Emptyful Sculpture at the Millennium Library Plaza by Pechet Studio

A giant glass flask stands at Millennium Library Plaza, and no, this is not some statements made by crazy scientists. It’s actually a beautiful Emptyful sculpture, created by Pechet Studio as part of Winnipeg’s Public Art Program. We saw this object from Lumenpulse, we thought hey … who said science can’t blend well with art? This project won an international competition to create public artwork to live up the center of the city. Measures 35-feet high and 31-feet wide, this structure is ...
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Trampoline Bridge Concept for Paris by Atelier Zundel Cristea

Would like to cross a bridge while jumping on trampolines? Well, if the competition was won by AZC team, you could be. Trampoline Bridge concept has been designed by Atelier Zündel Cristea for Paris as a response for A Bridge in Paris competition. The brief was to design architectural reflection that function as contemporary urban enjoyment. Why a bridge? According to the designer, Paris needs bridges and passages for the flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic across its waterways. Trampolin...
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Epiphyte Pavilion : Self Sufficient Modular Summer Pavilion Creates Surreal Atmosphere Through Its Media Projection

Epiphyte Pavilion can travel around the world as an example of ecological building that features modern aesthetic design architecture. It’s a modular summer pavilion which has been developed to be easy to deconstruct as well as transport. This pre-fabricated building is designed to have zero carbon emissions, it collects energy at daytime from the sun and utilizes it as projection at night. The designers want to demonstrate how this building takes advantage of its green and urban surrounding w...
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Shelter byGG : A Sculptural Object and A Living Space in Public Place

“Shelter byGG” project is a living space and a sculptural object that can be placed in public space. Pretty cool idea actually, the idea was based on the author’s working theme which is transforming sculptural objects into design objects, turning them into products that can be used every day. Gabriela Gomes, the person behind this project, proposes the concept of an habitable module, she invites you to get some rest inside a sculpture installed on a public place. Inside Shelter byGG, gu...
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Future Addis Ababa National Stadium and Sports Village in Ethiopia

This Addis Ababa National Stadium and Sports Village project is the winning design for future stadium in Ethiopia held by Federal Sport Commission. All football and athletics-loving will enjoy this new Olympic standard stadium that boasts sixty thousands seats as well as ground breaking architecture design. LAVA in collaboration with DesignSport and JDAW, a local Ethiopian firm, brings back the original stadium design with sunken area surrounded by grand stands formed from excavated material. ...
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Crab Work Hub : Office Building Design for All Environment by Alp Germaner

If your office is surrounded by breathtaking views, then Crab Work Hub is the perfect building. The architecture design was inspired by Lunar Lander structure and crabs, those four stairs represent the entrance and exit access to the office building. The industrial designer said that these images were not the final renders, he is still in the process working on the interior. There are 2 floors in Crab Work Hub, the first floor has been designed as an open work environment while the second floor ...
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Module Armadillo by Volodya Domaretskii

Module Armadillo is designed to provide large buildings like hangar and administrative buildings in a disaster zones. This building itself consists of frame, screw files foundation and lightweight facade panels while the dimensions depend on its frame. They are available in different widths: 9000mm, 12000mm and 15000mm. The Length depends on amount of sections in the frame from 15000mm to 60000mm. Height is from 3000mm up to 4500mm. This Module Armadillo structure is suitable for buildings su...
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Coodo Residential Building My Home : Modular Prefabricated Building To Live Anywhere

Coodo Residential Building My Home is a modular prefabricated building for future living. You can combine multiple units horizontally and vertically to create your dream home, each unit represents different living space such as living room, bathroom, utility room and even staircase. Each unit is fully equipped and furnished, therefore it’s ready to use immediately. Designer : Coodo (more…)...
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Velo Towers in Yongsan Park Features Sky Garden and Modern Architecture Design

Asymptote Architecture has released its Velo Towers design project that will become the essential part of the master plan as well as accommodating some new projects that surround it along the Yongsan Park, South Korea. These modern towers are composed of dynamic arrangement of stacked and rotated volumes from formal to conventional extrusion of massing that represents this building type. This project offers urban response as well as alternative architectural to conventional tower design. By blen...
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Solar Floating Resort 2 by Michele Puzzolante

Solar Floating Resort 2 (SFR) is the latest concept model from Michele Puzzolante after this industrial designer shared with us the round Solar Floating Resort. He also mentioned that investors from Philippines are showing great interest in this project, well hopefully it becomes reality, this could be our next holiday gateway. Just like the first model, Solar Floating Resort 2 also boasts modular design, the construction techniques are based on industrial design rather than traditional archi...
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Module Soteria Temporary House for Disaster Survivors

Module Soteria is designed to provide temporary home for people in a disaster zones in a very short period of time. All the equipment inside this module is pretty standard. It has dimensions of a 40ft shipping container where each module can be transported by different modular chassis. These chassis are: crawler chassis for extreme off-road, hover chassis, or by trailer platform. Modular design provides quick and easy installation of a station with different purposes. Stations can be used as man...
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Free Floating Catamaran Suite : Enjoying Nature Is More Fun From This Mini Eco-Lodge

Nowadays people prefer to spend their time with their Xbox, Playstation or other gaming devices over outdoor activities. So, Marijn Beije, a Dutch designer, in order to encourage people to get outdoors more often designed and developed Free Floating catamaran suite or a mini eco-lodge. At first, this Free Floating was his graduation project by keeping National Parks in Netherlands in mind, he wanted visitors can enjoy the beauty of this park in fun, easy and comfortable way. Partnered with AP Kr...
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Water Discus Underwater Hotel by Deep Ocean Technology

Water Discus Underwater Hotel looks like a spaceship hotel, it comprises of two giant discs, one underwater and one above the water. Due to this architecture, guests can enjoy jaw dropping underwater views while taking the most of the warm climate. Those two discs are connected together by three solid legs and a vertical shaft containing a lift and stairway. For the discs’ structures, they can be adjusted depending on the local conditions. The underwater disc is located 10 meters beneath th...
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Piscine du Fort : Winning Entry of Swimming Pool Feng Shui 2012

Piscine du Fort project is a winning entry for Swimming Pool Feng Shui competition 2012. Feng Shui is a Chinese system that implements the balance between heaven and earth, therefore this swimming pool architecture has been carefully designed to balance every element. This concept was envisioned from praxis of lucidity, transparency and architectonic fluidity, while defining the spatial experience with natural light. Each element positions has been carefully thought to allow natural light to ove...
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Solar Floating Resort (SFR) : Perfect Getaway Resort by Michele Puzzolante

This concept Solar Floating Resort offers unique hospitality, a combination of a yacht and submarine that takes advantage of the sun to generate it’s own energy, non-polluting and works in harmony with its natural surroundings. This resort features many things that you usually find in a luxury yacht or a luxury hotel suite, the difference is the location. A fully submerged observation bulb invites guests to enjoy breath taking underwater view, enjoy exotic fish, sharks, dolphins and other amaz...
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