1963 Corvette Speed Boat

Improvising and improving existing means of transport has always been the priority for humans. This has been the driving force for coming out with new ideas, be it concept cars or hybrid fuels, the motto is keep improving! On the same lines comes the 1963 Corvette inspired speed boat concept. Designed by Swedish designer Bo Zolland, the concept uses many of the design features of the 1963 Corvette including even the split rear window, rounded windscreen, tapering rear roofline, and side windows, and the louvered deck hood.

Entry to the 1963 Corvette speed boat concept is via the Gullwing doors. As Inside is the seating for five people. The Proposed power for the concept comes from a variety of engines with the maximum horsepower output of 550 hp with the estimated top speed being 70 knots.

1963 chevrolet corvette boat design by Bo Zolland

1963 chevrolet corvette boat concept

Zolland’s design is a mix of Corvette and the boat is extremely effective and is well thought out one. Boat builders Strand-Craft, SWEDEN who have previously made some of Bo Zolland’s previous concepts a reality, are charged with constructing the Corvette inspired boat. Inspired by the split rear window and svelte shape this speedboat has been created as homage, though this seems to be a cool design to zip zap zoom, it would be a tough ask for this concept to ever go into mass production.

1963 chevrolet corvette future boat design by Bo Zolland

1963 chevrolet corvette boat design by Bo Zolland

Designer : Bo Zolland via Serious Wheels

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Matthieu says: July 10, 2008

w0w nice boat

stephen russell says: March 12, 2009

Add same design to an Outer Limits.com Hull & wow, shazzam, wowee.

Super Vette boat.

Now this Be neat around HI waters.

Super Bad Boy Boat.

Have Q make some "mods" to the boat.

Very Bad.

Very American.


Love to rent, & own

Ianne says: April 21, 2009

What materials is this made of? I'm very interested. How much would it cost?

mike says: December 12, 2012


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