Our 10 Picks of Inspiring Winning Designs from A’ Design Award and Competition

A’ Design Award and Competition has always been a great platform to boost and show off your talent. There are so many great designs that we want to display here, we have featured some of them here, from furniture, technology, packaging to accessories. This time, we’d like to remind you again the amazing winning designs and how you can also be one of them. You can read all great benefits you would get when you win the award in this page. 1. Big Bin Overground Container by Formato Verde, Sl...
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Our Top 10 Selection Winners for A’Design Award and Competition 2012-2013 Period

Once again, A’ Design Award and Competition has announced this year best design products, concepts, and prototypes. Checkout our top 10 selection winners 2012-2013 in random orders, from architecture, fashion, to technology. You can also read the interview with designers for their winning projects here. 1. Butterfly Chair by Eduardo García Campos Inspired by nature, particularly Mexican “Monarca” butterfly, a beautiful insect with fragile appearance of its wings yet it is known for it...
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A’ Design Award & Competition 2013 – Last Call for Entries

Hey guys, it’s just a reminder, time is ticking. If you plan to join the competition the submission deadline is on February 28, 2013 so you better hurry. Just in case you haven’t heard about A' Design Award & Competition, it is one of prestigious design competitions that will make your work known to public. It has great PR push to get the world recognize your design, it’s a great chance for young designers to gain recognitions. (more…)...
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A’ Design Awards & Competition 2013 Calls for Submissions!

Another year full of excellent designs from the best designers all over the world is soon to come as A' Design Awards & Competition 2013 calls for submissions. A' Design Awards & Competition is a competition that showcases designs, design concepts and design oriented products of designers around the world. The award aims to give its winners a greater chance of being known to the public, exposed to PR push and advertisement opportunities. Because the award supports design culture from ...
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Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2013 Is Calling You!

Do you consider yourself a talented designer? Then you should answer the challenge from Red Dot Award: design concept 2013 to design a future product that addresses our needs. This competition is calling on design teams, designers, inventors, students, teachers, research institutes, design departments, architects, engineers, any one with a great design idea to take notice. With 3,672 entries from 113 design institutions, 262 companies, 906 designers, 1,245 teams of 3,988 designers from 57 cou...
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Tuvie Giveaway : Win A Futuristic Tokyoflash Watch!

Tuvie has teamed up with Tokyoflash to bring you a giveaway for early Christmas present. Just in case you didn’t know, Tokyoflash is a groundbreaking Japan based watch manufacturer, if you are an avid reader of Tuvie, you’ll notice we have featured their futuristic watches here. Here’s your chance to win a cool watch from Tokyoflash, a winner will be selected randomly, so you better start choosing the winning watch. What you need to do to enter the contest? Simply tell us which Tokyofla...
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Our Pick : Top 10 Red Dot Award Design Concepts 2012

1. Defender by TENG Xuan, YANG Zhaonan, ZHANG Mingxi, ZHEN Zhiliang Sandbag is still a popular flood protection device because it’s cheap, easy to use and really effective. Defender is a sandbag concept that uses absorbent recycled paper fiber, it becomes heavy only when it’s wet, but when it’s dry, it’s really light. Because of this, Defender features easy handling and high portability, it won’t slow down the process of setting up flood defense lines. 2. Jarpet by CUI Ming...
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A’Design Award and Competition Call for Submissions!

Every year, there are millions of products launched by companies, designers or innovators with different kinds of purposes, from pure business, personal achievement to attract media attention. A'Design Award and Competition has been born out of the idea to highlight the best well designed products through a fair, ethical and competitive platform for everyone (companies, designers and innovators from all design fields). It’s a platform to showcase your skills and talents as designers to interna...
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2012 World Design Rankings For Arts, Architecture And Design Award Winners Uncovered

Finally, the secret box from WDR got unwrapped and among 47 participating countries, United States acquired the crown of winner by achieving 43 awards globally in the year 2012. World Design Rankings ranks the countries based on design awards won, thank you to A'Design Awards & Competitions that has provided all data needed. The main goal of World Design Rankings is to organize such a design award was actually to ignite insights among all range of designers globally to create and highligh...
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Our Top 10 Picks for A’Design Award and Competition Winners

Every year, A'Design Award and Competition showcases best design products, concepts and prototypes. Here are our top 10 selection winners for their 2011-2012 competition in random order. 1. Tequila 29 Two Nine Tequila by Casa Xplendor This bottle design captures the spirit of young people in a party scene. It’s modern and stylish product that represents the elegant side of Mexico. Nothing about this design says traditional or old, it brings the new concept of what it means to be cosmopolit...
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BAR10DER : Nice and Compact Bartending Tools You Can Carry Anywhere

BAR10DER provides you with ten essential bartending tools that you can use anytime anywhere. It’s the perfect little helper in your kitchen, home bar to a camp. You can sour the sour mix and tame lemon wedges to muddle. Each set consists of muddler, standard and channel knives, strainer, stirrer, reamer, jigger, corkscrew, bottle opener and zester. Compact tool that utilizes the same swing-out design just like your conventional pocket knife but this one has all the tools required for cocktail ...
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Giveaway of The Week : 250 pcs Die Cut Business Card Printing from UPrinting

Sponsored by UPrinting, we at Tuvie are happy to announce this giveaway campaign to all of you who own business design, professionals, freelancer or even still looking for a job. We live in a high-tech and digital age where social networking can be done virtually. We can meet new people, sharing new experiences, photos, conversations through websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or forums. However, this also means people are forgetting the importance of creating business cards as the...
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Red Dot Award: Design Concept Opens For Entries Until 27th June 2012

RedDot Design award is one of the world largest competitions especially for design concepts and prototypes. This award seeks to inspire and honour outstanding design ideas. This year, “RedDot Design Award: design concept” is open for submissions until 27th June 2012, if you have cool, crazy or even wacky ideas that you think would help a lot of people, why don’t you submit them, you can find out more information from this link: http://www.red-dot.sg/concept. (more…)...
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Signature Salt and Pepper Mills by Robert Welch

Signature Salt and Pepper Mills from Robert Welch have won prestigious Red-Dot Product Design Award. Beautifully designed to coordinate with the other Signature utensil sand and knife block, these mills feature a fully adjustable ceramic CrushGrind mechanism that provides high levels of precision. The grind mechanism is able to grind pepper, salt, dried herb or spices. All Signature salt and pepper mills are gift boxed and offer you a lifetime guarantee. Designer : Robert Welch (m...
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Quantum Ethanol Fireplace by Modern Elements

Quantum Ethanol Fireplace features triangular shaped model as its main body to make a bold statement in contemporary style. This whimsical geometric figure is definitely an attention grabber, constructed from black powder coated steel frame for the exterior and all stainless steel from the interior, beautiful. Since this ethanol fireplace doesn’t need any fuel supply, it would be an ideal fireplace for any architectural environment. Modern and stylish design makes it a remarkable statement as ...
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