Rubber Tub Portable Washing Up Bowl

This rubber tub designed by Ole Jensen, a ceramist and designer, for the MINDCRAFT exhibition. A soft bathtub, exploring the EPDM rubber material in new dimensions, taking his artistic point of departure in his success design; The washing-up bowl. This rubber tub is perfect for outdoor activity, you can just simply hook up the cord to your water source, fill the tub, unplug when it's done. Take your bathing ritual in the garden with this rubber tub. "A soft tub for the body. For children and ...
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WashUp, Reuse Waste Water

Going green also means saving water. Do you know that we use around 150 litres of water for a washing machine ? After that, the water will go down the drain just like that, when we actually can reuse it. "Washup" is a conceptual design integrating washing machine with toilette-flush. It suggests a sustainable water consumption by storing the wasted water in toilette-flush tank and reuse it with flushing. Moreover, "washup" brings a solution for the problem of location of washing machines in smal...
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Water Jewel Bathroom Collection Designed by Matteo Thun

Matteo Thun has worked with Vitra to introduce this new water jewel bathroom collection. Thun vision is that he didn't want to use ceramics as his main material in this bathroom collection, instead he used wood, marble glass, or solid stone. "We are privileged to be involved in one of Matteo Thun's amazing design creations. It is such an honor" says Dawn Robinson as the showroom specialists for Vitra. Water Jewel bathroom collection also comes in variety of colors, including terra cotta. ...
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Meet Air Poo, Your iPod and Macbook Air Companion

I know that people are crazy about Apple's products, especially iPod and the recent buzz Macbook Air, but I would never have thought of creating a toilet ready for iPod and Macbook Air. This guys from LOLZ LLC decided that people should still enjoy the ultimate experience of iPod and Macbook Air even when they are in the bathroom, that's why they launched Air Poo. Multitouch flusher, heated seat for your comfort, iPod and Macbook Air dock. If you are Apple's product maniac, get ready to get Air ...
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Water Reuse System Basin by Luis Gama

This water reuse system concept is to divide our daily water and reuse it, consisting of two reservoirs, we can direct the water to a chosen reservoir and use it later just by simple touch, for e.g. : to water the plants. Each time a different water direction is selected; a valve mechanism opens the selected pipe and closes the remaining two. When the reservoirs are full, all water is directed to the global sewer system. The reservoirs can be replaced by empty ones, but only two can be attached ...
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Flow Washbowl for The Washing of Feet

Flow Washbowl is an ergonomically designed washbowl for the washing of feet. Flow Washbowl?s ergonomic design brings new ease to the washing of feet. The height and width of the foot-washing basin have been taken into consideration in the design, such that they correspond to the anthropometry of the user for this function. A built-in sensor regulates the water temperature, allowing the user to set it to a preferred temperature. With the built-in pipe system, the user does not have to constantly ...
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I-Save Concept : Saving Space As Well As Water In The Bathroom

I-Save is a bathroom concept that save space as well as water in your bathroom. Bathroom is usually neglected space in the overall plan of residences, with that problem in mind, the designers are trying to create a bathroom concept that save space and water as well. I-SAVE combines the lavatory, the basin and the bath as a single unit in order to save space, while it's still maximizing its use. I-SAVE bathroom concept reuses the water from showers and hand washing for flushing the lavatory. D...
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Conserving Water, Use Peak Bathtub

Water is very important in today's world, we do waste water more than we should and we do not aware of it. This year Bathroom Innovation Award in Australia finalist came up with a convention bath. But the smart thing about this bath is the design that fits the contour of our bodies while we are sitting in a tub taking a bath. The peak of the tub sits right under or knees where less water is needed, this mean your bathroom is environmentally friendly. (more…)...
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Lack of Space ? Use Ladybird Bath and Vanity for Your Bathroom

If you are having limited space in your apartment, this ladybird bath and vanity can be a great choice for your bathroom. The idea behind this design is that the living space that we can get nowadays are getting smaller, with that in mind, ladybird was born. You can have a vanity with built in sink, you can lift the lid and get some more space for you to relax and bathe. (more…)...
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Techvision Infinity : Your Bathroom TV

Stay in your bathroom longer, now bringing the ultimate experience directly into your bathroom, Techvision Infinity gives you three screen sizes, ranging from 7" to 26". You can install it in the shower or bathtub, pick your place. (more…)...
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Combination of Drier and Cleaner (Hand Cleaner in The Future)

This combination of drier and cleaner can be a great help if we can have it, thanks to Qian Jiang & Feijun Chen that came up with this concept. The form of the work derives from the towel in our daily life. It appears ordinary, but it can unintentionally take care of our health. It can be recharged by the solar energy. And when we don't use it, we can place it in the balcony to absorb the sunshine. It is our habit to use ultraviolet as disinfector in our daily life, when drying the towel, cl...
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Folding Urinal from Mister Miser

Need some space in your bathroom ? You can consider this folding urinal from mister miser. The installation of this folding urinal is not limited to bathrooms, you can also install this in variety of places, mister miser design this folding urinal to use a lot less water, only 10 ounces per flush. From the website : "The makers of Mister Miser Urinals are committed to helping preserve our environment. Conserving water is not simply a feature of the Mister Miser's the purpose. A super...
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Portable Washer by Toto

When you found out you can't wash your butt after doing your business , you might start having panic attack. Worries no more, toto just invented a portable toilet washer than can be carried around in your bag/purse. The product is available in Japan, since people in Japan are used to having spray mechanisms on public/private toilet, this is also make them really don't bother to wipe when they go abroad. (more…)...
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Universal Toilet for Both Individuals With Disabilities

This universal toilet designed by Kim Chanduk and Hong Youngki that could help both individual with disabilities. As you can see, some of public facilities still ignore users with disabilities, even toilet that built dedicated for handicapped still needs maneuvering for people in a wheelchair. Using this toilet designed, users don't need to twist or turn, just simply slide forward off the wheelchair directly onto the toilet. A chest board is available to add the stability and comfort, the handle...
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Waterless Urinal From Kohler Avoid Splashing

Designed by Nicholas Paterson, Kohler offers the opportunity to save water and reduce sewage and maintenance costs while also providing outstanding performance and stylish design to users. Once the liquid waste has passed through, the less dense sealing liquid maintains its position at the top of the trapway, thus providing an impermeable barrier that blocks odors. Quote from the website : "The geometry of the urinal not only provides a fresh, architectural design, but also virtually eliminates ...
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