Universal Toilet for Both Individuals With Disabilities

Universal toilet for individual with disabilities. This universal toilet designed by Kim Chanduk and Hong Youngki that could help both individual with disabilities. As you can see, some of public facilities still ignore users with disabilities, even toilet that built dedicated for handicapped still needs maneuvering for people in a wheelchair.


City Skyline Lamp Casts Cool Shadow of an Iconic City

City Skyline Lamp casts cool shadow of the city thanks to its sophisticated lighting design. You can switch on this LED light and it’ll bring many great memories you had in that beautiful city. That dramatic layered shadow cast on the wall celebrates […]

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Waterless Urinal From Kohler Avoid Splashing

Waterless bathroom. Designed by Nicholas Paterson, Kohler offers the opportunity to save water and reduce sewage and maintenance costs while also providing outstanding performance and stylish design to users.