Audi eSpira and Audi eOra for Future Generations

Audi has envisioned two vehicles for the future generations who will born into a complete digital environment with autonomy far away from today’s vision.

Audi eSpira: The Aspiration – This is the most uncompromised form of Audi, acts as an extension of the driver’s body. It utilizes next generation automobile control logic to transform the driver’s every movements and gestures into driving command.

Audi eOra: The Essence – This is an extremely efficient and dynamic sport vehicle that will be a dream of every young and adventurous individual in future. It uses the same control logic of eSpira and can carve the roadscape like a downhill skier with great accuracy.

audi eora and espira car concept

audi eora and espira car concept

audi eora and espira car concept

audi eora and espira car concept

audi eora and espira car concept

(Click the image for bigger view)

audi eora and espira car concept

Designer : AUDI

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Liam Quinn says: November 13, 2009

The eSpira looks great and very sleek and sporty. The eOra just looks stupid though to be honest. If Audi were to concentrate on one it would have to be the eSpira, maybe under the name of E6? Considering that they are planning an E1 and E2.

Pierre says: September 12, 2010

Lol no way this design comes from Audi.
It is just a 1st year student rough lesson.

MacTubinvancovic says: February 16, 2015

I think its a good idea to create a car that detect one’s body gestures as a comand to the movement of the car, but i dont think other companies could prefere that idea because its dumb. you want to relax in a car,not have a workout..this is all a mirage.

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