PIT IN : A New Life Style of Bicycle

No more worries for having to hunt for a place to have your lunch at the park, after parking your vehicle. Just hook your bicycle into the Pit In, a groundbreaking parking space meant for bikes. The Pit In concept is simply awe-inspiring which lets the user park the bike and use bicycle seat to sit on, providing the user with a table surface to have his/her lunch. Sitting on the bike's seat, the user can do anything, be it checking emails using laptop or having a fresh cup of coffee. This except...
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Senza Bike Lock System For Quick and Complete Security of Your Bike

The Senza Bike Lock system is an excellent alternative that makes a bike absolutely secure. The complete mechanism has been incorporated into the bike, making it a lot more easier to grab and go, and as well offers complete safety for quick stops. With the handlebars being separated into 3 pieces, the central piece stays firm on the frame, and the other 2 handles lock together, thus offering additional space plus versatility compared to a standard U-Lock. This system works wonders in rendering t...
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Self-Balancing Scooter by Wei Chengyuan

A chief industry designer of INNO Company joined with the development team to develop an inventive self-balancing Scooter. The electricity-powered scooter is different from Segway and holds its patented technology. It makes use of only 2 gyros in order to discover the motion angle, featuring more lighter and lesser gearing system endured by hall switch. As an initial step, the designer designed a scooter having “O” handle, since it makes the self-balancing scooter more innate, light and comf...
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Synapse Bike by Sylvain Gerber

Synapse bike design was based on 2 ideas: a complex organic structure such as synapses medical images and the infamous hubless wheel that we already can see on certain bikes. The organic side is translated into the synaptic form of the bicycle frame with good mechanical design to relate to its structure. Synapse features hubless wheel on both wheels and also on the pedal part. There are built-in small electric motors to hold the wheel. Basically, Synapse bike is designed to be lightweight, dynam...
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Fly with Grace Pro E-Motorbike

Motorized bicycles aren’t always pioneering, but there is no better adjective that best describes the new Grace e-motorbike than exciting. With a combination of sporty features and tough skin, Grace e-motorbike is one of the most sexiest two-wheeled pedal pushers. We have featured Grace One in our previous post, now we want to share with you Grace Pro E-Motorbike. The new bike, with an aluminum frame can go above 45 km/h for just one battery load. Handmade in Germany with euro- fighter plane p...
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Re:energy Bike Will Recharge Your Gadgets When Needed

People use bicycle nowadays to preserve our environment. We saw this bike design as one of finalist entries from Incheon International Design Award called Re:energy. It is not only a bicycle; it's a generator that can save energy from its wheels rotation. Equipped with a socket, the energy saved at the front wheel can later be used to recharge your portable electronic devices when needed. Designer : Jinsik Kim and Bosung Seo (more…)...
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Econology Life Bicycle Shelter Combines Nature and Eco Friendly Technology

To address the need of eco friendly public facilities, Soyoung Park has been designed an Econology Life Bicycle Shelter. This bicycle shelter concept combines 2 important elements in human's life : nature and technology. The green space and morphological characteristics that rise from surface of the land symbolically express nature within surrounding environment. An electronic media wall helps all bicycle riders with its navigation that consumes minimal electricity with the use of solar panels. ...
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Anklelite & Baglite Lighting Systems Review

Riding a bike or a horse is both a good exercise and a cool way of transportation, but sometimes it can be very dangerous specially when there are motor vehicles near you. Many accidents happen when the riders are not visible to cars or motorbikes, and this is usual at night or road junctions. There are many lights on the market but usually they fail at making your sides more visible. Pedalite has some products to solve this and what is even better, they need no batteries. (more…)...
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ERV : Emergency Rescue Vehicle by Koh Wei Ling

ERV (Emergency Rescue Vehicle) is a life saving bike specifically designed to give anyone a treatment whenever there are accidents just around the corner. This life saving rescue vehicle will be on the road all the time, paying attention at the crowd, making sure anyone who get injured will receive immediate attention. After which, when necessary, the ambulance will take over and send the injured person to the nearest hospital. This vehicle has been designed with slide to lock equipment bags. Th...
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HANEBRINK Electric All-Terrain Vehicle For Great On and Off-Road Performance

FortuneHanebrink has designed, engineered, and handcrafted HANEBRINK electric all-terrain vehicles for all of you who have great sense of adventure. Whether you are interested in off-road travel, trail riding, bike commuting, or utilizing low-gear towing and hauling, this bike provides you the dynamic and comfortable riding experience. This vehicle is the confluence of ingenuity, ecology, and luxury. A smooth and dynamic commuter vehicle. The HANEBRINK Electric All-Terrain Vehicle is the evoluti...
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Cyomo Electric Bike Can Harvest Its Energy From The Sun

Cyomo electric bike can recharge its energy using solar panel. This bike has been design for our daily commuting. It's an electric bike that has been designed to be able to harness its energy from the sun. When you arrive at the office, just park Cyomo under the sun. Foldout the solar panels to allow the battery to recharge itself while you're at work. The solar panels have been designed to allow you fold it vertically when riding the bike. Designer : Raymond Bessemer (more…)...
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Portable Bike Pump Design by Alastair Warren

Having a flat tire in the middle of a ride is certainly a bad thing for bike riders. The good news is that flat tires are easy to repair. One of the tools to fix flat tires is portable bike pump; you really should carry this tool for a long distance cycling. Alastair Warren, an industrial designer, did some research on existing bike pump on the market. He found out that current bike pump mechanisms give poor user experience and radical new approach is needed. He started to design a portable bike...
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Super Lightweight And Ultra-Portable Kart Bike Offers Superb Personal City Commuting

No, functionally, this is not one of those tiny wooden toys that you frequently see kids playing around. However, you can still consider Kart bike concept as a fun toy, while roaming around on it with style and convenience. Folding bikes are quite common these days but the way it folds show the creativity of the designer. Kart bike features a four frame construction that folds and stacks on each other, making the transformation procedure easy and efficient. The shrinkable handle and the folda...
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Bike 2.0 Next Generation Bicycle With Chainless Transmission

Inoda+Sveje is an industrial design company who has successfully redesigned our contemporary bicycle. Bike 2.0 is a remake of our best personal transportation with uncomplicated technology at your fingertips. This bike has been designed with in-wheel motor and in-crank generator, this is why there's no need for bike's chain. You can use it as a normal bike, without the battery, or with the supportive battery hidden inside hydro-shaped aluminum. The design is meant to be contemporary in aesthetic...
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Urban Collapsible Bicycle by Jochen Laveno Mangesldorff

This bike has been designed to fit our urban environment and public transportation systems. Riding ordinary bike, it’s impossible for you to carry it into the bus or the train. One of the rules to bring your bike in the train or bus is that no sharp details and no visible chain. “Urban Collapsible Bicycle” integrates chain, light, gears, and many details into a slip-in bag that is developed to cover the bike and minimize the risk of someone near us getting hurt from it. The saddle is er...
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