Ecotectonics by Jason DeMarco

Ecotectonics is a hybridization of an aquarium and public park along the Hudson River in New York. Walking paths weave upon the roof of the aquarium providing an endless variety of routes and views of the Manhattan skyline and interactions with the ...
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PlayCloud Pavilion Is Reminiscent Of A Swimming Jellyfish

PlayCloud pavilion is full of fun, it aims to interact with people with its inflatable structure. People are allowed to sit and lean on it. These interactions are causing the inflatable structure to produce changes in air pressure. It makes the struc...
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E.Capsule Generates Reusable Energy Through Natural Power

It’s been proven already that money can’t be grown in trees, but what about fuel? Can fuel be grown in trees? Think weird? Think again. The E.Capsule replaces the current gas stations with energy stations in a form of a tree that can generate and...
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Last Resort Mobile Floating House Gives Great Opportunity To Enjoy The Nature

Last Resort is a mobile floating architecture that is successfully combined a traditional home with a mobile swimming architecture with great usability, spacious interior and modern technology. The design is inspired by the horizontal, undulated shap...
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Level Rise City Shows The Future Roosevelt Island After The Coming Sea Level Rise

The Level Rise City is designed with the goal to face the future environmental crisis of sea level rise for the Roosevelt Island in New York City. This design suggests the area to be considered as a laboratory for the flooding future and has establis...
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Mobile Hospital Features Every Aspect of A Hospital With Lot More Functionalities

The mobile hospital is an innovative concept hospital design that incorporates 58 fully functional trailers, making place for 48 fully mobile beds along with other aspects like surgical suits, pharmacies, labs and gift shops. This futuristic health c...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts, Life Science and Medical

Dome Cup Can Help Searching Talented Footballers Through Urban Street Soccer Tournament

The Dome Cup concept has been designed as a great initiative to search talented football players from different province of the country. It features an urban street soccer tournament named NGOL cup campaign in a non-conventional way. The designer has...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts, Games and Toys, Sports

Vertical Confluence Features the Rhythm of Historical Urban Structure of Paris

The Vertical Confluence is an innovative skyscraper that has been designed to integrate the historical urban fabric of Paris with the existing urban landscape through its massive and unique appearance, and great usability. The structure is situated a...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts

Taipei Pop Music Center Features An Ultimate Architecture for Music

The Mario Bellini Architects have illustrated an innovative design idea for Taipei pop music center with a hill like structure that is connected through glass passage ways, making it an iconic landmark for the city and a range of views of landscape t...
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Futuristic Aircruise Offers Ultimate Traveling Luxury

The Aircruise is a huge, vertical airship concept that can introduce air traveling to a new era with ultimate style and luxury. The main goal of the project was to give people the realization that traveling is not just getting from one place to anoth...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts, Travel

The Ecorium Project Can Foster Environment Awareness

The Eden Project by Samoo Architects, being a part of the imminent National Ecological Institute of South Korea Site, features all the optimum conditions over a giant ecosystem of 33,090 sq miles that can make it as the Ecorium Project, which compris...
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The Solar Powered Mobile Entertaining Lounge MercuryHouseOne is Live Now

Remember the MercuryHouseOne concept? Well the concept is not a concept anymore. The project became real with all the functionalities and aesthetical beauty to boost the mobile entertainment of all range of people. It features large acrylic windows f...
Posted in » Architecture, Green, Outdoors

The Physalia Vessel with its Amphibious Garden Can Contribute to the Environment and Produce Positive Energy

Physalia is an innovative scientific architectural vessel prototype that aims to meet the need of new generation floating purification station in order to sensitize the population with sulpher and carbon free ecological tools. This amphibious vessel ...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts, Green

World Class Visitor’s Center at Suncheo Wetland

The Suncheo wetland of Korea features the 5th largest tidal flat of the world where Gansam Architects G.lab has taken an innovative initiative to build a world class visitors center, aiming to protect and enhance the wetland. This minimally invasive ...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts, Green

Tafoni Floating Home Can Enhance Water Living Experience

The concept Tafoni Floating Home has been developed aiming to change the attitude of people’s living on a houseboat, especially for those who are living at the Sausalito houseboat district of California. The minimal and simple concept features stun...
Posted in » Architecture, Designs and Concepts

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