Aqua : Future Submersible Watercraft for Both On and Under The Surface of Water

“Someday, we’ll be living on and under the oceans”. This idea isn’t so far-fetched. As Earth gets increasingly crowded and polluted, people are trying to find another space to live, ocean. Although, people can’t stand alone under the water yet, surely, technology can make this happen. As we believe, in the near future, people could live under the water. If it comes true, people will need a new type of underwater transportation like a submersible. Here is a piece of work as an answer, AQUA, is a one-manned submersible watercraft sailing both on and under the surface of water.

aqua underwater vehicle

aqua underwater vehicle

aqua underwater vehicle

aqua underwater vehicle

Designer : Sungchul Yang and Woonghee Han

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Calis Xarn says: August 14, 2008

Oh, that is nice, but i like version with machine gun :D

Saul Wall says: August 16, 2008

To Calis Xarn,

I like that idea. At least until death rays become affordable and portable. Add a couple of RPGs and you could hunt pirates for a living. Though I'd want something like torpedoes to keep the giant squid and Godzillas at bay.

stephen russell says: March 8, 2009

Remknds of the Stinger from Seaquest DSV TV show, 1990s.

This Id love to Rent with SeaDoos & wetrbikes, Mini subs other alone:

Markets for

HI, Mexico,PR, FL,Med Sea, Red Sea, Australia, PNG, NZ, Arctic?,

Other apps:

Search Rescue

Racing mode-sports.


Diver rescue

Marine studies.

Love to see these attached to yachts like Oculus for fun times submerged.

& yachts like Oculus etc ( those estd now & planned).

For defense Id add:

Mini torpedoes.


Pop up Machine Gun or mini cannon for Navy specs use.

& or rocket pod.

Bond would love this (submersible Q Boat 2).


Need, 2,4 man models

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