The MedAvail MedCenter Pharmacy Kiosk by Squint Innovation & Branding Inc.

The MedAvail MedCenter pharmacy kiosk dispenses prescription medications using a remote pharmacist and two-way audio and video. It is intended for use where it is impractical to build a full pharmacy, or when additional pharmacy capacity or hours of operation are needed. The MedCenter can be installed in clinics, emergency rooms, remote sites, workplaces, and retail locations. The medications are stored in a secure and monitored vault. The patient experience is direct, fast, and pleasant. The...
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Urban Alloy Towers Project Is Located Above The Intersection of Elevated Train Lines

Urban Alloy Towers are the future vision of AMLGM where we’re going to live. Dynamic cities of the 21st century, something like New York, are anthropomorphic alloys that act as the center for innovation and social cohesion. These are the cities that will shape the dynamic societies of the future with their evolving demographics. Easy instant communication access and the city livability attract top minds (business, art, fashion, technology, etc.) to dwell in it. In order to ensure the future of...
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Cabin Drop XL : Modular Microarchitecture for Eco Tourism

If you are familiar with Drop eco-hotel design, then you probably recognize that Cabin DROP XL is the large version of that organically shaped removable hotel. This project is a part of a popular emerging trend in the area of modular microarchitecture. This modular design makes this cabin suitable to be placed in different areas, where your heart desires and it is permitted. Each cabin has been designed to be placed in natural spot where it is easily removed without giving any ecological damage ...
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Hyper-Speed Vertical Train Hub : A Futuristic Train Station For The Year of 2075

Hyper-Speed Vertical Train Hub is a futuristic proposal for our future advanced public transportation network. One of great challenges we’re going to face in the future is space, this concept train goal is to resolve this issues sometime around 2075. It offers deliverable and sustainable solution for next generation transportation by building the station vertically instead of taking so much space on ground. In the future, we believe our world’s population will dramatically increase, resul...
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Sand Babel : A Skyscraper Constructed of Sand Using Solar Powered 3D Printing Technology

Sand Babel looks like a futuristic building in desert. It’s a conceptual and ambitious project constructed of sand which are plentiful material using solar-powered 3D printer. This building will be a group of ecological structures, scientific facilities or tourist attractions. The main structure of this building is divided into 2 parts, the first part is above the ground while the second part is partially above the ground and partially underground. The first part consists of several indepen...
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City of Dreams Hotel Tower by Zaha Hadid Architects

Modern hotel designed by Zaha Hadid architects will become an iconic building in Cotai, Macau. City of Dreams Hotel Tower project has been unveiled by Melco Crown Entertainment, a developer and owner of casino gaming and entertainment resort facilities in Asia, this tower will become the 5th tower of this company’s flagship property. This unique building features 40 floors with a gross floor area of 150,000 square meters, this tower will house 780 guestrooms approx. 780 guestrooms, suits, and ...
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Floating Artificial Coral Reef Station to Protect Indonesian Coastline from Tsunamis

Located in Indian ocean, Floating Artificial Coral Reef Station project will protect Indonesian coastline from Tsunamis as well as support the growth of natural coral. This conceptual electric coral reef station features moveable steel girders as its framework along with steel reef ball structures which are designed in a way to protect coral reef ecosystem. Coral reefs provide shelter for marine life, they are also valuable sources of organisms for potential medicines, at the same time, they ...
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Arbre Blanc : White Tree Tower Inspired by Montpellier’s Tradition of Outdoor Living

Arbre Blanc a.k.a. White Tree tower is the winning design of “Folie Architecturale of the 21st century” for Montpellier, France. This architecture design is the brainchild of an encounter between Japan and the Mediterranean, a cross-cultural attempt that symbolizes modern Montpellier. At the same time, it also represents the interchange between 2 generations of architects: Sou Fujimoto, Japanese firm, at the state of its art with the young French generation Manal Rachdi Oxo Architects and Ni...
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Weaving a Home : A Concept Tent for Refugees

Weaving a Home is a unique structural fabric that functions as tent shelters. This project is based on history where human has developed in alternating waves of migration and settlement. People move from one point to another, across the earth led by the discovery of new territories or by the creation of new communities to form towns, cities, and nations. It is both exploration and settlement, changes between movement and stillness, these are fundamental essence of what it means to be human. D...
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PhoneBox : A Modern Phone Booth by Hakan Gursu

Although we’re not sure if we still need phone booth, but we still admire Hakan Gursu's attempt to modernize our old phone booth. It's called PhoneBox, the new architecture features transparent enclosure, making it stylish and elegant enough to blend with modern city lives. PhoneBox fits urban environment where space and inconvenience are highlighted, that’s why it doesn’t use a solid body and isolate the user from outside world. The illuminated closed roof serves as a canopy or shade to p...
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Inspired by Hanok, Vernacular Versatility Won 9th annual Evolo Skyscraper Competition

Inspired by Hanok, Vernacular Versatility is the winning design of 9th annual Evolo Skyscraper Competition. Yong Ju Lee was inspired by Hanok, a traditional Korean house that is defined by its exposed wooden structural system along with tiled roof. Modern world has eliminated Hanok in every town, especially after modern apartments are rising. A bit about this historical building, Hanok has been known for its efficient of eco-friendly function and healing effectiveness, yes, healing. Today, many ...
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Bubbles Project : A Sealed Canopy Offers Clean and Fresh Air

Bubbles project offers an installation of an area that sealed with canopy and filled with clean air. This is a great idea for Beijing with its toxic pollution problem, Orproject, a London based architect, would do a great favor for the city. It can be constructed of an enclosed park inside the city where there’s a botanical garden, temperature and humidity controlled all the year, and of course, the air inside is clean and fresh. Even the surrounding buildings can also take advantage of this f...
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Wa_Sauna : Floating Sauna by goCstudio

Wa_Sauna is a floating sauna project from goCstudio, a Seattle based architecture firm. You’ll get to enjoy a relaxing experience while having a sauna on the water, perhaps sometime in the summer of 2014. The architecture firm plans to install this unit in union bay, Seattle, Washington, where it is visualized to be developed with some help from friends and supports from a kickstarter fundraiser. Since it will be located in popular spot, people can easily access the sauna using kayak or small ...
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Tablet Hotels Heart of The District by ZA Architects

Heart of The District, I can see why it’s called heart. It’s a heart like structure hung in the middle of the city, it stands out and attracts anyone to admire this iconic form. This project has been designed for Tablet Hotels with intention of connecting local city life with the visitors, so instead of building a new structure for the hotel, this architect proposes hotel rooms which are placed in existing buildings, connected with web of hung pathways. It’s not going to be a boring square...
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Bloom Aquatic Farm : Phytoplankton Farm to Help Absorbing CO2 Excesses and Producing O2

Bloom Aquatic Farm is a concept semi submersible sphere platform for the year of 2050 where sea level might rise more than 1 meter due to global warming. Water might re-define our future by that time, so why not taking advantage of this phenomenon. Bloom is the beginning of a phytoplankton farm which located on the sea, maybe at first in Indian Ocean because Asia is the first continent affected by this problem. It’s ambitious large-scale project that takes advantage of phytoplankton to abso...
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