Ava ONE Personal Jet Ensures Proper Time Management Of Busy People

We already know that great power comes with great responsibilities and just like that of Spiderman, rich people also have a lot of responsibilities and great work pressure. To address the quick and luxurious commuting requirement of these rich and responsible people AvA One private jet concept has been designed with an ability to fly up and away.

Aside from personal transportation, this concept can be used as a wide variety of purposes in various weather conditions. The compact and lightweight construction and appearance of Ava One is undoubtedly unique and futuristic which has been achieved through incorporating advanced structural and cladding materials. It comprises a solar panel covered frame in which cockpit, engine, wing structure and storage have been incorporated to make it simple and functional. The morphing shaped wing design gives it a supersonic long distance flight capability with more maneuverability. This personal jet can house two people having flight controls with revolutionary steering control to the front seat, while the rear seat features a display and bucket-seat with elbow rests. The Boeing X-32 prototype propulsion engine is empowering the jet for efficient flight. Inclusion of the parachute encapsulated detachable cockpit and oxygen supply system for emergency landing on various types of surfaces have ensured comprehensive safety for the passengers.

Designer : Timon Sager

ava one personal jet

ava one personal jet

ava one personal jet

ava one personal jet

ava one personal jet

ava one personal jet

ava one personal jet

ava one personal jet

Specifications from the designer :

  • Crew of 1 or 2 people
  • Length 13.47m
  • Height 2.48m Stationary 2.62m Wings extended
  • Wingspan 2.17m Stationary 9.22m Wings extended
  • Mass when empty 9,100 kg
  • Max. Mass for takeoff 34,050 kg
  • Flight speed Ramjet < Mach 3 (Mach 0.85 = 254.8m/s) Scramjet > Mach 3 – Mach 9,8 (3.05km/s)
  • Cruising range 8.725km
  • G-Limit 9.2
  • Security (e.g. BAsH)
  • Fly-by-Wire
  • VTOL
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stephen russell says: March 17, 2011

Mass produce em, awesome, Love to have one or two.
add Drop tanks for long range use.
To charter from Exec Jet firms alone.
For sports flying.
Make em in the US, Canada, Japan?

Wind says: March 19, 2011

Way to goofy. Funky visuals, but production and operation would be next to impossible.

michael young says: March 23, 2011

love the design!!! is the jets ready to be purchased?

tony says: April 15, 2011

Man! You could really get to work quick in that…as long as your work was less than 5 miles away! I can hardly see me suiting up, doing my pre-flight, hopping in, buzzing up to light-speed, then stopping to land 5 miles away (it runs out of gas at about 5.4 miles) in less time than I could drive my car 5 miles. I'm wondering whether they got their "cruising range" figure wrong. I'm not sure you could survive getting up to mach 3 in five miles from stop to stop, much less actually control it. Then again, maybe it's driven by GPS, so all you have to do is ball up in a fetal position and hope for the best. Still, it's very cool.

notme says: April 15, 2011

75,000lb max take off weight !! can you say CPL and Type rating

miguel says: April 15, 2011

It is a cool design, but the figures are impossible….But I realy love the design,

josh says: June 13, 2011

just imagine how amazing it would be for all of this companys designs to be seen around the world? not only would the world be greener but it would look preatty damn cool :)

joearnold14 says: April 11, 2013

To own a private jet plane is more suitable to your transportation with no reflux and consisting fast and reliable than to ride a public plane Jetstar flights for passenger. Frequently, only rich people or NAVY can own a particular jets which they used for their works and combat for the armies.

Kirill says: April 18, 2014

This aircraft doesn't look like it's been area ruled to go supersonic. It looks awesome though!

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