Trignal : LED Safety Light for Truck Wheels

Trignal LED safety light has been designed to keep truck’s presence on the road highly visible especially at night. It will increase the motorists’ awareness of this large vehicle as well as provide visual representation of its speed. This concept safety light is a self-charging plug-in LED that generates its own power by rotating with the wheel. Truck drivers can fit these lights onto the wheels, like a hubcap. When the truck moves at a safe speed, those wheels glow a demure green, at high ...
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Moshi SenseCover Brushed Titanium iPhone Case with Embedded SensArray Pads

Moshi SenseCover Brushed Titanium iPhone Case is a touch sensitive that protects your iPhone 5/5s. Intricately engineered, the cover offers front and backside protection for your phone, the hybrid leatherette front cover features embedded SensArray pads that enable you to easily answer and talk on the phone without opening the cover. You can also check date/time and swipe off alarms without having to open the cover, thanks to a small window left uncovered, nice heh? This case works in harmony wi...
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Quirky Powercurl Mini Is A Nice Little Tool to Organize Your iPhone Cords

Tidy up your messy cord with PowerCurl Mini, it’s a nice little cord wrap for iPhone USB cable. Keeping the cord tidy also means you don’t have to dig into your bag just to find the cable when you need to recharge your phone, to some people, it’s a life saver. It’s been designed especially for Apple’s 5W USB Power Adapter, you can simply slide the adapter onto the center and wrap the cord around it, easy and clean. Flip down the silicon cover to keep the cords in place and making this ...
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Umbrella Tea Infuser by OTOTO Design

If you’re looking for a cute tea infuser, checkout this product from OTOTO Design: Umbrella tea infuser. A perfect little umbrella to use while drinking your tea on a rainy day. This Israel design studio has produced many cute accessories, each one with an element of fun to make everything you do much more enjoyable. Open the umbrella-shaped infuser and fill it with tea leaves, prepare a cup of hot water and dip this little umbrella into the cup. The little handle is pretty handy, you can atta...
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H100 Helmet for Dark Knight by Helmet Dawg

HD100 Helmet is a helmet for every superhero that rides motorcycle. It’s sleek, dark, and mysterious, it certainly catches everyone eyes, especially children, they will stare at you in awe. It features clean lines and dramatic profile, each helmet comes with integrated hand crafted and tooled details. It’s an original concept made from high quality materials, you can be sure those are not toy parts attached to the helmet, high tech shell ergonomic design offers maximum venting as well as com...
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Smart Mail Box – Safer and Smaller Digital Mailbox

Smart Mail Box is a mailbox system to replace our conventional indoor mailbox. When you live in an apartment, you know that the mailbox area features number of boxes next to each other with the apartment’s number, taking unnecessarily broader space as well as causing one’s own mail box difficult to find. Furthermore, the recipient won’t know accurately when a mail is arrived, there’s a possibility they might miss important mails. It is also highly possible for other people to get access ...
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Kafolda : Foldable Spoon by Gordon Adler

After tea.tanic, unique tea bag holder, Gordon Adler has submitted his latest project: Kafolda. It’s a unique foldable spoon that allows you to create 7 logical fold possibilities, each one is made of laser cut, plasmopolished stainless steel. In this way, each Kafolda comes in flat in a letter for easy shipping worldwide, directly from Germany. Designer : Gordon Adler Tuvie has received "Kafolda" from our 'Submit A Design' feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their de...
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Spy Your Enemy with Parrot Minidrone Quadricopter

Spying your enemy or your crush has been made easier thanks to Parrot MiniDrone, an award winning spy gadget. It’s a cool wireless handset accessory that can be connected to your smartphone or tablet via low-energy Bluetooth Smart. This small toy offers you with great flight stability just like any professional drones. There are numerous sensors and autopilot capabilities that make this drone is one of the easiest quadricopters to fly. It’s a compact and lightweight drone, combined with powe...
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Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves Work With Your Touch Screen Devices

People hate wearing gloves, because they won’t be able to work with their touch screen devices. There are some hacks over the internet to make any gloves work with touch screen, however, if you don’t like the trouble, checkout Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves. This leather gloves are compatible with any touchscreen, thanks to revolutionary nanotechnology, carefully designed and developed for last, you would love the feel of leather and crocheted cotton. During winter, you will still be ...
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PURISME Letter Opener by Mario Zeppetzauer

PURISME Letter Opener is made of carbon fiber inserted at a 15-degree angle, beautifully crafted and limited to only 15 pieces. The use of high tech material, carbon, provokes the pursuit of a technical perfection, as you can see here, even the direction of the carbon fiber is stipulated from a technical point of view both horizontal and vertical. Inserting carbon fibers at a 15-degree angle provides a distinctive and dynamic result, this object certainly stands out among the crowd. To ensure th...
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Hangbag – A Shopping Bag with A Twist

Shopping bags are naturally given to the customers as they purchase clothes from the store and they are unintentionally collected at homes. What if we add a twist to these bags and transform it as hangers when you take your clothes home? By following the easy-to-follow graphic instructions on the bag, users can easily reuse the shopping bag in a more practical manner while also being sustainable. Don't stack shopping bags in a corner anymore. Hangbag can be a revolution in the way we use paper b...
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Stiicks Frame : Simple, Affordable, and Well-Crafted Frame to Hang Your Artwork

Stiicks Frame is something that you want inside your house, it’s a simple, well-crafted frame to hang artwork. The designer behind this project is Brandon Knowlden, a designer who loves making stuff to make our life easier. This project is about enabling people to afford to show the work they love. Artwork is meant to be displayed, but because framing is so expensive, most of the time it just ends up in the closet. Knowlden decided to reinvent the frame, making it much more affordable and s...
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The COBURNS : Small, Versatile, and Beautiful iPad Stands That You Can Keep Inside Your Pocket

The COBURNS are minimalist wooden iPad stands designed by Eric Rea and Levi Price of FineGrain. Each unit is handcrafted in the USA, the quality is unquestionable, you might still remember their work on the Bowden and Sheffield Minimalist iPad Cases. The main goal of this project was simple, to design compact, versatile, and beautiful a set of iPad stands that you can carry anywhere by simply keeping it inside your shirt/jeans pocket. For the material, they chose to use strong, exotic hardwoods ...
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AVA Smart Shell Connects Your Smartphone With Your Social Network Status

AVA Smart Shell helps you interact on social networks easily, let’s face it, nowadays we all have different virtual status on social networks linked to our physical activities or moods. This concept phone case has the ability to connect your social network status with your smartphone, simply moving it up/down to translate your status busy/available or change your phone mode vibrate/ringtone. It improves our efficiency, productivity, as well as interaction with your smartphone. AVA Smart She...
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Zig Zag Ruler by Snezana Jeremic

Zig Zag is a regular ruler with a twist. When we want to draw a triangle, we usually use a triangle ruler, however, the ruler usually offers a fixed degree. This concept ruler combines traditional ruler, triangle ruler, and protractor. In this way, by using commas on the surface, you can draw angles of different sizes easily. Designer : Snezana Jeremic (more…)...
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