere in the city without worrying about space. Th...
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