aXbo Sleep Phase Alarm Clock

The aXbo sleep phase alarm clock gives the user the feeling of having woken up all by himself. Crucial for its functional design were the latest findings in sleep research. Studies show that we pass through several sleep phases each night, alternating between deep sleep, light sleep and dream phases. Each of these phases is characterized by different body motions. The sleep phase alarm clock uses the activity that occurs in each of these phases. To do so, a motion detection system has been integrated into a comfy terry-cloth wristband, memorizing all physical motions and transmitting them to the alarm clock. In this way, the aXbo registers which sleep phase the user is in at any time, and calculates the optimal wake-up moment within 30 minutes of the desired wake-up time. This turns waking up into a gentle experience makes for a smooth and relaxed start to the day.

axbo alarm clock

axbo sleep phase alarm clock

Designer : Rouven Haas

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Katie says: March 30, 2008

I think this design is really great. You really helped me with this project, & even if its just a idea I think you should really good for it. Its a well thought out idea. So thank-you Rouven Haas

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