Backpack Bicycle : Portable Bike, Anytime, Anywhere …

Many of us carry our hearts up our sleeve, how about your means of transport? If the design developed by Chang Ting Jen is to be seen, he has designed a cycle what we can call as the Backpack Bicycle. As per the designer, with more and more emphasis being given to the public transport system, it’s not physically possible to explore a city depending solely on such a transport system and that is where his invention comes handy. It weighs just 5.5kg and also doubles up as a hand cart whenever necessary. As per the designer the weight shall come down once the metal parts are replaced by plastics. So just think about it, you are never far away from exploring new places.

backpack bicycle

backpack bicycle

backpack bicycle

Designer : Chang Ting Jen via TheDesignBlog

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Stijn says: August 16, 2009

How many kilo's weights the bike? Looks heavy. The replacement from metal parts into plastis ones doesn't nessisarilly make it a lighter bike. The mechanical properties of most plastics are inferior compared to the stand metal aloys used today by the bike manufacturors you need to use more kilo's of plastic for a comparable streinght of the frame. In the 60's in Sweden a company made bicycles with a plastic frame. They were heavy and odd looking, not a commercial succes. Maybe combined with carbon fiber or glass fiber you can acomplish strong composites but than you'll probably end up with a very expensive bike that no one wants to pay for.

    oloa says: February 23, 2011

    try ordering a titanium bodied bike if you complain too much

Matt says: April 13, 2011

I wouldn't be surprised if they make some of the parts out of carbon fiber.

annetta says: September 23, 2015

will any company be producing this kind of bike? if so please tell so………

Stanley says: July 22, 2016

How much does this bike cost and where can it be purchased?

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