2 Degrees Can Store Two Fragrances in One Bottle

During its first appearance, the user may get confused about which side is the top where the dispenser is placed to spray the fragrance. The innovative packaging of the 2 Degrees perfume has been designed in a way that can contain two types of fragrances inside one container, allowing the user to be different during day and at night. The bottle is split into two parts by dividing it diagonally, each holding different scent with individual dispenser, one each on the top and bottom side. Open the cap of your desired scent and press the dispenser with your thumb.

2 degrees two fragrances in one bottle

2 degrees two fragrances in one bottle

2 degrees two fragrances in one bottle

2 degrees two fragrances in one bottle

Designer : Ryan Currier

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Ian B says: January 7, 2010

This is actually a very practical design. Useful as well. A traveling businessman will no longer have to carry two different bottles to vary his fragrance. I would buy this :D

co says: May 4, 2010

The idea of two in one is not new but this impressive modern design is very fassionable and clicks to urban life style. The bottle fits in the hand click the cap open with a finger. It's ideal for busy gentz and whichever the side is up, that's your flaver for today.

The dark gray cap is OK but maybe nice if it is some other material like meshed metal or maybe some other colours.

kanchan says: February 4, 2013

the bottle is of glass? … must be very very heavy ? …. wondering how the mould must be … looks difficult to blow and fill this bottle.

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