BMW M1 Homage Car Concept Revealed !

The new BMW M1 car is very similar to the BMW range. The sporty look of the car is described by slatted alloy wheels; twin BMW badges on the top of the taillights a louvered bonnet and a rear mirror. This car is designed for all those who want to make a mark in the society and want to be on the fingers of the people around them. This car looks the best in red as it gives the fantastic car a blazy and a fiery look. Looking from the back, the view is absolutely thrilling; blade like extension of the back glass says it all. The wheels get a steel finish and make the car look ever better.

The shape of the rear-view mirror is extra ordinary with sharp edges giving a fiery and a dazzling look. The black glass of the windows is extended back wards giving the car a feeling that it is moving at a high speed. The turbo wheels support the mid-engine. The BMW M1 is the first mid engined car by BMW.

bmw m1 homage concept

bmw m1 homage concept

bmw m1 homage concept

bmw m1 homage concept

bmw m1 homage concept

bmw m1 homage concept

Source : Jalopnik, photo credit : BMW

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Uber Motorcars says: October 13, 2008

Sweet ride!

Raziff Rosli says: December 6, 2008

I own a 523i(E60)and a very enthusiast BMW fan,I think 1)the braking should be in stages to lessen sudden forward throw;2)the suspension should be a bit stiffer to lessen body roll;3)should improve the quality of headlight to avoid becoming dull quickly and water trap inside;4)improve the quality of paintwork to withstand small stones in high speed driving which BMW is meant to be driven at;5)improve the seating positioning so that we can drive with more relaxed posture with the head back and 6)improve the delivery system during purchase and have tighter monitering to avoid abuses from dealers.

Thnk you.



Laurence Green says: October 3, 2009

Damn this car is to damn bad

cd says: October 16, 2009

da car is kool

DIgboloy Saikia says: January 21, 2011

veru nice

Kev says: July 14, 2011

Too bad,it looks like a camaro.

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