Stealth Electric Bikes : The Bomber!

One of futuristic bike collection from Stealth Electric Bikes is The Bomber. A very cool e-bike that produces 4.5kW electrical output while the direct brushless DC motor only features one moving part resulting in reliability and efficiency with no em...
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Cannondale CERV Bike Auto Adjusts Its Seat Through Different Terrains

Cannondale CERV bike is anything but ordinary. This concept bike is literally adjusting itself as you ride through different terrains. Forkless, chainless and adjustable, pretty radical concept in a sexy body, thank you to Priority Designs company th...
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BlueSkyBike : Folding Electric Bike by Richard Heath

BlueSkyBike is the result of the collaboration between Richard Heat, an industrial designer, and Blue Sky Design. It’s an electric folding bike concept that aims style conscious urban commuters, it was also inspired by the designer’s own experien...
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ZooZee Pro MTB by Mahdi Momeni

ZooZee Pro MTB is an innovation full-suspension mountain bike that won the award for 2011 International Bicycle Design Competition. Its frame contains suspension structure and transforms the flow of the wind into energy to be used by a lithium batter...
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Budnitz Titanium Beer Wrench : A Wrench and A Bottle Opener for Your Bike

At first look, you might think this is a bottle opener, well you are right but Budnitz Titanium Beer Wrench Titanium is also a wrench on the other side. You can mount this tool using two titanium thumb-screws and attach it securely on your bike. Duri...
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Freeride Special Needs Trike Helps Develop Balance Skills in Children with Special Needs

Freeride is a trike that has been designed to children with special needs in order to develop their balance skills. This special trike can be used in 3 different ways: 1. User can be pushed by a parent or guardian to begin with. For first timer, u...
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Z-FIXIE Bicycle by Jeongche Yoon

A sleek bicycle concept with polished Z-shaped frame, called Z-FIXIE bicycle. The top and seat tubes along with bottom bracket and the chain are connected onto the Z-shaped frame. We really love the combination of black and chrome theme color. The bo...
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BOLT Electric Bike Concept by Springtime

Bolt electric bike reminds us of futuristic frog ebike, but Bolt features modern style. This electric bike has been designed with careful consideration or the order and proportions of volumes in the product. Since it’s an electric vehicle, there wo...
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Pedal Lock Transforms A Bike’s Pedal Into A Wheel Lock

Pedal Lock answers the issue of bicycle theft using unique locking system that use the bike’s pedal into a wheel lock. More often than not, bicycle theft is a crime of opportunity, thief simply cut your bike lock and run away with the bicycle itsel...
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Amazing Futuristic Design Concept : Flying Bike by DesignYourDreams

Flying Bike might still be a dream but we never stop toying around with this idea, just like this Czech company. The brief of this project is to create a flying bike that still has two basic requirements which are all features that common bicycle has...
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Sun Bike : Modern and Stylish Green Cargo Bike

Sun Bike is not your ordinary cargo bike. This electric tricycle has been designed to utilize the sun’s energy captured by its solar panels. Instead of co-pilot seat, you’ll find solar panels, another solar panels are also attached on the cover o...
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WinCycle001 Futuristic Bike by Younes Jmoula

Obviously Wincycle001 bike design was inspired by Tron Legacy movie, it was created as part of a challenge in facebook with his collagues that work in the same field. The project goal was to create an innovative futuristic bike. Cool light and effect...
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Brayton 6 Concept Bike by Colby Higgins

The Brayton 6 concept bike was designed from the inside out in order to create a true high-performance machine. Designed by Colby Higgins, the designer of Train Wreck Bike, you can expect this bike design is going to be extraordinary. The power-to-we...
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Audi e-bike Worthersee Combines Electric Drive and Muscle Power

Audi has released its latest prototype bike combined with an electric drive and muscle power, Audi e-bike Worthersee. If you want to check it out, you can try to catch Wörthersee tour in Carinthia, Austria starting May 16. Audi e-bike Wörthersee is...
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TCOOTER = TWEEL + Scooter by Eric Han

This was a concept design project for Michelin with goals to create an affordable, adaptable, and efficient method of transportation suitable for India. "TCOOTER" means "TWEEL" + "Scooter", in connection to Michelin's "TWEEL" which means "Tire" + "Wh...
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