Aesir Copenhagen In Collaboration With Yves Béhar Has Unveiled Yves Béhar Phone

In a world eclipsed by exceedingly versatile smart phones, many mobile phone design companies are unveiling stunning cell phone models. The collaboration between Yves Béhar, the founder of San-Francisco-based design plus branding firm, and Aesir Copenhagen, Danish mobile phone design company has led to the unveiling of Yves Béhar Phone.

This mobile phone centers over the thought of voice, clarity and simplicity and places high emphasis on unmatched user interface while companioning the notion of craftsmanship. Initially this phone might look like a watch band and perhaps it was deigned from a jeweler’s outlook. Yves Béhar’s viewpoint towards communication is rather different from that, which rules the market today, as he trusts in the longevity of the product. Taking its inspiration from the decades-long glamour of lavish watches, this mobile phone model boasts an assortment of options. This precious device boasts a ceramic top with 18-carat yellow gold. The user can as well opt for the stainless steel version. Engineered to display seven languages and better sound, this new phone with a wide array of features including caller ID, an open SIM card, laser engraved keypad characters with LED backlight, Bluetooth functions and calculator, is available this summer in Europe and to the rest of the world this Fall. You can avail the 18-carat gold version for $63,000 and the stunning stainless steel version for $11,000.

Designer : Yves Béhar

Aesir Copenhagen Yves Behar Phone

Aesir Copenhagen Yves Behar Phone

Aesir Copenhagen Yves Behar Phone

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Jonas says: March 17, 2011

so fine!!!

Igor Chak says: March 18, 2011

it's late, about 6-8 years late… technology rules..not fancy useless phones that can't even have a camera.

Cola Veljkovic says: March 20, 2011

This is so 2003 lol when vertu was the one of the most glamorous phones.

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