Portable Bike Pump Design by Alastair Warren

Having a flat tire in the middle of a ride is certainly a bad thing for bike riders. The good news is that flat tires are easy to repair. One of the tools to fix flat tires is portable bike pump; you really should carry this tool for a long distance cycling. Alastair Warren, an industrial designer, did some research on existing bike pump on the market. He found out that current bike pump mechanisms give poor user experience and radical new approach is needed. He started to design a portable bike...
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Super Lightweight And Ultra-Portable Kart Bike Offers Superb Personal City Commuting

No, functionally, this is not one of those tiny wooden toys that you frequently see kids playing around. However, you can still consider Kart bike concept as a fun toy, while roaming around on it with style and convenience. Folding bikes are quite common these days but the way it folds show the creativity of the designer. Kart bike features a four frame construction that folds and stacks on each other, making the transformation procedure easy and efficient. The shrinkable handle and the folda...
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Bike 2.0 Next Generation Bicycle With Chainless Transmission

Inoda+Sveje is an industrial design company who has successfully redesigned our contemporary bicycle. Bike 2.0 is a remake of our best personal transportation with uncomplicated technology at your fingertips. This bike has been designed with in-wheel motor and in-crank generator, this is why there's no need for bike's chain. You can use it as a normal bike, without the battery, or with the supportive battery hidden inside hydro-shaped aluminum. The design is meant to be contemporary in aesthetic...
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Urban Collapsible Bicycle by Jochen Laveno Mangesldorff

This bike has been designed to fit our urban environment and public transportation systems. Riding ordinary bike, it’s impossible for you to carry it into the bus or the train. One of the rules to bring your bike in the train or bus is that no sharp details and no visible chain. “Urban Collapsible Bicycle” integrates chain, light, gears, and many details into a slip-in bag that is developed to cover the bike and minimize the risk of someone near us getting hurt from it. The saddle is er...
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ReCycle Me Is A Foldable Bicycle Made Of Recyclable Moulded Plastic

ReCycle Me is an eco friendly plastic city bike by Omer Sagiv. It is made of recyclable moulded plastic to reduce its negative impact to the environment. It is equipped with a dynamo to power the lights. It has integrated seat suspension. You can easily fold this bike for easy storage. This bicycle is one of shortlisted designs of Cycle Design Competition 2010. Designer : Omer Sagiv (more…)...
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Ville Folding Bike Doubles As A Shopping Cart

Bicycle Friendly Communities are growing. There are great reasons for this trend, bicycle is the most energy efficient form of transportation known to man, it’s eco friendly, and it provides a great form of exercise. Ville is an urban folding bicycle that answers the urban commuter needs. It incorporates a folding design that allows for easy storage while not in use. But, there’s one cool thing about this bike compared to other folding bikes. When folded, Ville also doubles as a cart. Very c...
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ZigZag Three Wheeled Personal Electric Vehicle

Do you still remember your great great grandpa bicycle? This personal electric vehicle is inspired from those classic high wheel bicycles. ZigZag three wheeled electric vehicle tries to answer the need for environmentally friendly transportation. The frame is made of aluminum alloy 6161 which is commonly used to produce lightweight products. The designers hope that this vehicle can satisfy the need of compact, functional, easy to use, and fun transportation for the future. The users of my produ...
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Bike Design by Marina Gatellli

The Zaha Hadid's works with bold shapes, a minimum of structural elements, fragmentation, and fluid lines, has inspired this bike's design. The designer chooses to use carbon and Kevlar as the materials to reduce the impact of rigidity, provide greater strength and lightweight. This bike aims at young people who love innovations and appreciate performance as well as aesthetic value. Designer : Marina Gatellli (more…)...
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VeloMini : Light-Weight Folding Electric Bicycle

Velomini is one of the coolest electric folding bikes on the market. This bike uses the latest technology in lightweight folding electric bicycles. It comes with attractive colors, perfect for youngsters. The powerful 180 watt motor helps you driving around up to 12 mph. While not in use, you can fold it to 18 inch high to fit into its own carrying case. The good news is, it's not a conceptual product, it's real, you can buy it :D From : Velomini (more…)...
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Bicyclus Sustainable Bike Sharing System Can Provide Efficient Transportation In Future Copenhagen

The inefficiency of existing transportation system and the possible more alarming situation in the future has turned designers over the world conscious about envisioning more effective and sustainable city commuting system. Bicyclus concept is one of these great attempts specially designed for Copenhagen that incorporate a compact, lightweight and stylish bike, produced by reusing abandoned bikes of the city, along with an engaging bike sharing system. The innovative handlebar has been specially...
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Collapsible Bicycle by Kevin Scott

It's not often that I could see such a revolutionary design yet it is not just a concept. This bike design from Kevin Scott is a bendable bicycle that you can literally wrap around a lamp post or a pole. It certainly will stop thieves from targeting your bike. The young Industrial Designer used a ratchet system built into the frame of the bike to make it possible to wrap the bike around a pole. The bike bends to lock onto itself, there's no need for a chain, a regular bike lock will be able to s...
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PedalBoard by Nicholas G. Sawyers

Pedalboard is not your conventional skateboard anymore, it's a skate board bicycle hybrid. It is designed with the idea of combining free action of a board and geared advantage of a bike. You'll get the freedom to climb hills without having to push like a conventional skateboard, thank you to the special designed spring that is loaded with "half cranking action". A pair of large wheels and air tires will give the board capability to deal with dirt, rough concrete, or cracks in the pavement. D...
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Vokswagen Bik.e : Minimalist Electro-Micro Mobility

Volkswagen Bik.e is a very stylish electric-micro mobility unveiled at the China Auto Show. This cool looking mobility art looks like an electronic foldable bike, but we don't see any pedals. Unfortunately there's no press release from VW regarding Bik.e concept. Hopefully this is not just a design study, we would love to ride one, it's perfect for urban area. Designer : Volkswagen via [ZerCustoms] (more…)...
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Street Hopper Scooter Features A Compact And Lightweight Construction For Congested Future Streets

Street hopper is an unusual scooter concept that is designed with a compact shape and light construction in order to provide an ultimate urban commuter that can offer fun to the rider and at the same time help the environment from getting contaminated through toxic gas. Unlike traditional seated designs, this urban commuting concept is designed with a standing up riding position. It features two sturdy footrests to support the rider and the rear wheel is driven by an electric engine mounted at t...
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The Foldable Yikebike Integrates Power And Comfort When Driving In Busy Urban Streets

The YikeBike is a smart urban personal transportation bike, designed to sustain in the increasing congested and busy city roads by employing state-of-the-art technology combined with superior industrial design and engineering. This electric bike costs only a few cents to charge per day supported by the latest nano lithium phosphate battery technology that is not only highly functional, but also aids the environment by featuring zero carbon emission. Aside from being powerful enough with its cust...
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