Bubble Dishwasher Concept by Noah Beasley

Maintaining the dishwasher and getting the dirty utensils cleaned can be so exhausting. Well here comes bubble! A new concept dishwasher which can be said to be a powerhouse performer packed in the small size. Bubble Dishwasher cylindrical in shape with pores all over and it operates when submerged in water where it needs to be kept in the sink. During operation the LED indicator light turns blue i.e. while washing, and after the work is one the same changes to green. Also there are three different work stages for different types of washing. With a rechargeable Lithium ion battery that allows to be working under submerged conditions. So just wash away your worries with this dishwasher.

bubble ultrasonic dishwasher

bubble ultrasonic dishwasher

bubble ultrasonic dishwasher

Designer : Noah Beasley

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