Boomer : A User Friendly Walking Aid for Eldery People

Daniel Molloy, a student of Monash University, has designed Boomer, an excellent tool that provides mobility aid to the quickly increasing elderly population. Boomer is emphasizing most on safety and aims to diminish the risk of stair-related falls, which is an identified major public health concern among the elderly community. The design key innovation is the stair compatible function to allow mobility aid by transforming from a simple walker into a gadget that facilitates the user to go up and down on the stairs safely. In fact, the Boomer mobility aid is an exceptional combination of user friendly qualities in a modern form.

boomer mobility aid for the elderly people

boomer mobility aid for the elderly people

Daniel says :
Many products that are targeted at the elderly seem to acquire the stigma of old age, and are either rejected outright or used reluctantly. Despite the substantial health benefit and functional efficiency of todays walking aids, the negative appearance and notion of self-image repels some elderly people’s desire to use them in normal social settings. In response to the utilitarian forms and hospital aesthetic of much of todays elderly targeted products, The boomer mobility aid has a modern, organic, user friendly form and aims to move away from this stigma and create a new modern aesthetic for elderly mobility aids.

boomer mobility aid for the elderly people

boomer mobility aid for the elderly people

Designer : Daniel Molloy

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Carla Piccini says: May 29, 2009

Dear Daniel my name is Carla I am female 63 & I live in Sydney Australia I read about your new invention the BOOMER just recently in a magazine I am very interested in finding out if it's available for sale & where? I had a major fall 8 years ago that left me after 12 interventions on my right ankle with a fused & shorter leg, I am cumming to America in July 2009 for 10 days and if it's for sale would love to purchase one from you & bring it back to show it off to other disable friend maybe I can do some advertising for your product, I would love to hear from you even if it's not for sale just yet, yours truly Carla.

Carla Piccini says: May 29, 2009

Dear Daniel I feel like a fool someone told me that Monash University was in America & of course I did not make sure of the fact I now know that it's based in Melbourne Australia but all that I wrote to you before still stand so please pardon an old fool thank you Carla

Daniel Molloy says: June 16, 2009

Hi Carla,

Thank you very much for showing your interest in the Boomer mobility aid for the elderly. The Boomer was my final year project in my Industrial Design course at Monash university last year. At this stage it is just a student university project, so unfortunately it is not in production or for sale. I would be very interested if anybody was looking to help take the design further and possibly develop into production stage.

Thanks again for showing your interest in the project,

all the best,

Daniel Molloy.

    Lisa says: December 19, 2011

    If you are in need of investment money to get it started let me know. Great product!

    Stephen Cowen says: August 22, 2015

    Hi Daniel,

    You have to follow through! I know it's not easy, because I have a great product too and I'm struggling.
    But neither you or I, I imagine are struggling as much as the people we hope to serve and protect.
    Daniel, not everyone is gifted with invention or design skills. If we don't do it, who will.
    I sincerely hope you find the way to industrialize the Boomer and make it a commercial success not only so you can receive your due, but so that perhaps thousands if not millions can be saved from the unnecessary pain, injury and perhaps even death from a preventable fall.

    Good luck my friend, hang tough!

Jonny says: July 7, 2009

Hi Daniel,

How did you prototype this? Its a big product! It must have cost you a lot of money for a final year project!


sadegh says: December 20, 2009


i am an iranian inventor that i have new design for walking aid.

how can i cooperative with you for this new design?

stephen russell says: December 31, 2009

Must for ALL hospitals & the US VA system alone & clinics, senior care centers.

Produce this worldwide.

Major demand for.

Rebecca says: April 22, 2010

This is an amazing piece of equipment i am studying occupational therapy at university in glasgow and have a case study assignment – woman with ms 36 years old having falls and difficulty negotiating stairs there is no equipment suitable for a 36 year old woman .. this design is amazing good luck and i hope to see it in production and in use when i qualify in 2010 :)

Tracey Evans says: October 25, 2010

Hi, I have a 9 year old son with cerebral palsy that I have been looking for a mobility trolley for around the house so that he can move around with drinks/toys etc. Do you or anyone know if I can find such a thing or how to get something made that doesnt look like its for old people?

Wen-Wen, Tsai says: January 19, 2011

Hi Daniel,
We are students that are interested about your design product for elderly people. Now, we're doing our final project, and trying to produce a sample for our project. We would like more information about the product so we can be able create something similar to it.

MAC says: August 9, 2011

Hi Daniel,
I am a UK entrepreneur looking for innovative products for the elderly. I could be interested in helping further develop this design, so please get in touch by email.

harry says: October 13, 2011

i love this idia

harry says: October 13, 2011

i am disabled

    andoy says: February 25, 2013

    same lets get together

thomas says: October 19, 2011

I am interested on this product and I would like to make modifications on this product to make it more adapt to patient needs . If u are interested to proceed further , please contact me at
I am a physical therapist and I think I can come up with some good modifications to it. If possible , please reply as soon as possible.

Rebecca says: February 4, 2012

Daniel – can you pls update where you are at with getting this product on the market. (

Chauncey says: September 11, 2012

Hi Daniel,

I'm interested in getting this product into my store. Is this product still in a testing phase or are you selling live? I think this can greatly help with a certain portion of my customers.

Rory McEvoy says: March 20, 2013


Interested in bring your product to the London market through the National Health Service UK.

Let me know when we could speak further on this.

Kind regards,

Rory A McEvoy

Harold Fredericks says: June 12, 2013

Hi Daniel,
We are a Malaysian company interested in securing agency for your product in the South East Asian region. Can you please contact us?

Thank you


Bjalle says: November 26, 2013

Any news on the Boomer? This looks like a great design. I would buy it if it were available.

Daniel Schell says: September 24, 2014

We are a manufacturer/distributor of healthcare. We are very interested in your product please let me know how we can contact you to discuss your walker. We would be interested in helping take the design further. Please let me know how we can contact you.

Blanche says: September 29, 2014

Hi Daniel, I'm representing a group of students on a marketing project & we're interested to know the price range for Boomer. Please kindly advice! Thank you.

Peter says: November 8, 2014

hi, can you pls contact us? we're interested in distributing this AMAZING product!

Jonathan says: May 20, 2015

Hi, Daniel, is there any product specification which can send to me? I am University student and would like to follow up your amazing product with further enhancement. Thank you.

Natthakit says: May 28, 2015

Hi I am interested your product, please give me any information as email to

I would like to know How much does it cost, I would like to extend market in Thailand.

Thanks in advance

David Carvalho says: June 30, 2015

who is the author of the photographys? i'm writing a scientific article and I wanna now if there is any copyright?

Stephen Cowen says: August 22, 2015

Designer Daniel Molloy, has it right. This isn't your grandfather's walker.

Mobility aids and all other assistive technology products formally a.k.a. "Handicap" products have had, creepy, clinical, and rickety aesthetics. No one has ever whated to adopt the signature statements these decade old products project upon the user. So for years only the most desperate would succumb to their use. In fact, in many cases these prior products were targeted at price points that not only resulted in ugly aesthetics but also compromise the integrity of construction resulting in inadequate strength, stability and utility. So I say HOORAY for Daniel! This product has targeted new and important functionality and looks great! If it lives up to it's utility claims as well as it obviously does for it's aesthetics, a lot people are going to be proud to own one and feel more confident in using it to remain active in the Social-Economic Environment. This is a BIG deal! Kudos!

mohammad says: December 12, 2015

Hi Daniel
I am a student at a university.I have video of Boomer.Please sent an e-mail me.
Best wishes.

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