Ben : The Small Eco-car With Big Personality

Nowadays gadgets, objects and even vehicles have a very short lifespan, we always want more things and get them cheaper and faster. We don’t realize all the waste, garbage and pollution created by this behavior until we start suffering the consequences with the economical crisis and global warming.

The designer of this small eco-car named Ben, proposes with his MDes major project, a car that is more than just a mode of transport, more than something we use until is broken or exhausted. It’s meant to be an object with “personality”  and its own identity. Not something we just use, but something to trust and to look after. The idea is to create a car that can be “adopted” as your pal or a member of your family, giving it even your surname.

Ben, with a smaller size than a Fiat 500 and space for 4 adults, is meant to be a fresh, urban small car. Also it’s gentle with the environment thanks to its 300V lithium-ion battery that powers the 2 Michelin active-wheel hub motors creating a combined engine with 81 horsepower.

Designer : Rob Thornham







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Stephen Russell says: June 24, 2010

Fun 2 rent for sure, Urban use, for EU Yes, some in the US.

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