Sleek and Stylish Lunis Crescent Windshell Cycling Jacket Increases Cyclists Visibility at Night

Lunis Crescent Windshell cycling jacket features minimalist cycling jacket with subtle design in daylight but powerful reflectivity at night. The company itself was founded by Brett Clouser, an LA based designer after 3 of his friends were hit by cars while riding their bikes at night. That accident inspired him to create something that protects cyclists so that they can enjoy their night adventures without having to worry being hit by other vehicles. Sleek and stylish with strategic placement o...
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LED Turn Signal Gloves for Both Cyclists and Motorists

LED Turn Signal Gloves are great safety equipment for cyclists and motorists. We share the road with other vehicles, thus, informing them about our direction is one of crucial action to avoid accident. Cyclists usually use their arms to signal of an upcoming turn, however, this action sometimes can’t get the attention from other drivers. Using these gloves, the LED will inform others better about the direction you’re headed. How to turn the LED on? Checkout the 3rd image, you’ll see the...
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Animal Wine Racks by Conte Bleu

Animal wine racks or called AB series, are really unique. Conte Bleu has designed and developed playful wine accessory to keep your wines witty. Each one is made out of wood with 4 different animals: reindeer, elephant, penguin, and dog, yes, you would want all of them because we do. Each character looks like a fairy tale animal that guards your wine, perfect for any kitchen. Insert the furrow of the wood pieces in lattice mode, then you can place your wine bottle and enjoy a new drinking par...
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Solar Rapala Fishing Bait for Fishing Enthusiasts That Fish Day and Night

Hakan Gürsu has come up with Solar Rapala Fishing Bait, a solar-powered fishing bait concept which was inspired by fishing enthusiasts. You can use it just like conventional baits, but the special thing about this concept fishing bait lies in its LED lights which utilize the power of the sun. Each set features 6 fishing baits for people who love fishing no matter day or night. Fish are attracted to shining objects and bright areas, thus, by activating the LED with a button located on fish’s e...
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Ttone Interaction Toothbrush Plays Music as Your Children Brushing Their Teeth

Teaching children the importance of brushing their teeth would be so much fun with Ttone Interaction Toothbrush. This little toothbrush provides exciting, interesting, and interactive experience for children, they can have fun while developing healthy dental hygiene habits. This tool plays music without batteries, it captures kinetic energy produced when your children doing brushing actions. The music is produced by the replaceable brush, when you replace it with a new brush, you get a new music...
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Baroo Natural Smoking Pipe by Milad Mohajeri

Baroo natural smoking pipe is an environmentally friendly combination between the straw and Oak, we don’t need to destroy the nature to make something, many times nature gives us the main object. Designer : Milad Mohajeri (more…)...
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C-Pump Single Handed Soap Dispenser by Joseph Joseph

C-Pump is a unique bottle design with c-shaped pump to allow you to easily operate with the back of your hand. This design helps keeping the top of the pump head clean and more hygienic, simply slide your hand into the C-shaped opening and gently press down to dispense the soap on your palm. It features non-slip base and content level indicator window on the reverse, it is easy to fill and clean. Designer : Joseph Joseph (more…)...
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Sne Stand for iPad by g86

Great design is almost entirely an effort of subtraction. It is not found in more features, but in greater clarity. It does not yield mass-market appeal, but a passionate response from those it serves well. In light of those beliefs, and in spite of all other products available, g86 design studio proudly releases the Sne stand for iPad, because the mantra still rings true that ‘less is more’. Each Sne stand is made by a skilled craftsman in the United States with production capped at 2000...
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Elegant AC iPad Stand by Alex Casabo

AC iPad Stand is gorgeous and minimalist stand that will be a perfect complement to your iPad. Its unique design combines wood and aluminum to create elegant stand and somehow increase the volume of your iPad without additional electronics. Even when you use smart cover, you won’t have any issue with this stand and you still can access all buttons without problem. Designer : Àlex Casabò (more…)...
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SIMPLCase : iPhone Case for Travelers

SIMPLcase would be your one and only iPhone case you need to use when traveling. When we travel, our phone would be our main gadget to stay connected, organized, entertained and productive. However, when you keep on using your SIM card, the cost would be really expensive. Local SIM Cards would offer better rate and save you big bucks, you should always try to get local SIM cards when you traveling abroad. The problem is, swapping SIM cards can be a bit challenging, especially when you use iPh...
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Lizard Umbrella Concept : Umbrella With Removable Handle to Prevent Theft

Lizard Umbrella concept is a removable umbrella handle to prevent a thief from taking it. As its name suggests, a lizard, when is threatened by a predator, it will shed its tail as a defensive mechanism. This concept umbrella sheds its handle against thieves. When you deposit Lizard Umbrella in a public place such as restaurant’s umbrella stand, you can discourage thieves to steal it by removing the handle, thus, making the umbrella looks broken and less desirable. You can simply attach the cl...
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Smuggler’s Belt by Barrett Alley

Smuggler's Belt doesn’t just hold your pants but also hold your money. On the outside, it looks just like ordinary belt, but on the other side, there’s little hidden compartment that you can use to keep banknotes, microfiche or contraband, pretty cool heh? This inner pocket stays closed while you wear the belt, thus, you can only access it when you take the belt off. Each of the iron buckle is individually forged by hand by highly skilled American blacksmith, the leather is guaranteed to dar...
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Living Pots Sustainable Cultivation Units for Organic Farming

In order to reduce tree consumption, DesignNobis has come up with concept Living Pots sustainable cultivation units which consist of 100% recyclable and re-used materials. Each unit is made out of simple metal and scrap pieces of log, it can be folded flat for easy transport and assembly. The main goal of this project is to reduce wood consumption by designing and developing sustainable pot for plants, herbs, or mushrooms using scrap parts from industrial wood processing. The end product feature...
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Duo Paper Container by Hrishikesh Kogje

Students, architects, designers, engineers and a plethora of people carry sheets of paper everyday from one place to another. Usually the sheets are bigger than today's laptop size bags. This creates a need for a store-&-carry solution for sheets. The existing cylindrical sheet box has a lot of issues. It damages paper in many ways. It's difficult to access either the used or the unused sheets directly and quickly. Hence we need a better design, better and simpler way. Duo paper contai...
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Tank Aluminum Case for iPad by Andrea Ponti

Tank aluminum case for iPad is not gonna be your another plain tablet cover, it’s a new and original design that features many cool things such as lightweight, minimalist, functional, shock absorbing, and aesthetically compatible with Apple products. Designed by Andrea Ponti, this cover is crafted from aluminum with enhanced mechanical features to bring you optimum protection from ultra light case. You can be sure this case protects your precious iPad from dents and scratches. Tank aluminum...
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