Flow E-Bike and Stromer Bike Manufactured by Fairly Bike Won Design and Innovative Awards from Taipei Cycle Show 2012

Fairly Bike, bike manufacturer, just won two prestigious design and innovative awards from Taipei Cycle Show 2012 for their works on manufacturing Flow E-Bike and +Stromer- (USA version). Flow E-Bike features innovative electric bike design that inte...
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Boxx Electric Bike : A Compact Single Seater Vehicle from Boxx Corp

Boxx electric bike definitely doesn’t look like your conventional bike. It features compact and square body design measures 36” long and weight for only 120lbs. You’ll be able to drive this all electric bike up to 35 mph speed with its standard...
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Modern, Stylish and Foldable Helmet Every Cyclist Has Been Dreaming Of

Folding Helmet Overade was born out of the collaboration between an engineer Philippe Arrourart and Patrick Jouffret from 360, a design agency based in France. The problem with wearing bicycle helmets is that the helmet becomes cumbersome after use, ...
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Evolution Bike by Roel Verhagen Kaptein

This Evolution Bike concept tries to incorporate the best of existing bike designs, without their drawbacks. Recumbent bikes have a benefit of low wind resistance and a comfortable seating position, but the looks of these bikes are often questionable...
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MATRA e-MO+ : Stylish, Fashionable and Eco Responsible Compact Scooter

Matra e-Mo+ is the upgraded version of Matra e-Mo compact scooter. Matra took the challenge from our society to make the scooter democratic. Riding this vehicle will drastically increase your purchasing power up to 80% and reduce your ecological foot...
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Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail for Downhill Enthusiasts

Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail provides the ultimate comfort for mountain bikers. The thrill downhill on a mountain bike is priceless, however, getting your bike up there is quite challenging and exhausting. Using Mountainskyver Trail from Ortovox, a G...
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Stylish and Sexy Bianchi Carbon Urban Bike by Gucci

Luxury Bianchi Carbon Urban Bike by Gucci features sleek and minimalist black carbon fiber frame finished with Gucci’s signature in green-red-green web stripe. Gucci logo can also be seen on the seat. Designed by Frida Giannini herself, this Bianch...
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Tram Box : Bag Case for Bicycle with Thin LED Lights On Both Sides

Tram Box is a great addition to your bicycle, it’s a bag case that you can mount on the bicycle handlebar. You can carry different stuff while riding or touring the city, a perfect case to carry your wallet, phone, music players or even your laptop...
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Synapse Electric Bike by Alberto Gomez

Designed with the goal to develop alternative transportation system for Bogota, Colombia, Synapse electric bike looks pretty stylish. Compared to Synapse bike from Sylvain Gerber (yes, they have the same name), this one looks more futuristic since it...
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BMW Motorrad Concept E : BMW Electric Scooter for Future Urban Mobility

In order to satisfy the mobility demands of the future, the BMW group has aimed to develop serial production solutions. In connection to this, BMW Motorrad concept e is as well addressing issues pertaining to individual single-track mobility as well ...
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Trolley-Bike Design by Fang-Chun Tsai

Shopping effortlessly, that’s what the designer of Trolley-Bike said to us. It takes only 3 steps to convert from a traditional trolley to a bike, so instead of pushing and walking the shopping trolley in the supermarket, you can now ride it. What ...
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Kuat Bottle Lock Disguises Itself as Water Bottle

A bike thief would have grin on his face when he approaches your bike thinking that he just got himself a free unlocked bike and a free water bottle. Imagine his face when he finds out that your bike is actually locked. Kuat bottle lock is actually a...
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LOCAL Bike by Yves Behar

LOCAL bike is a specially designed bike which could be a perfect mode of transportation to do all sorts of work in our neighborhood. It is an outcome of The Oregon Manifest design challenge where FuseProject worked together with a local bike builder,...
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VEU : Individual Electric Vehicle That Can Be Transformed Into a Trolley in Seconds

The name of VEU stands for Vehiculo Electrico Unipersonal or in English Individual Electric Vehicle. As you probably can guess, the main objective of this bike is to design a collapsible bike where you can carry almost anywhere. A bike can carry you ...
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SharpShooter Rescue Patrol Electric Bicycle by Jurmol Yao

In order to create better transport for coast guard members doing their routine patrol, SharpShooter rescue patrol electric bicycle was born. Cost guard routine patrol is meant for short-distance area that uses general motorcycle for transport. Howev...
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